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  1. FN PS90 Made February 2009 OD Green (last pics look tan but it's od...see 1st pic) 2nd Gen White Reticle 16" Barrel 2 mags included: One 50 & one NIB 30 rd *comes with a Gemtech Faux Suppressor & Mount (see last Pic) Please ask questions and correct me polity if I have misrepresented this in any way Steven Sale Price: SOLD Willing to Ship: Yes $45 shipped & Insured in CON USA
  2. I have a excellent condition Wilson Combat AR Has a 14.5" pinned barrel w/ flash hider 1:7 barrel 16.25" Magpul "STR" Stock & Front - Rear Flip up MBUS sights born 2012 Sale Price: $1950 OBO! Caliber: 5.56 Willing to Ship: Yes $45 shipped & Insured Steven
  3. LWRC M6/M6A2 Piston 5.56mm Sale Price: 1950 Caliber: 5.56 Willing to Ship: Yes $45 shipped & Insured CON USA Item Description: Rifle is in great condition 16" barrel gas piston tack driver! Born 2010-2012 era Vltor Adj. Stock comes with one mag only Steven
  4. you all know you want this!
  5. I am in possession of a truly rare and unique 1 of a kind, 1981 S&W Model 29-3 with a 4” barrel, not so much for the fine gun itself, but the story behind it. It started in 1982 when Richard, an avid gun enthusiasts from Bogalusa LA. had a concept for a "personal" piece to commemorate two of his Hero's in the gun world, Bill Jordan & Elmer Keith. What I have are the actual letters going back and forth Between Bill Jordon, (while he was the editor of Shooting Times Magazine) & Richard, discussing his project and obtaining permission to use Bill's & Elmer's Images on the “custom made” Bone Grips by Roy Fishpaw. The plan was to have the Revolver featured in “American Rifleman” at the time or “Shooting Times” which Bill had just taken over the editor position of that publication. Then, the grips were sent off to be Scrimshawed by Bob Engnath. The Revolver was then sent to master engraver Jere Davidson, who did a remarkable job from the 22K GOLD Inlay to almost 80% coverage of exquisite “High Relief” engraving. From here, the revolver was sent to a shop in Kansas City to have a custom-made velvet lined display case made. During its stay at the case shop, they were broken into and the gun was stolen. All involved were heartbroken. About a year later, the Family received a call from a Kansas City Detective, indicating the revolver was found but unfortunately Richard’s health had diminished, and he passed before it arrived back home. The “Robber” apparently did not like the scrimshawed images and attempted to remove them. Most of the image is still intact and the resemblance to Bill & Elmer’s Book cover photos are picture perfect! “Hell, I Was There” & “No Second Place Winner” I have numerous letters, photos, etc... between all who were involved in this project documenting the steps along the way. I even have a letter from Col. Rex Applegate, Yes, Col. Applegate, indicated his desire to purchase the Revolver before it was even finished. Col. Applegate had heard about it from none other than Bill Jordan, his good friend. Naturally, everyone's signatures are present on the correspondences. I have been asked by the Family, to seek a buyer who will appreciate this fine work of art. Before you go hoo’in and haw’in about the asking price, let’s have a quick review of what we have. S&W Mod 29-3 Revolver $800.00 – $1200.00 in today’s market Engraving $3500 - $4500 in today’s market Bone Grips upwards to $1000.00 -$1200.00 in todays’ market (if you can find someone to make them) Scrimshaw: No Idea but I estimate at least $800 plus? (2 images) Please correct me if I am off base. Provenance Letters & Signatures, Priceless $8,500 plus shipping & insurance! Absolutely NO TRADES Sorry!
  6. I have 2 new old stock Catch bags that are manufactured by Weckworth $100 each plus shipping Pic 1&2 I have 1 new old stock in Tan Mfg: Breton Industries Inc $90 each plus shipping Pic 3&4 A little Dirty from storage I have 2 new old stock in Tan Mfg: Avalon Industries Inc $100 each plus shipping (Not pictured but same as above) I have 2 new old stock in OD Mfg: Avalon Industries Inc $100 each plus shipping (not pictured but OD) have 2 new old stock OD Mfg: EHMKE MANUFACTURING CO. INC $150 each plus shipping (Has Pin & Metal Flange) Pic 5&6 that are for the MK93 & MK63 mounts. Might also work for MK19 Please ask questions and look over photos If I have misrepresented the info in any way please kindly correct me. Steven
  7. Sale Price: $4,250 Caliber: 5.56 Willing to Ship: Yes $50 Fed EX Ground Insured CONUSA Item Description: I have a IMI-ISRAEL GALIL mod 386 in 5.56 Action Arms Import comes with (5) 30 rd mags and (1) big daddy 50 rd. Overall in like new condition and prior to purchase in 2014 it had been fired approx 200 rounds and has not been fired since. Safe Queen These are getting hard to find in this condition. Please ask questions Steven
  8. ttt make offer on this 1 of a kind
  9. Mark 19 Round Removal "New Old Stock" NSN# 5120-01-347-1884 These will ship in the factory box with Instructions $155.00 Shipped & Insured! ConUSA
  10. I have a new old stock Low Ser # Tavor SAR-B16 Sale Price: $1,800 Caliber: 5.56 /.223 Willing to Ship: Yes Fed Ex Ground Insured. Send zip for quote or will ship on your fedex account Please ask questions! Steven
  11. I am selling for a customer in Ga PURCHASED BACK IN 2013 All on Form 4's IN GA. and New in the Boxes. PM your email and I can send more detailed pictures Shipping TBD, Steven #1: LWRC Model: PSDR5B8 5.56mm $2,200 + STAMP #2: LWRC Model: PSDR5PBC8 5.56mm $2.200 + STAMP #3: LWRC Model: PSDR6CK8 6.8mm $2,200 + STAMP
  12. Item Name: FS Colt Ar-15 A2 Government Carbine Blue Label 1993 Zip Code: 30068 Sale Price: $1,795 Caliber: 5.56 2.23 Willing to Ship: Yes Fed Ex Ground Insured Send zip for quote or will ship on your fedex account # Item Description: I have a very nice Colt Govt Carbine Pre ban R6520 VERY LOW SERIAL# GC 009872 1993 NO BOX OR MANUAL Included 1 20 rd mag 1/2 Circle Bolt Carrier with Pinned Sear Block Overall in great condition with a few handling marks. Should be see in pictures Steven
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