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  1. You kinda' sound like a democrat Mike...... democrats all know what's best for everyone..., and no-one can have a different opinion other than yours?? In my part of the country(yours too...maybe) people are entitled to their own opinion, just as you are yours. Be ashamed....what are you smoking? I make apologies to no-one, including you for what I posted about K.C. and further more I meant every word of it! Now you may not like that but you'll certainly get over it... or not. Not really my concern, but at a minimum you are entitled to you opinion too no matter how far off base you are and who am I to tell you that? Enjoy the smoke. FWIW, R.L.
  2. In the mean time it wouldn't hurt to post your personal welcome to ol' JJ.to the board. I'll be contacting Frank early this week to extend an invitation to him also. Come on guys I'm not the only old guy here with too much time on his hands, who talks too much. Gotta be a few more out there? R.L.
  3. I heard back from Brother Werner yesterday, in a very long personal email, and another in reference to posting on Sturm. JJ Is a good man, I hope he decides to begin making our board his new home. He was most appreciative of the positive responses and the open invitation he received at our board. I cannot tell you positively JJ will be posting here at this time, but IMO I think he will, in the not so distant future. When I hear more I'll post it here ASAP. Best regards, R.L.
  4. The good ol days were great, but if the truth be known, I'd love to be a bit over 30 again. Gettin' old really sucks! Enjoy your youth. I kinda' pissed mine away going through wives ,overseas work, and poor decisions. But I got stories...lots and lots of stories. FWIW, R.L.
  5. Frank has been a friend for years. I've not talked with him in about a year. After this October Knob Creek I'll send him an email asking if he too would consider posting here. R.L.
  6. Thanks Mike. I'm 4X into it for now. If this one doesn't work I'm outta time anyway. Yep the good ol' days really were good, at least for some of us. Trials and troubles too back then, but nothing like today. Sometimes it's hard to appreciate the moment, at the time. I realize that now 50 years later. Nice hearing from you. Bob L. AKA known as R.L. and Welsh Warrior
  7. Yea we really need to bring that type of discussion back. Rufus Murray where are you?Wayne L. Burnham, God bless your soul, we still miss you. I'm trying guys. I've not heard back from JJ yet. I really hope he accepts our invitation. The guy really went above and beyond helping people from all walks and the idiots on the other board just treated him like yesterdays trash. I don't give a damn WHAT they say he posted to get booted. I'm calling B.S. on that excuse. There was more. Pettiness and penis envy, pure and simple. Some people especially those on the lower end of the IQ scale, have no other weapon to use against smarter people, unless they're p-whipped , soy boy moderators complete with small minds, small tallywacker & real small behavior. I'm hoping AMA Frank will start to post here again too.. Frank is a virtual walking encyclopedia of NFA weapons, their function , operation and repair. He no longer posts at snubguns either. There is MORE to NFA/Non NFA than just buying, trading and selling. The history of the weapons you enjoy, the friendships you developed along with everything else, keeps the hobby balanced and personal. For me the friendships along the way are far more valuable than the hardware, but that's just me. R.L.
  8. I'm a workin' on it! Email sent to JJ, awaiting his response, which I will post as soon as I get it. R.L.
  9. Thanks to one of our thoughtful posters here on Sturm. Thank you. JJ is doing well and his business has really kept him busy. As you may know Werner is s preeminent and highly qualified elector-optical engineer with current knowledge on all things night vision, thermal etc. Here's what I can tell you: Without all the minutia that went on ending his posting career at the other board, JJ will not be posting on the "other" board in the future, that era is over. Some of you may know the baloney that precipitated all of this. It's history, no sense beating a dead horse. However this potentially could be the beginning of a new era for his posts herr at the Sturm boards. There was a time, and all of the old timers here on Sturm will remember this, when this board was full of informative conversation on all types of topics. Over the years, for whatever reason, that has changed unfortunately. Very unfortunate. There was once a very strong sense of "brotherhood" here. Guys this board has so much potential other than just the sale of NFA etc. I'd love to see that intelligent, useful conversation return. I've not talked to JJ yet about him starting to post here as his home board, before I check with all of you first. I for one would be extremely happy to have that level of conversation on this board again. However, I don't want to ask him to spend his time to posting here, if there is no real interest. So who's interested? Sound out. FWIW, R.L. AKA Welsh Warrior
  10. So I had 5 hr's to do nothing but wait for my IV bag to finish at the cancer center yesterday. Watched some 3 stooges shorts for about 3 hr's. I grew up on the 3 stooges Little Rascals. Good stuff imo. I decided to visit the snubguns NFA board (against my better judgement) to see what was for sale and who was selling. WOW, looks like most of the smaller and private sellers you used to see when Tom owned the place have disappeared. Mostly just 2 sellers now and a few misc.people I'm not familiar with. Anyone else notice this or was this just an anomaly for that week? I've not kept up with this place since the sale. I definitely wouldn't visit the GDB since they, whoever these anonymous, ball-less, pecker-woods are, that found it necessary to ban JJ Werner and just about anyone else they didn't like or had a personal issue with. Dumbest thing ever in my opinion. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. That board has absolutely nothing, zero, zip to offer now. Just a bunch of 30 yo soy boys now, that have to check with the few remaining posters how to change a tire, how to change their oil, should I screw my wife's sister... Mostly about academic stuff that most young boys( at least from my time) were taught by their fathers learning to become men during their adolescence. Pretty funny and yet pathetic to read, how many young men have become nothing but a bunch of female dominated nancy boys with machine guns. Pretty sad commentary of the state of "maleness" in America! Werner was a virtual walking encyclopedia of gun knowledge and most especially night vision. If anyone has contact info for JJ please post it. I'd like to get in contact with him again. He would be a real asset for this board. FWIW, R.L.
