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  1. Yep I got some of his BS spam weeks ago too. Of course he said it was just a "mistake" even though I never signed up or requested to be put on any email list. And I believe it..sure I do. AHHH, nothing better than seeing the chicken come home to roost!! To all his supporters and loyal fan club..enjoy it, you earned it R.L.
  2. I'm in Nokesville, Va. about 10 miles south of Manassas, Va. Negative on the Creek. Bob
  3. Somebody make me a reasonable offer for this gun trailer. 1500 lb axle.Epoxy OD green, new tires, bearing buddies. 2" Bulldog hitch head (USA MADE, not chi-nee), 3" channel frame with 5/16 and 1/2" steel floor. I need to get this out of the garage! It takes any cradle mount with a USGI large vehicle pintle and can also be used with a large vehicle to 1919 pintle so you can shoot a 1919 or any other crew served weapon from it. It's heavy duty, all steel with 5 adjustable level jacks to raise it up off the tires. Never used it since I've had it. There is over $1500 worth of material alone in it's manufacture.First $1500 offer and it's your's. Thanks, R.L.
  4. I agree on all points. Switching gears again...I wish more gun owners would understand how serious this latest politically driven attempt to disarm American gun owners really is right now. We live in the country( slowly being destroyed by new homes for liberal yankee morons, that don't like guns or cows!) but still only 45 min. from D.C. Since we are so close to the Capital, we get to hear everything political as it happens and the amount of news is voluminous, every single day. People become desensitized to all of this and believe it's just another blow over, it will go away in a few days. I really hope I'm wrong , but this one isn't going to blow over. The Soros/Bloomberg funded org's are working overtime this time to strike a fatal blow to the 2nd amendment. I hope I'm totally wrong on this. R.L.
  5. Well I can appreciate your opinion, but I'm not yet ready to go quite that far. To be fair, on other important issues he has done more for this countries economy than the communist baboon and the tranny fist lady/dude ever did. They almost destroyed our country after 8 years of socialist rule by decree. They also left a lot of collateral damage. Glad to be rid of that POS and the tranny. Problem is he and his liberal cohorts left lots of high placed co-conspirators in every branch of the government, including judges. That does make it hard for Trump to operate and fulfill his agenda, including campaign promises on the 2nd amendment. That said there is absolutely ZERO excuse for taking suggestions from ANY of these putrid, commie Demorats wanting to push draconian gun law change. NONE! R.L.
  6. Agreed and this current President gave his word to us while running for office before we helped elect him. Being true believers in the Constitution, including the 2nd amendment, we took him at his word. In the beginning his presidency it appeared he would adhere to his publicly stated position on guns and gun control. Unfortunately his position has changed after the last shooting in Florida. I supported Trump because I believed in what he said. After his 180 degree turnaround on gun control, which was broadcast publicly, live on TV I have huge concerns about everything he now says about guns and gun control. He ANNOUNCED THAT "DIANE" SHOULD ADD HER ASSAULT WEAPONS LANGUAGE TO THE PROPOSED BILL BEING DISCUSSED AT THAT MEETING". So WTF are we supposed to take away from that statement? Sure sounds like a betrayal to me. Why is he even talking to the demorats, it's not necessary. The Republicans own the house and senate. R.L.
  7. It's apparent you've not kept up with the news. This is not opinion, it's plain fact for all to se and listen to. Watch the latest bi-partisan news conference with Diane Fineswine concerning the new gun control proposals. DO you even watch the news? You do get TV reception in Montana..right? I realize it takes a little more time for news to filter out to remote locations.
  8. Ok guys go to the Military Arms Channel on YouTube. Look for the interview with Rick Vasquez, former assistant director of the ATF. Listen to what he has to say about what's in store concerning this upcoming rule change for rate of fire, magazines and probably much more. You'll be blown away by what he has to say, and probably deeply concerned. Looks like it's Jeff Sessions aka Mr. McGoo that is selling us out, no doubt at someone else's request. This is P.F. serious. R.L.
  9. If the scuttlebutt floating around the Metro D.C. is even close to being accurate, we may be looking at another 1994 style assault weapon ban PLUS accessories (mags, triggers and on and on) and very soon too, like days, not weeks or months. I have well placed friends that are gov employees, and one who is a State Dept. diplomat, this fucking nonsense we all heard about is precisely what is being proposed as new laws... not just kicking a can down the road. It's more real than it ever was. It's a very sad day for conservative, Law abiding gun owners. It seems we have been betrayed by the very guy that swore allegiance to the Constitution, and our Constitutional rights, specifically mentioning our 2nd amendment rights while campaigning, and his dedication to our rights. That statement now looks and sounds like total bullshit to me. In my 64 years I've never seen such betrayal by a President WE PUT INTO OFFICE! I'm hoping this was some kind of ploy to put off the demorats, but that's probably not so. My advice to anyone who wants an AR platform weapon or an AK type weapon to buy now. Also buy all the high cap mags you can afford right now. This is not chicken little, the sky is falling. The sky really is getting ready to fall on all of us for real. I'm in total disbelief. Fucked by one of our own. This really is colluding with the enemy, the anti gun enemy. U.F.B.
  10. Thanks for replying.I'd address you by name but I don't know your name. Since we've exchanged more than 1 email here now, I feel it a matter of good manners AND a matter of adhering to proper board protocol that we identify ourselves before continuing the thread. Anonymous posts are not permitted on the Sturm boards for obvious reasons. My name is Robert Leyshion, Jr aka as R.L. which is how I sign my posts. Most everyone that has been posting here since the beginning of this board know me as R.L. but since you only use a board moniker, we don't know who you are. So your name is.........? R.L.
  11. I guess everyone has a preference as to what method or venue they use to buy and sell . Personally, I've never had a good selling experience on Gun-broker. I've bought a few things in the past there but most of the best deals I've ever made buying or selling firearms and parts ,was right here on the Sturm boards. That's not a plug for this site versus the "other site". It's just my experience. I too have been on both boards since day 1 and was also posting, buying and selling on Volmers boards too, way back in the early days of internet machine gun boards This is just my personal opinion. The Sturm boards have always been the more serious of the 2 sites for buying an selling. Subguns traditionally was the go to place to talk, read about new gear, firearms and parts and just generally b.s. I know lots of stuff has been sold on Subguns in the past, it's just not my preferred venue to buy and sell,never has been. The GDB was kinda fun back in the wild west days, before the board went T.F. ghey with most everything censored if that particular moderator didn't like what you had to say or even like you personally. These passive aggressive mods, who are probably banned from speaking at home from their wives like playing games on the boards. Sorry these childish games got old years ago. The most valuable poster JJW ( Werner as most of you know him ) was banned for some alleged chicken shxt stuff on Snubguns right after the sale. To this day Werner still is not posting there. I really don't blame him after that kind of treatment. The knowledge he brought was primarily the ONLY reason I put up with the adolescent behavior. Banning Werner was kinda' the last straw for me . That board really serves no particular purpose, and has no value for me these days. The old Subguns era is over, done, finished. I've been totally Subguns free for about 2 months. I deleted the icon from my worktop, have no plans to ever post there again and I don't miss the 3yo b.s. behavior one bit. At Sturm the only way you got banned then and now was if you were of the same ilk as Dana Reed, Renae Michlig or any number of shady characters from the past, a troll ,a shxt starter or you didn't deliver on your deal. Buddy kept a tight handle on this type of behavior, by all rights he should have and still does. Hell, he's pulled my ads in the past for not following a particular missed protocol. It happens. Once corrected the ads went back up. Kinda hard to complain back in the beginning. when it was FREE to post here. Their board, their rules at Sturm. Pretty simple. It's STILL a bargain for what it costs to post here considering the outreach . Another big thing here for me...the site owners at Sturm NEVER try to tell/ B.S. you about what your stuff is worth , how much you should list it for nor are you in constant competition for potential NFA sales or purchases , since the owners of this site are not competing for the same business. That should be a HUGE problem for any other dealers or sellers on the other site! I can't attest as to why you were not able to post ads here, that problem would be better answered by Buddy, David or Andy Albert. Again all this is MY opinion, your mileage may vary. Many thanks again, Buddy, Andy and David.
  12. Nothing new on Subguns

