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  1. Sig P226 Extreme E26R-9-XTM-BLKGRY Born: Mar 2018 Price $900.00 Sig P229 E29-9-CC-LGCY Talo Born: March 2018 Price $750 Sig P229C E29CA-9-B Born: Oct 2016 Price $750.00 P320 X-Carry 320XCA-9-BXR3 Born: Dec 2018 Price $650 Shipping Average $35 each Please ask questions
  2. I just picked up a Russian Makarov and does anyone recognize the proof marks. THe Horseshoe/Arrow look to be a Izhevsk mark but Ive never seen one in a circle or Horshshoe Also the PCT?
  3. WTS--30.06 Black tip AP loaded ammo $150,00 shipped

    Pic of the headstamp and are they all they same?
  4. Lower price $500 plus shipping!