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  1. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    Glad to hear you got the gun running but really buying 5.56 in 2021?
  2. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    I'm sure a quick call to Carlos or MM would help. I just looked at my belt feed (MM) unit and it looks just like yours (in red) and have zero issues. 7k rounds of .223 Good luck, keep us posted.
  3. R.L. your 100% right. Just turned 57 years old living here in CT My business has survived for 35 years and almost time to get the fcuk out. What an honor having President Trump for these four years. How great this country had become on his watch. We are in unchartered waters, coming up on the 20th of this month. Many great friends/times in the C3 world but feel it might be best to sell some goodies before they become paper weights... We are going to be totally Fcuked!
  4. Great price. Seller is top notch!
  5. WTS Vector/Group Industries UZI $13k

    "Question, when living in the Communists territories and buying a machine gun, does the owning a machine gun override the high capacity magazine ban?" I wish it was that easy, but no. One with high cap needed to "register" there mags some time ago. Roughly it's suggested, that approx. 15% of "HC" mag owns did register there mags here in CT to include links. I for one did as having a "few" MG's wanted to still hit the range with something more than a 10 round stick. Oh yeah, don't forget it's "Full auto only" now in CT.
  6. WTS Vector/Group Industries UZI $13k

    Interested. While in CT we have had to register our "Hi Cap" mags which I did. However, I don't have any UZI mags, soooooo I did hear once that one can "alter" Colt 9mm mags to work in a UZI. I did register my Colt 9mm mags Is your a Model A or B or not an issue here? Not up on Uzi stuff. True/ False????
  7. Still waiting to hear from seller...I'll take one... Tried to IM nothing. Hope seller is ok.
  8. Ok Ok I'll take one. IM sent.
  9. Need Help SBR HK Clone

    Thanks. It's wanting to know who the original Manufacturer is. I think... Anyways was able to finger it out. Thanks now the wait
  10. Need Help SBR HK Clone

    I have a FMP, HK clone that I want to SBR. On the ATF on line web site under manufacturer the web site will not accept FMP. Any suggestions...
  11. Amen. So many care about the 2nd Amendment and so many don't. Can't believe we've come to this. My cold dead hands...
  12. Will this bolt fit in all Uzi's?
  13. Aaron, thinking about installing the FH on another firearm, do you know what the thread is? Thanks
  14. MP-9/KG-9/Tec-9 collapsible stock hardware

    Wish I knew. Always looking to purchase this accessory.