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  1. Thank you Doug, I'm glad you can use the mount! Best regards, Merry Christmas Happy New Year, R.L. AKA Bob Leyshion, Jr.
  2. Got two of these guys .They make great portable magazines for black powder cannons. I use them for temporary portable storage of BP when shooting my Lyle cannon. R.L.
  3. These barrels are back up for sale. Have not heard back or received funds from the buyer. A local sale (Northern Virginia) is preferable, but I can ship them if you pay the freight. Thanks, R.L.
  4. OK guys that certainly wasn't the result we all wanted, but unfortunately the Republicans were playing checkers and the liberal were playing chess. A predictable unfortunate outcome for all conservative minded people. The results were 100% about showing as much disrespect and hate that the left could possibly bring about and display it in any venue or arena. The mid terms were that place and were entirely about payback because the democrats lost the election. Clearly showing their poor sense of ethics, fair play and fairness. Here is what is necessary to bring real long term change. Start with your children. The future belongs to you younger guys , your family and children. It begins with how you raise your children. Old guys like me won't be around to bring a change. It's up to you. The schools are FULL of self hating, race traitor, apologist socialist radicals. THEY are the ones filling your children's head with poisonous and dangerous political propaganda and sowing the seeds of disrespect for anything they don't like or want to do. Teach your children well, teach them to respect the rule of law, law enforcement and other persons of authority, have respect for adults and for themselves. Teach them how to work hard, to educate themselves as best they can , and most importantly that NO-ONE in this world owes them a thing. Anything they want must be worked for, not given as an entitlement. Education will bring change, propaganda will only bring chaos, and the democratic party and their followers are living proof. This will take decades of hard work to change and the time to start is now. May God save this great Republic. R.L.
  5. Well I voted and I hope collectively everyone's vote will make a difference to keep the House safe for President Trump and conservatives. The P.M.'s, moo-hom-mud pedo's, and illegals were all over the place at the polls. The lines were longer than I've ever seen them, even in a Presidential election.. You would have thought they were giving away free $800 Michael Jordan athletic shoes, falafel, and crack!! Pretty disgusting mud crowd. Virginia doe NOT require potential voters to prove you are a legal resident ( yea...how f-ing stupid is that) On top of that Virginia is for all intents and purposes a sanctuary state. The traitor, self serving demorats WANT THE ILLEGAL vote, and screw the legal citizens. Lest not forget the biggest home builders in this area who also want this illegal trash here,so they can pay them $15 an hr for a carpenter, instead of $45-$65 an hour for a "real carpenter." AKA legal US citizens. Virginia USED to be a conservative state. No more. Only scattered vestiges of conservatism are cleft in my area, like the farmers, trades people and people that still work with their hands, instead of a keyboard. Mostly Yankee transplant morons from New Joysey, Massacrap-its, and a host of other liberal states that hate firearms. P.F.F..these liberal soy boy and milf mommy snowflakes actually call the county to complain about the smell of the cow manure the dairy across the street spreads on their fields in my neighborhood. WTF, you don't like people that still have religion, guns and traditional families, but cowshit really bothers you..... Unfortunately the work/political spill over from the D.C.government bureaucracy and the lack of housing in D.C, puts these liberal retard fags in the suburbs and worse, out where we are in what was the country in Prince William Co. The demographics have shifted dramatically, except for hard core old residents such as myself. I'm hoping above everything that the rural vote will...ahhh pardon the pun...TRUMP the Richmond, Northern Virginia voting pool. God save our Country. Never give up the fight. Stand your ground. Secure the borders Lest work with the President to get rid of illegal alien trash people!! Pray to God conservatism prevails over evil! R.L.
  6. Not sure how many and at what level of interest everyone has concerning the mid terms elections, but obviously you all have some sort of weaponry or another. Having spent 6 years on Capital Hill myself in the early days of my employment, it's hard to stay away from politics, especially since we only leave about an hour away from Wash D.C. I still have many friends who are active diplomats, lobbyists, politicians and hill rats. You better be concerned.....REAL concerned my friends. The threat is real and soon too. If you love your guns as most of us do, you better take this mid term election vote serious and VOTE!! One of the FIRST things on the agenda of radical demo-rats, besides mud face maxine with the James Brown Wig trying to impeach President Trump, are HUGE restrictions to your 2nd amendment rights. Not a buzz line..it's coming if these asshats get in. If you thought the bans of the past were bad, you'll be sick when you see what the demo-rats have planned for gun owners now. They are planning HUGE payback gun legislation, and very quietly too. Notice not too much fan fare. It's by design, Distracting Americans with health care threats, while the sneaky bastards are developing a strategy to restrict then confiscate your firearms. Having fun building your own AR's... yea well that will all come to an end if these radical demo-rat asshats win. I'm not going to preach to you guys, but think about how important your guns are and vote to support President Trump and his republican candidates. It doesn't matter if you like the man or his supporters. Don't make the election or your vote personal. If you want to keep your 2nd amendment rights safe, Vote Republican to keep your 2nd amendment right safe!!! May God help us all. R.L.
  7. Anytime Aaron. Glad you liked the cans! Bob
  8. Aaron Demko, a man of his word. A very rare quality these days. He says what he means , and means what he says CONSISTENTLY HONEST! And a he's gentleman at that too. Never had a son, but if I did, I'd be proud to have a son like him. He's a good man. Thanks again Aaron. R.L.
  9. Sounds good. I have work projects all over Northern Va. We drive back to my shop through Fairfax every day, so meeting up should not be a problem. Bob
  10. Yes, not far at all. I can drive to meet your friend in Fairfax.
  11. I sent some there for about $20 last year.
  12. Anyone in Northern Va want these? I'll sell em for $100 ea. delivered if we can meet up somewhere, avoiding shipping costs which are steep due to the weight. R.L.
  13. OK buck, the two firing pins and handle are yours. Bob