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  1. Pepsi ..... anyone ????

    Nice safe! I need one that large. What brand is it? Thanks, R.L.
  2. Not a fan either! But just my opinion. R.L.
  3. Sorry to hear you got dicked over in court. it's what happens to a lot of men in divorces. Anyone who thinks you get a fair shake in ANY divorce has a LOT to learn about the system. God knows I've been married 4X, I won 2X of the three in court. Just depends on the judges. It's a coin toss no matter how good your legal team is. Glad you're re-settled and doing well. I retired from the drilling biz, we pulled out of Va in September 2020 and Moved to Maine, and never looked back. We still own both homes there but are selling in the Spring. So far we like it here. People don't f with you here, and are friendly. We're in a pretty rural part too , so you just live your life. Guns laws are great here. I have 20 acres to shoot or hunt on so it's all good. Getting ready to try my hand at ice fishing. Glad you're doing well, best of luck for you and everyone in these uncharted dangerous times! Stay in touch, R.L.
  4. James, how the hell are you? Been years. You still in Ohio? Yes the yankee carpetbaggers have certainly f-ed up Virginia. Especially Northern Va and Prince William Co. They actually have an avowed Communist on the board of supervisors now. UFB!!! When Gov. Black Face started to take down Confederate monuments , closing businesses, and letting BLM and antifa/g march on neighborhoods close to our home, that was it for us. Not that I would not have enjoyed sanctioning a few for threatening to burn our home, even though you'd be justified in protecting your home with force. Alas , we were the wrong color to receive unbiased justice and thought it wiser to just move. R.L.
  5. Not sure what part of Maine you are familiar with but where I live and most of lower central Maine to Canada is trump Country. Not sure what part of Va you're familiar with but it's as bad in Va.as Kalifornia there today. I lived there I know. R.L.
  6. Glad to see some states are getting pro active. Not sure what Maine will do. We have great gun laws right now, but due south in the antifa/g Massa-chew-zitz suburb of Portland that most Mainer's avoid is where all the libtard fruits are located. Funny how these sanctimonious pricks think THEY should dictate what should be the law of the land, while living in their tiny 2 room city apts. Meanwhile all of in the country say screw you city turds , we'll do what we want. Go smoke some more meth and piss off! Portland is where Maine fruit and nut activism starts, and usually ends most times. Thus far they have not been successful in passing MORE restrictive guns laws. We have no state paperwork, just 4473's.So hopefully no more restrictive laws will get passed. R.L.
  7. I know some of you like me, were hoping above all things that some miracle would happen, Biden and his crime clan would be arrested, rounded up by US troops and off the federal prison to be tried as traitors. In a perfect non liberal demon-rat world maybe. Well, by now you know that's not happening. What needs to happen now is we must all unify under the Patriot Party, if indeed this party is formed sometime soon, and run with it. As you can see Mitch McConnell and the rest of the RINO turncoat pussies, did exactly what traitors do, stabbed our President and the Patriot citizenry in the back on the way out of office. You young people get off yer ass and DO something. This is your future and your children's future. Our time on this earth is about over, we tried, it's your turn to take the reins of power back! You may not agree with everything President Trump did, but he did far more than any President in history for us, gun owners, shooters and believers in the 2nd amendment. Having been a Capital Hill critter in my past, I can't impress upon you how important it is for all of you to get involved in overturning this extreme left turn this country has taken. You are going to see things happen very soon, in regards to your 2nd amendment rights you would never have believed would happen. Don't wait. Try gab.com start to link up with other Patriots, get involved. It's the only way we can take our country back. They, the deep state, have already choked off our access to ammo. What, you thought that was by happenstance? Bullshit, this is the same exact maneuver monkey boy pulled while in office, and I said back then the same thing as now and was poo pooed right here in posts, only to find out it was true! We ARE the majority, although we are not represented by a majority President now. Just a feeble, pedo sock puppet idiot. Not sure how most of you feel right now, but I feel about as physically sick as the day I lost my dad, and I loved that man more than anything. The only good thing I'm able to say is I lived in a time when we had the best President in history. That time for now is over. R.L.
