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  1. MG's as an investment

    I've thought about this too, and one great truth keeps coming back to me -- for it to really count as an "investment", you have to be willing and able to sell it when its value reaches some certain level. If you would not sell it even when it's worth 10x what you paid for it, it's probably an expensive toy, not an investment. P.S., you may decide for yourself what to tell the Mrs.
  2. -deleted-

    -deleted- admin, please remove?
  3. Freedom Ordnance FM-9- 6" Barrels

    Any indication from Freedom Ordnance about whether they're going to make more, or they done with this upper system?
  4. Ares Shrike

    Still for sale? Anything else with it? links, ammo, belt bags/boxes, extra barrel, etc.?
  5. Looks like your images have expired. Please re-post?
  6. HK G3A3, Registered Receiver, Excellent, Dyer

    so this is a registered receiver gun, with a married FCG?
  7. Aries Shrike MCR