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  1. WTB Federal ordnance M14 with low serial number all USGI parts only. It also must have wood stock with flip up butt plate,bayonet lug W/ flash hider.
  2. WTB federal ordnance m14 with low serial number, USGI parts,& wood stock with flip up steel butt plate only. Email pics if you have what i want.
  3. WTB Semi auto MG42/MG53 in 308 or 8mm. I prefer 308 caliber will take 8mm as well. I NEED VIDEO CONFORMATION THE RIFLE FUNCTIONS RELIABLE. I know wiselite is know for jamming issues. I DO NOT WANT A WELDED TOGETHER RECEIVER. E mail me your pics and price.
  4. WTB UK 59 complete buttstock assembly with buffer and take down pin. E mail me pics and price with your name today's date and e mail address in the pic.
  5. WTB Ohio ordnance semi auto 1918 A3 Bar.New or used is fine.E mail me your pics and price.
  6. WTB 1919a4 semi auto trigger,sear & return spring

    Thank you for the advise.
  7. WTB 1919a4 semi auto trigger,sear&return spring.Please e mail pics and price if you have these items.I prefer a business that takes credit card pay.
  8. WTB FN M249 S semi auto complete trigger frame & Feed tray W/cartridge pawl for the FN M249 S saw. Please e mail pics and price.I prefer new parts and a business that will do credit card pay over the phone.
  9. lets see pics of everything you got.
  10. WTB: any and all MAC smg parts or parts sets

    I just sold it.
  11. WTB: any and all MAC smg parts or parts sets

    Would you be interested in a mac 10 9mm 32 round mag made by walther with mp9 marking ?
  12. WTB Semi auto M249 saw fire control parts W/ an H&K trigger pack.I need a closed bolt slide carrier, firing pin,Firing pin spring & extended hammer. I DO NOT WANT the USMG type parts That use the standard H&K hammer.I want the long extended H&K hammer with two notches and extended firing pin that protrudes out the back of the slide carrier.The slide carrier should have cam on the right side.Let me know If you have them and price or a machine shop that makes them.
  13. WTB IWI Ace Galil pistol brace

    WTB IWI Ace pistol Galil folding stabilizer brace for my ace Galil pistol. Prefer new or like new condition I have a H&K MP5 type a3 retractable stock i am willing to trade for the pistol brace.If you have one E mail me pics and see if we can do buisness.
  14. WTB: M3 50 BMG Buffer

    I have a buffer that will work in the m3/m2 bmg.I can e mail you pics if you want.
  15. WTB FN M249 saw complete operating group

    I don't know. Everything is sold out.