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  1. WTS: M60 Operating Rods - NIW

    I will take a couple.
  2. USGI M-14 mags

    I will take them if available.
  3. Entry level 223 transferables

    M16 for sure, when you shoot out a barrel just drop another 500.00 dollar upper on it and go. Not true with the others.
  4. WTS:m3a1 Greasegun with Suppressor

    I bought an M3 from Todd with the same suppressor and it is amazing. It make all others that I have look bad.
  5. Hi, I recently purchased a Colt 6920 complete upper new take off with a C marked bolt carrier. This is the carrier I received. I have about 20 Colt stamped carriers and I have never seen one with the C marked with an electric pencil. Is this Colt?
  6. Where does one find MP-5 demill kits?

    I have bought both on this site, haven't seen any in a while. You are looking for the most sought after MP5 kits. The last sd kit I found was about 5 years ago, Both go for around $2500 .40 kits are less. The 10mm kits are rare and bring $$$. You can also put an ad in WTB here. good luck, Greg
  7. WTS: MP5-N

    Great deal.
  8. I bought mine from Dennis Todd he seems to have a connection with knights armament.
  9. WTB: Norrell 10/22 Trigger Pack

    That explains the reason it took so long to get my Thompson case.

    I'll take it send me payment instructions thanks
  11. I have shoot around 4000 rds through my 42 it works 100% no problems.
  12. Hi, I am looking for a pintle adapter from large male to small female from 16-18" long. I am trying to get one before next weekend if possible. for (Big Sandy) Thanks Greg
  13. Just don't do friends and family. If you have a problem Paypal may or may not help you with gun parts. I would use a credit card.