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  1. Post samples from estate and looking for the correct formatted letter that ATF requires to transfer to another 07 with no PD letter required. Thanks.
  2. WTS+ 7.62x45 Vz52 Ammunition 150/RDS $90. + Shipping

    Still have plenty on hand. Call 520-298-0422 Walt
  3. WTS 10 cans 840rds PMC Bronze on stripper clips $250 per can

    Is ammo available? I'm in Tucson.
  4. Original factory 7.62 x 45 SHE / Vz52 rifle ammunition. Packed in 15 round boxes with factory markings, there are 10 boxes available. Shipping will be via UPS ground. Credit cards are OK and no points. Thanks.
  5. C & T Enterprises Tucson, Arizona 520-298-0422
  6. WTB - MAC 11/9

    Have customer here in Tucson that will be selling an M11/Cobray with Lage and other accessories. On a form 4.
  7. Original Israeli M249/MK46/MINIMI/SAW 200 round soft pouch. Pouches are used and in very good condition with Hebrew markings, Has Velcro on both side with a retaining strap. Metal clip on pouch attaches to the bottom of the weapon platform. Price includes shipping via USPS Priority mail. Can process a credit card through the store, NO point bump.
  8. All original British Bren machine gun. Can only go to a class 3 with SOT. Price includes shipping.
  9. A very nice used Bulgarian parts kit in 5.45 but missing the bolt carrier. Factory barrel and all other parts are original. Kit can be paid for with a credit card. VISA/MC, NO point bump.
  10. WTS+DIAS On Form 3 $25K SOLD

    Registered drop in auto sear on a form 3 located in Arizona. Construction is aluminum base with everything else steel, standard design for AR platforms. Made by Nevada CFA. The DIAS is sold.
  11. Original Bulgarian arsenal milled receiver krink machine gun. Caliber is 5.56mm NATO. Has underfolder stock and is brand new. The light and clear mag DO NOT go with the gun shown in pic. Black waffle mag will be shipped with the gun. Post sample will require a PD letter and necessary dealer paperwork.