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  1. WTB: B&T MP5K or MP5 Folding Stock is where I got mine years ago.
  2. WTB: M-18 Smoke

    PM me your buy them all price?
  3. Umm is this normal? (Transfer Fee Question)

    A SOT I had used for a number of transfers got out because transfer times were getting longer & longer. If you think about someone sitting on a bunch of high dollar machine guns for 6 months + that's a lot of responsibilities. Not everyone of them have walk in vaults, start adding big gun safes, insurance cost & their time & it adds up. I'm not saying the prices listed above are typical by no means (I never paid more then $25.00), but I can see how one comes to those prices.
  4. I'd give you $100.00 for the Eikhorn M-16 bayonet.
  5. WTS 7.62x51 SLAP RNDS $12.50/rd

    Saboted Light Armor Penetrator (SLAP)
  6. WTB 40mm grenade ammo

    I'm not interested in any gas rounds. Let me know what you have & prices. If you cannot post references don't even contact me.
  7. help with night vision

    Bullet beam & helmet mounted PVS-14 is the way to roll. Having you PVS-14 on you rifle is not unlike using a rifle scope to scan for big game rather then buying a spotting scope or binoculars.
  8. WTS: Colt LMG upper $1650

    If only I hadn't bought 2K worth of 7.62!
  9. What lenght are the barrels & who is the manufacturer?
  10. WTS: MG42

    You more likely to sell the gun before you see the FOIA request returned!
  11. What was your first major Machine Gun Shoot?

    There's the Leona shoot in January & July.
  12. Looking for 1st Machine Gun

    The biggest problem with the M-16 platform is all the other uppers you will buyfor it. That could very well keep you from buying other types of machine guns asthe money comes available.
  13. WTS Elcan Specter DR

    If only it was 1X6!
  14. WTB Spuhr GLSM

    Looking for a Spuhr Grenade Launcher Sight Mount.
  15. WTS Elcan Specter DR

    What power SpectreDR is this?