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  1. Celebrating the American holiday of our forefathers with family, friends or solo. Minus all the politically correct b.s. of course. It's Thanksgiving day, no matter what the ghey wad liberals would have otherwise. They aren't gonna take that away from me...ever. Traditional Holidays spent with family are an American tradition no-one will ever take away from us, along with our beloved 2nd amendment rights. Let these non meat eating, soy milk drinking sissies enjoy their tofu turkey and wheat grass!! Oh yumm... We'll be celebrating with prime rib cooked medium rare, hand grated horseradish in a whipped cream dip, with toasted walnuts. Brussels sprouts cooked in chicken broth (yep..it cuts any bitterness) and home made cranberries cooked in orange juice, turbinado sugar, ginger and shredded orange zest, topped with toasted pecans. And what would Thanksgiving be without good ol' sweet potatoes baked in lots of brown sugar and butter (Finlandia is one of my few vices, good stuff). Y'all have a pleasant holiday. R.L.
  2. While talking about my Dead Air suppressors, another master craftsman and a very humble man I came to know, came to mind.Tim Bixler of SCRC in Texas. Back in 2011 I was was on one of my flavor of the month C-3 missions to find a suppressor for my Steyr P-IV. After much research and direction from others I was able to connect with Tim Bixler. He was not easy to get in contact with, but someone from Snipers Hide was kind enough to pass on Tim's personal phone #. Some of you may know Tim, some may not, but Tim has been in this crazy C3 world for a long time, manufacturing quality suppressors. Those that own examples of his work, know the quality of his work. Just before Kent Lamont passed, I was able to buy the last Mk 4 .30 cal dedicated suppressor he had in stock for my Steyr P-IV. It's an over the barrel, sealed unit that looks no different that most other rifle suppressors. Once installed on the Steyr, then the magic happens. This Mk 4 unit is one of the quietest suppressors I own. With hand loads using trail boss and 220 gr projo's the gun truly becomes "hollywood quiet" You can actually hear the firing pin drop when you pull the trigger. It's just an amazing piece of kit. The ONLY thing that would improve this can is making it with a threaded end cap so you can remove the baffle stack to improve cleaning. After I posted my review on snipers hide, the emails were overwhelming, lots of folks wanted Tims contact info so they could buy this "magic" can too. One thing Tim asked after the last conversation was to NOT give out his contact info. Tim is a very private person. I think he may even have become a little embarrassed for all the praise online after my review. I told him he had a following and was famous. He said to me sounding pretty pissed, at 72 I don't want to be famous!!! So no more reviews or divulging contact info. I gave my word, which to this day I have kept. I respect his wishes. My friends were bugging me to contact Tim to make one last run of Mk 4's. I had about 6 people that wanted one. I called Tim to ask about one last run of Mk-4's and he informed me he was retiring, and had a back operation in the near future....but check back with him in 2-3 months. I was a little disappointed, but it sounded like he might , so I waited 3 months and called back. He agreed to one last run, if I could assure him all could be sold. I assured him and he started the last run of Mk4's which now became Mk4D's with a removable end cap and baffle stack! After doing the Form 4 dance, 1 year later I had my new Mk-4D. Improving on perfection is hard, this can was the be all to end all for me! I will treasure these suppressors until I pass on. But most of all what I will treasure is the personal kindness and level of quality and commitment Tim Bixler was known for in the products he manufactured. The man is a C-3 treasure, and so damn humble, it's just something you just don't see much anymore. I lost track of ol' "Bix" after the last run of Mk-4D's. I've emailed him but not received a reply. If anyone out there knows Tim and knows how he's doing, I'd really appreciate an update. Tim Bixler, master craftsman, inventor, tinkerer, one of the last good guys in this industry. Thank you again Tim. R.L.
  3. Thanks Dennis, you too Kris!
  4. Man what a third world manure pile! Not much good to say about that place at all. Being from N.E. PA originally myself, I had thought at one time of moving back. I even bought 100 acres in western PA, but then sold it after realizing that the two biggest cities, Pittsburgh, and Filthy-delphia are the tail wagging the dog in state politics AND gun laws. Looks like a minimum of people actually work now in that state, the rest are riding the gravy train for free. WTF happened to the PA I knew in the 50's-60's?? Politics have come 180 degrees since I left. Still lots of good people and family in the rural part of the state, but also lot's of welfare maggots from east to west Pa these days. Every stop I made for gas while travelling to the property, people at the quickie marts in pajamas and slippers buying beer, lottery tickets and rolling paper....in the morning when most are working!! Looked like all of Western PA was on permanent vacation! It was very disappointing for me. Pa was such a conservative state, with the best gun laws... what happened? R.L.
