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  1. WTT / WTB semi auto and NFA items

    I have the rare Valmet M78 in FACTORY 7.62x39 NOT a conversion, but not interested in trading. Getting ready to put on GB soon if interested
  2. Are u able to give me an approximate round count?
  3. WTS: (SOLD )Springfield M1A BUSH rifle

    By early do you mean pre-ban? Whats the first 3 digits of serial #?
  4. As title states I am looking for a COLT M16A1 UPPER receiver WITH FORWARD ASSIST in exc. condition...Complete or stripped. Let me know what you have..TIA Jim
  5. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    Machineguntony..this is a factory SAI machine gun made in the 80's. This is not a Vietnam era SA machine gun although it contains USGI parts. So no reason for xrays. SA only made 125 of these and some were built by RIA. Mine is only a few hundred off of this fine one here. Leonidas if you don't want this on the thread feel free to delete it. Just trying to clear it up for Tony
  6. MAC10s For Sale (2 Available) $5800/$6500

    any chance of getting closeups of the grip and mag well area on the poor condition one?
  7. There are quite a few on GB or are you just wanting to trade out? I have one but no clue where it is at the moment. If I come across it soon I will message you
  8. WTS Ruger AC556 Parts

    pm and email sent
  9. Ruger AC556 Ciener 22LR kit $250

    Any chance to see some pics? I just bought a Ruger AC556. So this conversion will work on the full auto? TIA

    one on GB right now..its a steel one
  11. Colt M16A1 23k SOLD

    Sent you a PM on uzitalk