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  1. I just picked up a Russian Makarov and does anyone recognize the proof marks. THe Horseshoe/Arrow look to be a Izhevsk mark but Ive never seen one in a circle or Horshshoe Also the PCT?
  2. WTS--30.06 Black tip AP loaded ammo $175,00 shipped

    Pic of the headstamp and are they all they same?
  3. Lower price $500 plus shipping!
  4. Sale Price: 800 obo Caliber: .303 British Willing to Ship: Yes $40 Item Description: I have a fine example in excellent condition, Serial Numbers matching BE1843(except magazine), Enfield No5Mk1 by BSA Shirley. Caliber .303 Has all the correct markings M/47, BNP Proof Marks, Hollow Bolt handle, 800 YDS Gradient sight & “B” marked, and no import markings. The Stock appears to have been refinished since its very shiny, I know, why was it refinished? Can’t answer that. Bluing on barrel is great and has the metal endcap on the end of stock, comes with a BOYT leather reproduction sling, 5 bandoleers with 5 striper clips in each for a total of 125 rds in bandos & 3 full clips 140 rds . Please look at photos and I can email the originals if you PM your email address. Some of the marking are faint but distinguishable If I have mis-represented something incorrectly, please correct myself. I'm not an expert but based on my research, I believe this the above formation to be true Asking $800 Steven MSAA