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  1. Seems the Indian scammers are at it again in our area. Only this time they are using the Social Security Admin. as their scam. It starts with a robo call telling you there is a problem with your SS account and that an investigation has been started and you need to call this # immediately because YOU are under investigation. Want to have some fun, here's their number 409-527-4243.It's actually quite comical to listen to their b.s. They will answer as officer so and so, with a heavy paki/Indian accent. Have fun. R.L.
  2. Absolutely new, never used. Have no idea how much to ship, guessing about $25 to OK? Thanks, Bob
  3. Add Charlie Logan and Ray Charmichael to the list of good guy in this business . Talked with Charlie Logan /A&O tonight and was great remembering and discussing old times!! Thanks Charlie!
  4. Have 2 left guys I'll take $100 ea plus shipping. I have pics... for some reason they won't load on this site. Send me an email address for pics. USPMO only please. Buyer pays shipping and ins. Thanks, R.Leyshion, Jr.
  5. Fits the US Small Primer Assy for US shells up to 75mm & 25x194R (Puteaux, Hotchkiss). 1/2" in diameter x 3-1/8" long. Fine thread screws on top of primer assy. FYI: The purpose of flas tubes is to assure instaneous, uniform full ignition, preventing partial or retarded powder ignition causing detonation. Hard to find. $5 ea, I have 27. USPMO please, Buyer pays US flat rate small box shipping. Thanks, R.Leyshion, Jr.
  6. Not sure how many of you here were around in the early days of Sturm in the early 90's. It was a different format, a different time with different board behavior, more characters and definitely different prices for C3 stuff. I like to call it the Wild West days of Sturm. Anyone remember Hoodenpyle, Neanderthal, the Anarchy board, Vollmers and some of the other individual characters ,self included, at that time? What a wonderful time it was! The flaming between board characters, and other boards ran amuck at times, but Buddy reined it all in when it got out of hand. Buddy was like the ref in heavyweight bouts. Man I miss those times. Anyhooo..I had a dealer (who will remain un-named in this post) that came out of nowhere onto the Sturm scene and decided he was going to muscle his way in at Sturm. I was selling NOS 1919 parts at that times along with other belt fed gear. He contacted me privately off the Sturm boards one evening. He was a Florida dealer,07/type 2 and no it wasn't Ruben, Jim Corby or any of the other long established good guys in Florida. This guy as it turned out was a real passive agressive chameleon. He'd post under different board names, attack other dealers and individuals anon, thinking he'd never get caught, then deny it when accused. Eventially he did and was put off the board. During this conversation he decided to confide in me about a recent "STEAL" he had pulled off. Now why he came to me instead of others who were far more qualified to answer his questions, I don't know. Maybe he was worried about be outed by the better known authorities? I was a relative nobody at Sturm. I guess he felt safer talking to me. None the less it was a big mistake for him. Anyway... seems this dealer met a WW1 vet that had a few aircraft mg's. Pretty rare stuff I might add. Of course the old vet had no idea what this stuff was worth. So this scum dealer begins to try to scare the poor old fella into selling him the weapons, you know...so he doesn't get in any trouble, blah, blah, blah. Now mind you the weapons were papered, complete with capture paperwork. He sold this scum dealer the weapons, pennies on the dollar!!! As we continued the converstaion he starts to laugh and tell me how "he stole" the guns off of that old guy, fooling him into believing he needed to get rid of the weapons fast!! He's now bragging to me about how he screwed thus guy over and my blood began to BOIL!!!! Fellas, my dad was a decorated Navy Commander. He's gone now but I loved that man more than life. He gave to this country selflessly for his entire lifetme. He gave to me things I can never repay him for. Stealing from this poor old WW1 Vet was like someone stealing from MY dad. I became totally unglued at that point. I told this worthless POS to never ever contact me again, probably no as kind as this sounds here and punctuated with some of my favorite curse words. I couldn't believe it...this worthless POS bragged about stealing from a guy who fought for his country in the Great War to end all wars. What a worthless human! To this day this guy is lower than whale shxt at the bottom of the ocean to me. And of course like most flash in the pan, white shoed, checker pants carnival barker types...he's no longer a part of this community. Everyone wants a deal, there is a difference between a deal and total dishonesty. Integrity, honesty, and the truth will always prevale. FWIW, R.L.

