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  1. Going to take two. check IM
  2. M60 predator back pack wanted

    Had one
  3. Convert my MAC10 .45 can to Wipeless

    I seem to recall $165 for some reason. Sounds awesome!!!
  4. Convert my MAC10 .45 can to Wipeless

    I had Gemtech a few years ago convert my MAC 10 can to a wipeless and I now get a lot of compliments. Of course it took Gemtech all most a year!!!
  5. Can you post clear pics of your HK 93
  6. Ciener/AR .22 Mag Loader

    I believe I have what your looking for. I'll post a pic later today.
  7. Reading your post was truly inspiring, getting up in years now myself, and have been into the NFA world since 1990 starting with my FFL and than the C3 license thingy. I understand that there is a point in which it's time to sell, not for yourself but for your family. Truly, that's one of the most unselfish things one can do. Hat's off to you and that your health is improving. I'm getting closer to letting my toys go. God Bless
  8. WTS: H&K SP89 Manual

    OK sending you the "text" I'll take the HK Sp89 manual NIB. Thanks
  9. WTS: H&K SP89 Manual

    If you still have the HK SP89 Manual, consider it sold. "I'll Take it" Please send a IM where to send funds. Thanks
  10. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    Have you seen any RR TEC 9's sell recently, wondering what's the going rate on the RR. Seems like the factory front grip is pretty hard to find. Thanks
  11. WTS: Lan-Cay M9 Bayonet

    I'll take it. Funds sent.
  12. Registered Bolt for Tec-9

    OP, you say there are lots of RR TEC 9's out there. Where do you see them and how much do they run? What kind of SOL are you if and/when the plastic receiver breaks? Is there really any stress placed on the receiver when shooting the gun FA? I remember seeing a RR and the bolt was altered to have the firing pin "Fixed" or welded in place. Another RR had it's bolt with the firing pin held in place with a set screw as to allow the ease of replacing the FP if it wore down.