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    I am surprised this lasted this long.
  2. top time

    I will take it email sent.
  3. I will take two barrels. Please send me payment info. thanks Greg
  4. First time MG recommendations

    I would recommend M11 and a Lage slow fire upper that works with the Suomi 72 rd drums. Put a stock on it and for around $8500.00 you have a controllable submachine gun that competes and regularly wins against $30,000 mp5's. just my.02
  5. WTB: Factory Colt M16

    I bought my m16a1 in 2016 for 21,000 I was patient and got it off Gunbroker on a form 3 from a dealer.
  6. WTB M3 50 tripod

    tripod found thanks.
  7. WTB M3 50 tripod

    Hi, I am looking for a M3 .50 tripod with the pintle and T&E. Looking for original ones only. very good to new condition. Thanks Greg
  8. WTS: CUSTOM SNIPER RIFLE $8250.00***SOLD***

    you should put this beauty on Snipers Hide.
  9. Can the auto receivers be sold as parts with the 3rd hole drilled for the sear? Or are these nfa postes?
  10. pm, means private message, I guess this site does email only. But a postal money order will go out tomorrow. thanks
  11. I will take the parts, pm sent.
  12. great design, I may have to upgrade.
  13. I will take it per our pm's
  14. Withdrawn

    I will take the p7m8 pm sent.