  8. Mehhh...not surprised. I used to love this shoot. In the 80's we would go camp out, talk with Kent, Bob Landies, Bubba, all the "old timers". Met tye-dyed Tom Bowers at one shoot and hooked him up with a new M2HB that year Hank was selling. Really good times, I'll treasure the memories forever. Unfortunately some old timers are gone now along with the original ambiance. I shot on Hank Kaminski's spot, big black powder cannon on the left side of the line). We'd shoot a while, buy parts and ammo. And EAT, my God we would make big ass steaks on a grill, plenty of soda's, cake... we ate very well thanks to Costco! I usually brought the grub. It was a glorious affair. Ol' NY Joe would take us to a good parking place as soon as I got there. Hell we would give him $10 bucks and he'd let us camp right there by the vehicle, right by some woods. It was great. These were truly the golden years of KC. Somewhere in time between the porta-potty being blown up( I was there although had nothing to do with that. Although I knew who was involved) and the new pavilion being built the place started to change radically. Management turned into genuine assholes, treating everyone with contempt, even shooters and vendors. It was just not the same. Prices on ammo and parts got pretty stupid, some people started to behave pretty stupid, and it just lost it's appeal to most of us that have been going there since the beginning. I guess if you never went from the beginning of this shoot, you would not know the difference. I do and it just was not the same. A14 hr drive to put up with that b.s. was just not worth it, so I stopped going. I can remember the KC mailed flyer having almost 4 full pages of sponsors, it's barely 1/2 a page now and some are listed twice to fill the page. If you were there at that time, you experienced firearms history, if not, well you missed it, because it's just not the same shoot it once was. RIP KC. shoot! Just my 2 cents. R.L.
  9. Never liked the guy anyway, he always seemed like a bit of of goober, but that's just my opinion. Look's like this "mental disease" is spreading way farther than hollywood. Hank Williams Sr would have spit in bidens face, given the opportunity. Think there'll be a new check box on 4473's that ask if you're a liberal mental defective? Naaa, probably just a check box for conservatives, Trump voters, firearms owners, right to lifers, people that STILL believe that being transgendered is a mental disorder, people that believe in God.. feel free to add to the list______________________?
  10. For the rest of the old farts out there that remember Ronnie Spector and the Ronetts, Phil Spector and the Wall of Sound. Phil Spector is dead , allegedly from Covid 19. Spector was well known for his outrageous irresponsible and reckless handling of firearms. He was known on multiple occasions to have have fired a revolver into the air at recording session and once threatened John Lennon with a firearm in a recording session. He was in prison for life for killing Lana Clarkson. The man was a FLAMING lunatic, but a musical genius. He's now also quite dead. Justice served. R.L.
  11. Anyone else been banned from YouTube yet?? They just banned me permanently. No reason given, the usual bullsxit short story... violation of terms of service. In other words I was helping to spread the truth about the commies trying to take over this country. Seems once again the commie soy boy sissies in tech land , can't handle the truth and don't want anyone spreading the truth. Guys, I warned everyone here months ago about how this country was headed to the same type of Chi-com social credit system. Thought I was crazy right? Are you seeing it yet? If not, you will, the next time you want to fly somewhere, get credit, get a passport, buy a firearm, ammo, reloading components are ya listening now? R.L.
  12. Unfortunately the lying sacks of crap that are the communist news networks REFUSE to acknowledge this truth that ANTIFA started the rioting and violence at the Capital. The entire narrative about Patriots being to blame was developed to blame Trump, vilify real Patriots and still the truth will not be told....we know the truth. R.L.
  13. According a to a report on Gab.com. And this is just the beginning. R.L.
  14. If you can believe ANYTHING in this day of mass political disinformation, pedo Joe is promising a sxit load of executive acts on his first day in office. Does that thought disgust you as much as it does me?? A bulk of these illegal orders will violate the 2nd amendment like you have never seen. Anyway, even though ammo is non-existent at the moment, all those putting off a purchase of your favorite semi plus the associated mags better get going RIGHT NOW while you still can. Besides this moron's upcoming executive orders this SFB criminal has plans on implementing in deference to our 2nd amendment rights, in addition, the banks and credit card companies are one by one falling line with the incoming commies , refusing to complete firearms transaction and related gear. Cancelling commercial CC accts for those selling firearms and ammo. These communist bastards are pulling the stops to prevent you from exercising your 2nd amendment rights!!!. Buy as much as you can now, bury or hide a last ditch weapon of your choice and ammo. Don't forget buying a water purification system, Katydyn is #1! Remember loose lips sink ships, tell no-one your plan except immediate family and close friends. Now howz' that for dating myself? Guys this is getting ready to be very serious. This is NOT like when Clinton, or the "bath house" monkey boy took the White House. It's far worse. Don't put preparation off any longer. Develop a plan to survive what's coming, and it is coming, like it or not. R.L.