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  1. Received M60 gage as advertised. 110% happy with seller. Buy from him with confidence!

  2. How to tell M60 Manufacture Dates by Trunion Markings

    Great info. Thanks for sharing. Your truly an asset to this forum.
  3. WTS: M60 Operating Rods - NIW

    I'd be in for two if anyone backs out.
  4. shrike upper insert

  5. Transferring an HK sear question

  6. I retired my C3 business in 1994 in CT and am transferring one of my Fleming sears to a dealer in Wyoming. The sear is currently on an ATF form 3. I contacted the dealer, but he hasn't helped me with the paperwork, but I have received his SOT and FFL info. So now it's up to me to fill out the paperwork. I believe I fill out the ATF Form 4 and pay the $200 transfer. My question is when I go on the ATF web site and fill in the info on the Form 4 do I fill in just the first page (only) as their website still has page 2-3 with the CLEO info needed. I know I don't fill that info in, just the first page I fill out? And do I mail the $ and two copies of the Form 4? I can't imagine there are two different Form 4's. Thanks in advance.
  7. shrike upper insert

    IM me on what dimensions you need as the part let's say has a ramp molded into it. har1690
  8. WTS M60 Price Lowered! $67,500 OBO

    Tried the email and no luck...
  9. WTB: HK Registered Sear

    IM sent
  10. shrike upper insert

    I have one in my upper but would take measurements if needed.
  11. My first eforms back in 73 days

    Feb 8, 2022, I was at my C3 dealers shop and did a Form 4 (suppressor) online with him, paid the $200.00 and went home did my mushroom prints and sent those next day to the ATF. So I'm at 6 weeks. Will report (hopefully) when approved...
  12. MM23 - wait times?

    I love my 21e/23e combo. Eats just about any ammo I belt up...
  13. WTB-HK21 feed mech locking plate

    Check with MM.
  14. Stan Andrewski has passed away

    John was a great guy and smith (to say the least) Met him up in North Country MG shoot(s.) Sad another great has passed. Heading out to the range this week and will dump a few mags on his behalf. RIP
  15. Just bought 2k of M855 for $850.00 delivered. Not bad.