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  1. Gunsmithing question

    Mike Todd to the service desk?? Like on a PPSH 41? A heavier bolt will definitely help slow down the ROF. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who either made one or is making any currently. R.L.
  2. Well that didn't take the deep state very long to take care of! No way UR ever going to convince me he hanged himself. Too much of a narcissist. No he had way too many people on the hook with his testimony. Looks like the clinton janitorial team cleans up again. At least he didn't shoot himself in the back of the head like Vince Foster did in Fort Marcy. Powerful people play powerful games, and sometimes that means someone has to die. It's just a part of the game. Can you imagine though if he had testified, the stories he could tell.....
  3. It's rumored he asked his aides about having a Rose Garden signing ceremony for this bullshit feel good legislation. Red Flag laws are included in this legislation, along with " very meaningful background checks" what ever the fxck that means. Guarantee, they are going to try to sneak in background checks for private sales in this legislation. That piece of sxit fake veteran Screwmenthal, has been running that stupid mouth of his about private sales background checks forever. Mush mouth McConnell is up to his eyeballs in this latest legislation, which of course like the Affordable Care Act ,will have to be passed first to find out what's in it. Fella's, I'm telling you we're getting fxcked without so much as a kiss!!! I just can't believe Trump would be that stupid to sign this happy horsesxit!! If he does he just handed the election to the next democrat pedophile, bobo honker, rug muncher or minority bonobo. Ain't this just dandy? Disgusted in Va. R.L.
  4. Jeffery Epstein...DEAD

    So if there was any doubt in your mind about this "apparent Jeffrey Epstein suicide", what does this tell you.... magically there is no video available ...pretty convenient. Just not for Mr. Epstein or any subsequent. investigation about his "suicide". This is the height of arrogance to think American citizens would buy this bullshit story. It's P.F-ing insulting to anyone with half a brain.. R.L.
  5. Jeffery Epstein...DEAD

    Hopefully he had some sort of last ditch plan in the event of his untimely demise. While I'm not a fan of Epstein, in order to preserve what the Founding Fathers envisioned as a fair justice system for the United States and it's citizens, theses rights MUST be afforded to "everyone" even maggots like Epstein. If not what separates us from the rest of the anarchy and corruption that is prevalent in many other governments, including EU countries? I've experienced this type of tyrannical justice personally, while living in a certain Eastern European country. I was "escorted" right off the street, by police and held in a police station for a small ransom, since they knew by my rental car I was probably American. Luckily I had already contacted the embassy about my whereabouts. I asked to talk with the station chief at the embassy while being held captive and was eventually freed, no ransom paid...that I know of anyway. Jumping from charges to execution in one fell swoop, is nothing short of the same type of tyrannical governments we fight against with our brave Armed Forces every day. If you really think this was an coincidence, the tooth fairy and Easter bunny are probably your best friends too. WAKE UP AMERICA, this devious sxit is happening right under your noses, and believe nothing you hear in the fake news propaganda media! FWIW, R.L.
  6. Jeffery Epstein...DEAD

