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  1. In that case looks like we STILL are owed some $$$. Why a bunch of good ol' USGI tents are certainly worth more than 200 stupid Ruskie mercs. R.L.
  2. And the hits just keep on coming. Now who could not have seen this one coming? Ruski's occupy former US base in Syria right after evacuation. DUHH. They're even using the GI tents left behind. Hope that our guys left some "surprises" in the tents for the Ruskie drunks. R.L.
  3. Wow I got approved fast

    Yea and I have a Dead Air suppressor transferring to me on a form 4 from January of this year... so far crickets, nothing. Dis sheet be as bad as duh times when everything went through the Quanisha types in D.C. If dey din like dat cracker or you ask too many questions.. in the trash goes the form 4. Yes that DID happen, many times. A classic response one time to me from one of the Quanisha's when dey wuz in D.C....."dat ain't my mutha-fuggin job...and hung up." True story. Real Classy. Doesn't seem that the new location has changed much on efficiency either! Except in this case. Just think if it took you 1 year to do your job....how long would you be employed? R.L.
  4. Yes that was him.
  5. Estes did some amazing work for SIG rifles. He really was a character, but always came through for me on any project he worked on. The SIG community will miss his expertise. He was one in a million type of guy. I'm very sorry to hear of his passing. R.L.
  6. Sam Colt is PUKING in his grave. What IS a shame, and NATIONAL DISGRACE is that there are people(that's being kind) in this country that will not be happy until they totally destroy every single shred of American culture and our rich history.That includes our history of firearms, the winning of the West, the conquering of illegal land, and our hard fought victories during the American Revolution ,Great War,Second World War, Korean War, VietNam War,Grenada, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and a number of un-named and secret spook wars.American history is steeped in firearms, like it or not. We cannot allow the mentally deranged left to do this to our beloved Country. Vote in 2020 to keep America, America. Otherwise we will become the new Soviet Union. I was in the CCCP before and after the curtain came down. Guarantee you would not like Soviet style government! Even the liberal sissy soy boys and girls would be most unhappy waiting all day in a bread line!! FWIW R.L.
  7. Colt today is NOT the same as the Original Colt of years past. That can be said of most firearm conglomerates today. Most old American firearms companies have been bought out and products dropped for cost cutting. (Armalite, McMillian to name just 2). It's not about firearms now, just profit returns for a bunch of maggot investors who could care less about the product, it's history manufacture etc. Just profits friends. Glad I have a bunch of classic firearms built during the golden years of firearms manufacturing, when "gunsmiths", not technicians handcrafted what we all love. P.F.S.!! R.L.
  8. OK guys I just got back yesterday from my first eye surgery for cataracts. After an eye exam for glasses 3 years ago I started a journey that just began with total lens replacement. Right eye first, left eye in 1 month. First IV sedation, then they use ultrasound to break up and then vacuum out the pieces. They then make a small cut into the cornea and slide the new lens under the cornea. Done. Elapsed time about 30 minutes. My Dr (Kenneth Karlin) is one of the top Glaucoma Dr's in the country, thank God! He's an incredibly skilled ex military ophthalmologist. who specializes in glaucoma. I sneaked a peak and took the patch off this morning and the early results are pretty amazing. The differential between both eyes now is day and night! Colors are much better. Any of you out there who are 50 and over, get your eyes examined. If you like to shoot, ya gotta be able to see. If you develop cataracts or worse glaucoma, and leave it untreated, all you'll be able to do is remember the days when you could see to shoot. Because you'll be blind! GO GET YOUR EYES EXAMINED!!! FWIW, R.L.
  9. SWAT the BITCH... if you know for sure she's still at this address. With any luck she'll get what's coming to her when the cops break her door down! ***This is not legal advice and "swatting" may not be legal in your jurisdiction,(hee, hee)****, but it sure would be fun to watch it go down R.L.
