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  1. I just bought some Peterson match brass from Eurooptics in 4 different calibers. This brass is made right here in the USA. I checked the dimensions with a 4 place dial caliper and it's more concentric than the Lapua match brass I use, for substantially less $$$. Really nice looking product. Plus it's USA made! I'd recommend this new manufacturer to anyone looking for match brass. Great product. FWIW, R.L.
  2. Hey guys Eurooptics is having a huge sale on the Schmidt and Bender Police Marksman 2 scopes. Prices are about the same as a new Nightforce NXS 5x22x56 model. Just passing on the info. I'm in no way connected to Eurooptics. Just a customer passing info on the sale. R.L>
  3. WTS: Super Slow powder

    The entire lot is sold. R.L.
  4. WTS: Super Slow powder

    I ran across a cache of Super Slow powder from Hi Tech Ammo I had in storage for my Puteaux's, but forgot about. This powder has been sealed in the factory jugs, stored inside 20mm cans with desiccant. Cans have been stored in controlled climate INSIDE since day 1. I have 6- 7 lb jugs and one 5lb jug. This IS the correct powder to use for your Puteaux or Hotchkiss 25mm cannons. $280 for the 7 lb jugs and $200 for the 5 lbs jug. Buyer pays shipping and any haz mat charges. USPMO only. Thanks, R.L.
  5. This is a magazine for the rare Swiss Automat Karabine 53 or AK53. Marked MB on the bottom. Very good condition. $175 plus USPS flat rate shipping. I also have some genuine Swiss PE57 mag loaders, a bolt hold open device and I can't remember what other Swiss rifle the remainder is for. I'll take $50 shipped for the lot.
  6. Sold some new MP5 parts to Chris on the Sturm Parts board over the last week. FYI, the deal was textbook. Chris responded to my ad, maintained good communication, sent the funds within 3 days and I shipped his parts the day I received his funds. That's how good deals are done guys! Please give Chris his first + board point. I'll recommend him as a good guy. Thanks Chris. R.Leyshion, Jr.
  7. Parts sold pending funds.
  8. I sold my MP5 so I don't need these. Parts are absolutely new factory, German, never used. $250 for the lot, shipped to lower 48 USPS flat rate. USPMO, no personal checks. Parts ship within 24 hr's of receipt of funds. No trades. Thanks, R.Leyshion, Jr.
  9. I have for sale my active membership at the Fairfax Rod and Gun Club. We have approx. 400 acres, a nice clubhouse, multiple shotgun, rifle, and pistol ranges. This membership entitles the stock holder member to 1/500th of the value of the sale price of this facility, if it's ever sold. As an active member you are entitled to vote in all club elections and participate as an officer or director on the board. The waiting list is over 2 years and very rarely does an owner category membership become available at this long established club. Usually these memberships are passed down in a family. I have no-one to pass this membership on to, so I'm selling it. The sale price is $10K dollars. I will entertain REASONABLE offers. This is NOT a fire sale, so make your offer sensible. The FR&GC is located on Signal Hill Rd in Manasas, VA. and is only 30 minutes from Northern Virginia. This is one of the finest gun clubs on the easy coast with a long history. Thanks, Bob Leyshion, Jr.
  10. This mount is new in the bag, with everything sent from the manufacturer, including instructions for installation. This is one of the best AK pistol mounts available, made in the USA. Paid $100 new I'll take $75 and pay USPS shipping to lower 48. Thanks, R.L>
  11. PSA STILL has these ammo cans on sale. BJ's has junky Chinese 50 bmg ammo cans for $20 ea. This is a great deal @ $7 a can delivered. R.L.
  12. Guys, I'm cleaning up the remaining small parts I have left over for a BAR, 50 bmg and 1919. All of the parts are NOS , except one of the BAR firing pins which is used in very good condition. The other firing pin is new. The .50 bmg sear at the very bottom in the middle is clearly marked BA for Buffalo Arms. The 2 accelerators are for a 1919. I also have a small can of NOS .50 bmg links, maybe 200 I'll throw in to this deal if you trade or take it all. I'll trade for ammo or make me an offer. Thanks, Bob Leyshion, Jr.