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  1. AM180 Adapter for G3/HK91 or M11/9

    When I got my registered receiver 51 it came with the .22 conversion kit. Bazooka Brothers were the ones that made those but must have been long out of business. If anyone was to make great a high capacity mags it would be Black Dog Machine. I more or less stopped running my .22 conversion when I built a dedicated CMMG upper for the M16.
  2. 40MM Grenade Launcher ammo

    I'm Glad I bought what I have when I did.
  3. WTB: Piney Mountain 22 tracer

    If don't have them you might be out of luck as the plant blew up last year.
  4. AUG SEAR GUNS info / help

    Pete @ P.J.'s Investments is whole you need to contact.
  5. Does FA fire give probable cause?

    I was shooting my suppressed .300 Whisper @ my gun club a few years back. The club was allowing the USCG reserves to use our range because their's had been destroyed in a hurricane. I noticed a couple of them standing together looking my way, then one walked do to where a couple of member were putting up a new roof. A few minutes later the member came down & confronted me about my suppressor. I thought it was might chicken shit they didn't have the balls to ask themselves! I also thought inviting them to use our range should have never happened. It still pisses me off to this day that some fake ass Navy wannabe's assume they know NFA laws. I figure if it ever came to confiscation it be these retards.
  6. WTB Spuhr GLSM

    Looking for a Spuhr GRENADE LAUNCHER SIGHT MOUNT new or used.
  7. WTB: B&T MP5K or MP5 Folding Stock is where I got mine years ago.
  8. WTB: M-18 Smoke

    PM me your buy them all price?
  9. Umm is this normal? (Transfer Fee Question)

    A SOT I had used for a number of transfers got out because transfer times were getting longer & longer. If you think about someone sitting on a bunch of high dollar machine guns for 6 months + that's a lot of responsibilities. Not everyone of them have walk in vaults, start adding big gun safes, insurance cost & their time & it adds up. I'm not saying the prices listed above are typical by no means (I never paid more then $25.00), but I can see how one comes to those prices.
  10. I'd give you $100.00 for the Eikhorn M-16 bayonet.
  11. WTS 7.62x51 SLAP RNDS $12.50/rd

    Saboted Light Armor Penetrator (SLAP)
  12. WTB 40mm grenade ammo

    I'm not interested in any gas rounds. Let me know what you have & prices. If you cannot post references don't even contact me.
  13. help with night vision

    Bullet beam & helmet mounted PVS-14 is the way to roll. Having you PVS-14 on you rifle is not unlike using a rifle scope to scan for big game rather then buying a spotting scope or binoculars.
  14. WTS: Colt LMG upper $1650

    If only I hadn't bought 2K worth of 7.62!
  15. What lenght are the barrels & who is the manufacturer?