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  1. It's been over a week today. He charges $27 a transfer. Turns out this clown has a full time job, at another gun store (wonder if that owner knows, I think he's going to find out after all this B.S.) . He claims he's open from 9-5 Monday-Friday, total b.s. he has no employees. He lists a bogus address on his webpage and only gives you the correct address when he tells you what time you need to show up. So basically he's holding your stuff hostage until he calls you, and you accommodate HIS schedule. He works for another gun shop 6 days a week, and of course none of this is mentioned on his webpage or by Buds Gun Shop. All the contact has been me calling him, no calls from him except to answer my 2 calls. He says he only has 1 hour available tomorrow at 10:30am after waiting 8 days already...like I have nothing better to do in the middle of a work morning. If I can't make that time he can't be available for 7-10 more days!! Never again. Absolutely the worst transfer experience I'm had in 40 years. WTF?? Saddle Ridge Armory Somewhere on Saddle Ridge Ct. It's a secret. Catlett Va. Steer clear of this guy. He's 10 lbs of sxit in a 5 lb. bag. R.L.
  2. So after 25 years my go to FFL in Manassas Va has sold off his business and moved on to other things. I've used Bernie at Virginia Arms since the day he opened for business. His service was unparalleled. Usually the day anything I bought that arrived by UPS or Fed Ex at Virginia Arms, by 1-2pm that day I got a call or email from Bernie telling me the item was ready for pickup. There are a core group of friends I shoot with and at times when I buy a something , some of the others buy the same gun. Currently there were 3 of us buying this same rifle from Buds. So I recommend we all use this new guy. We all place our orders with Buds and they have an FFL locator. I pick a guy within 5 miles of my home, thinking close is good, less travel time. The very day I place the order this guys sends an email saying he will be out of town he'll be back on 4/15. Two days later still no call, no return emails. The rifles has been there 5 days, the others ae calling me since they can't get in contact with the ghost FFL. I'm feeling like an ass now for making a blind recommendation. I'm starting to get a tad annoyed. He says on his website he's open for business every day fro 9-4, but that's b.s. because he has a fulltime job, I've discovered. This has always been a problem for me, the hobbyist FFL. I've been in business for 40 years. I'm open for business Monday-Friday 5-5. If you call I answer, if you schedule a service time, I'm at the location waiting for you. WTF is it with these "hobbyist" FFL's claiming to be a full time business, when they're really not a full time business? Thoughts on what you think response time for FFL transfers to customers should be ? Mike, what are your thoughts on this matter? R.L.
  3. Built in 1160, finished in 1260. Damage appears to be catastrophic...... R.L.
  4. Got my scope yesterday. This is a LOT of scope for the money. FFP too!
  5. Hey Buddy, Any possibility you can "ZAP" this new board format, like a bad post....and return us to the old one?? Yea..I know. Just a thought. I'll bet the general discussion traffic would zoom if ya could. The old format was far more conducive to spontaneous discussion. I really miss that old format and a bunch of other old timers here do too! R.L.
  6. Forgot to mention Shipping is free on some of the scopes.
  7. I just got an email from Eurooptics about an ongoing Vortec sale. Alex bought a bunch of Vortec scopes and has them on sale. I just bought a Vortec PST4-16x50 for $499. They are $800 scopes! Thinking of buying another at this price. I have no affiliation with E.O. other than being a long time customer. Just passing on the info. FWIW, R.L.
  8. Thanks Jim for jogging the ole' memory. Really miss that old format! R.L.
  9. Jason at CSO Tactical called about my gun trailer yesterday, said he'd be down to look at it and showed up at exactly at the time he said he would. That's after driving 3 hr's to get here too! I love it when people are punctual!! Very smooth transaction. He's happy, I'm happy. Great transaction. I'm glad my gun trailer found a good home. I'd do business again with Jason any time. Also, a big thank you to David, Andy and Buddy for this fine venue. Sturm has been instrumental in helping me selling off my guns and kit over the last few years. Selling off this stuff so my wife won't have to deal with it when the time comes, is a huge load off my mind. I love this place! R.L.
  10. This trailer has been sold! Than you Jason at CSO Tactical.!
  11. No question this guy is a S C A M M E R ........ I called , texted, no answer. He did call back once, no message. R.L.
  12. Ha..ya beat me to it brother. Got the same email. That's a PA telephone area code, which means nothing today. You can spoof any number you want on a caller ID. R.L.
  13. Straight to you from the 3rd world in India. Wanna have some fun?? Dial 202-873-2578, they answer Microsoft Support. It's B.S. These POS claim they are located in Wash D.C...uhhh no. Same maggots that call and leave a message to call and say they are the IRS ot the Social Security Admin.They are scammers located in India. I send them "courtesy" calls throughout the day for fun when I'm bored. Something about their mothers and goats and other stuff I can't put to print! R.L. Have at it guys!
  14. Basically, they, the prosecutors office in Chicago just said, nothing to see here. We won't prosecute this case even though they had a ROCK SOLID case with 16 indictments. Ok you can go home now, everything is just fine. Sealed the case with prejudice and let this cxxksmoker walk free. And you thought Russian collusion was a scam?? R.L.
  15. What a load of bullshit. If it was a white person who perpetrated these racist crimes, there would be no dropped charges, that'sfor sure. Anyone still NOT believe there is a multiple tiered justice system in this country?? R.L.