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  1. WTS: Lot of 80% AR lowers - lower price!

    SPF. Thanks, Dutch11
  2. WTS: Misc Glock Parts Lot

    price now $400 shipped.
  3. WTS: Lot of 80% AR lowers - lower price!

    price now $1325 shipped.
  4. PM sent! Thanks!
  5. I have the following lot of 16 (sixteen) 80% AR15 Lowers for sale. Most are billet, all are aluminum In hand and ready to ship. 1. 4x Noreen Firearms 7.62 80% Billet AR lowers, matte finish 2. 4x Noreen Firearms 5.56 80% Billet AR lowers, matte finish 3. 3x 80% Billet 5.56 AR lowers w/ larger trigger guard (unknown mfg) 4. 3x 80% Billet 5.56 AR lowers (shiny - 7075R) 5. 2x 80% Forged 80% AR lowers All for $1325 shipped via ground within the CONUS Paypal preferred on these and gets ASAP shipping. Thanks! Charles *These are part of an estate sale I'm handling. Terms and conditions are dictated to me. I cannot break this lot up into individual pieces at this time (or there would be fewer available as I would buy some myself!). Many AR upper kits in 556, 7.62 and .223 Wylde available. Should be posting some within the week.
  6. WTS: Misc Rail Segments

    For sale as a lot. The ones on the right (to the right of the red package) are Magpul. Most are composite, the small ones up on the top left are metal. $80 Shipped Conus
  7. WTS: Misc Glock Parts Lot

    For sale as a lot: 1. 4x aftermarket 29 round glock 40 s&w mags 2. 2x 9mm stainless barrels (mod 26) 3. 1x 9mm lone wolf barrels (small, mod 26 4. 2x small (mod 26) size recoil assy 5. 1x model 17 recoil assy 6. 2x trigger housing (.40 / .357) 7. misc pins (see pix) 8. Misc springs (see pic) 9. whatever else is in the picx! $450 shipped CONUS
  8. For sale as a lot are the following parts for the HK91 / G3 / PTR 1. Magpul PRS (Precision Adjustable Stock) HK91/G3 (see similar: 2. G3/HK91 PTR Tactical Grip for AR lower 3. Flemming Firearms HK-AR Semi Auto lower (Use HK trigger pack in a lower that takes an AR grip) similar: 4. US Made trigger housing (TPC/USA) 5. Railed Forearm 6. Scope Mount (tapco) $375 Shipped CONUS
  9. Continuing the liquidation of my friend's estate. A mixed lot of Cobray M9/11 parts, including 4 barreled 'uppers' a complete bolt assy, a mixed bag of small parts and some metal flats used to build-your-own semi-auto. There is some surface rust on some of the flats, but it should come off fairly easily. I do not know if the bolt is semi or full auto (or if there's a difference!) There is a nice daigram of all the parts at Paypal only. $600 shipped CONUS please PM if interested. Charles
  10. Franklin Armory Binary Firing System III for AR Platform - Model BFSIII AR-C1 New in commercial packaging. Retails for $430.00 Only one available. $375.00 shipped within the CONUS via USPS Priority Mail Payment by Paypal preferred on this one - and will ship ASAP. Will also accept USPS money orders & certified checks. Please PM if interested.
  11. Have some Walther P22 parts to be sold as a lot: Green Camo frame (no parts) Bare Slide (no parts) Right side plate Box $100 + shipping Paypal, USPS money order, certified check Please PM if interested! Charles
  12. Dummy / Display Receivers for Thompson 1928

    2nd receiver SPF. Thanks to you all!
  13. Complete Soumi M31/KP31 parts kit. no magazine, but torch cut receiver included. $250 + Shipping
  14. Dummy / Display Receivers for Thompson 1928

    1 SPF 1 remains. Charkes
  15. Have the following AK / MAK90 compatible Steel mags. 3x 5 round (stamped ‘China’) $19 each 9x 30 round (3 ‘China, 6 plain) $19 each (SOLD) 3x 75 round drums $70 each (SOLD) 16x 30 round Tapco Polymer $14 each Shipping and insurance not included in prices Please PM if interested. Charles