    FYI guys Coltman 16 who posts on Sturm using that same board name is the same guy who posts on the 1919a4 board using the board name Coltman15. I guess he thought by switching 2 numbers nobody would guess he's the same guy. Duhh... Too funny...tonight he pulled down his post on the 1919a4 board were he was trying to sell the M113 armor shield I sold him for his imaginary M113 APC. that he lied to me about and begged off the price. Buyers and sellers beware of this clown. If he lied to me he'll lie to you too. Sorry Mike I didn't mean to hijack your post! FWIW, R.L.

    Trust, integrity, honor. Lost attributes these days Mike. I just discovered my own post sale scam "incident", just today. It wasn't a total financial scam, I didn't lose as much $$$ as you did Mike, but effectively I lost $1000 trying to do someone I didn't even know a favor. Just like you tried to do, but got screwed. Somebody, who as it turns out made up a b.s. story to get an item I had at a substantially lower price. A total fabrication, a HUGE LIE.. unbeknownst to me. You take people at their word..until they prove otherwise. I guess that's a mistake today. When I started in this hobby I met a lot of people, good people, solid people. Pioneers in this hobby. Guys like Bob Landies, Kent Lamont(bless his soul) Bob Naess, AMA Frank, Hank Kaminski ,Doug and Linda Offinger just to name a few. These are people from a particular time when your word was your bond, and trust was 100%. Deals were made with a handshake or a telephone call. No credit card hold, no down payment initially. Your word was your down payment. Good faith business is a rare thing these days. It's kinda' become a screw you and hurrah for me market. What a shame that some have taken advantage of this trust. I'm not sure how old you are but I'm 65. God knows how I made it this far but along the way I've had some very close encounters with death, and still am dealing with some. Incidents like this change you as a person, making you appreciate things you may have taken for granted before your near death experiences. You feel the need to give back to others.That's how I roll now. Helping strangers in this hobby who ask for help, like the ones who helped me, asking nothing in return seemed like the right thing to do. Or maybe not. I won't embarrass the young man who lied to me here on Sturm. I know he'll be reading this post, possibly even feeling like the dirt bag he is, maybe not. Hopefully he learned a valuable lesson about integrity and veracity after getting his dxck caught in the door now. But I WILL make him feel uneasy publicly here knowing ,I know, he lied to me and now all of you know he lied too. Had a young man contact me on one of the boards here about a potential sale of an item I had listed. We talked about the item, only to find out I had listed the sale price on the item incorrectly, missing a key on my keyboard in the process and never checking my ad. Yea I know Buddy, dumb ass. Like $1000 worth. The guy fed me a b.s. story about really needing the item to complete a armored vehicle he had.Been looking for along time couldn't find one forever. Only thing is I didn't realize the guy was lying to me at the time, so I honored my mistake and his request trying to help him out and let him have it at the posted price... my loss. Well I find out today he really doesn't have the vehicle to complete he said he did, and I found the item I sold him up for sale on another board, just today! It was all b.s. just to get the part at a greatly reduced price for resale so he could make money. Like I could not have done the same for myself. Certainly the item is his to sell now. That I won't dispute. I agreed to sell it to him at 1/3 of it's value, to help the guy out, but on false pretense. The moral of the story is, this industry is too small to tell lies young man. You will be outed again, just as you were here, one time or another. Be thankful I have more class than anger, otherwise I'd post your name right here, destroying you reputation on the boards for a long time, branded as a liar Once you are discovered as a liar and not trustworthy, no-body legitimate will want to do business with you in the future here or anywhere else.Think about that next time you try to tell a lie while working another scam-deal young man. FWIW, R.L.
