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  1. Positive feedback for 22eley

    Purchased some Sterling magazines from him. They were as advertised. Good communication and fast shipping. Thanks.
  2. WTS - Springfield Armory SAR-48 Match. Standard Model with 21" barrel. Black plastic furniture. One original new magazine. NO other accessories. Unfired and absolutely brand new. No marks or scratches. Collector grade.
  3. Great guys to deal with. Good communication and fast payment. Deal with confidence. Thanks!
  4. WTS - Colt, HK items and assorted magazines

    Ok you got it brother. Thanks.
  5. WTS - Colt, HK items and assorted magazines

    Valmet firing pin and spring SPF.
  6. WTS - Colt, HK items and assorted magazines

    PM's answered.
  7. WTS - Colt, HK items and assorted magazines

    M76 - includes firing pin spring. From Vulcan Imports.
  8. WTS Genuine, complete factory Colt 653 14.5" pencil barreled upper with teardrop forward assist in excellent condition - $1925.00 shipped. Genuine, complete factory Colt 4-way FCG with pins and springs, nip - 1050.00 shipped. (SPF) Heckler & Koch 05 scope mount with rings, like new condition - $700 shipped. Smith and Wesson 76 magazines by Ohio Ordnance Works. Suomi M31 finger loop modified mags, with O.O.W M76 stamped on front spine. Black Parkerizing, new - 5 mags for $230 shipped. Walther MP-9 magazines for Ingram MAC-10 9mm guns. Original box of 5 magazines with inner and outer carboard box - new - $1025 shipped. Also have 3 new, loose mags at $210 each shipped. (SPF) Ruger AC556/Mini-14 30 round, white box factory mags, LEO marked - $45 each shipped. (SPF) Smith and Wesson N frame, factory combat grips, round butt, goncalo alves wood, like new - $310 shipped. Suomi M-31 36 round magazines, like new - $25 each shipped. (8 left) Valmet firing pin - $30 shipped. (SPF) WW2 High Standard 1911A1 barrel with link and pin, in very good condition. Excellent bore with sharp lands and grooves, no pitting or frosting - $175 shipped. A.R.M.S. #5 Multi-base Mount, excellent condition - $50 shipped. Uzi (full size) full-auto bolt. Stripped in excellent condition - $115 shipped Thanks for looking.
  9. WTS - Oddball Ammo

    WTS .284 Winchester Super X Power Point 150 grain soft point, 20 round yellow box - $30 shipped. .308 Marlin Express 160 grain Lever Revolution, 20 round box and 35 loose rounds - $70 shipped. .357 Sig Winchester white box 125 grain FMJ and JHP, 4 boxes (200) - $120 shipped. (SPF) Winchester 28-gauge shotshells, assorted mix of full boxes from 6-9 shot, AA, Skeet, Long Range, 8 boxes, 9 loose - $130 shipped Will also be listing for sale - Hornady SST, Nosler Partitions/Accubonds, Swift A-Frame/Sciroccos and Sierra Spitzer BT bullets. (.22, .243, .257, .277, .284, .308, .338 calibers) Thanks for looking
  10. I’ll take the 2 wax wrapped 15 round M1 magazines. Thanks.
  11. Lots more mags-look inside...

    Sent you a PM and text to your phone.