    Everyone is entitled to safety while incarcerated awaiting a trial, to due process, a trial, a day in court. The deep state decided he was too much of a liability to live, this was not a case of suicide or even justice. It was about protecting the very people in high places that commit the SAME IDENTICAL CRIMES AND WORSE that Jeffrey Epstein was alleged to have committed. This Nation has become the equivalent of any banana republic or third world country. The world called fowl when Jamal Khashoggi was "executed and dismembered in the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul. Crickets when an American citizen is executed in a prison in Bill Da Dildo De BLasio's NY .
  7. Is paving the way for Red Flag legislation as I write this. The first step in "legal" firearm confiscation with broad interpretation....like a pissed off soon to be ex wife, neighbors who don't like you shooting, or just for fun swatting a neighbor or a gamer that just whipped your ass online. I knew this "root tooter" RINO would cave, along with other traitor Republicans. Now you'll see what these pussy Republicans are made of and what their only consideration is.... getting re-elected. I think we're getting sold out fellas. If Trump signs this legislation, his reelection in 2020 will be jeopardized by his largest base....gun owners. Coward Repugs!! R.L.
  8. I understand and agree to some degree, but we really have no choice right now. It's wacko demorats or Trump. For old guys like me, I won't be around for too many more elections, but young conservative Patriots who WILL be here for generations to come, must work together to bring this country back to some semblance of normalcy. The left is out of control, and the forces of evil are working to destroy this country. I hope I live long enough to see things come back around. Doesn't look too promising right now. FWIW, R.L.
  9. Of all people Ol' Widnsey the sissy boy root tooter could have made some kind of firearms deal with, he makes it with that worthless, scumbag, demorat miscreant and FAKE VIET NAM war veteran, Richard Blumenthal!!!!!!!!!!! Do you believ this sxit??This guy is a f-ing liar and a total POS!!! Unbelievable. Read it yourself on Drudge. RINO"S sell out! R.L.
  10. Certainly that is your right to do so, but remember the margin of votes for a Presidential candidate to win can rely on just hundreds of votes at times. Especially when the margin is this close and these bastards are actively organizing the jobless idiots to vote socialist. All so they can get free shit on YOUR dime. Not that they will get it afterwards, but remember the bulk of these voters are part of the low IQ crowd. They really don't have the brains to discern, they just want everyone else's tax $$$ to support their lifestyle of perpetual vacation, without having to work. Do you want the vote you didn't make to be one less that gave these liberal commies the Presidency? No matter how bad you think it is now, if these socialist bastards get back in, just kiss your 2nd amendment right away, possibly entirely, Think about that possibility. FWIW, R.L.
  11. What a load of f-ing bullshit. So now the DOJ are utilizing the the jack boots assholes from the FBI to effect arrests for thought crimes. They have now figured out a way to silence anyone who believes in, "deep state" theories, the global warming scam etc. They just label you a "domestic terrorist." I'm not making this up, it's in a recent FBI report, no doubt under the leadership of that fxck face deep state liar Comey! No I'll tell you what they are working towards, anyone who considers themselves an American Patriot, a Nationalist, a conservative will be now be considered an enemy of the Republic, to real democracy, at least the way the deep state actors see democracy. So now you can be arrested or surveilled once labeled a "domestic Terrorist", while shitzlamic, goat banging terrorists are among us here in the homeland plotting new atrocities. They have free rein, no labels, no restrictions, no arrests. That would be racist...right? Who's next believers in Bigfoot, Aliens at area 51. The DOJ needs to be swept clean of all the blue gummed Messiah's minions. FWIW, R.L.
  12. Scumbag Indian scammers have begun spoofing Capital One's customer service number. Possibly with info stolen from the latest data breach. I got my first scam call today concerning my Spark Business card, i was not available to answer, so I never spoke with anyone. First dead give away, no message was left. Customer service would never call and NOT leave a message. If you DO receive a call and they ask you to verify your account with a SS number, hang up it's a scam. Yes, the legitimate customer service of Cap One uses your SS number to verify your account, but only when you call them, not when they call you. After calling Cap One business customer service today they verified what I suspected, the filthy stinking indian scum scammers are at it again! Be aware. FWIW, R.L.
  13. OK to be fair before making a judgement, I just navigated this new Gun Spot site one end to the other. Mehhh, and so what's the big deal already? Sorry.... I was severely underwhelmed. Nothing new, dynamic or earth shattering there for me. Just another plain vanilla internet gun site with a new name. If this new gun site is supposed to compete with other more established gun sites like Gunbroker....G.F.L. with that! Trying to reinvent the wheel hardly ever ends in a positive manner. FWIW, R.L.
  14. Well in typical dishonest fashion Goepfert dicked over all the "faithful tools" from Snubguns by making of with "their" discussion board in the middle of the night.

    Surprise...No notice and no more board!! Software upgrade my ass, the board is gone, plain and simple. He never had any intention of keeping the Snubguns boards, just the NFA traffic, buyers and sellers.

    I make it no secret I can't stand this "hillbilly" asshat with a plane.Mostly because he's a HUGE LIAR, and his word is absolutely  worthless. These guys don't realize Frank is no friend, he is immediate competition for any dealer or someone trying to make as much as they can with a privately owned C3 item. 

    I had one potential business deal with this goober. He called me about one of my listings on Sturm once and  offered me $10K for a New, unfired Ramo M37 on a form 4!!! I just laughed at him, and said , nice try Frank and hung up.

    But the faithful continue to make excuses for this dishonest prick.



    1. Born loser...in Montana

      Born loser...in Montana


      I'm genuinely sorry you have had bad dealings with  Frank. I  have been  buying and selling firearms for 40yrs (private collecting)have had a few bad transactions and I know how you feel. However,  I  have never had  any problems with  Frank . I  don't  doubt  your  words for a minute. 

      I do believe competition is a good thing especially in the  current world of firearms.   We need  people to pull together that are like minded and be a good example for our future generations. I hope Frank and Company can see there is more than just profits. 

