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  1. WTB: COBRAY/MAC stuff

    Sir- please send me email address I can send pics of two manuals if you are interested. My email is hwbaird@speedrack.net Thanks!
  2. WTB: Knights MP5 optic rail 99049

    Sir- I have one for sale at the moment. Email me at hwbaird@speedrack.net thanks!!!
  3. WTB: HK 21 (host)

    Sir/ I have a Ralph Smith HK21E NIB Test fired by Ralph only. Brand new in a pelican case. Have spare German barrels if so desired. I am thinking of selling. Please email me at hwbaird@speedrack.net with your budget number and we can start a conversation. thanks
  4. WTB: HK 21E/23E Barrels, Feed Mechs

    Ron- currently have for sale HK21E feed mech NEW, HK21E like new 22 inch barrel and HK 11 Magazine Exchange kit for 21E and other items. Also have two rare HK 50 round LEO marked drums NIB. MP5K briefcase NIB EMAIL me hwbaird@speedrack.net for pics and info. Cross posted at the moment. Thanks
  5. Sir/ if still for sale I will take for the 575 delivered. Let me know pay options. Please email me at hwbaird@speedrack.net with payment instructions and your contact information. thanks!!!!!!
  6. Looking for Ithaca 37 Stakeout AOW

    Thanks! Nicely done. I am however looking for the factory AOW version. Be safe!
  7. Looking for Ithaca 37 Stakeout AOW

    Sad state of affairs in the world today. I had two individuals respond and they were both scammers. Merry Christmas!
  8. Looking for Ithaca Stakeout AOW, 12 or 20, any condition- let me know what you have and price to hwbaird@speedrack.net Thanks!

    James please send either phone number or your email to my email and I will gladly answer your questions- Thanks!
  10. Due to health issues and old age am thinning the herd. Have for sale the following: HK 21 BELT BOX ADAPTER-MM. 225 REDUCED TO 165 HK 21 FACTORY DRUM WITH HANGER 795 HAVE 2 ONE BLACK ONE GREEN HK FMP 21 BOLT CARRIER GROUP 1,400 REDUCED TO 1,295 HK RARE FACTORY 11E, 91, G3 DRUM 2,650 HK 11E MAG EXCHANGE KIT 3,400 HK 21 FMP FEED MECH COMPLETE SOLD Questions or pics please email to hwbaird@speedrack.net Subject to prior sale and reasonable offers considered. Thanks!!!!!!
  11. H&K MP7A1 or MP7A2

    Sir- we have a MP7A2 that we are considering parting with. If interested, please send email to hwbaird@speedrack.net thanks!!!!
  12. WTB- Bulgarian Krinkov Top Cover

  13. Looking for any condition Bulgarian Krinkov Old/Original style top cover. please let me know what you have. hwbaird@speedrack.net
  14. WTB: HK MP7A2, Law Letter in Hand

    Sir-have HK MP7 A2 that am considering selling. Have extra stocks, B&T can, case, ton of ammo, ton of mags. Please send your email to hwbaird@speedrack.net and I will send pics. Gun was shot at one police demo and one other time. Very low mileage. Thanks
  15. WTB BERETTA 71 .22 cal

    WTB- Beretta Model 71 in .22 caliber. Please send pics and price to hwbaird@speedrack.net Thanks!