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  1. Hi, I am looking for a set of MP40 grips I have the left but the right is broken. I would like to get a pair that matches. Original ones only. thanks Greg
  2. M60 parts lot

    I will take it, email sent
  3. I will take them 4 for $200.00
  4. WTB: WA2000 and PSG1

    Hi Joe, Michaels Machine has 3 PSG1 rifles for sale on HK Pro.
  5. You should not call it an HK21E if it is not one. It does not have the swing down E feed mech, one of the most important parts in an E gun.
  6. Is this a No Go, M249 & a Reg. HK Sear installed?

    I was waiting to see how fast this would get brought up. It's a no,no. Batfe reversed the ruling on these.
  7. need help with trust transfer

    I was told anybody in the trust must be fingerprinted and photographed because they have access to the weapons.
  8. need help with trust transfer

    Hi Mike, the new trust laws require any one in the trust must include fingerprints and photographs with every transfer, unless several are in the same package along with a copy of the trust.
  9. and it would have a swing down E feeder.
  10. Mike, you are a wealth of information. Thanks for sharing.
  11. yes, if you read the post he is also selling Side Arm Sam's gun that is on Gunbroker. The same photo.
  12. Here is the response I just received via pm, He is still trying to scam us. Sorry for late reply - been on extended vacation redoing a vacation home. Yes I do have - cannot post/host them here - send me an email to drd@lobo.net and I will send you several emails with Hi Resolution photos of the HK21...call me at 505-269-2056 and I will tell you more.....send email ping & I will send bunch of photos of the rifle.....Ralph did a super job....as usual. RDTS build the rifle with HK original German parts bought 15 years ago when avaialble in quantity and Michaels Machines installed the belt feed roller and belt feed and box.....also German HK parts. Dan Dolan