      Best regards, 

      Born Loser in Montana 

  15. Silver is the commodity, 30 pieces is the price.? Signed, Judas Iscariot.
  16. Shame on me..I forgot to include Charlie Logan in that list of old Subguns originals, and "regular good guys." And of course that dates us both but wtf.. it is what it is. You can always tell who your friends are when life turns upside down and others turn the other way. Charlie has been one of the few people from this board who check up on me time to time, taking his valuable time to just ask HTF are you doing, knowing what I've been going through the last few years. I really appreciate that. Charlie's a good guy. Thanks Charlie. R.L.
  17. The GDB was what launched Subguns back in the beginning. The for sale boards were an afterthought that were never taken seriously as a revenue generating asset as evidenced by its eventual demise. It was a place to chat, commiserate ,occasionally start purse fights and communicate with good folks. Some where along the way all that got lost, unfortunately. The place has started to slide downhill long before the sale. I personally would have been happier if Ruben , Jim Corby or one of the original board member dealers would have taken over ownership, but wasn't my board to make that decision. I guess this is what $25K gets you.....a dead board site, with no accountability to board users. No thanks, I'll just stay right here on Sturm as I have since day one! No fancy do-dads or pie in the sky B.S. promises. Steady wins the race, and Sturm is the place! R.L.
  18. Mehhh.......Not sure to many people really care ...Subguns has been dead to me since the sale. Could care less what Frank does. Never been a fan, but your mileage may vary. Subguns as such is done, gone,. over.. It was a time, a place and good people (Mostly). Many are gone, (bless your soul Wayne L. Burnam, Kent Lamont, Hank Kaminski and other board members of the old subguns crew) many have moved on. R.I.P Subguns We miss you. R.L.
  19. What a f-ing retard. It would be fun though to watch Bathroom B.J.Booker try and watch the S.S to blow this worthless,light, bright and almost white root tooter away for an attempt on the President of the United States.
  20. Power to the KIWIS!!! The normally law abiding people of NZ effectively said "screw you" to the faggy socialist NZ government...gotta love it! 700 guns is the total number of semi's turned in since the beginning of the latest semi ban. Another estimated 1.5 million semi's are still in the hands of the "people" of New Zealand. Good for you guys!! So what do you think is gonna happen when the powers that be in the US try this bullshxt with American Patriot gun owners?? That's not gonna be pretty. Shame on em if they even think for a minute American gun owners will turn in their weapons without blood being shed. Mostly theirs! R.L.
  21. I have a very nice French Puteaux anti-tank cannon for sale. It is SA marked, has the original data tag and the original flash hider. Gun is in beautiuful condition, stored in humidity controlled garage. Cannon will come with 1 sealed spam can of original API ammo.(8 rnds). I have a couple hundred rounds in sealed spam cans for sale to the buyer. If you have a C&R license, we can go collector to collector without having to go through a DD dealer. $18K, buyer must pick up the cannon upon transfer. Full payment up front starts the paperwork. Thanks, R.Leyshion, Jr.
  22. on the 4th of July. Of course calling them "teens" is the fake news media's code word way of saying BLACK, without using the word. If you check out the video, not 1 white face in this crowd of 60 miscreants. Watch the video...you decide what happened. Ever see 60 white kids pull this type of criminal behavior? Not me, but maybe you have. R.L.
  23. (Probably some relative to the blue gummed Messiah.) 12 WHITE elderly women, and possibly another 750 MORE In Plano, Texas. So where is all the outrage in the fake news? You'll have to research this story yourself, because the fake new media has conveniently ignored it because the animal that perpetrated the crime was illegal, and black. A double bonus for liberals.This baboon POS was arrested on 4/5/2019 in Plano Texas. I think African justice upon conviction would be appropriate. Machetes issued to victims family members all get to wack off a piece of this fxcking animal, until there's nothing left. R.L.
  24. Not sure how any GENUINE American could not feel the Patriotism racing through the air today in Washington D.C. We watched the President and the 4th of July celebration he put together for the American People tonight. It was an emotional event for us. An event of this magnitude and celebration was long long overdue for the American Patriots in this country. I'm tired of the liberal whiners , the freaks and fruitcakes, but most especially, I'm glad the era of the black messiah, the great Blue Gummed baboon that disgraced this country for 8 L O N G years with his disgusting anti American rhetoric , is OVER!!! It's time we had a President that is proud of this country and acts like it too. Thank you President Trump for your special 4th of July gift to the American people. God bless America!! FWIW, R.L.