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  1. Mg34/42 belt loader

    Sir- are you still looking for a loader? If so, please send me an email at hwbaird@speedrack.net thanks!
  2. For sale 5 HK4 7.65 magazines. German, date stamped will email pictures if needed. $70 per magazine, shipping $10 for 1 or many. Cash or USPS money order only. Thinning the herd due to age etc. Other HK4 items to be posted for sale. Please email hwbaird@speedrack.net if interested. Thanks PRICE DROP- NEW PRICE $50 per magazine, shipping $10 for 1 or many. Cash or USPS money order only. Thanks!
  3. Looking for Pachmayr Vindicator Remington 870 Forearm- will also purchased grip/forearm kit if available. Please email hwbaird@speedrack.net Thanks! UPDATE- will pay stupid money for two forearms! THANKS!
  4. Sir-want one (1) copy. Please e-mail PayPal info to hwbaird@speedrack.net thank you!!!!
  5. WTB lahti l-39 gas block with front sight

    Sir-have complete Lahti L39 less bolt. Have machining capabilities. Would like to discuss borrowing your L39 bolt and copying it for my Lahti and making you gas block with front sight. please let me know either way-hwbaird@speedrack.net THANKS!
  6. Need to purchase, rent, or borrow Lahti L39 Bolt. Will purchase or pay rent with deposit to have an example to copy. If interested, will include spare in the transaction for lender. Need help-please let me know- hwbaird@speedrack.net
  7. Looking for good to NIB HK 4 pistol and caliber conversion kits, parts, etc. Please let me know what and how much. hwbaird@speedrack.net Thanks!
  8. WTB HK UMP 45 factory loader

    Looking for HK UMP 45 loader. All parts places sold out. E-mail to hwbaird@speedrack.net if you want to sell me one. THANKS!
  9. Heckler and Koch MP7A1 w/ ammo $8000

    Sir- I am interested- please email me regarding law letter requirement. willblack@comcast.net thanks!!!!
  10. Ron- I will take all 12 mags, please email payment info and address to willblack@comcast.net thanks!
  11. WTS: Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout

    Got the pics, will take all in pics for the asked 800 if you will do the 50-50. send your phone to willblack@comcast.net and I will call you.
  12. WTS: Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout

    Pics to willblack@comcast.net thanks!
  13. Looking for leads, parts, help in locating GP-25 anything, dewat etc for display piece. hwbaird@speedrack.net (duh corrected email)
  14. PP-19 Bizon

    OK, I am also hooked. Please email me at hwbaird@speedrack.net and educate me on how to get a couple of these mags. thank you!!!!!
  15. Sir- if you still have, please send contact info to hwbaird@speedrack.net i would like to purchase. thanks