  5. So I've waited a few weeks before I post anything about my last trip to Maine.( I was so f-ing pissed after the RETURN ride home, I thought it wise to wait) The trip up was long but uneventful. 14 hr's of butt sore driving, Sheetz sandwiches, then black ice, then finally home in Solon. The reward once I got there, left the long drive and douchebags in the rear view. Absolutely beautiful in my new adopted home of Solon. Put up some snow stakes, posted the property to keep the Mass-uh-chewz-its road poachers off the place. Yeah right like that might stop these inbred idiots. Cut some wood, ate Dinner at Kens in Skowhegan( HUGE portions) enjoyed the view, off to sleep. Now the trip back.Left Maine early a.m. Some axxhole decided he was gonna jump from the overpass on the 95 north side at Portland, traffic was stopped going North for hr's!! Portland Maine is like Portland Oregon. Lots of fruits and nuts. Drug use is epidemic in Portland.The bathroom at the Portland Airport has a haz waste needle box in the mens room...lovely. Good God Almighty now travelling throughout the libtard states of Mass-uh-chewzits, NY, Connecticut, and lastly that favorite dark axxhole skid mark of America, New Joysey. HTF do people live in this retarded state? EVERYTHING IN this state SUCKS!!! First their driving is like no other place I've been except maybe Kazachstan, but at least there the people are friendly. Everybody has a fxxk you attitude on their face, cuts you off with no signal while driving, if that's what you call what they do, no warning....nuttin'. And listening to that stupid goomba accent every day. Well water boarding sounds better all the time. If you travel in that puss pot state, be prepared to have your butt reamed every so often by toll booths. And if you don't have an EZ pass, which I refuse to buy, you'll pay even more after they bill you USPS from your plate number. After all somebody has to pay for all of the social services the illegals and welfare crowd generate, Free shit for everyone!!! These N.J.pricks control every aspect of human life in this state. Talk about total control. And you wanna own a gun in N.J. HAAA, dream on. Never, ever again will I travel through that stinkin' liberal puss bucket state. PA to NY(upstate, not city!!) to NH to Maine. Longer but my blood pressure stays stable. Ran across this video on youtube, that describes New Joysey types to a tee!! Only those who have lived around or worked with these turds can appreciate the humor. Sad part is it's 100% accurate. Type in:New Jersey Douche Bags in the dialog box at youtube, and laugh ur azz off. See the douche with the cigar in his mouth, gold goomba chain, boofer hat on sideways and 100's in hands. Yea that's it. Don't laugh too hard. R.L.
  6. Thank you for posting this Mongo. Unfortunately this is not what I wanted to hear. Very sad news indeed. He will be missed by the community. God speed "Bix". R.L.
  7. I do miss those days too brother. I have the one SOF issue where he is standing, camo boonie hat on firing a suppressed sten , I believe. I forgot to mention in my post what a true gentleman Tim is. I really hope he's doing ok. He was 72 in 2011, making him around 80 today. There's also a youtube video of him with a quad ak gatling gun he made. R.L.
  8. I knew Craig from years ago when he was still in Md. I just bought a really nice thread adaptor from T.I. for my CZ 452 and received some advertising for Pike Arms too. Is Pike Arms a new owner or did they jv with T.I.? Just wondering. R.L.
  9. Thanks Kris. The 1/2"/20-1/2"/28 thread adapter I bought from them for my CZ452 was really very nice. Hot salt blued, nice knurling, it looks like it's a part if the original barrel. Couldn't wait to mount my Dead Air Mask today, super quiet with CCI standard velocity. Have a Sandman L too...Dead Air is cats azz!! I was going to go with the Tros adapter initially, but $69 delivered is absurd. It must be made of unobtanium. I paid $23 from T.I. with a thread protector. R.L.
  10. If one of you can walk this technotard through the steps necessary to post this new proposed bill I have stored in my documents, I'll gladly post it here for all to read! R.L.
  11. Mike Todd to the service desk.....send me your email address and I'll send you the entire bill as it was introduced 2 days ago.And anyone else who wants it for that matter. Too f-ing old and computer illiterate to know how to post it here from documents. That's the down side of 65. R.L.
  12. Funny you mention that. What other state does that? Only NJ as far as I know.What a surprise. I had to stop in NJ, was low on gas, and I forgot you can't pump your own gas. I pulled up to the pump and then remembered after seeing the stupid high price plus the idiot pump monkey's running around looking for a tip..no thanks. I took a chance and drove on to the Md. House. Another favorite commie state. R.L.
