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  1. And the hits just keep on coming. Now who could not have seen this one coming? Ruski's occupy former US base in Syria right after evacuation. DUHH. They're even using the GI tents left behind. Hope that our guys left some "surprises" in the tents for the Ruskie drunks. R.L.
  2. I find it amazing when these "minority" sports figures, some who have a difficult time pronouncing the word "ask" have now decided to become an official authority on the Constitution and the ghetto interpretation of what "FREE SPEECH" is. These f-ing morons can't even put 2-- $5 words together to make an intelligent sentence, but we should listen to their sage advice. Yea sure, right away buckwheat. Laughable at best. Best for these hoop monkeys' to stick to what they know best, beating up the be-atch, firing up dat crack pipe, buying $10K dogs then starve them to death, wearing ridiculous looking gold neck chains and gold teef, den crashing a $500K sports cars a hour after it leaves the dealer showroom, cause they B too f-ing stupid to understand the difference between duh gas pedal and duh brake! Your feel me? R.L.
  3. And claims it's in Syria, with Turkish troops attacking the Kurds. You just can't make this shit up! R.L.
  4. Looks like the city of Filthadelphia has spun totally out of control. Gun violence over the weekend might have even topped Baltimore. I love how the media spins the shootings. The "male" shooter, blah, blah, blah. Translation...well you know what the translation is. The ONE central constant in all of these shootings is not that firearms were used,it is the undisputed fact, that 99.99% of all firearms crimes committed in Philadelphia are committed BY BLACKS. An inconvenient truth. And some might say, That's racist. Since when is the truth racist. Oh yea right, since the dipshit liberals say so. R.L.
  5. Wow I got approved fast

    Yea and I have a Dead Air suppressor transferring to me on a form 4 from January of this year... so far crickets, nothing. Dis sheet be as bad as duh times when everything went through the Quanisha types in D.C. If dey din like dat cracker or you ask too many questions.. in the trash goes the form 4. Yes that DID happen, many times. A classic response one time to me from one of the Quanisha's when dey wuz in D.C....."dat ain't my mutha-fuggin job...and hung up." True story. Real Classy. Doesn't seem that the new location has changed much on efficiency either! Except in this case. Just think if it took you 1 year to do your job....how long would you be employed? R.L.
  6. By "mistake". Bullshit, time to HIROSHIMA, Ankara.. only by accident of course. The Turks have NEVER been allies to the Western world in the true sense of the word. They will ALWAYS be moslem terrorists, first. FUCK TURKEY!! R.L.
  7. I've been with USAA over 40 years. It once was a great company with the best insurance rates in the industry. I never questioned their rates or their rating in the industry. After I attempted to insure my Mercedes Sprinter van about 3 weeks ago, I started to get a little suspicious of this company. I called in to report my new vehicle right from the dealership, and that's when I started to think the quality of service had changed in a negative way. I got this ahhem...Quanisha type idiot on the phone, and lets just say her command of the English language was rather limited. She had to "Ax" her supervisor dis and dat before answering, leading me to believe she wasn't that acquainted with the nuances of her job. Both the salesman and I had to read the VIN number to her 5X, and she STILL couldn't get it right.Then she announces she can't write my vehicle, for some unknown reason. My payments have never been late in 40 years, they are on auto pay. I have no tickets, no type of motor vehicle offenses. Ol' Quanisha tried to offload my request to a secondary high risk underwriter that "works" with USAA, Not USAA charging an unGodly amount for insurance. Both the dealer and I hung up on this retard. So now WTF am I going to do? Can't use Progressive, the commie fxcks, I hate Geico too. So I remember the really stupid Emu ads for Liberty Mutual and I call as a joke. They offered me a great policy and a fair price. I bought a 1 year policy. Fast forward to TODAY. I need a homeowners policy pronto, as I'm closing this Monday on the Maine property. I don't think twice and call USAA. After a lengthy conversation, the agent says they can't insure me, but they can refer me to another HIGH RISK company that works with USAA. So now I'm f-ing pissed, cause I can see these pricks are working a new scam to generate higher premiums, scamming members. I'm super pissed, pacing the floor and ask the wife to call back using her USAA account #, and now magically they now can insure us for $1600 a year!!!! WTF is going on?? I call Liberty Mutual give them some info, they had most of the info about the new house themselves, which I found to be a little disturbing. Anywhoo, they come back with a quote in 5 minutes for a year that includes up to $237K dollars worth of MORE of insurance on personal items, guns, jewelry etc, $32K coverage for any outbuilding, and $316K coverage for replacement value if the house burns down..... for $658 dollars a year! Oh yea sign me up, got the policy!! USAA can kiss my ass, I'm switching all of our insurance needs to Liberty Mutual. Google reviews for USAA and you'll see I'm not alone in my crappy USAA experience. Seems this once great company is not so great anymore. Another great part of the past...gone. FWIW, R.L.
