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  1. FS Beretta BM59 and Kingston Armory 22 garand

    Sent you a PM. Thanks.
  2. What do I need to know about mk760

    Here's a short video of my brother shooting my MK with the SG9, using Federal 124 FMJ's.
  3. What do I need to know about mk760

    I don't agree with some of the posters. I bought a NIB, Irvine Ca. made MK760. Welds are nice, the stock locks up tight and the finish is great. It runs like it should and I haven't had any issues with it. Granted there are horror stories (minor and major) about them, but for the most part so do other guns. It comes down to how much time, desire or money you want to spend associated, to either fix them or to find spare parts. I have a complete, brand new spare parts kit for the gun if there any issues, to include extra barrels, extractors, recoil springs and a new SMG lower. I also have a SG9 suppressor made by Southern Machine Tool and Die to compliment my MK. The good thing is that spare parts for the 76 series are being made by Richard Hoffman of BWE Firearms. No regrets here. P.S. I also did the same thing with my "S" series Reising.
  4. If your still looking for the OEM, Walther made double stack magazines for the M-10/9, I have some NOS mags. Thanks.
  5. Do you still have the items? Thanks.
  6. New Sans Swiss Arms 551 pistol $5000.00

    Sent you two emails and a PM. Thanks.
  7. Sent you a pm. Thanks.
  8. Trijicon RX06-10 with 12.9 amber triangle and AR-15 carry handle mount. Lightly used in excellent condition. Comes with polarizing filter, dust cover, lens pen, manual, warranty card, Trijicon sticker and factory box. Extras include extra new RX10 mount, RX25 mount, Trijicon HK claw mount. $375 shipped. Reduced - $275 shipped. Trijicon MS03 Red Dot - 8 moa. Comes with clear Pelican micro series case, manual, warranty card, Trijicon sticker and hang tag. Unused/unmounted condition. Extra includes American Defense MFG. QD Auto Lock mount - new/unused. - $200 shipped. Reduced - $125 shipped. Trijicon MS12 mount for TA01NSN or TA31DOC - new in packaging. $20 shipped. Reduced $10 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  9. 1 - Ciener/Hohrein .22lr kit with 30 round metal magazine - new in box. This one has the updated chamber adaptor with the feed lip. Included are 5 new Black Dog Machine 30 round magazines. $365 shipped. Reduced - $300 shipped. S.P.F. Thanks for looking.
  10. 3- HK USP 9mm, 15 round magazines with LEO markings. New with some light storage marks. $50 shipped. Reduced - $35 shipped. 6 - Ruger Mini-14, 30 round, factory blued magazines. 4 new, 2 lightly used - no marks. $130 shipped. SOLD. 4 - Suomi M31, 36 round, blued magazines with finger loops, in excellent condtiion. No dings or dents. $55 shipped. Reduced - $40 shipped. 2 - Suomi M31, 71 round drum magazines in excellent condition. Matching numbers drums. No dings or dents. $100 shipped. Reduced $70 shipped. SPF. 1 - Beta C Company drum for Colt 9mm. Case, loader, graphite, instructions and factory box. Extra set of front covers. Lightly used. $245 shipped. Reduced - $175 shipped. SPF. 1 - Beta C Company drum for HK 91. Case, loader, graphite, instructions, New - no box. $365 shipped. Thanks for looking.