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  1. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    Have you seen any RR TEC 9's sell recently, wondering what's the going rate on the RR. Seems like the factory front grip is pretty hard to find. Thanks
  2. WTS: Lan-Cay M9 Bayonet

    I'll take it. Funds sent.
  3. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    OP, you say there are lots of RR TEC 9's out there. Where do you see them and how much do they run? What kind of SOL are you if and/when the plastic receiver breaks? Is there really any stress placed on the receiver when shooting the gun FA? I remember seeing a RR and the bolt was altered to have the firing pin "Fixed" or welded in place. Another RR had it's bolt with the firing pin held in place with a set screw as to allow the ease of replacing the FP if it wore down.
  4. "all his effort will be needed to get that smell out of the linens and furniture in the whitehouse" F~ING A RIGHT annnnd replace the toilet seats!!!!!
  5. Looking for one of the FMP/HK 21 metal drum with hanger. IM best. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  6. Tripod question

    What is the "best" AA tripod out there if one has a HK 21e and would like to shoot the gun standing up. Money not being an issue for the tripod.
  7. WTB M27 link starter

    Not sure of the correct name of the part but one that owns a SAW or a Shrike upper, it's the plastic "starter" piece that attaches to the first link as to place across the feed tray so the belt does not fall out. Thanks
  8. WTS: HK MP5 with extras, $24,000.

    An "I will take it" becomes null and void if the poster can't produce a form or any proof that the item actually exists, and it's also pretty much void if the item being sold isn't what it is advertised to be. And of course its under value, that's why I was buying it. And Fleming and qualified Sears are drop in, not quite as easily as a Dias in an ar, but a lot more then a RR is. AMEN
  9. Is this a transferable MG or a DD? Thanks
  10. Received my two in the mail today. Came as advertised. Seller shipped right away. Thanks.
  11. Restamping Receiver

    To specify it's just the SP89 remarked, no NFA here.
  12. Restamping Receiver

    Purchasing a "pre 94" as it's coined here in CT a HK SP89 but has been restamped Mp5k. The FFL has no knowledge understanding that it's still an SP89. He will receive the gun with the new stamping and certainly has not even heard of a SP89. Does he trust me in what the gun is supposed to be factory engraved. I think that as an FFL, I would log in my book what the gun is stamped. Just don't need the state crying about nothing.