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  1. WTB Serbu Super Shorty 12ga and

    Thanks for the correction. Didn't even know Mark had a daughter. R.L.
  2. WTB Serbu Super Shorty 12ga and

    Bad news for now. I just received an email from Valerie Serbu, Mark's wife. At this time they are not in a position to do a run of super shorty's. Guess they are busy with other projects. It's possible one day they might, but not right now. Sorry guys, I tried. Cheers, R.L.
  3. WTB Serbu Super Shorty 12ga and

    I just talked to Mark last week. Great guy. He lived right down the street from me in VA for years , and never knew it until he moved to Fl.. If enough people would be willing to pay upfront for another Super Shorty run, maybe Mark would consider making some. Worth asking. BTW I have 2 12 ga Super Shorty's he built on Mossberg 590A-1 platforms for me. Awesome weapons. BTW SS owners, Mark has the leg holsters available again for sale. $149.00 Like most Super Shorty owners, I'd never sell mine. Probably why you don't see too many for sale. R.L.
  4. Email me what you have. Thanks, R.L.
  5. So face to face private sales in states that allow those sales, are still ok?
  6. I've not kept up. Last I heard, the moron in chief who has disgraced the Office of the US Presidency, enacted new ATF restrictions on private gun sales. Thanks, R.L.
  7. Preferably the older models in .348, .358 .243. Email me what you have and a price. Scamming foreign maggots don't waste my time. Been on this board since day one, and If I don't know you or you haven't been a member for at least 5 years, don't waste my time. Thanks, R.L.
  8. Congrats on the move Pete. Hope it turns out to be everything you wanted. Cheers, Bob
  9. Yea I know it's 10 days early, but I figure I better do it now while I can Hitting 68 tomorrow. reversing the numbers doesn't work now. Never thought I'd make it this far. Thank all of you for your kind words during last years health speed bump. I made another Christmas!! BTW...The 2 year moving odessey is over. Three 52' tractor trailer loads, 4 Sprinter loads and 1 single axle enclosed trailer full it's over. Now the task of reassembling my shop in the Spring, hopefully. Best to ya'll, R.L. AKA Welsh Warrior
  10. Thanks for the well wishes. Is it my imagination or does everything start to breakdown after 60? Have a new 6" railroad track on my right shoulder along with a bunch of pain. Dr could not do 100% ortho, so he went with invasive surgery. Can't do a thing with the right arm now. The hospital and staff are very nice in this small town, and did all they could to help me through this operation. I'm very appreciative. It's damn shame when a man needs his wife to pull up his pants to get dressed. Luckily I have a wife to help me. Now the fun begins...3 months of intensive rehab. You guys have a great Thanksgiving holiday in spite record inflation, RACIST BLM attacks at Christmas parades and the constant attempt by King Biden to destroy this great country. Special Thanksgiving day wishes to Kyle Rittenhouse. Thanks again for your great marksmanship while exercising your right to self protection VIA the 2nd amendment!! Great trigger work!! Good riddance to the terminated commie trash!! Cheers, R.L.
  11. Still have the blood issues, still need IV treatments every 2 months, for two days, but I decided after I got up and walking again after being bedridden in February I'm living this life as long as I'm alive! Another surgery in November. Hopefully no more no-walkie repeats like last year! Cheers to you all, R.L.
  12. Afternoon all, Well...2-52' Moving truck tractor trailers, and 3-Sprinter loads later, I'm STILL not fully moved!!! The shop will be another tractor trailer load. Time to hire a rigger. Thanks to those that came by to take stuff off my hands. Met some great folks and few old friends too! Back in Maine and very happy to be here. Virginia SUCKS A BIG ONE!!! Sittin' on the porch, listening to John Prine, enjoying the beautiful color, my dogs and spectacular mountain views. Doesn't get much better than this friends!! Cheers, R.L.
  13. Hi,

    I'm in Fairfax and been to your place once a while back...how much of the .50 Cal Links and brass do you have left?  Are you still in town this week.


    Tu H. Vu

    202-494-1915 mobile


    1. R.L.


      Hey Tu, sure I remember you.  About 60 lbs of 50 links and 50-60 lbs of brass.

      You can have it all but it needs to go today.

      703-627-7329 cell