  13. I'll take the kit and the mags. PM sent
  14. Is the other kit still available. I'll PM. Bob Leyshion, Jr. AKA R.L.
  15. Thanks for the info Mike. Hope all is well. I'll send you a PM tonight. Cheers, Bob
  16. I've been with USAA over 40 years. It once was a great company with the best insurance rates in the industry. I never questioned their rates or their rating in the industry. After I attempted to insure my Mercedes Sprinter van about 3 weeks ago, I started to get a little suspicious of this company. I called in to report my new vehicle right from the dealership, and that's when I started to think the quality of service had changed in a negative way. I got this ahhem...Quanisha type idiot on the phone, and lets just say her command of the English language was rather limited. She had to "Ax" her supervisor dis and dat before answering, leading me to believe she wasn't that acquainted with the nuances of her job. Both the salesman and I had to read the VIN number to her 5X, and she STILL couldn't get it right.Then she announces she can't write my vehicle, for some unknown reason. My payments have never been late in 40 years, they are on auto pay. I have no tickets, no type of motor vehicle offenses. Ol' Quanisha tried to offload my request to a secondary high risk underwriter that "works" with USAA, Not USAA charging an unGodly amount for insurance. Both the dealer and I hung up on this retard. So now WTF am I going to do? Can't use Progressive, the commie fxcks, I hate Geico too. So I remember the really stupid Emu ads for Liberty Mutual and I call as a joke. They offered me a great policy and a fair price. I bought a 1 year policy. Fast forward to TODAY. I need a homeowners policy pronto, as I'm closing this Monday on the Maine property. I don't think twice and call USAA. After a lengthy conversation, the agent says they can't insure me, but they can refer me to another HIGH RISK company that works with USAA. So now I'm f-ing pissed, cause I can see these pricks are working a new scam to generate higher premiums, scamming members. I'm super pissed, pacing the floor and ask the wife to call back using her USAA account #, and now magically they now can insure us for $1600 a year!!!! WTF is going on?? I call Liberty Mutual give them some info, they had most of the info about the new house themselves, which I found to be a little disturbing. Anywhoo, they come back with a quote in 5 minutes for a year that includes up to $237K dollars worth of MORE of insurance on personal items, guns, jewelry etc, $32K coverage for any outbuilding, and $316K coverage for replacement value if the house burns down..... for $658 dollars a year! Oh yea sign me up, got the policy!! USAA can kiss my ass, I'm switching all of our insurance needs to Liberty Mutual. Google reviews for USAA and you'll see I'm not alone in my crappy USAA experience. Seems this once great company is not so great anymore. Another great part of the past...gone. FWIW, R.L.
  17. The REALLY disgusting thing is the way they treat veterans. My dad was a decorated Navy Commander, and he loved this company. If he were alive today, he'd be so disappointed. Google some of the skulduggery these sxitheads pull on our vets. It's an absolute outrage!! R.L.
  18. Agreed. Ya know the guys at Classic at one time had some nice surplus at reasonable prices. I bought a few things from them years ago that were pretty nice. Good price, good condition. I don't know what happened to them, but they must have caught the disease. Their prices for surplus have become just stupid high. They are selling junk for prices I would never have thought possible. Snake oil salesmen. Lets not forget without the idiot buyers, too anxious to beat out all other buyers to the punch, without them they could not charge such absurd prices. Unfortunately the surplus market has become way to fashionable to find any more bargains, and that extends to tents, generators, cots and the like. Another good thing from the past...gone. R.L.
  19. Screwed over by the Navy again. WTF has happened to our Special Forces command structure? I'm a a loss to understand this latest example of chichen shit, vindictive bitch behavior by some pussy Navy admiral. The Navy trains these exceptional warriors to kill, let's make no mistake what their function in this elite force is. It is to KILL WITH IMPUNITY, as fast and efficiently as possible. This isn't about winning the hearts of the population of whatever nation they are operating in. It's about eliminating threats by terrorists and terminating this terrorist islamic trash. It's about killing islamic terrorist pussies who torture, maim and plan terrorist attacks on non believers all over the world. So a distinguished decorated war fighter pisses on an islamic POS enemy combatant, and you ruin his career??? WTF is up with this?? Dead is dead, maybe this behavior was in poor taste, but certainly not an act that should require a court marshall and punitive action, against a hero? US Navy ur a fxcking disgrace. How dare you attack one of your best, to please who?? Some Adam Shit type pussy boy in Congress? WTF is wrong with with the Navy today, this is a Goddamn disgrace!!! R.L.
  20. OK guys time to start unloading some larger items I'm not taking to Maine. I have an old belt drive 12" swing South Bend Lathe, power feed was taken off years ago. One of those projects I never finished. I still have all the parts to put it back together, but that's a project for whoever buys it. I have lots of tooling that goes with it too, including a nice 4 jaw chuck. One money takes it all. $250. Yea just $250, I want it gone. Now the caveat, you need to be close to where I live to pick it up or willing to drive here to pick it up. I can help you load it. I'm not shipping this monster out of state. It currently runs, has been stored in my shop for 30+ years. I made lots of small gun parts and drilling gear with it over the years. email me if ur interested. fullauto1919@hotmail.com Thanks, R.L.
  21. Colt will not longer be producing Colt AR 15 rifles for the civilian market. Colt claims they believe there is an adequate number of AR15's already on the civilian market. They will be prodicing weapns for LEO and Military only in the future. BOYCOTT these ball-less bastards. Fxck Colt, I'll not buy one thing marked Colt ever again! R.L.
  22. Ammoseek.com Ammograb.com I agree Target sports is a great place to buy ammo, but there are also other places that have good sales too. I like being able to search by caliber, by price per round or case. Both of these sites are set up to search this way. FWIW, R.L.
  23. And claims it's in Syria, with Turkish troops attacking the Kurds. You just can't make this shit up! R.L.
  24. By "mistake". Bullshit, time to HIROSHIMA, Ankara.. only by accident of course. The Turks have NEVER been allies to the Western world in the true sense of the word. They will ALWAYS be moslem terrorists, first. FUCK TURKEY!! R.L.