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  1. Stainless steel. $45 USPMO only. Buyer pays USOS flat rate shippping. R.L.
  2. These are sold pending funds.
  3. These are already processed to load. Flash holes enlarged to facilitate removal of anvils and sleeves, old primer removed. All have been tumbled . 20 primers assemblies with sleeves and anvils removed ready to load. Please note the threads on these primer assemblies are pristine,.The flash tubes were NOT snapped off like most while being dewatted.Flash tubes will thread right onto the primer body. Please note these "DO NOT"come with flash tubes, and I don't have any to sell. USPMO only. $100 plus $7.85 USPS flat rate box. Thanks, R.L.
  4. These are for the 57mm Recoilless rifle. All are NOS in the steel carrying case. Eyepiece bellows is perfect, not cracked or brittle. Scopes are clear, not yellowed. $150 ea plus shipping USPMO only please. Thanks, R.L.
  5. I have an M6 tank periscope in excellent condition. Don't ask me why I've had it for years. Don't remember what I bought it for. It has 2 nice large pisms at each end. $50 plus USPS Flat Rate shipping. USPMO only. Thanks, Bob
  6. Got this from Ohio Ordnance years ago. $15, plus shipping USPMO only. Thanks, R.L.
  7. Comes with 2 original Colt mags and Colt bolt carrier.. I shot about 20 rnds through it....,put it away about 20 years ago and forgot about iit, till today.. LIke new condition. $200 . USPMO only, funds must be received in 7 days. Buyer pays USPS flat rate shipping R.L.
  8. Thank you again to Andy and David. It's time to renew my yearly subscription, and I can't think of another $20 I've spent on anything else that has has greater and more rewarding returns than my membership at Sturmgewehr. I've been a regular here for the entire 21 years and I've had some of the best times ever right here. Can't say I don't miss the "wild West" days here cause I do. I had some real fun times with Murray torturing the maggots that used to spam and cause trouble here. I miss ol' Neanderthal and our shenanigans!! I just sold the last piece of my 30 year collection, and although bitter sweet, that piece is back home to it's original owner and it was a good deal for all. Now that the dust has settled from the "other" board, and all of the hoopla and promises made were not kept, I see more and more "refugees" from the old snubguns board here. For those "refugees" that scoffed at my previous post here about this place being the "BEST" C 3 site on the net....whatcha think now...HMM? A person's words and promises are worthless when not kept. Looks like ya'll were sold a bill of goods. Glad you decided to join. Told you so. Sturm #1 C3 board on the net, bar none. Thanks Andy and David, R.L. Stuck in the Blackface KKK Governor, baby killing state of Virginia.
  9. I have three, who knows why. Probably a project that never happened. Anyway they are new, with carry case, optics are clear, accordion eyepieces are perfect. Two have all three filters, one has no filters. Guys I need to get rid of stuff and there's more coming. Gotta lighten the load, can't carry all this junk to Maine. If there is any interest, I'll post em on the accessories board, otherwise I won't waste Andy and Dave's bandwidth. Thanks, R.L.
  10. Mike, Send me your email address, I'll send you pics. They are all NOS in original steel case..Make me a reasonable offer and they're yours. I bought them for a cannon project years ago and never finished the project. I need to get rid of these, we're moving and they need to go. Bob L.
  11. New security video has been showing up about the "innocent" din du jogger in Georgia. Turns out like most liberal fake news stories about "innocent" black criminals. It's Total B.S. This p.o.s. was stealing from a jobsite, got reported by a neighbor, a man and his son responded armed and caught "buckwheat the innocent jogger pretending to be jogging. He was in reality running away from a burglary. Gee who would ever have thought?? R.L. Stuck in the Black Face state of Va.
