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  1. Sorry , It is sold pending funds. R.L. However I do still have for sale an HK marked MG3/42 tripod that was rebuilt to excellent condition by the German military. It has the Hensoldt optics, but no battery box. It is in about 95% condition. I want $750 plus shipping for this one. If you are interested email me for pics. Thanks, Bob
  2. Forgot...I updated the post last week. The price includes shipping to lower 48 now.
  3. Jim, Any news on the "Werner" blockade over there? I've tried all of my sources, seems either no-one knows, or no-one is willing to say just what happened. I find it rather odd, he just fell of the face of the earth, and nobody knows what happened. Can't find an email address for him either. I can't believe he did something that egregious. The guy was a gentleman. I never saw any profanity, personal attacks or nudity in his posts ever. Werners posts were a valuable asset to most of us in the firearms community and will be missed by most. I for one benefited personally from his knowledge regarding NiteCore flashlights , rechargeable batteries and thermal imaging devices. Could it be since his posts became property of Subguns, as all posts do or did per their policy, is it possible all of his posts and removal of said posts, had something to do with propriety and the sale of Subguns? I hope he accepts our invitation here on the Sturm boards. His vast knowledge would be greatly appreciated here on Sturm! If anyone here knows JJ ask him to contact me please @ fullauto1919@hotmail.com
  4. This tripod was bought new in the foil, not reconditioned like some that have been offered for sale. It's never been used. $1000 shipped to lower 48. No personal checks USPMO only please. With an adapter just about any crew served machine gun can be fired from it. One of the finest and expensive tripods ever made. Comes with Hensoldt optic, battery box and wires Thanks, R.Leyshion, Jr.
  5. This suppressor is like new. I've fired possibly 200 rnds through it. Perfect for MP5 with 3 lug barrel. Rated for fullauto fire. Form 4 in Va. $300. Buyer pays tax and shipping. 100% payment upfront starts the paperwork. Thanks, R.Leyshion, Jr. .
  6. I'm kinda' done with the foolishness on that site...specifically the sword board. Way too much childish, passive aggressive baloney. I've also noticed the "anon" posts have multiplied there too in recent days. Any vacations for these trouble makers? Maybe THEY have get out of jail free cards, or maybe they know someone in high places? Wonder who might be making these posts...HMMM? Anyone... guesses? This last bit of foolishness banning Werner kinda' sunk the shot for me. I wouldn't blame JJ if he told everyone to kiss off after this last bit of heavy handed retribution. Although I cannot speak for everyone here on Sturm, I for one would really appreciate your posts here JJ. I've always enjoyed you informative posts on night vision and the dozens of other topics you are an eminent authority on. I'm sure as you already seen in a previous post, I'm not the only member here that feels that way. We'd love to have you here. This board could use some more discussion. Hell... I'll buy your membership here for the next year as a Christmas present, if you decide to join!! Best regards, R.L. If anyone has JJ's email addy, please send it to me at fullauto1919@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance.
  7. There's A HUGE difference in paying for a product with a credit card at the point of purchase, versus storing your personal info on a 3rd party cloud. If you have your CC # in your pocket or at home or where ever you keep it...safe and secure, YOU have control over it's use. Yep this IS the world we live in, so after stating this risk, now tell me again why anyone should take such a HUGE risk, to secure a vendor's profits .. when the risk to the buyer could be averted all together by discontinuing this high risk policy ? Storing your credit card number with a 3rd party exposes you to fraud on an exponential level. If Equifax...one of the largest credit reporting agencies in the world, DOD and many other high security government agencies (CIA for example) can't keep their accounts 100% secure, just exactly how do you think you credit card info will be secure on a server, probably not 1/2 as secure as the DOD servers? Feel free to experiment with your credit info. I've already experienced stolen credit card info..on an alleged SECURE server! Once was enough , thank you. R.L.
