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  1. I don't understand it?

    I remember seeing Alpine on snipers hide, he has some very nice stuff. A kown good guy.
  2. MGZ 34 OPTIC

    Hi, I am looking for an MGZ 34/42 optic for the Lafette tripod. I am looking for an excellent quality unit. Please PM me with photos and pricing. Thanks Greg
  3. WTS: HK21

    Since this is on a form 3, I'm sure you won't mind sharing which dealer is sending it. A very good price, be careful.
  4. This one works great. https://eform4.silencershop.com/
  5. WTB: Original MP-40 Bakelite grips

    watch gun broker I found a great set for $150
  6. Write up an NFA contract detailing the entire transaction, who pays shipping, transfer cost and if they charge for packing it up. No detail is too small. Get it signed before sending any money. If possible see the gun in person, and test fire it. If the person is not well known in the NFA community google their name and address and see what comes up. (this saved me from a fraudulent deal on an HK sear) If the seller is ok with a 50/50 deal that is usually a good sign. Spend lots of time with them on the phone and find out their knowledge on the NFA process and machine guns. The only time I have not gotten what was agreed upon was buying from a well know NFA guy on the third transaction I did not do a contract. NEVER AGAIN.
  7. MG34 Lafette tripod

    Hi, I am looking to buy an MG-34 tripod with or without optics. Pm me with what you have and price Thanks Greg
  8. Reising Question

    Mike's Boss, too funny.
  9. What was your first major Machine Gun Shoot?

    Big Sandy Spring Shoot 2011 and every shoot since that, and lots of stamps. Fun stuff.
  10. WTB First MG

    An RLL would be about the last on my list, full auto only and they break. Wait for a RR ar lower, much better buy.
  11. HK PSG-1

    Michael @ Micheals Machine has been advertising some lately.