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  1. Yes. They have everyone's number, email, banking info, pizza preferences, favorite beverage....welcome to intrusive government in America today. That is unless you're a looter....nobody seems to know much about them or where they live. R.L.
  2. Got a robo call from ATF warning of potential rioting by feral nogs in my area, to secure all firearms and records and report lost or stolen firearms immediately. R.L.
  3. I found these today while digging through stuff. Enfield rifle? There is a small letter, a capital A in a square block on the flat. Fine thread, not sure what pitch. Thanks, R.L.
  4. With all of this pandemic b.s. and work slow I'm bored. I was waiting to move before unboxing my new Hobart 40i plasma machine, but decided to unbox it and try it today. What a surprise. Unbelievable performance. I'm an old oxy acetylene guy, who cut my teeth on cutting heavy steel plate over 5" thick, burning 12" pins out of headache balls, heavy railroad cutting. Oxy was the way, the only way. Until today. If anyone is looking for a virtually foolproof way to cut metal, ferrous and non ferrous, plasma is the only way to go. I love this machine. I'm working on a coal forge hood and right now and the cuts for this hood look like they were cut with a laser. Can say enough good about the Hobart 40i plasma machine!
  5. OK. This item is sold pending funds R.L.
  6. These are sold pending funds.
  7. These are for the 57mm Recoilless rifle. All are NOS in the steel carrying case. Eyepiece bellows is perfect, not cracked or brittle. Scopes are clear, not yellowed. $150 ea plus shipping USPMO only please. Thanks, R.L.
  8. These are already processed to load. Flash holes enlarged to facilitate removal of anvils and sleeves, old primer removed. All have been tumbled . 20 primers assemblies with sleeves and anvils removed ready to load. Please note the threads on these primer assemblies are pristine,.The flash tubes were NOT snapped off like most while being dewatted.Flash tubes will thread right onto the primer body. Please note these "DO NOT"come with flash tubes, and I don't have any to sell. USPMO only. $100 plus $7.85 USPS flat rate box. Thanks, R.L.
  9. I have an M6 tank periscope in excellent condition. Don't ask me why I've had it for years. Don't remember what I bought it for. It has 2 nice large pisms at each end. $50 plus USPS Flat Rate shipping. USPMO only. Thanks, Bob
  10. Got this from Ohio Ordnance years ago. $15, plus shipping USPMO only. Thanks, R.L.
  11. Stainless steel. $45 USPMO only. Buyer pays USOS flat rate shippping. R.L.
  12. Comes with 2 original Colt mags and Colt bolt carrier.. I shot about 20 rnds through it....,put it away about 20 years ago and forgot about iit, till today.. LIke new condition. $200 . USPMO only, funds must be received in 7 days. Buyer pays USPS flat rate shipping R.L.
  13. Thank you again to Andy and David. It's time to renew my yearly subscription, and I can't think of another $20 I've spent on anything else that has has greater and more rewarding returns than my membership at Sturmgewehr. I've been a regular here for the entire 21 years and I've had some of the best times ever right here. Can't say I don't miss the "wild West" days here cause I do. I had some real fun times with Murray torturing the maggots that used to spam and cause trouble here. I miss ol' Neanderthal and our shenanigans!! I just sold the last piece of my 30 year collection, and although bitter sweet, that piece is back home to it's original owner and it was a good deal for all. Now that the dust has settled from the "other" board, and all of the hoopla and promises made were not kept, I see more and more "refugees" from the old snubguns board here. For those "refugees" that scoffed at my previous post here about this place being the "BEST" C 3 site on the net....whatcha think now...HMM? A person's words and promises are worthless when not kept. Looks like ya'll were sold a bill of goods. Glad you decided to join. Told you so. Sturm #1 C3 board on the net, bar none. Thanks Andy and David, R.L. Stuck in the Blackface KKK Governor, baby killing state of Virginia.
  14. Mike, Send me your email address, I'll send you pics. They are all NOS in original steel case..Make me a reasonable offer and they're yours. I bought them for a cannon project years ago and never finished the project. I need to get rid of these, we're moving and they need to go. Bob L.