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  1. WTS: HK burst compression rods

    Buy with confidence from Harrybeachdog. USPS were dragging ass with mine, good communication, 1st class vendor.
  2. WTS: HK burst compression rods

    I’ll take 2
  3. WTS: H&K 91

    Just a dust cover would be my guess.
  4. WTB: M2 60mm Mortar

    Hell I'm looking if the price is right, and I prefer one that has not been restored.
  5. FOUND ONE Stock for Steyr SSG 69

    McMillan made real nice replacement stocks.
  6. WTB: Pre Ban Steyr Aug A1

    Mine is still available.
  7. Check the op rod spring too
  9. I use Black Dog Machine Drums with mine & they work great.
  10. WTB: Pre Ban Steyr Aug A1

    Have one in Texas
  11. Did anyone else shoot NFA today?

    I could have yesterday, but with deer hunters out and about I didn't want to be that guy.
  12. WTB .50 BMG bolt action rifle

    I have a McMillian Benchrest .50 bmg I should part with. Luepold MK 4 scope & rings, aluminum hard case stainless steel rod & lug brush, McMillian bipod. Set up with the extra slide on for end so you can compete in heavy & medium weight classes. Never finished sighting it in when gun club banned it. It's a safe queen. Gun was built like the top guns of the day. Right hand bolt, left hand ejection, fluted barrel, McMillian slimline brake.
  13. Matching m16 upper color to lower?

    Your money is in the lower, keep it original!
  14. Source for Trip Alarms

    Gunchoker under survival might have them.
  15. Next Subgun

    A Sterling over a Sten