    Not sure how you came up with that summation concerning my intent in regards to NFA ownership. I've been involved in NFA for decades, STILL own NFA items and appreciate what I have. Whether or not NFA has a future is not up to one or many individuals.The mere fact that I don't approve of a single site or it's practices, hardly translates to not caring about an entire industry. Sorry I'm not a sheeple type of guy. I calls em' as I see's em, like it or not. I believe in quality, not quantity my friend. And besides if the US government decides that you will no longer own NFA items, my opinion and the opinion of others will have zero impact on that decision. When it's over, it's over. NFA ownership is a tentative world at best. Pretending it's other than that is pure folly. Since when is voicing an opinion "bashing?" That's the same mentality liberals use against those that disagree with climate change. Do I have to agree with everything you or anyone else says?? I don't think so. I certainly don't expect you or anyone else to agree with anything or everything I say. That's your right to disagree, just as having the opinions I have is my right too. FWIW, R.L.
  13. Nothing new on Subguns

    Yea, I'm with you Jim. I've deleted my worktop shortcut to subguns. I'm over subguns for good. I visited there almost every morning for 20+ years. I liked it when Tom owned the site. Now that ownership has changed, so too has the site and not in a good way either! Buying an established business name for the sake of marketing, almost never works out like you would be led to believe it will be by the new owners. Regardless of the hype and razzle-dazzle nonsense. Take Wideners for example. When Stan owned it, it was one of my best resources for all things firearms related. They had EVERYTHING you could think of. And now, they're a joke, they have next to nothing you can't buy anywhere else. Adios Subguns!! R.L.
  14. Can I not add photos?

    Sometimes loading pics doesn't work for me either. It will load some, others no. Maybe it's the file size? I don't know why, but I'd email Andy or David to see what the issue is. R.L.
  15. Thanks David. I hope both you and Andy had a nice Christmas and New Year.