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  1. Brand new, I have a couple left. Bought these over 25 years ago from DLO. $125 ea plus shipping. USPMO only please. R.Leyshion, Jr.
  2. Tripod is totally new, not refurbished. Comes with a new Hensoldt scope. Can be used with most m.g's with the correct adapter. $1000 plus shipping. I also have an HK marked MG42/MG3 tripod, with a scope, but without a battery box , in excellent condition for $850 plus shipping. No personal checks, unless we have done business before. Thanks, R.Leyshion, Jr. T
  3. Israeli marked soft mount tripod. $500 plus shipping. USPMO only please. Thanks, R.Leyshion, Jr.
  4. WTB 1919A4 to MAG58 tripod adapter

    I just thought of someone who can help, Curtis Wolf up in Ephrata, PA. Aaron from Mohnton, Pa knows Curtis too and he might be able to hook you up with an adapter. Curtis makes all kinds of mil spec USGI adapters and parts. Send Aaron an email, he's a regular here. R.L.
  5. WTB 1919A4 to MAG58 tripod adapter

    They may not be making them still. I bought mine over 20 years ago. MG Dave was pretty good about getting back to me. Yea, I can do that. I'll see if I can get some dimensions to you asap. If you know anyone looking for a Mag 58 pod with the adapter in excellent condition, I'm gonna list it here in a few days. Thanks, R.L.
  6. Thanks again David and Andy for this venue. This place has been like a 2nd home to me, for many years, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Anyone remember the Wild West days here of 24 hr.board fights with Renae, Dana "The Whale Turd" Reed, Hoodenpile and a few other board characters??? Hell, I even enjoyed that!! How bout it "Savage?" Sturm has also been my sole source for selling off my entire C-3 collection. My sales success here has been unmatched by any other gun boards ever. I've met some real nice people here and EVERY C-3 deal went off without a hitch! That says a lot about the outreach and quality of the people that use this board. It also says a lot about the hosts. Thanks again all and have a great Memorial Day weekend. Bob Leyshion, jr.
  7. David, can you please resend me an invoice. I forgot to pay the last one on time and it expired. Thanks, Bob Leyshion, Jr.
  8. WTB 1919A4 to MAG58 tripod adapter

    Sarco made these years ago. I have 2 Mag 58 pods with these aluminum Sarco adapters.
  9. The 1536 Skat Blast commercial unit we bought is super.. All the media ends up in the hopper, where it belongs unlike the BBB units that scatter media all along the edge of the shelf. The 5 cartridge Hepa filter dust collector is very efficient. There is absolutely no dust blow back into the shop what so ever. The reclaim unit is handy for saving media that is still usable. Skat Blast units come with a tungsten carbide nozzle which last much longer. Sometimes ya gotta experience bad to know good! Best thing is the customer service. TP tool has great C.S. R.L.
  10. WTS: Puteaux 25mm AT cannon

    Gentlemen, Another seamless transaction thanks to the Sturm NFA board! Kevin B flew all the way from Oregon to do this deal! This cannon is sold to new board member Kevin B. Thanks for giving this cannon a good home. Kevin B is 100%, do any future deals with confidence. Bob Leyshion, Jr.
  11. Sorry I just saw this. I don't visit as regularly these days. If you look on the data plates for all of the pneumatic parts on your blaster, including the pressure tank, I think you'll see they are all Taiwanese/ Chinese parts. The pressure tank is Taiwanese, and NOT ASME rated, sourced from Harbor Freight. No test plate/tag, no working pressure listed anywhere. Not what I like to see in a pressure vessel. Their owners manual is a generic manual, not copyrighted, not theirs. Since manufacturing high pressure steam vessels was part of my work history, standing next to an unrated tank with 100+lbs of pressure doesn't thrill me too much.If that tank lets loose while UR standing next to it, it's not going to be a good day for you. They openly admitted that "previously" the blasters were indeed Chinese, but now are made in the USA?? Whatever that meant.The unit they shipped me was pure junk. I guess you got lucky with your unit. The Skat Blast 1536 unit we use is a genuine commercial unit and built very well. Every part is USA manufactured which I like. TP Tool is one of our best vendors. They are 100% oriented to customer satisfaction, and their pricing is great. FWIW, R.L.
  12. Wideners

    I don't know how, but I was a little late to the party on this one. I just found out Stan Widener sold out Wideners. I've been buying there for years. They had the greatest run on .50 powder, bought hundreds of lbs of powder from them at a time. I went to their website and what a surprise, and not a good one either! They have just about nothing compared to what the had when Stan owned the business. The place is a joke. Their prices are higher and they have zero in the way of reloading components. Scratch Wideners off my list of favorite places to do gun related business with. Another long time pillar of our community...gone. Really Sad. FWIW, R.L.
  13. For Squires Bingham Model 20A rifle in .22 l.r.. Mag is new, never used. Steel, 15 rnd. $35 delivered. Thanks, R.L.
  14. Daniel, I had 2 but they are sold now. Sorry. Bob
  15. Well I knew it was too good to be true guys. Was all excited at first but then got picked up and body slammed. Got some more bad news today. Seems the Dr's last assessment was not accurate... like a 180 degree turnaround inaccurate. Oncologist's office called today and not so good news. My blood numbers are actually going down. They went from 80 to 26. Suck. Sooo, Wedesday a.m. I'm off for another round of chemo for 8 hr's. Double suck. Kinda took all the wind out of sails today. Trying to give myself a pep talk working up to Wednesday 8 hr ordeal. R.L.