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  1. I'll never get around to converting it so I might as well sell it & the magazines. Just wondering what current market price on an excellent AUG is.
  2. Becarefull of the flannel bulldykes!
  3. AOW sources for these anyone?

    A High Standard .22 derringer in a Jackass Wallet Holster a more practical AOW!
  4. H&K Burst Trigger Pack Compression Rods

    Zenith still might be your best bet. The guy I talked to said they are set up to do service & repairs.
  5. H&K Burst Trigger Pack Compression Rods

    Contact Zenith I bought a USA made burst trigger pack armorers tool from them 1/2 of what H&K parts wanted for a German made on.
  6. Is PIAT a firearm

    The PIAT have been removed from the NFA registry & transfer as a regular firearm.
  7. NFA Lawyer

  8. Advice for first time Buyer please!

    I would suggest your first gun being more modern. The older historic guns can have age related problems. All thompsons are not created equally & the prices dictate that. Having a gun you can shoot & enjoy beats one that your constantly working on to keep running.
  9. Can you load gun like this?

    Its like in cartoons (Simpsons, American Dad & Family Guy) where they pump rounds into double barrel shotguns!
  10. Necklacing seems fitting for this fleck shit!
  11. MP5

    I'm a bit confused. Are you looking to trade a MP5 for a H&K51, or you want to reconfigure a MP5 into a H&K51?
  12. Does it include the auto trip & forward bolt assist?
  13. I tried buying one for years, & finally gave up. The problem is the Swedish government says LEO & Military only. I even tried to get the optic that Milkor mounts on their rotary. That might actually happen now they released a few launchers.
  14. MG's as an investment

    I grew up liking guns. My father was not into them(perhaps because of WWII), but never said no to me owning them. I also liked to hunt, another thing my dad was not into. For as long as I can remember someone has had ads in the back of the magazines I read about machine guns. I always wanted a machine gun & I always wanted to hunt in Africa. As a kid I was taught set goals & work towards achieving them.
  15. MG's as an investment

    I wish everything I thought was a sound investment, did as well as my H&K sear!