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  1. Summer Cleaning, Left Over Spare Project Parts Factory NIB SIG MCX/MPX Collapsible Stock $225 Delivered NIB SBX SIG MCX/MPX Collapsible Pistol Brace $225 Delivered Loose New Factory SIG Gen 1 MPX 10 rd mags (Factory SIG Blocked 20rd mags), 3 Available $30/pc Delivered NIB Factory SIG MPX Gen 1 20 rd mags, 3 Available $35/pc Delivered NIB Factory SIG MPX Gen 1 30 rd mags, 2 Available $40/pc Delivered Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail, Multiple Items will be Discounted PayPal or USPS Money Orders Only
  2. I have a Federal Laboratories 37mm Gas Gun, but don't know if it's made from a Webley No1 Mk1 flare gun. Mine looks similiar to a M-79 40mm grenade launcher. Not sure if this is what your looking for. Thanks, Alex.
  3. WTB: black AUGSA stocks 5.56 & 9mm

    I have 2 Steyr USR stocks that were converted to AUG configuration-small piece of plastic removed from bottom of pistol grip to buttstock, quasi thumbhole. The stocks were originally grey, 1 was Duracoated Black and the other was Dyed Black, I'd sell either one for $200 delivered. Thanks, Alex.

    I've got a Steyr AUG/USR Heavy Barrel threaded 1/2x28, includes Folding grip. I bought it as a spare, I think I have $600 in it and threading by C&S Metall Werkes, St.Charles, MO. I'll sell it for what I have in it plus shipping. Thanks, Alex.
  5. WTB: HK XM8 Items

    PM'd about brochure and possible trades. Thanks, Alex.
  6. Krinker Plinker kit

    Actually, C & S Metall Werkes designed, made and sold the Krinker Plinker kits. They're located in St. Charles, MO,, (636) 928-1511 Give them a call, ask for Ken or Jon, they're the owners. Hope this helps. Alex.