  10. The latest on our home purchase. The seller accepted the offer we made last Saturday. $250K cash and done,so NOW we're moving to 118 Eaton Hill Rd Solon, Maine!! We were both major disappointed we could not close on the Devils Head property in Harmony, but life is full of disappointments.This whole debacle could have been avoided if the seller had been honest in his listing. I see they STILL are not being upfront in their latest ad for the property, by disclosing right up front that there is NO OUTSIDE POWER to this property. When life serves you lemons, you make lemonade. There is not one "new" thing I can't live without. I have WAY too much, and feel guilty at times being so fortunate. I've worked like a dog since I was 15 and have also been very lucky too. Life is all about timing and the BIG GUY upstairs. If HE doesn't want you to have whatever it is you want... it's not happening. This is my second lucky real estate buy in life. When I was divorced after nightmare #1, i was living in my gunshop upstairs. Not exactly ideal, but at least a roof over my head. Not ideal either for having my children over for visitation. There was a property in a friends neighborhood in Nokesville that was about to go into foreclosure, a 3600 sq ft home and a second 3K ft shop with 2 floors going on the block. The tenants left in the middle of winter, fuel ran out and the homes froze up. I approached the owner, a lawyer no less, and asked if I could restore all the copper in exchange for tenancy while doing the work. He agreed and tried to get me to buy it. Homes were in the $250K range, and way out of my pocket book. I worked day and night replacing the copper from one end to the other. By Spring 1985, I was done and the owner wanted to sell it. He was asking $150K which was a gift, even then. I tried to negotiate a deal but I could only offer him $85K. Of course he said there was no way he could sell it for that.I understood completely. So now I'm wondering WTF I'm gonna do to find a place to live now that my current home is going on the market. We met at the home of my friend and I happened to have both girls with me that weekend,t 4 and 5 yo. He liked cognac, so I bought him a small bottle of Cognac. By the time he finished the bottle and talked for a few hours we both thanked each other, him for the plumbing work and me for the living accommodations and parted ways. Now I'm really in a bind, no place to live, no immediate prospects. I'm FXcked!! Only by the grace of God and this man's unbelievable kindness he called me that night and said "write up the paperwork for the property sale @ $85,000, minus the mortgage I had paid while living there, $82,500 for 2 homes !!!!!!!!!! Pretty amazing. That kindness has enabled me to work for years from my shop, while having a nice home to live in at the same time, on the same property. This has been a great place to live, work and hunt from over the years, but the area has changed radically now, with the majority of people living here, FLAMING liberals retards. It's time to go, sad as that is. I'll miss friends and family, but remember, life is very short in the big picture. No guarantees for anyone. Timing is also everything in life. If you wait too long or go too soon, life can be like two ships passing in the night. We just bought a 2019 Mercedes Sprinter 3500HD to start the moving process. Gonna take a load up after settlement, and work on it as we can over the year. In the long run it will be better for me to take my stuff up one piece at a time, just like the Johnny Cash song. I'm old, cranky and I don't trust too many people in life, especially when it comes to my gun stuff, so I'll move ALL of that in my own van , no thank you moving companies! Not much in Solon, only 1092 people, but there IS cable for internet so I'm not living off grid, and at least I'll still have access to the Sturm boards And YES this place DOES have power! I'll be setting up a new steel building for my shop. If not this year in the Spring. Any of you feel free to make recommendations for a steel building manufacturer. I can use some advice. R.L.
  11. Living the day to day under the best of circumstances is hard enough but living under the threat of a medical time bomb, miserable commutes with unGODLY traffic tends to intensify the realization of how finite life really is, and what little time some of us have left on this Earth. In this case specifically.... me. I absolutely HATE living among all of the new blue liberal ghey wads that have destroyed our beautiful country lifestyle here in Nokesville with their selfish, self centered, narcissistic,assholish behavior, NJ-ish driving habits, and basically just being assholes in general everywhere you go. Been batting this back and forth with the wife for a year. She's tired of her 1-2 hr commute ONE WAY every day. Milf mommies with their bratty ill behaved brats everywhere you go, ILLEGAL aliens galore, since VA is considered a sanctuary state for the most part. The quality of life for us has plummeted, to the point we just can't stay here any longer. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Time to retire. We're outta here.....maybe. Made an offer on a beautiful post and beam home and property with 73 acres in rural Maine. Been vacationing in Maine for over 35 years, we both love it. It has solar panels, OWB, geothermal HP, backup batteries, and generator. A preppers dream come true. Nothing is sure until you have keys and deed in hand, but I'm about 99% sure we got it. I'll know more today. Fellas.... Zillow is your friend. That's how I found this place and you can find yours too when the time comes. Beam us up Scotty, no intelligent life forms here in Nokesville any longer.!! R.L.