  9. After seeing a publication online called Defense One, I thought I'd subscribe. Being interested in all things military after growing up on various bases and posts in my youth. BIG mistake friends!! The title is totally misleading. Defense One is owned by the same people that own The Atlantic, it's parent lefty commie propaganda rag. I wrote to the editor, Brad Peniston, and to his credit, he returned my email. After that is when the truth took a hard left unfortunately. He tried, unsuccessfully to convince me that Defense One had no political leanings, one way or the other. Politically neutral, he said. Total Bullshit I say. I did some research and discovered that for one thing, The Atlantic publicly supported the "HildaBeast" in 2016, and made campaign contributions to this filthy skank. Don't be fooled by the org name.Defense One is no friend to conservatives or gun owners. I've since unsubscribed to this lefty, chameleon publication. FWIW, R.L.
  10. No doubt. The dimwits threatened to make good on state by state anti-gun legislation as soon as they took control of the house, and they are doing exactly that. Without capitulation by the Republicans, most of this B.S. legislation won't come to pass...yet. We must all be vigilant. These sneaky dimwit bastards don't always announce what they intend to do, and many times try to pass this kind of crap at 1am in morning, or on a weekend, or just before a holiday or even attach it at the 11th hour to an existing bill with no correlation to gun control. That's a favorite way to sneak this type of legislation through the back door. The worthless Paul Ryan brand of RINO is the biggest threat to having anti 2nd amendment trash legislation like the laws being proposed, passed. He was not working alone, others like "flake boy" in AZ would side with these commy dimwits in a heart beat, with even more RINO'S in the shadows willing to sell us out! FWIW, R.L.
  11. Just heard the little rat will retire by the end of January 2019. Breaks my heart.... it does. Three conservative justices on the bench tips the court our way for a long, long time. R.L. R.L.
  12. GEEZ I sure hope that doesn't happen Dennis. That would put a HUGE dent in your biz and other sot dealers business's in Oregon.That legislation effectively and quite intentionally puts all Oregon SOT's out of business. Who the hell would buy a MG if you can only fire 20 rnds a month? That's insanity. I can't stress enough guys how much emphasis should be put on acquiring the ammo you're going to need or want NOW!! The last time the demwits tried this type of legislative assault on firearms , ammo and gun owners, right after obongo was sworn in, I bought 40K rounds of Bulgarian Arsenal 10 7.62x54R for $40 a 440 rnd spam can. What a steal! At the height of the ammo insanity the same 440 rrnd cans were up to $250 a can! I still have most of it and never regretted the purchase. Now you can't find this ammo anywhere. Mostly Prvi Partizan. at much higher per round prices. Remember just a few short years ago when 5.56 almost reached $1 a round. I'm buying more ammo this weekend myself! Just in case. FWIW, R.L.
  13. Unfortunately the anti American, anti gun crowd has help from sympathetic far left orgs and affluent leftists(Bloomturd and company) . including the hollyslime crowd that have done their homework and have learned form past failed attempts. The old attacks were generic in nature. AK 47, M16/AR15 etc. The new assault rifle/pistol attacks/proposals list EVERY weapon by name, model, mag capacity, length , weight, bay lug, and some I've probably forgotten. It's far more comprehensive. That said I don't think it will pass the senate....now. BUT, what happens if and when these antifag, antiChrist, leftist socialist/communists bent on destroying our Constitutional rights take the senate? Think about life as you enjoy it WITHOUT your favorite weapons, having to turn them in without compensation or worse having them seized in gov raids at your homes and place of business in hard raids, guns drawn, your dog killed, people shot in your home and possibly killed by BATF jackboot asshxles? Don't say it can't happen. They said Trump would never be elected also. Anything is possible today. Buy ammo, lots of ammo...and be prepared to protect your family and way of life. The war clouds are building. R.L.