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  1. Is the subguns boards down

    Thanks for the update, JSN! Def in withdrawal mode form the subguns forums.
  2. Is the subguns boards down

    Been down since Saturday. I don't recall any notices but maybe I missed them? Maybe one of the mods will see this and chime in?
  3. YES! Hit the UziTalk board hard! Was trying to sell me a FA Mini Uzi bolt...sent me pics of a slotted Full size. Dave banned him ASAP.
  4. Hello all! A few years ago I tried unsuccessfully to advertise on these boards for a M11 .380 suppressor. I figured since others seem to be looking for the guns I had better try again. It needs to be marked Powder Springs, GA. Not RPB. Not Marietta, GA. I will pay a very nice finder's fee to anyone that provides a good lead. So look through your stuff and see if you can finally find me one! Thanks so much! Jack in KC
  5. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    Well, now I see why I didn't see this. Its the STUPID F**KING ads that GB runs...in the MIDDLE of their listing. These greedy bastards aren't content with their almost monopoly over the online firearms used market, they have to force tons of worthless cheesy ads on us. I guess I stopped every time I got down to a line of ads and never scrolled any further. I wouldn't mind having another Inter marked grip to go with my last NIB stainless KG-99 but the gun itself is barely worth $600. All my other ones are marked Intratec. I've bought a TON of stuff on GB and I'm thankful for the ability as I'd never have found 95% of it in my area. I've gotten a few good deals, but doubt I've ever gotten a "bargain". Such is the nature of auctions, I guess. Thanks for posting the link! Jack
  6. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    That's AMAZING! I tend to follow these type items and I missed that. I can't find it in the completed auctions but I've never been too good at searching GB. Maybe someone can post a link or item number? (If its allowed here?) I've bought and sold several and just last year bought a NIB Interdynamics one to keep with one of my KG-9 guns for $250 and thought it was a bit overpriced. Most of mine I bought new from Intratec and paid $29.95 + shipping.
  7. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    Haven't seen a RR receiver for sale in years. The original front grips come up for sale every so often. They're not particularly rare. Sometimes they sell for up to $200 but often more in the $75-125 range.
  8. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    I'm not the OP but I can add my .02. The greatest stress is placed on the rear areas. Cracks develop along the rear plate and down the rear third above the trigger guard. Hotter ammo and 124gr loads seem to be the worst offenders. I've shot thousands FA without a single issue. A threaded rear upper receiver cap makes a huge difference. I've threaded all of mine just to be certain. As far as a cracked receiver...they can be glued with varying results of success. A registered bolt is definitely a plus.
  9. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    Its not as simple as "drop in and go". It depends on how the bolt was milled. Some bolts were left as semi bolts so it required altering the trip/disconnect in the lower. The problem with that is is considered a conversion (not a very reliable one) so the bolt could not be removed from the host without replacing the disconnect each time. (A royal PITA) The ideal bolt is milled to clear the disconnect and is truly a "drop in" affair. Many bolts were later slotted for this reason. Caution must be exercised as the Rockwell was high on some of them requiring carbide and plenty of coolant. Annealing is an option but I've seen them distort when retreating, especially the Catco bolts. The issues were caused by sloppy guidelines from ATF as to what was a MG after the initial 1982 KG-9 ruling. While some semi open bolts were seized as contraband, no formal ruling was ever issued and occasionally they still show up for sale as "KG-9 replacements". It gets murkier as the Interdynamics changed the bolt handle slot position when they redesigned it into a closed bolt KG-99. This was done to prevent converting one back to an open bolt simply via replacement. Many of the aftermarket bolts sold had TWO bolt handle slots so they fit both KG-9 and 99 uppers. Possession of a dual slotted bolt and a KG-99/TEC-9 could easily be construed as illegal even if the bolt was still in semi status (unmilled). Regardless, the biggest issue is getting ANY bolt to run. While seemingly simplistic, there are many parameters that inhibit reliability with this design. They can all be made to run eventually, but be prepared for a LOT of tweaking. Ideally, purchase a bolt AND a host that the seller guarantees already runs.