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  1. Anyone in contact?...no responses for months and months.
  2. Still looking...
  3. Japanese T11 LMG Receiver Chunk

    Still looking....
  4. Gas tube FREE with Carrier purchase at 700.
  5. As pictured, very nice example. This is the carriage pictured in Robert Segel's book on Pages 100-101. Interested parties may inquire for more info/pictures. $7500 Direct email, please: SegelCollection@gmail.com Thanks for looking!
  6. Op Rod $750 with FREE gas tube.
  7. As pictured, complete M60 barrel.
  8. A MESSAGE ON ROBERT SEGEL'S BOOK: Just wanted to give notice to members here that the stock is now down to a couple dozen books. I also want to thank everyone for all the wonderful feedback provided over the last couple years about this book. Robert was so pleased about its overall reception in our community. I suspect he would be absolutely overwhelmed by how often his work is now cited in conversation and on these boards. Thank you!
  9. Madsen LMG with one mag on very nice tripod, and Bren with one mag in excellent transit chest. Both are from IMA and are being released from the Robert G. Segel Collection. At this point, I would prefer to deliver these to the SOS Show versus shipping. So if you are attending or have a friend who is and can pick one/both up for you it will take priority over any other sale. $2k each. Direct email please: segelcollectionSPAMFILTER @ gmail.com Remove SPAMFILTER from email. Thanks for looking!
  10. Buy the carrier and I'll include the gas tube gratis...