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  1. Does it include the auto trip & forward bolt assist?
  2. I tried buying one for years, & finally gave up. The problem is the Swedish government says LEO & Military only. I even tried to get the optic that Milkor mounts on their rotary. That might actually happen now they released a few launchers.
  3. MG's as an investment

    I grew up liking guns. My father was not into them(perhaps because of WWII), but never said no to me owning them. I also liked to hunt, another thing my dad was not into. For as long as I can remember someone has had ads in the back of the magazines I read about machine guns. I always wanted a machine gun & I always wanted to hunt in Africa. As a kid I was taught set goals & work towards achieving them.
  4. MG's as an investment

    I wish everything I thought was a sound investment, did as well as my H&K sear!
  5. I understand who the NRA is fighting. Never liked reading the magazine & seeing a bunch of expensive suits. I went to a NRA breakfast yesterday morning, not a suit in the room.
  6. HK 91 22LR conversions

    I sold mine off when I got a M-16 with dedicated upper. I did recently find a magazine while digging through a file cabinet of magazines. Whats it worth to you?
  7. Cool 1963 Early Colt AR15 photos

    Now she doesn't need to be an American or a real women!
  8. Years back my insurance man trying to find me a better deal got me a Progressive policy. I told him try again or I find a new agent.
  9. Woodstock 50.....WTF??

    Miley Syphilis what a draw!Syphilis
  10. M249/M240 custom made replica parts

    You might find it very hard getting what you want because of ITAR here & the Swedish version there. Lots of Americans wanting Spuhr Grenade Launcher Sight Mounts that simply cannot get them.
  11. M16a1 Color

    As much as I would like a 5 position stock on mine, I won't change the receiver extension for the staked original.
  12. Aug 9mm full auto

    Ask Pete Athens
  13. AM180 Adapter for G3/HK91 or M11/9

    When I got my registered receiver 51 it came with the .22 conversion kit. Bazooka Brothers were the ones that made those but must have been long out of business. If anyone was to make great a high capacity mags it would be Black Dog Machine. I more or less stopped running my .22 conversion when I built a dedicated CMMG upper for the M16.
  14. 40MM Grenade Launcher ammo

    I'm Glad I bought what I have when I did.
  15. WTB: Piney Mountain 22 tracer

    If don't have them you might be out of luck as the plant blew up last year.