  8. Has been blocked from posting there. Geez, what do we have now a bunch of 5 year olds moderating? Rather suspicious timing too, considering the board was just sold.... and his quiet disappearance? Anyone who knows Werner can appreciate his vast and valuable knowledge of night vision , thermal devices and a multitude of other topics. Hey Werner, if the other guys don't appreciate your knowledge and posts, and don't want you posting there...come here to post. We would love to have you posting here on Sturm. R.L.
  9. For me Sturm has always been the more serious firearms sales board of the 2 sites. Sturm has had serious board discipline from day 1, thank you Buddy Hinton. Subguns used to be the fun place in the Wild West days, back when the GDB was pretty much open to anything you wanted to discuss or post, or just act like an ass in general on the net and get away with it! Not as bad as Fubar's 2nd Amendment board though, fun.. but not really practical or manageable in the long run and a real PIA to police , I'm sure. Unfortunately, the GDB board was over-corrected IMO and the place became pretty ghey after that , moderated and cloistered to the point where, if you weren't a part of the hero worship, good buddy ( no pun Buddy!) gang, you were a pariah or not welcome there. Kinda' funny and pathetic at the same time to watch some of the regulars posts, grovelling around trying to establish themselves there now , kissing aXX with the new owner over the last couple days! So desperate to carve out a new place in the pecking order for themselves. The purchase of the current Subguns board IMO has nothing to do with the Subguns discussion boards, it's all about the sales boards.Messing up the discussion boards would precipitate an immediate decline in board traffic and sales because a lot of guys just go there just to yack. Sturm has ALWAYS been the more serious sales site of the 2 boards. Looks like the new owner is trying to take that title now. Good luck with that. Now I admit my opinion concerning the new owner at Subguns is slightly jaundiced, not being exactly a fan. I have good reasons and I won't go into them in a public forum, but I DO have legit reasons and there are a number of dealers with whom I'm friends, that know the reasons why and have similar opinions, for the same reasons. It matters not to me what happens with the sales board over at Subguns, having sold all of my M.G's. However if I still had an FFL/SOT and was active in sales , I'd have some serious concerns about the transfer of ownership and more importantly the manner in which sales will be conducted in the future... especially advertising. Methinks there is far more change in the winds than has been stated. Personally I find gun auction sites repugnant. Merging personal sales and auctions together on the same site seems like a conflict of interest to me, but what do I know. I see the first shot across the bow was made today about how people price their C3 over there. I guess the new owner thinks he now has the right to tell you how to price your stuff since the ads are free(on his format)...at least temporarily. Yep, that's the hook. Sorry, nobody tells me what my stuff is worth, and how to price it... If I'm paying for the ad or not! Again, I have met some of the nicest, most honest buyers right here, that's no exaggeration. For that I'm eternally grateful to the Albert's. Have a great holiday season. R.L.
  10. For me there is much to be thankful for. Just being alive is a miracle and for that I am blessed. I was told I had a 10% chance of survival in 2009...and I'm still here celebrating holidays with my wife. I have a wonderful wife, a great dog, a lot of fun toys, a successful business, and good friends. Although there is plenty I'd like to have..There is nothing more I need in life. I truly am living by the grace of God, and am quite content. I hope everyone here has something to be thankful for too. I know I do. R.L.
  11. Yea, bet it's gonna be drama central from now on at Subguns considering the previous bad blood. Too bad too cause I've known Tom for about 29 years and I like him...Frank on the other hand.. Uhhh, not so much. I just clicked the new M.G. Central banner there, looks like you will now be required to keep a credit card # on file to post ads. So tell me how it's supposed to work so well when you're posting NFA for sale and at the same time competing with the owner of the site for potential NFA sales? Yea sure I'll leave my Credit card # on file....what could possibly go wrong? To be honest I've NEVER had one successful sale of an NFA item on Subguns. In contrast I've sold my entire collection right here on Sturmgewehr. Thanks for the best m.g.sales venue on the net!! R.L.
  12. At least as we knew it. Frank, "I want all your machine guns" Goepfert bought all of the Subguns Boards. Yea remember him , the "broker" that posted here "constantly and obnoxiously", till he was asked to move on? Yea that one. Yea well he now owns Subguns.com. R.I.P. Subguns. FWIW R.L.