  12. We've had it living here in Nokesville. Nobody even knew where Nokesville was when I moved here in 1985. The recent flood of new, l liberal jerkoffs from NY, NJ Mass-a-chew zits , Delaware, Maryland and the rest of the dimwit, infanticide loving, butt screwing, same sex, disgusting liberal states was was totally predictable. With affordable housing within 50 miles of DC gone. These clock watching. do nothing, gov maggot workers(oxymoron) move to the country in droves. Not because they appreciate and respect our way of life. They move here purely because housing is cheaper, and of course being the liberal assholes they are, they want and expect everything to change for them in the area now. So the first things they do after they move here is join the greenie weenie orgs that sponsor "no rural growth", that is after THEY buy their POS postage stamp lot home, one driveway to 5 homes....shangri la in the country. It's disgusting and repugnant to long time residents. Effectively turning what once was country into a new blue playground for sissy soy boys and girls. These self centered, narcissistic, gun hating assholes even complain to the police about my friends dairy across the street, specifically about his manure spreading. Robert being the ol' country boy he is just laughs and dumps 2X more so they can really appreciate fresh cowshit at it's freshest. Imagine now this family has been here over 100 years, and these new rural turds have the audacity to believe that long time residents should accommodate THEM , aren't WE SPECIAL, since the smell offends them!!! Fxck them! This is the LAST dairy in Prince William Co Va, Dutchland Farms. I guess they figure they can just go to the WAWA to get their gallon of milk instead. Ignorant bastards. They complain about my shooting, hunting and anything else they don't approve of. Thank God for my cannons, they really get the job done!! A PWC lieutenant and a PWC FD Captain came to the house last week to do an investigation about the recent noise complaints. As some may know from this board, I'm a cannon kind of guy and like to shoot mine here, it's legal to do so, and I do! Not the Puteaux, but the Lyle cannon. Tons of fun, even more fun knowing it pisses off the liberal fruit loops across the run.I will say this..after my initial 5 minute tirade against the cop and the FD guy...I calmed down and we had a decent, respectful intelligent conversation. Not one thing was solved though, because in parting what I told them both was that they needed to contact the complainants, and remind them the noise ordnance in PWC was from 7am till 10 pm at night, I can shoot..continually. if I want, and still be within compliance of the law! I let em experience 30 rnds of .223 the other night at 9:58 p.m. just to remind them what I can do if I so desire. Surefire lights are great tools! Really ironic. We live within 100 yds of Broad Run which is the dividing border for the rural crescent, where you can still shoot, hunt etc. and the backside of idiotville.I can see the porches of these sfb asshats, get to hear their ill behaved bratty ass rats, their unleashed dogs, talking loud on the cellphone like they live in the jungle, riding quads in the street at night no lights. These new obongo, sect 8 local vine swingers seems to think they can act like apes while living in the country..The jungle music from the same "diversity" crowd blares all night sometimes, but these sissy boys and girls would not risk an altercation with this group. This newly developed property was land that was about 3 miles deep that we traditionally hunted in...gone now and filled with liberals, sect 8 won't pay our bills, gimme my free shit gang living in potential ghetto housing. Now it's OK to go to Phantom fireworks and bring back fireworks , which BTW are ILLEGAL here in Va, and shoot them off all day and night around the 4th, and 1st. That's OK. But they hate hard working, conservative, gun loving, church going country people.....TFB for them! They're gonna be miserable till the day I move!! Promise. FWIW, R.L.