  11. Guys, I can't say enough good about Stephen Ivey from Project One, LLC. The short story is I dropped my new RTM 50 mount the other day. I've been having the shakes because of my condition, but I really wanted to do something the other day in my shop, so I tried to mount the base/ring combination on a Sako TRG rifle..yea well guess what, I dropped the $800 mount from about 4' onto the concrete floor in my gun room!! Never, ever had something like that happened to me. I was sick, literally.I sent the base back with a letter explaining what happened and that I accepted full responsibility for the damage , and would pay to have it repaired. Within 2 days, Stepehn sent the mount back repaired with new parts, express mail insured...for free. Now I ask, who does this in this day and age? Not too many people I have to say. I was so shocked and appreciative of this kindness. Ivey Shooting products is a fantastic vendor. If you'e into ELDS these guys make products you might like. Thank you Stephen Ivey@ Ivey Shooting Products and also a big thanks to Clay at Project One LLC. R.L.
  12. Well fella's I got some bad health news today unfortunately. Some may remember the story about the attempt on my life in 2009 by poisoning. I've been quietly suffering the aftereffects of that poisoning for 9 years now, but things were stabilized. That all changed with my 3 month evaluation today. Mostly it's white and red cell imbalances in my blood, but one condition triggers another so it becomes a little complicated after a while. Low blood numbers makes you feel pretty tired and sometimes I feel kinda'a bad. Even worse after treatments. Been getting IV treatments for 4 years now at my local cancer center every 3-6 months. They work for a while, but my numbers slowly descend before my next treatment making treatments necessary sooner and sooner. Went for my usual 3 month evaluation today and my numbers were low...very low as a matter of fact. Now my oncologist thinks I'm slowly hemorrhaging inside somewhere, but he's not sure where. His grave concern, is now mine. Have to be evaluated by my G.I. Dr. for a procedure soon to look inside to see where the problem is. This diagnosis caught me a little off guard. Talk about an immediate, unplanned life priority and attitude shift. All I care about now is my wife and my dogs. Everything else seems rather insignificant under the circumstances. If I can offer any of you some advice, it would be take better care of yourself. GO TO YOUR DOCTOR REGULARLY!! Get a checkup, have your blood pressure monitored. Guys, get a prostate exam if you're anywhere near 50. Detection is 99% of a successful cure. Thanks to all of you that have made the sales of my C-3 easier and actually fun. I always knew this time for me was coming, I just didn't know when. My focus right now is enjoying what's left of my time, how ever long that is and trying to make up for lost time appreciating the things I should have appreciated, before all this happened. FWIW, R.L.
  13. Fella's a new day is upon ALL PATRIOTIC Americans. It is a sad and dangerous day. The left comprised of socialists, communists, Antifa anarchists, lesbians, queer males, pedophiles, a myriad of other twisted social misfits and other despicable human aberrations that have united to deprive you of YOUR AMERICA through their liberal representatives in Congress. Your family customs and values, your Christian Judeo religious values, destroyed, aided by the left and facilitated by islamic extremists/ terrorists, and now by demo-ratic liberal congressional representatives. Our American culture, moors and customs are being destroyed one piece at a time. by leftist academia in colleges on a daily basis. Teaching our children their own perverted lifestyles and wacko political persuasions as "normal". It's way past time for everyone that cares about this glorious Republic, to STAND UP AND BE HEARD! This is not a gentleman's game, there is no civility offered by leftist demo-rats, as you may have witnessed during these disgraceful Congressional hearings. This dog and pony show was designed, by demo-rats to interrogate the candidate in the most , unfair ,disgusting and shameful way....all for political gain! The aim is to destroy Judge Kavanaugh, his reputation and his family so he will quit. Thank God he has the moral fiber to stay and fight. We all talk among ourselves and family about the government and all things related we don't like, but talk needs to be replaced by action. It DOES make a difference to send letters, calls and emails to your representatives. I know first hand. I worked for Congress on Capital Hill early on in my career supplying requested research and literature on demand to CRS. Your opinion does count, please get involved if you care. FWIW, R.L.
  14. Lying fxcking, lost on the way to Woodstock, stinking liberal twat!!! Have I mentioned how much I hate liberals , leftists and demo-rats? Lying slimy scum bags, not a worth a bullet to end their miserable lives. A plague to this country. Once this dog and pony show is over, it's then time to put these worthless fxcks that lied and funded this disgusting display on trial, then hopefully prison. Starting with that stinky ass, lesbo-nasty bitch clinton and moving on to schmucko boy schroomer, and feinswine! Rot in hell demoshxts, and to be sure President Trump will help you get there!!! R.L.
  15. Any of these left? Where are they located? R.L.