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  1. Sent you a pm. Thanks.
  2. WTS AWC MK9 9mm Suppressor

    WTS AWC MK9 9mm suppressor for the Mac 10/11 series smg. 3/4-10 thread pitch. Good condition with some minor dings on the front and rear endcaps. Very quiet with subsonic ammo. Form 4 in Texas. $450 plus shipping and transfer fee(s). 915-433-2074. Thanks for looking.
  3. received the mags. stone mint. packaged very carefully and shipped fast. great communication. thanks rodney.
  4. Are the two German IR date coded mags on the left available? Thanks.
  5. WTS reising mod 50 parts kit w/cut rec. NEW !

    I'dbe interested in a kit. I sent you a pm. Thanks.
  6. WTS 3 digit SA M1A (Devine) - $1995 shpd

    Sent you a p.m. Thanks.
  7. WTB: AC556 .22 conversion

    I have a Hohreinkit like Extraparts7. It is new andcomes with two 10 round mags - plus thefactory black plastic case. $200 shipped. PMif interested. Thanks.