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  1. HK 416 D Post Sample Machine Gun on form 5s with 10.4" barrel. There are eleven available. They are located on a form 5 with a department. In order to purchase, you must be a a FFL with a SOT and have or be able to quickly obtain a LE demo letter. Price is $7,500 each plus shipping and insurance. Lost cash discount of 4% if paid via credit card. If you would like to purchase as a parts kit, we will destroy the department strip the gun and ship to you as a parts kit for an additional $150 each. This is a stock photo. We have multiple available. https://www.mississippiautoarms.com/hk-416d-10-4-post-sample-machine-gun-le-letter-required
  2. WTS: Post Sample Factory UZI & Galil SAR $600-$800ea

    PM Sent for SAR and VZ61
  3. WTB: HK G36C & HK 416 Post Samples

    WTB: HK G36C & HK 416 Post Samples
  4. WTB: Kriss SMG in 45 - Law Letter Required

    We have a department wanting to demo a Kriss Vector in 45. We were trying to get one on an eForm, so we didn't have to wait for Kriss to get us a sample.
  5. WTS: MP5A2, UMP45, UMP40, M16 Receivers, HK packs - No LE Letter Collection

    We haven’t started shipping these from this dealer yet. If you want to pick a specific one, please send us an email and we can have you hand select one. They are all in similar shape.
  6. WTS: MP5A2, UMP45, UMP40, M16 Receivers, HK packs - No LE Letter Collection

    Where can we send them?
  7. We are helping a dealer that is giving up their license sell their remaining inventory. They have the following available: 3 - UMP 40s - $5,000 each 1 - UMP 45s - $5,500 each 1 - G36K - $5,000 4 - MAA Inc converted Romanian Dracos - $2,500 each 1 - MAA Inc converted Romanian Micro Draco - $2,500 each 1 - SLR106CR - $3,000 each 2 - MP5A2 in 9MM - $6,500 each 2 - MP5-N in 9MM - $6,500 each 1 - Kriss Vectors 45 ACP - $6,500 1 - SilencerCo Maxim with MAA INC DIAS - $4,500 6 - Glock DIAS by MAA INC - $1,000 each 1 - Historic Arms - Converted Saiga 12 - It was converted by Red Jacket and was on Sons of Guns, so it does not run 100%. - $2,000 each 1 - Galil ACE 21N - $7,500 2 - Century RAS47 converted by MAA- $2,500 2 - Century M70 AB2 underfolder converted by MAA Inc - $2,000 each 4 - ATI Underfolder milled receiver converted by MAA Inc - $2,000 each 6 - MAA HK Trigger Pack - $650 each 8 - MAA M16 lower - $325 each 1 - PTR PDW with MAA INC trigger pack - $3500 All transfers are done via eForms. +3.5% for CC +freight Mississippi Auto Arms NFA@MississippiAutoArms.com 662-232-8011
  8. WTS: Five HK UMP 40 - Post Samples on Form 5

    We have five HK UMP40 submachine guns. They are currently with a department and must transfer via form 5. They do not include lights or optics. They are $2200 each plus freight. + 3.5% for CC + freight Mississippi Auto Arms 1300 Van Buren Ave #111 Oxford, MS 38655 662-232-8011 sales@mississippiautoarms.com
  9. WTS: 2 Post 86 CMMG 11.5" M4's $600 EA

    Would you be interested in a trade for your two post samples for one new PS90 SBR? It will transfer direct from the dept that currently has it.
  10. Department manufactured FNH PS90 SBR. Will transfer direct from the department on an ATF Form 5 so no NFA tax paid (only sales tax) if purchased by an individual in Mississippi. Conversion was professionally done by gunsmith who installed a CMMG barrel and threaded barrel nut into a new in box FNH PS-90. Test fired one mag by after conversion to SBR by department armorer to verify function. The Sheriff has decided duty ammo is too expensive to issue the SBR so its basically new with box. Comes with a Silencerco Saker mount installed and FNH factory case collector. (SAKER pictured is not included). FNH PS90 SBR $1750 + shipping (trades considered for certain B&T TP9 LMT18 SBR, DS Arms FAL SA58 OSW PARA SBR, MKE Z5P Pistol, MKE Z-43 P Pistol, MKE Z-5RS Pistol, or PTR K3P PDW Pistol) Mississippi Auto Arms 1300 Van Buren Ave #111 Oxford, MS 38655 662-816-4802 charles@mississippiautoarms.com