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  1. WTS: Sendra M16

    I just had a dealer form 4 to my dealer transfer in 5 weeks.
  2. Suppressor for Swedish K

    I will let you know when I find one.
  3. Suppressor for Swedish K

    Thanks for the information Tom.
  4. Suppressor for Swedish K

    Toad, thank you I will call Tom on Monday. The front end on this is the same as all Swedish k guns.
  5. I am not looking for one but the last one I bought was in much better condition for $175.00 Good luck with the sale.
  6. Suppressor for Swedish K

    Thanks for the reply's, I am looking for an integral suppressor. I should have been more clear, sorry.
  7. Hi, I purchased a Wilson/Swedish K and would like to purchase a suppressor for it. I would like any information on buying one. The only thing I found was the Jim Burgess can for the S&W 76 I am not sure that will work on the Swedish K, any info. will be appreciated. Thanks Greg
  8. Machine Guns For Sale Thomas Stewart E Form

    I will take the Norell 10/22
  9. WTS: IMI UZI Model A with AWC MK 9 suppressor

    wow, that was fast. I will be sending you payment #2. sorry for this happening on your post.
  10. WTS: IMI UZI Model A with AWC MK 9 suppressor

    It's not about trust it's about one extra year of wait. Thanks
  11. WTS: IMI UZI Model A with AWC MK 9 suppressor

    If only it was on a form 3
  12. Machine Guns are in, Prices listed

    Will you be putting prices on these?
  13. You are purchasing a machine gun in 3 rd burst, It is no problem to make it full auto.
  14. Looking for a Action Arms registered receiver A or B with the blocking bar removed must be on a form 3 or form 4 in Arizona. C&R could be on F4 Let me know what you have and price please. (DO NOT REPLY ON THIS THREAD E-MAIL ONLY) Thanks
  15. Aries Shrike MCR

    and delivered.