  8. Well fellas, the intelligence(oxymoron) community, the pieces of shit who really run things in this country, have gone all out in an attempt to remove this duly elected President from office in the last 24 hr's. Another alleged CIA"official" has come forward to reinforce the claims against our President. The intelligence community need to be totally dismantled and replaced by a SUPREME INTELLIGENCE director accountable ONLY to the President. All of these agencies are totally out of control and have been for decades. How ANY President could withstand the false narratives, the b.s propaganda, the vicious personal attacks and the now obvious gazillionth illegal attempt to remove this great President from office, is hard to comprehend. But one thing is for sure, it is very very serious today, at this moment, and getting worse by the day. Donald Trump has been treated with shameful attacks by the press and his own government. The way this man is being treated is a National disgrace, giving the international community reason to doubt. Which totally undermines his Presidency. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but nobody has the right to treat the office of the President with such ignorant, open contempt. The demoshits are just asking for open rebellion and a 2nd Civil War. I have a favorite saying that goes like this...don't ask for what you don't want, because you just might get it"! I don't see any way around this upcoming unavoidable confrontation between good and PURE EVIL. This despicable,outrageous behavior by demoshits is what you expect from a 3rd world country. Not the most powerful country on the planet. It speaks volumes of the lengths these socialist demoshit bastards, who go to..... ANY LENGTH to destroy our country , this sitting President and democracy. If the Repugs don't step up their game to defend this President, I fear President Donald Trump WILL be removed from office, but more importantly I fear what will happen in this country afterwards. Open rebellion by armed Patriots, and destruction of the Republic, and rule of law, will surely be the new unavoidable consequence. We cannot allow this to happen, we MUST protect our legally elected President, and in turn protect democracy and the Republic. God please help our President and country. Those who believe in prayer, better start praying. Only God can stop what is coming down the road at light speed. FWIW R.L.
  9. I think ol' Judgie Napolitano has had his head pounded into the headboard from behind by his boyfriend, one time too many. repeated head knocking musta pounded the conservative right outtta him! Looks like he's switched teams...again. Politically speaking anyway. You did know ol' Judgie Nap is dyed in the wool "root tooter"... didn't you? Surprise!!! Yep. Well google his name and you'll see he's been living with his favorite male butt banger pal for years. "Not that there's anything wrong with being ghey" al a "Seinfeld episode". Wink, wink, nod, nod who's that in the mens room I hear gagging? That U Nappie? Anywhooo...the one time pretend RHINO judge now is saying President Trump committed criminal, impeachable acts. Ya just can't take the liberal out of most twinkies. The widdle bitch is pissed because the President didn't give him a federal judge's job. So now he acts like a little girl in a purse fight. So now we see what this weasel bitch is really all about....himself. Narcissistic punk ass. Can wait to see President Trump mop up the floor with the faux American Indian Lezzy Warren after she thinks she's got it locked up as President. Stay tuned folks, you ain't seen nuttin' yet. R.L.
  10. Are at it again. Using the Social Security investigation scam again. Just got a VOIP call from a phone number spoofed using a Colorado number. 719-286-5755. I love playing with these slimy bastards. I just got off of a call to this # and asked the guy point blank what geographic office of the SS Admin he was operating from....totally slammed this stinky POS. All he could think of to say was why did I want to know that. I can't print what my response to him was here, but I didn't leave out much from my 65 years of highly cultivated verbal filth from the response. It should be legal to shoot these scamming indians bastards in the head and kick em in a hole. Ring these smelly bastards up, and have fun! R.L.
  11. Actually it was a mouse...And no it wasn't perv boy Adam shit either, although that would have been much funnier to watch. Drudge/ front page. R.L.
