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  1. Can we see a pic of the Manufacturer's name and address on the lower. Interested.
  2. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    Just a real pisser to hear this. Like I stated My .308/.223 combo is battle field ready. My MM is 100% perfect, and could not be happier. If one has the opportunity to buy one of MM guns, try it first (if possible) once I sell mine, the new owner will be happy happy happy!
  3. Maybe one thing I just noticed is, there are no threaded holes on the left side to allow the attachment of the belt inlet guide. No biggie. Anything else?
  4. What is the difference between the 21A1 and 21e feed mech?
  5. WTB HK 15 Locking Piece

    Need an HK number 15 locking piece for my 53. Let me know what you have.
  6. WTS: XM21 & XM23 Ammo Can Loading Procedure Labels

    Is it one of each for the $10?
  7. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    I'm in for MM as well. I have the 21e/23e combo for 8 years now and have shot plenty plenty plenty and love the gun. Get one! He always answers the phone and has all the goodies to go with.
  8. I'll take both cases per our IM's Thanks
  9. WTB HK93

  10. I believe I have what your looking for. IM text info and I'll send pics. Ron
  11. Is this ready to go on a Colt M-16 A1 lower?
  12. Where was the article taken from?
  13. WTS: German DAG 308 7.62 NATO Blanks 5000 Rounds $149.99

    So would one use a blank adapter when "shooting" these? Do you have to replace the locking piece? Anything else required when shooting this ammo?