  12. Thank you. Yes absolutely correct about using a new anvil with crisp edges. The edges on this Gladiator are even sharper than the edges on my Kohlswa anvils. Some people don't like anvils that ring, this thing rings like Big Ben. I'm about half deaf anyway so I enjoy the musical ring. Nice to keep cadence too. Jim at Nimba is a good guy, very knowledgeable and will talk hot steel with you all day. FYI, Nimba is the last US manufacturer of anvils. They are made in Port Townsend, Wa. Alec Steel of youtube fame is coming out with a new US made anvil soon. He showcased it on youtube a few weeks ago. Around 150 lbs I think. Looks nice. Stuck for now in the black face, baby killing state of Virginia R.L.
  13. After a year of anxious wait time and $3K my Nimba Gladiator was delivered from Nimba Anvils in Washington state. Absolutely beautiful. 450 lbs of the finest 8690 heat treated steel money can buy. Work top is hardened to 58 C rockwell . It is a 1 piece monolithic cast anvil. With anvils BIGGER is always better. There is not much you can't forge on this monster. I can't wait to use it.If you look closely you'll see my Anyang 88 power hammer on the left behind the jerry can. Now the down side, I have to haul all this crap to Maine. Oh well could be worse. R.L.
  14. Thanks. Most people just don't real excited about a big hunk of metal. I've been a metal head most of my life. If I could have found an anvil that weighed 1000 lb's I would have bought that instead. I love big anvils. The biggest anvil I've ever seen in person was an 850 lb railroad anvil in the blacksmith shop in old downtown.Harpers Ferry WVa. Watch any of the modern heavy forging videos on youtube and you'll get hooked on forging. R.L.
  15. Youtube Channel:Charles Cornell Title: Megachurch Pastor Tries to Blow Away Corona Virus But I make it Music. This is just too funny!! R.L.
  16. This will be my last response in this post. You seem to like Youtube....right? Ok then watch this video for a more concise and accurate understanding of this incident, versus a response or opinions based on emotion and conjecture. Channel:Stefan Molyneux Title: The Truth About Ahmaud Arbury-Shocking New Footage. 5/11/2020 R.L.
  17. Not sure what your point is, not sure you have a specific point either other than just a engaging in a circuitous argument. YOU were not a witness either. I'd be willing to bet you have zero personal experience in this type of theft, I do. Watching other people's youtube videos hardly qualifies you as an expert. You base your opinion and expertise on Youtube videos which again are just personal opinions,which you are entitled to. But that personal opinion is not based in facts. A video with no provenance is about worthless. That video of the shooting may be the beginning, the middle or the end it only proves someone was shot after he grabbed the shotgun away from the man who was holding it. You have no clue what led up to that shooting, if or how much more video was taken and neither do I. Never said I did either. My original statement was this perp was not jogging and he was casing the jobsite, looking to steal something. I stand by that statement 100%. Curiosity is not a defense for trespassing. He didn't belong on that jobsite and he WAS breaking the law just by being there. That act is hardly innocent no matter who commits the act, and would give anyone with half a brain reason for pause. Trespassing IS a crime in itself. To say he was doing nothing wrong proves your argument is flawed from the 1st. He was trespassing and probably would have stolen things on this jobsite had someone not seen him and called a neighbor. Trespassing IS a crime, at a minimum this guy was GUILTY of criminal trespass. Me thinks this is just another Din Du Michael Brown story, remember the gentle giant criminal that pistol whipped a store owner and stole cigars, just before he was shot for attempting to shoot a cop. R.L.
  18. Watching videos is nothing like having first hand knowledge friend. Not sure how many job sites you have been on or go on. I'm on new home sites every single day, sometimes 10 new home starts a day. We deal with this type of scoping for potential theft constantly. Nobody just enters a jobsite just to snoop, if they are on the site unauthorized, good chance they there to look for stuff to steal. We see it every day. We work for the largest builders in the USA and every job site has no trespassing signs from the time you step onto the development. Even with cameras we catch people repeatedly looking for stuff to steal and have had lots of tools and supplies stolen on jobsites. Nowhere did I mention killing someone for trespassing a jobsite was justified, but I'm not buying this bullshit story about the alleged victim just being out for a jog. He was most probably stealing from this jobsite previously and this time got caught.,using the "just out jogging" story to cover the true intent. And just to be clear every person we have ever caught scoping a jobsite unauthorized was NOT white. You draw you own conclusions. R.L.
