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  1. Looking for leads, parts, help in locating GP-25 anything, dewat etc for display piece. hwbaird@speedrack.net (duh corrected email)
  2. PP-19 Bizon

    OK, I am also hooked. Please email me at hwbaird@speedrack.net and educate me on how to get a couple of these mags. thank you!!!!!
  3. Sir- if you still have, please send contact info to hwbaird@speedrack.net i would like to purchase. thanks
  4. WTS HK94 9mm Carbine

    RangerRon- I will take at the 4750 price if you still have. Please send email with contact info including phone number to hwbaird@speedrack.net thanks!!!!!
  5. If still available I will purchase. Please let me know. Thanks. hwbaird@speedrack.net
  6. WTB: Fightlite or Shrike MCR

    GunMd- traveling this week. Have a NOS Shrike upper, left over from Shrike fit I had a while back. Happy to send pics when I get home, I am a very motivated seller. I thought I had sold all Shrike items, had one left, unfired. please send email address I can send pics. Thanks 3616will
  7. James- we must be having email trouble. Sent email with wants as promised,no reply. Please check email when you are able. thanks
  8. James Ray- I will take a number of the Sterling items if still left. Please email me at hwbaird@speedrack.net with an email and phone number and I will pay prices as marked. Thanks
  9. Sir- I know I am way after the party, but do you have any of the Sterling items still available ?? Thanks
  10. I will take if still available. Please email particulars to hwbaird@speedrack.net. Thanks
  11. Mr Wales- back again- please email address and total delivered for two to hwbaird@speedrack.net

    Sir- are these still for sale ????? thank you please email hwbaird@speedrack.net
  13. Josey-3616 here again. Do you have any of the ARMS #7 stanag adapters left, I am assuming it will hook into a pic rail???? Please hit my email with response, thanks. hwbaird@speedrack.net
  14. WTS: Machinegun News Magazines

    Do you still have for sale??? hwbaird@speedrack.net