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  1. I'll take both cases per our IM's Thanks
  2. WTB HK93

  3. I believe I have what your looking for. IM text info and I'll send pics. Ron
  4. Is this ready to go on a Colt M-16 A1 lower?
  5. Where was the article taken from?
  6. WTS: German DAG 308 7.62 NATO Blanks 5000 Rounds $149.99

    So would one use a blank adapter when "shooting" these? Do you have to replace the locking piece? Anything else required when shooting this ammo?
  7. WTB V100 Commando Ammo Box

    IM sent
  8. M16a1 Color

    It's your gun and do with it as you must, buuut, one day you are going to sell it and it being a genuine Colt, that may/will affect its value even if it's a beater. I have a Colt M-16A1 and even though it's not 100% and I like my guns 100% no way would I alter the color. YMMV
  9. 7.62x39 HK 21

    Yeah I have also talked with MM about the x39 conversion kit over the past five years and get the same answer "just about finished with this part that part" but nothing concrete. Have both caliber conversions for his gun and have real good success with both. I'm waiting for his conversion as I've got 20,000 rnds + of x39 to shoot.
  10. Thanks, hoping to go lighter with Aarons Ammunition can!
  11. Haven't taken any video's but have taken some time to finish the adapter. Now just waiting for your case to come to market. Thanks.
  12. Need a beta tester? Ready to go here.
  13. Always thought the belt buckles were NFA? Well if not than I'm wearing mine!