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  1. now. Recent court cases have redefined or more accurately assessed and determined AR 15 lowers ARE NOT A FIREARM NOW. ATF of course has not said a word of about this publicly, because they know they are going to lose a lot of current cases due to the recent rulings. Very significant ramifications. Want to know more, go to Guns and Gadgets on youtube, look for todays video. on the topic.
  2. To STOP ALL LEO SALES of firearms or related gear until this b.s.ban is lifted, including Hi Cap mags. Ronnie Barrett did this to Kalifornia, and I believe the ban is STILL in effect today. Yes I understand this bill has not been voted on yet, but it's a done deal unless Black Face Baby Killer Ralphie doesn't sign. That's not going to happen. The power of the $$$ will have noticeable impact when leo has no replacement mags or parts for their weapons. We must do all we can to stop these bastards. If we can't have the weapons and accessories neither should leo, end of story.I just sent an email to Magpul and suggested this course of action, should this legislation be passed. Hey..I'm trying. FWIW, R.L.
  3. Go to Guns and gadgets on youtube for the latest and the link. R.L.
  4. Iranian assholes rocket US Forces in Iraq, waiting for the US response, stay tuned!! R.L.
  5. 19XXX4.COM ?

    Unfortunately everything you said is so true. The old guys like Mike and me are dying off. The knowledge that collectively gets lost when you lose real world experience if not passed on, is lost for good. There was a time I tried to help everyone in this biz...to sum it up after the results of 50+ years is "no good deed goes unpunished". I'm done helping, unless it's a good friend. Too many smart azzes, too many alleged experts. Movin' north, gonna set up my blacksmith/welding fab shop, make some stuff, set up my hives, do some fly fishin' , raise my Presa Canarios, and enjoy what's left. The rest of the nonsense in the overall scheme of life is meaningless. R.L.
  6. In plain English. NY authorities stated publicly, YOUNG AFRICAN AMERICANS are the MAJOR perpetrators of this latest wave of ant-semitism in NYC. Bravo...what took so long to say it ? Couldn't be political correctness could it? Like nobody suspected. The new code words, TEENS, YOUNG MALES, yea we know what that means. A 60 yo hispanic man lost his life for a f-ing dollar to these YOUNG MALES in NYC also. Disgusting behavior that needs to be curbed with a very heavy application of PB by citizens and cops to stop it. Head shots!!! R.L.
  7. I'll post this again, hopefully enough of you will see this and pass it on before it gets taken down again. Guns and Gadgets on youtube, make it YOUR 2nd amendment information source. Good channel, very informative. R.L.
  8. FYI, Armalite no longer offers a lifetime warranty on their high end AR M15 rifles. 5 years now, except Eagle Arms junk, I think they are 1 year. Just had an Armalite M15 piston upper self destruct. Going back to AZ this week for repair. R.L.
  9. My God fill all of your homes with joy, happiness, and may He protect the Constitutional Rights given to us by our Forefathers, considering these dangerous times we live in. R.L.
  10. Not a fan of NYT, but LaPierre is a thief and has been stealing from the NRA membership for many years. Don't believe me ....so Google his new 12 million dollar home paid for with NRA membership funds, 2K suits, 40K wardrobes. WTF is this guy royalty? Evidently he thinks he is. This is pure bullsxit and a HUGE scam. Still feeling warm and fuzzy about the NRA? I cancelled my membership of 50 years this year. Fxck the NRA, like USAA and other long time, dependable, one time honest orgs with membership oriented missions...things have taken a 180 deg turn at Waples Mills Rd. The NRA has lost focus, fiscal control and is in total denial about the theft of MILLIONS of membership dollars INTERNALLY. Internally I say!!! HTF did Virginia end up with these b.s. new gun confiscation proposals, not one word from NRA warning about ANY of this, or any action to counter it. Wonder why... because they made a deal to be quiet with the enemy because their ass is in a legal sling, and they know it.Sold out by the very people who whine ad nauseum about all they do for gun owners. Smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show. The current NRA is not you fathers or grandfathers NRA. Just a shell of a once great institution, and now a disgrace to loyal members of decades. DIE NRA, you fooled us once but never twice. FWIW, R.L.
  11. Christian is not a board member so he can't thank you personally. He did send me a an email thanking all those that acknowledged his graduation., he was really thrilled for your acknowledgement guys. He did pull up the Sturm GFDB and read it himself. Thank you from me also! Any additional "Devil Dog" board members out there who want to wish Christian congrats on his successful completion of basic including completion of the ":crucible", you can make this young man's Christmas pretty special. Not even sure if I could have made the crucible. That's 54 hr's of non sleep physical and mental torture for those unfamiliar with the term. Semper Fi, R.L.
  12. Thank you Kristopher. I just sent Christian the board address and the correct board with your response I'm sure he'll be reading this today with great appreciation. R.L.
  13. Thank you Tony. Yes,I am indeed proud to be the grandfather of another generation of USMC Devil Dogs! UURAHHH! R.L.
  14. I just finished a 1200 mile trip to Paris Island, South Carolina. It was a very long drive but one well worth it and one I'll never forget. I went to watch my 19 yo grandson, Private First Class, Christian Demopolous graduate from Marine Corp. boot camp. Coming from a Marine family, being born at Camp LeJeune, I had seen this many times, but its' been many years to see this ceremony again. This was one of the most humbling and proud moments of my life, and no doubt his. Semper Fidelis, Private Christain Demopolous One proud Grandfather in Va, R.L.