  19. Thanks all for your responses. This cannon is sold. R.L.
  20. Well Gents, I have not heard from the buyer that said "I'll take it" . Too late now, since it's been 4 days now and no contact concerning payment and paperwork was made by the buyer, I'm relisting the cannon. This piece is up for sale again to interested buyers. All I ask any legitimate buyer is, if you say I'll take it, that you follow through with the verbal commitment. I've had a long, positive selling history here on Sturm and have always represented my sale items honestly ,accurately, and priced fairly, treating everyone with respect. I expect the same level of respect from a buyer. Respect and taking your offer seriously begins with contact made with the seller within 24 hr's.to discuss payment and paperwork. This item RELISTED AGAIN, is a Puteaux 25mm anti tank cannon. It is in excellent condition, except the right wheel needs to be trued.The price I'm asking more than compensates for this, small defect, otherwise I'd be asking $15K. . Other than that, the cannon is in excellent condition. It has been stored inside in humidity controlled space, in my home since I've owned it. The bore is perfect, no pits no rust, strong rifling looks new. Original spaghetti strainer flash hider also included. Cannon is C&R on a form 4 in Va. It comes with 4 original loaded rounds and primer assemblies that are processed and ready to load. The original Puteaux data plate is intact, it also has a Finnish data plate from WW2 still intact also. There is no original scope, but I will provide the buyer a nice US artillery scope with the deal. You must have elevation and windage rings installed on the scope body (Ohio Ordnance or any good machine shop can do this) 100% payment in full ,starts the form 4. No trades, no offers. Interested buyers ,send your email address for pics. If you made an offer in the past and didn't follow through, don't bother contacting me again, I won't consider your offer again. Sale price: $10.5K R.L.
  21. WTS: 25mm Puteaux AT cannon

    Taylor P. was first to say I'll take it at 1:33pm est eMgunslinger was second to say I'll take it at 1:36pm est. Thumpy was third The cannon can stay here secure at the house inside until the transfer is finished. It can either be shipped by the transport company of your choice and payment or picked up in person (my suggestion) The last Puteaux I sold was picked up by a guy that came all the way from Washington state!! If Taylor changes his mind, eMGunslinger has first right of refusal should he decide he's still interested in buying. I will mark this sold pending funds. Thank you to everyone. Bob Leyshion, Jr.
  22. It saddens me greatly, I had not planned on ever selling this, but dragging it all the way to Maine is not an option. We don't have room to store it at the new house. The cannon has been stored inside since I've owned it. It's in excellent condition. Original Puteaux data plate is intact along with the Finnish S.A. plate. The bore is 99%, shiny. no pits. Original flash hider included. I have a nice US Artillery scope that I will throw in the deal. Needs mounting collars manufactured.(Ohio Ordnance) The only issue is the right wheel needs to be trued, it has a slight bend in it which does not affect the operation of the piece. I have 4 rounds of original ammo that comes with it and some processed primer assemblies. It is on a form 4 in Va. and it IS C&R which means we can sell licensee to licensee, regardless of the state. I am a C&R license holder. $10.5K no offers, no trades. 100% upfront starts the form 4. R.L.
  23. WTS: 25mm Puteaux AT cannon

    Ok guys there has been a large response to the ad. I want to fair to everyone that responded. I need to go back into my email and check time stamps and see who was first to say I'll take it. I'll post who was first, then second and third for a backup in case the original buyer changes their mind. Give me an hour and I'll post it back here. Thanks for everyone's response. R.L.
  24. WTS: 25mm Puteaux AT cannon

    Anyone who DID NOT get the cannon pics, email me direct. fullauto1919@hotmail.com My email program is acting up, I sent everyone a response, but does not show as sent in my mail file...wtf? R.L.