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  1. WTS/WTT: M3 Grease Gun Pre-May Dealer Sample

    I just bought a 1918A2 BAR from Davy and it was one of the better machine gun purchasing experiences I have had. Purchase with confidence - he is a good dealer.
  2. NESA BAR 1918A2 premay dealer sample

    Per our email conversation, I am taking this. Thank you! Chris with Marksman Shooting Sports, LLC.
  3. That MP40 was actually one of mine, and those are my photos. The stamp in the bottom right corner is not mine, however. I sold it to a board member in 2017. Those photos are form my original listing.
  4. Hello, (Scroll down to second post for photos. Email me for more) This is a fully transferable Uzi sub-machine gun currently on a form 4. It is a registered Group Industries bolt, on an IMI Israeli (Action Arms) Uzi. Chambered in 9mm. We have test fired this with about 100 rounds of PMC 115gr FMJ ammo and there was not a single jam or malfunction. The bolt has been carefully inspected and there are no cracks, splits, fractures or otherwise any damage that we can see with the naked eye. This has had one owner, who was the original buyer in the 80s. He said he shot it very little, especially in the last 10 years. This comes in a hard case with the firearm, 10 magazines and a speed loader. If you have any questions or would like to see any additional photos, please call or email us. We are Marksman Shooting Sports, a Class III dealer located in Westfield, IN. If you would like to see this Uzi in person, you can call us to schedule an appointment to see it. We will sell to local IN residents transferring on a form 4 (transfer tax and sales tax paid by buyer), of we will transfer to your dealer in your state on a form 3 (where permitted). You can see this Uzi being fired on our YouTube channel: store phone 317-804-8713 email: A photo of the current form 4 will be provided to buyer as a last means to making a deal so buyer can confirm its registered status. Price $12,000 OBO - Any taxes are shipping/insurance paid by buyer. We will accept Money Orders, Certified Checks or personal / business checks, but personal / business checks will need to clear before paperwork is submitted. Otherwise, paperwork will be submitted to the ATF within 48 business hours of receipt of payment.
  5. WTS: Japanese Type 96 C&R Transferable - Price Drop

    Final price drop to $10,500 including shipping and first transfer. If it does not sell in the next week or so, I am going to transfer it back to my business so that I can transfer it out on a Form 3 in buyer's state. When I submit form 4 back to mybusiness, I am going to take it off the market while the transfer processes.
  6. WTS: Japanese Type 96 C&R Transferable - Price Drop

    Price dropped to $11,000 to include shipping and first form 4 transfer fee.
  7. I am selling my transferable Type 96 machine gun. It is chambered in the original 6.5mm. Overall in great condition and is fully functional. This is all matching with the exception of the magazine and bolt. The magazine is original and numbered (just not same SN as the firearm). This was made in September of 1939. The spare barrel is currently installed in the machine gun and it is a very tight fit. The spare was installed when I received the firearm. I was able to get the cross pin out and it is guaranteed that it was not pinned or welded... It is still functional nonetheless... If you want to change the barrels, you will need the correct tools or knowledge to get the barrel free from the gun. I only tried removing it by hand to no avail. This is on a form 4 in my personal collection but I am a FFL/SOT. My store is Marksman Shooting Sports in Westfield, IN. Call me if you would like to schedule an appointment to see the T96 in person.This comes with 2 barrels - the one in the gun is non-matcihng, but the spare barrel is matching. Both barrels have the very rare muzzle protector end caps. This also comes with an original Japanese machine gun optical sight (non-matching). Also included is an original sling (broken) and some assorted small parts. Price: was $11,700, but is now $10,500 which includes shipping and first transfer fee. Price due in full up front. Payment can be money order, bank certified check or personal check. If a personal check is used, it will need to clear before I submit the form 4. Store Phone (Tuesday-Saturday day) 317-804-8713 Cell Phone (Monday - Sunday evening) 317-506-0580email: My pictures wont upload - email me for photos.Youtube video of it firing: overview of it::
  8. WTS: MG34 C&R Transferable SPF

    SPF Added 5 complete bolts to the package (6 bolts total including the one originally with the firearm). 4 of the 5 added bolts are waa4 code - same as the firearm. I have not headspaced/tested the MG with any of the new bolts but I have put all 5 in the receiver and they all clear the ejector plate just fine and move smoothly back and forth in the receiver. All bolts are complete and in excellent condition. WIll send photos upon request. Anway, this is $1000-$1500 worth of bolts to add to the deal. $33,000 + shipping, including all parts listed and 5 bolts. Buyer pays transfer fee if on form 4. $31,500 + shipping for just the MG34 and its bipod (see payment and shipping terms in main post)
  9. WTS: MG34 C&R Transferable SPF

  10. WTS: MG34 C&R Transferable SPF

  11. Hello, We are selling a transferable C&R MG34 Panzermantel (tanker) machine gun. Overall in good condition with original finish and fully functional. The tanker components are all mostly matching (receiver, shroud extension, trigger group housing, charging handle (by code), rear sight base, buffer extension). The top cover, feed tray, bolt and barrel are non-matching. The "ground kit" compnents (bipod, removable front sight base and stock) are non-matching, which is normal. This is dfb 42 with the correct waa4 code matching on receiver. It has the subcontractor waa82 code on the tanker shroud, which is normal for a dfb tanker, per many other examples observed. For an additional fee, this will come with a post-war Yugo AA tripod and BRP Corp MG34 adapter. Also will come with several belts, muzzle wrench, spare (refinished) stock, a couple spare recoil springs and a spare firing pin spring. (also just added 5 bolts - see latest post on this thread for details). This is in-stock on form 3 in our store in Westfield, IN (Marksman Shooting Sports) and ready to transfer. This was fitted with new pawl springs, new ejector plate, new ejector and new recuperator spring. This is NOT a rewat/reweld. Manufacturer on the form is "German". SPF. Payment due up-front. Buyer pays transfer fee if transfered on form 4. Indiana residents are subject to 7% sales tax if non-dealer). We will submit transferring form 3 or form 4 within 48 business hours from receipt of payment and documentation for transfer. If personal check is used, paperwork will be submitted in 7 business days. Any interested parties are welcome to come inspect the MG in person. I will email photos upon request. If you have any questions, please email me at: or call: Store phone: 317-804-8713 / cell phone: 317-506-0580Thanks for looking!I have a video with a full detail review as well as fire demonstration on youtube:
  12. WTB: C&R BAR M1918A2 or MG34

    Hello, I am in the market for either a transferable (C&R) MG34 or C&R BAR in A2 configuration (not a Group Industries). I am in the low-30k price price range ($30-$33K). I really prefer to work with other dealers and I really prefer 50/50 payment terms (I am a class 3 dealer, so it would be a quick form 3 transfer). This will be for my personal collection. It needs to be operational. I am not really interested in paying alot more for spare parts and accessories... My price range is what I hope to pay, just for the firearm. Please let me know what you have. I have cash in hand and ready to buy Chris 317-506-0580 (I don't answer numbers I don't know so leave me a VM, and I'll get back to you - or send a text).