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  1. A few days ago I received an email from claiming to have 12 SR25 mags for sale at $50 a piece. I figured that they got my email from an ad that I had answered 3 years ago from another member with the same item. Three years ago , I placed my email address in the thread for the seller to contact me because I wasn’t sure how to message him at the time. I believe that’s where the fraudster obtained my email address and knew of my interest in the mags. The fraudster has been spoken about before on here. I was asked to remit a money order with tracking. to Christine Czerniak 5080 W. 800 S. North Judson Indiana 46366 or to send payment to JavienaMeans at . This person is obviously still targeting the firearms community. Be careful.
  2. Rare pre89 Semi's

    Can you tell me if the Mac 10 is still available?
  3. WTS KAC SR-25 Mags - $50 ea

    I am interested in the sr25 as well if some are still available. What form of payment do you take? . -Eric B.
  4. I appreciate your scam warnings and agree Fred M. Is probably Nigerian. LOL. I have caught a few scammers in the past on the old STURM board and like you said they pop up with a new identity quickly. They have infiltrated Gunsamerica pretty bad as well. Your blue letters definitely helped someone save some cash I would bet. So Thank You!!! -Eric Budden

    1. Precision Technology

      Precision Technology

      Thanks Eric! I know that most on the gun boards are good and honest people. Unfortunately, there are so many New guys getting picked-off by the Scammers that troll everywhere now. Crazy how bad it has gotten over the past several years. Some people get really mad at me because they think I'm being rude, mean or acting as if everyone's an innocent mark just waiting to be taken. I just Hate Scammers with a passion and I'm sad to see how many people continue to give away thousands of their hard-earned dollars to them. With all of us watching out for each other we will severely limit the success of those Scum-Bags. Thanks again for the kind words!