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  1. WTS H&K MP5'S

    Holiday special, first transfer and shipping included, thanks gordon
  2. WTS H&K MP5'S

    These are from my personal collection, used but never abused, have been well maintained, stored in climate controlled area. The H&K MP5 sets the bar for the modern submachine gun, and is the gem of many collectors! HK MP5K Fleming sear gun 98-99% with polymer SEF lower and Fleming K stock only $43k, HK MP5A3 S&H sear gun 97-98% with polymer SEF lower, paddle release and slimline forearm, including S&H suppressor only $42k, HK MP5A3 Qualified sear gun 98% with Navy burst lower, paddle release and slimline forearm only $41k, HK MP5A3 Fleming reg. rec. 95% with metal SEF lower and threaded barrel with flash hider only $31k. HK Fleming sear 99% SOLD. All have original finish as purchased, no refinish needed. Payment in full on purchases, unless negotiated and all transfers and shipping costs paid by buyer. Transfers on form 4 from OK, have references , thanks gordon
  3. WTS H&K MP5'S

    Only the best, HK all the way, for the professional individual who can not settle for less! Will consider trade offers including gold, silver, and quality non nfa items, thanks gordon
  4. WTB - HK G3 bolt carrier

    Looking for G3 bolt and carrier for HK91 .308 conversion, please PM if you know where available, condition good or better, thanks gordon
  5. WTS H&K MP5'S

    Greetings from OKC, let's make a deal, thanks gordon
  6. will trade for non nfa, gold and silver, or combinations thereof, thanks gordon
  7. HK Fleming sear, (9mm,.223,.308) 99%, only $OLD, HK 21, .308 cal. Fleming mfg.,Vollmer conversion, 99%, rare green reg. receiver and furniture only $35K, HK 53 , .223 cal. Fleming mfg. reg. receiver, metal SEF lower, 95% only $32k All from my personal collection, never rented or abused, well maintained in climate controlled storage, thanks gordon
  8. WTS H&K MP5'S

    HK all the way, trades and offers considered, thanks gordon
  9. WTB : Lahti L39 tree mount

  10. WTB : Lahti L39 tree mount

    Looking for a complete setup, thanks gordon
  11. WTB : Marlin 1918 flash hider

  12. WTB : Marlin 1918 flash hider

    Looking for commercial Marlin 1918 BAR flash hider, thanks gordon
  13. WTS H&K MP5'S

    Greetings from OKC, Fleming sear $OLD, thanks gordon
  14. Fleming sear $old, thanks gordon
  15. WTS: Assorted handguns

    PM sent, thanks gordon
  16. WTS H&K MP5'S

    In a world of compromise, some men don't, thanks gordon
  17. FLEMING HK SEAR, like new only $33k

    No compromise, only the best !
  18. On form 4 in OK, was installed for one time demo, no wear looks new! Have many references with past sales on the Sturm, individual unmolested sears are very limited, will include a $1k finder fee to any SOT for referral upon approval of transfer, thanks gordon
  19. FLEMING HK SEAR, like new only $33k

    $ale pending, thanks gordon
  20. HK collection for sale or trade, thanks gordon
  21. FLEMING HK SEAR, like new only $33k

    Greetings from OKC, let's make a deal, thanks gordon
  22. WTS H&K MP5'S

    You deserve the best, the panic will be over soon and back to politics as usual, will consider trade in non NFA items. Referral fees to dealers when transfer approved, thanks gordon
  23. We have nothing to fear but fear itself, buy with confidence, thanks gordon
  24. WTB: 26.5mm Flare & Smoke rounds

    Try Dan's Sporting Goods, Apollo PA, have purchased some from them before and they have excellent customer service!
  25. FLEMING HK SEAR, like new only $33k

    Soon the virus will be over and the campaign rhetoric will crank up, prompting another ban panic, prices will go up as in the past, this is the lull before the storm, make your purchase now, thanks gordon