  12. Ridin' the J611

    Yep, she was a burgundy and black beauty!!
  13. Every now and then even a hard ass like myself has to take a break from all of the deep state political b.s. going on in the country, home and the job. Being a retired Railway Carman, of course railroad in all forms is a part of my lifeblood. I love riding the rails and do so when I can. I've ridden rails from Conway N.H to Lauterbrunnen, CH. I could do this forever. About a month ago I read in one of my railroad rags that the Norfolk and Western J611, the last remaining one in its class, was coming from Va to the Strasburg Railroad, in Pa. For most railroad fans this is a dream ride , as it's only available to ride infrequently at best. At 65, I'd probably never have another chance to ride again. So I booked 2 seats for the wife and I and on Sunday, 9/29 we drove to Strasburg Pa. We boarded at 12:30 and returned about an hour and a half later. Fantastic event, literally thousands of people(unfortunately also loaded with liberal douche bags from Joysey, whose voice and inflection I find IRRITATING!) with people clogging every railroad crossing with cameras, drones and people standing on the roofs of their trucks and cars. Even the NJ douches' couldn't ruin the event for us!! Alas, if this joy could only last. Back home today to reality and back to the same, lying, disgusting, despicable,demented, socialist liberal bastards bent on destroying this country. Impeachment is the trip line for what will follow if these deep state actors dare to attempt to remove our duly elected President, either by illegal political means or by force. God save this country if they try the latter! I have no doubt that armed Patriots will rise up, to cleanse this Great Nation of this cancerous filth. One side of me, hates to see this happen, the other side says it's necessary to save our Great Country. R.L.
  14. I'm with you. Yes it's NOT what Americans really want to do, but we MUST protect our country and our sacred democracy from the filthy rats of the deep state. Now maybe average Americans will understand who really killed JFK, Vince Foster, Jeff Epstein, and a list of unexplained incidents too long to print and now DEMOCRACY. The President is the leader in name only. Smoke, mirrors and disinformation is how the deep state works. The "Deep State" has been steering the helm of this country for decades. As long as people have their I phones, internet, BMW's and credit cards, nobody seems to care or not enough people care anyway. The intelligence agencies are one cog in a number of other chameleon cogs in the giant wheel that turns this country. We are "permitted" to elect a President for face purposes only. Why that would be "unconstitutional" if we couldn't...and obvious if we were not permitted. When a President (like President Trump) does not follow the script of the deep state crime organization....bad things start happen. Take notice friends...it's all starting to happen. Buy ammo, practice, get ready. It's coming. Patriot in arms, R.L.
  15. For those of you out in the hinterlands with limited access to news(real, not fake news) or those too young to remember the last 2 impeachment hearings, be aware of what is coming down the rails, at an accelerated pace in this country. I have lived through 2 impeachment proceedings. They were divisive 30+ years ago, but today the political temperature in this area is white hot! The results of this will change this country as you know it for your lifetime. Impeachment is the tactic in this particular case to deprive the American people of a fair election in 2020, and totalitarian type dominance in Washington politics for decades. Guys this is very serious. The dipshits are "creating" a situation, their last gasp if you wish, to #1. remove our duly elected President, & #2. Destroy all chances of his re-election in 2020, thereby clearing the way for more obongo, clintonesque type Presidency, with a new twist, more socialism, firearms confiscation, definitely HIGHER taxes, and electronic intrusion into American lives the likes of which you have never experienced.This is not a scare tactic, this will be the reality of a dimwit Presidency if these communist, socialist fruit loops gain power. The hate is so thick in this area (45 minutes from 1600 Pa ave.) I would not bet on anything right now, it's truly an explosive environment in Washington and the suburbs where the loyal asshatgov lemming support staff live. Northern VA and the surrounding 50 miles or so have turned deep blue, chock full of dem tards, but still a few die hard right wing, Nationalist types like myself are still here, and fighting the fight. If you never have been involved in politics very much, you need to take a 180 deg shift and get involved now, if you love this great country, Democracy, freedom of speech, your Constitutional Rights, all of them, not just the 2nd and the American way of life. The fagtard dipshit dimwits have their hands on the toilet handle ready to flush this current Presidency and the American way of life south, never to return. Please, get involved now if you care! R.L.