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  1. Best First MG for Under 15k

    Swedish K is where I would start today. Simply a lot of fun. Not sure what they cost as a pre-sample but, transferables turn up for $16K with a lot of goodies thrown in. An M1/M2 conversion would be another one to consider. I'm not sure what a pre-sample MP-5 costs today but, I shot a German import F-spec MP-5 and it will really spoil you for what a modern full-auto should be like. It is simply the smoothest and easiest to control full-auto i have ever used. My M-16 and Uzi SMG are a lot of fun but, nowhere near the "GOODNESS" of a factory spec MP-5 IMHO. While a belt-fed might be fun for a while I would still prefer the MP-5 over any belt-fed option if I'm looking for a shooter. MP-5's are something you can also share with someone new to full-auto as they are so easy to control. Plus 9mm is a lot cheaper than any belt-fed caliber choice and you simply won't chew through cases of ammo as fast with 30 round mags versus 100 round belts. All that being said, today I'm looking for a Swedish K and possibly an M2 carbine on the transferable market because HK options are simply priced into the stratosphere and the cost of ownership for any of the belt-feds are too high for me to enjoy with any regularity.
  2. M1 to M2 Carbine conversions? Good and bad?

    Thanks Kristopher!
  3. I have been looking 'off and on' for either a 'good' M1 Carbine or a registered M1 conversion to full-auto. With M1 Carbines getting so expensive, the urge to start looking for an M2 again is increasing. What are the basic pro's and con's of shooting an M1 versus M2? I have other full-auto's so this won't be my only one. This would be somewhat redundant with a 9mm SMG. I see prices all over the place. The Plainfield versions used to be ~$6k~$7k but, my understanding is that they had soft receivers. Then there are the Infield conversions which I am a bit skeptical of after seeing some Inland M1's in person. Then we move into the WWII vintage conversions in all their various forms which seem to run $9K~$12K in general. What is good and bad in an M2 Carbine conversion? TIA, Sid
  4. Are SBR's Still worth it

    The practical difference is that a pistol with a brace is easy to transport across state lines and may or may not be easier to take to some legal jurisdictions (I don't travel to the NorthEast or California so, not a real concern personally). An SBR is a rifle and may have local restrictions in various legal jurisdictions that may or may not exist for an AR-15 style pistol. You also need 'travel' paperwork to go across state lines. The $200 tax for the Form1 or 4 is not the biggest factor IMHO. Think about why you are doing the SBR and how you will use it. Then, whether a real stock or pistol braces is better for you will become apparent. It is worth noting that I went 'backwards' in that I started with the SBR and later added a pistol because I can 'walk around' with my pistol where I cannot with my rifle.
  5. ATF harassment

    I've never been asked or visited by any law enforcement about my NFA. Generally, statements like those come from people who are totally clueless about ACTUALLY OWNING NFA ITEMS and have no real interest in the facts. I've been asked about my yearly $500 tax and other nonsense too. "Enlightening" idiots like that is generally pointless in my experience. Wider visibility of suppressor ownership is helping rid the world of some of this idiotic nonsense.
  6. Recommended dealer request

    Court costs for me would have far exceeded the value of the suppressor in question. Then there is the issue of locating the individual to serve him! What would I get if I actually went to court and got a judgment? I don't want his cardboard house under a bridge or log cabin in some unknown area of Alaska either. Stories like yours and others is why I ask about recommended dealers with a real storefront. Yes, bankruptcy can be a real issue. In my case, what could I strip from a Micro-Uzi and/or Mini-Uzi of value? Welded stock on a receiver with a registered bolt? Registered receiver? Hence my concern about getting a good dealer to hold my stuff for 4~12 months waiting on a form 4. And, THANK YOU Mike for your very valuable contributions to me in this thread!
  7. Recommended dealer request

    That's a big part of the reason I'm asking. I bought a suppressor from a local "kitchen table" dealer from Thompson Machine. During the transfer process (long form 4 times), the dealer closed shop and I never got what I paid for. Rumor had it he moved to Alaska (I was in Arizona at the time). Thankfully, that was only a few hundred dollars, not machine gun money. I'm all for supporting the local "little" guy or gal just starting out but, when we are talking about items that start in the ~$15K range or more, I won't risk it with an unknown quantity. Then there is the personal integrity and business ethics thing. I went to a local brick and mortar Class 3 to look at an in stock Integral 10/22. It was a brand new rifle but, I wondered why it was all scuffed up. When I handed it back to the dealer, I watched him 'throw' it on a couple of hooks that were up high on the pegboard, when it didn't lay perfectly upright, he picked up another rifle and started 'poking' it. When he thought he had it upright, he turned around and it fell upside down at which point his helper said he would go get the LADDER!
  8. Recommended dealer request

    I'm looking for a C3 to C3 out of state transfer to Form 4 to me in East Texas between Dallas and Texarkana or Shreveport, LA. I'm looking for a quality dealer that won't strip my MG, let friends abuse it, etc. Also, I'm not looking to bottom feed on the transfer fee either. I expect quality service and I expect to pay a reasonable fee for said 'good' service. Who are the good dealers to talk to? The recommended dealer list was not helpful, FWIW. TIA, Sid
  9. New FN249 "Semi" any news?

    I'm curious where you heard this. I talked to them directly about this and there was no issue with selling me a legal sear host.
  10. New FN249 "Semi" any news?

    A 240 would be nice! I'm guessing there is a lot more interest in the M249 so, it lead the way. Hopefully it is a commercial success for FN and spurs them on to release an M240.