  13. The wife and I both have a gazillion cc points we've both not used in years. Mine go back almost 20 years, so I decided to use some finally. The wife booked flights up to Portland for early Saturday a.m. and I booked a Jeep using mine. Got into PIA around 10, picked up my rental Wrangler and took off for the Great Moose Lake area where the property is located. After 2 hr's we finally reach Harmony, Maine. Beautiful area. The area is super remote with roads comprised of mostly "ledge" (granite rock formations) running for 50'+ at a time with 1-2ft drop offs in the road along the way!! The house was stunning as the photos in the ad clearly shows. Now the SHOCKER and MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT........somehow and I'm sure not by accident, the sellers agent and the seller just happened to leave out one "small" detail. NO F-ING OUTSIDE POWER!!!!!! We were in total disbelief. It is NOT connected to outside power. We could not believe it. We both felt sick for the first hour, then super depressed, but then realized this place would just not work for us, so even though it has a million dollar view and is built super well, this house was not going to work! The home is 100% solar with a large inverter, storage batteries and a small standby generator. Talk about a huge let down. I have a pretty well outfitted shop in Va with plasma cutter, 12" lathe, drill press, TIg ,MIG machines, Skat Blast cabinet, pedestal sander/grinders, gear drive Jett cut off band saw, and at the high end of power consumption an Anyang 88 power hammer for forging. I don't think that faggy solar setup is gonna run any of this. Since we were only scheduled to stay till Saturday PM we made emergency plans to see other properties while we were up there. We rolled into Solon ,Maine about 1 and found our first prospect, which turned out to be our only one from that point on. The wife found a really nice home she loves on 20+ acres with options on 50 more. We're making an offer today on that one. After signing off on the docusign cancellation, we are now released from the previous contract to make new offers. While inspecting the Solon property, we go around back to the garden (the folks still live there) and I can't believe my eyes....FRIGGING WEED growing in the garden , SKUNK no less. You could smell it from 20' !! Turns out it's now legal to grow weed in Maine. Not that it appeals to me, I don't smoke anything. I just was shocked. Massive cluster buds ready to harvest, with THC dripping off the hairs! Bet you weed heads are just wetting ur pants!! Anywho.... we're still moving to Maine, just not Harmony. Thanks for the Maine LEO info Mike. If I had another 30 years to worry about it, I might. With my limited time on terra firma, all I want is to do what I want to do and Fxxk all the Maine LEO that act like Barney Fife asshats. Not all LEO mind you, just the hotdogs that ruin it for the other good leo that are not idiots. BTW, If some of you have never visited Maine, right now is the beginning of the the best time to be there. Color is just now starting. Acadia is a place everyone should experience. Lots of water in Maine with trout brooks , tidal water and ocean everywhere. Can't wait to get situated. Best to all, R.L.
  14. Yea, there's not much I get excited about at 65yo. I'm excited about a new life in Maine in this home. ****Guys I have over 40 years of firearms collected and associated gear. I can't even begin to tell you what there is and how much. I can tell you there is at least 1--52' tractor trailer full of stuff, possibly 2. It's overwhelming. I will need to sell off some of the stuff, I'm not moving all this crap. I have 1 live Puteaux 25mm cannon, form 4 Va, C&R for sale also. A guy from PA expressed interest, so I'm not sure what the status is until he comes to look at it. But there is so much more to get rid of. Keep an eye out I'll be posting a lot of this stuff over the next few months.**** R.L.
  15. Thanks much...yea, have a 40 yo daughter getting married saturday, negotiating this sale and eye surgery next 2 weeks, so i have my hands full right now.
  16. I've worked from New Iberia, Morgan City, bayou Blue, bayou black, and a shit load of other grimy oil towns all over Louisiana then to Houston & Mississippi over the years for work. Was born In Jacksonville N.C.... I like the South in the Fall but the humidity and skeeters in the spring and summer can drive any sane outside working man insane! I hate humidity and swore I'd never move anywhere with high humidity levels. Not to mention the $$ you spend in dehumidifiers just to keep your guns dry. I have 4 running at all times at my place to keep levels below 45% so my stuff doesn't rust. Super high humidity, idiot NJ, Massa-chew-zit, and liberal transplants soy boys and girls, a new....Ahemm.... influx of "diversity" demographics, 2 hr commutes. I've had enough. Now ya'll check this place out and tell me it has no appeal, even though it's in Yankeeland! 660 Devils Head Rd. Harmony, Maine.
