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  1. WTS : B - G Machine Reg. Uzi bolts

    Easter special, buy a registered bolt , 9mm or .45 , and will include a complete UZI lower receiver for conversion, thanks gordon
  2. WTS H&K MP5'S

    Buy with confidence, invest in quality, HK all the way, thanks gordon
  3. WTB : Marlin 1918 flash hider

    Looking for commercial Marlin 1918 BAR flash hider, thanks gordon
  4. WTS-Colt M16A2 Carbine, Excellent, Extras $33,900

    good evening, what length is the barrel, looks 16in., thanks gordon
  5. WTS : B - G Machine Reg. Uzi bolts

    Uzi bolts are !00% NOS, Micro Uzi pistols unfired since conversion LNIB, from personal collection, thanks gordon
  6. WTS H&K MP5'S

    Will trade for gold, silver, land, or non NFA items, thanks gordon
  7. what condition , and how much for shipping to 73106, thanks gordon
  8. WTS : B - G Machine Reg. Uzi bolts

    Will trade for gold , silver , non NFA firearms , and ammunition , thanks gordon
  9. WTS H&K MP5'S

    New year special, purchase any mp5 variation and will throw in a complete check up and refinish if desired from S&H Arms, not necessary as these have been in my collection 20 - 30 years, never rented and maintained in immaculate condition. Never been a fan of refinished guns, tried to stay away because it usually was required from some previous abuse , that said, buy with confidence and only the best, HK all the way, thanks gordon
  10. WTS : B - G Machine Reg. Uzi bolts

    UZI 4 YOU !!!!!
  11.                        UZI   4   YOU!

  12. WTS H&K MP5'S

    These are from my personal collection, used but never abused, have been well maintained, stored in climate controlled area. The H&K MP5 sets the bar for the modern submachine gun, and is the gem of many collectors! HK MP5K Fleming sear gun 98-99% with polymer SEF lower and Fleming K stock only $43k, HK MP5A3 S&H sear gun 97-98% with polymer SEF lower, paddle release and slimline forearm, including S&H suppressor only $42k, HK MP5A3 Qualified sear gun 94-95% with Navy burst lower, paddle release and slimline forearm only $41k, HK MP5A3 Fleming reg. rec. 95% with metal SEF lower and threaded barrel with flash hider only $29k. All have original finish as purchased. Payment in full on purchases, unless negotiated and all transfers and shipping costs paid by buyer. Transfers on form 4 from OK, have references , thanks gordon
  13. WTB: 26.5mm flares / smoke

    Dan's Sporting Goods, Apollo PA, in stock and good prices! ask for Dan
  14. WTS : B - G Machine Reg. Uzi bolts

    9mm and 45acp bolts available, thanks gordon