  17. We got it guys!!!!!! Looks like we really are headed to Maine after all. Good by Virginia!! R.L.
  18. In regards to my statement that Sturm is the best C3 site on the net. I will quantify that statement. There will always be those that love to feed at the trough of the all you can eat slop houses and think that this the the best food ever, as they clog their stomach & veins with fat and empty calories. Yum. Yum..right? And then there are those that appreciate fine dining experiences at 5 star restaurants. I lean towards the fine dining with smaller portions and chef prepared delicacies. There's no right and no wrong, or is there? I guess it's whatever you like and can afford. BUT there is definitely a difference in both meals. Same as the difference between Snubguns and Sturm. Snubguns was more a McDonald's kind of place to sell and visit, where Sturm was more a Mortons/Ruth Criss Steakhouse kind of place to post or sell. To be totally frank I never sold one piece of my C3 collection on Subguns. I did run into a fair share of goof balls, while trying though. However I did sell my entire 36 year collection right here on Sturm over 2 years, making the bitter sweet experience as easy as possible. Now the absolute best part. I met in the process of selling my collection , some of the finest people I've ever met. Many people I've stayed in contact with and call friend to this day. Best of anything can never be based strictly on volume, at least by those who appreciate quality. I will not mention names of these folks, that would be an invasion of their privacy, but suffice it to say I've sold things to buyers from PA to Oregon, and nothing but good things to say about the quality of the people with every last deal. One of the absolute DUMBEST things that happened at Snubguns, before the place went down the toilet completely, was the disrespectful and abrupt, cowardly manner in which JJ Werner was treated by banning him. Absolutely Disgraceful. That man knew more about optics and night vision than the entire board of idiots that decided to ban him. That was it for me. I pulled the plug at Snubguns after that display of juvenile behavior, and never looked back. Neither should you. FWIW, R.L.
  19. No one thinks you you suck based on your opinions. That's the beauty of this country and this board. Everyone has opinions and ideas and the right to express them. Not everyone will agree with all opinions, but that's free speech....in theory anyway. Unless ur a demon-rat. Whole different discussion. What is NOT permissible in civil society is to berate, harass or threaten others because of their opinions. I'm talking normal opinions here, not terroristic type stuff where people think they have a right to blow up whoever is not a true believer, and such. Everyone likes what they like, but few like change, especially radical or abrupt change. And it only gets worse as you get older. FWIW, R.L.
  20. Well I don't know you either Toad, but that statement has as much significance you not knowing me...Mehh so what? This board is not like the Subguns board where you have to belong to the "devoted" ones to be a part of the board. Never been banned at Subguns.I decided to stop posting at Subguns quite a while ago after the place got to be pretty stupid. I was one of the first board members of Subguns back around the Vollmer days, but I've also been a member here too since day 1. Like anyone cares. Yes I too would love to see Sturm where it was years ago from a Discussion standpoint also. One of the reasons I post here so regularly, to try to get others to enter into more discussion..... Looks like it worked in this instance. Thanks for your post. R.L.
  21. Yes it's a free market, yes it's anyone's right to buy and sell whatever is for sale, no matter what the commodity or item, but let's be clear...this whole market maneuver purchase/takeover of Snubguns was NOT become to your pal, not because gee wiz I really like you guys, so I'll just buy this board for you to chat away. It was about attempting to become a dominant internet sales point for all things C3 and firearms related items....by using your C3 to inflate the perceived image of the site. Without certain listers on this site, there would not be much for sale. Feed the monster and the monster grows. Starve the monster and he shrivels up and dies. I guess it just depends on how bad you want to be a part if the new cult. No thanks for me. After the sale the discussion boards were collateral damage in an attempt to garner market sales through the purchase, plain and simple. You guys are already on the best C3 board on the net...make it your new home. Forget Snubguns...it's old news. FWIW, R.L.
  22. Anything that's this much trouble to use, is hardly worth the effort. The old Subguns Boards we knew are dead, and are never coming back. I don't believe the purchase of Subguns was ever about the GDB. It was about market monopoly of NFA sales. A blind man could have seen this train coming..... FWIW, R.L.
  23. BOI - old subguns

    Yea Mike, I'd add another word in addition to smooth for my feedback... it too begins with an S...and ends in an R. Figure that one out! Just my opinion but your mileage may vary on the topic! FWIW, R.L.
  24. Gunsmithing question

    Mike Todd to the service desk?? Like on a PPSH 41? A heavier bolt will definitely help slow down the ROF. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who either made one or is making any currently. R.L.
  25. OK to be fair before making a judgement, I just navigated this new Gun Spot site one end to the other. Mehhh, and so what's the big deal already? Sorry.... I was severely underwhelmed. Nothing new, dynamic or earth shattering there for me. Just another plain vanilla internet gun site with a new name. If this new gun site is supposed to compete with other more established gun sites like Gunbroker....G.F.L. with that! Trying to reinvent the wheel hardly ever ends in a positive manner. FWIW, R.L.