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  1. To be more socially acceptable I call myself a "realist" not racist, because it is what it is and FBI stats coupled with real life personal experiences have cultured/educated my opinion. All the liberal horsesxit in the world can't erase my life lessons, but your mileage may vary! FWIW, R.L.
  2. Great...as if it wasn't enough to have our own racial discord with black American citizens here in the USA, now we're accepting illegal , infected African trash people through the Mexican border. Oh yea did I mention they are all coming from countries where EBOLA is rampant. Fucking wonderful!! What a blessing. These illegals have absolutely zero skills,no way to support themselves and in some cases are bringing their stinkin' little bastards ( even more $$$ from US citizens to spend on yet more illiterate, unskilled trash people). WTF is happening to this country? R.L.
  3. Our Anyang HS88 power hammer shipped from Johnson Metalsmithing in Texas today, expected sometime Thursday. Really nice folks there too. Great communication with Steve and his son James. If UR looking for an industrial rated hammer, no play toys here. These Anyang hammers are the real deal. If UR looking to start a blade or tooling business the Anyang 88 is what you want. Yea, yea I know WTF am I buying ChI-knee for. well the bottom line is there ARE no American, German or Swedish manufacturers in business anyl onger! Anyang is used to forge landing gear for US military helicopters. Believe me if I could have found an American hammer it would be OTW to our shop right now. So I finally bit the bullet and bought one. Pounding metal on anvils is necessary for finish and lighter work, but you can't beat a power hammer for rough shaping heavy or large items into shape.. They are especially useful if you play with pattern steel projects. Some folks call it pattern steel Damascus, but it really isn't genuine Damascus Not unless you're bloom is wootz steel and UR cookin' up you own batches. If the history of Damascus sounds interesting check youtube under "wootz". Some good video's available.The history of genuine Damascus is a long lost secret only few non Arab smiths have knowledge of today. The recipe of Wootz was a highly guarded secret for centuries. Only recently has the recipe been kinda discovered. Vanadium was the magic ingredient. You look for the rest of the story online. Gettin' this sob off the truck and into the shop, is not a task I'm looking forward to. Got a 12K lb forklift coming from a friends crane company to get it off the truck, but final rigging is Johnson bars and ball busting work! R.L.
  4. I'm not sure either, but numerous fake news maggots in our area ( about 4 hr's from the shooting) are reporting the use of a "sound suppressor". Most news media maggots wouldn't know a suppressor from a dildo! R.L.
  5. Notice nowhere does it say who's suppressor it was or if it was even legally owned by this moslem convert asshat. Not that that matters to the victims, but it certainly affects and matters to all who enjoy NFA that are sound , law abiding individuals. Lot's of talk by the fake news about how the guns were legally purchased, but what about the suppressor??
  6. Another "fact" the media refused to comment on was that this POS Craddock was indeed a convert moslem. Just recently converting after being radicalized at a local VA mosque. Jeez , a mosque and radicalizing idiots ...What a surprise. Who ever would have thought? This was his last contribution for ramma-dong, killing innocent infidels. WTF could ever call this sick cult a religion? Only other demented followers of the pedophile prophet and liberal asshats, who still think they are immune to these terrorists, since they support them. Little do they know their days are numbered too. People WTF up already...this is a war, a war on Christians, Jews and all other innocent people who don't believe the sick teachings of a pedophile by millions of uneducated third world terrorists. Pick up a book, no pick up many books on the topic of these shitzlamic bastards, read, educate yourself about these monsters. Then draw an educated opinion. Keep your weapons close, your ammo stacked high and be ready to defend yourself and family against these global miscreants in the very near future. They are here, they are planning, and they will strike again, be it lone wolf events or mass shootings. This terrorist disease was preventable, your elected officials made this happen, they allowed it to happen, actually facilitating the migration of this 3rd world filth to the USA. All part of the New World Order. Still think it's a myth? R.L.
  7. M.R.86, It's very frustrating for me to listen to morons (mostly liberal retards) that spout opinions about shitzlam,the Middle East and the terrorists that follow that cult perversion. I spent many years in the M.E.. mostly Lebanon, but some other places not as nice. Lebanon is a strange place filled with both Christians and shitzlamic terrorists. On the surface it seems calm even nice, lots of Western garb, goods, and behavior, but it's really just simmering below the surface. A Mexican standoff most of the time, until somebody gets blown up in a car bomb or the unfortunate victim of an RPG attack. Car bombs are the weapon of choice for elimination in Beirut. I was there pre and post the Marine barracks slaughter. Hezbollah was behind this terrorist act. First it was the Syrian Army, now it's clearly Iran starting the shit there. I was engaged to a beautiful Christian Maronite girl after the barracks attack. I became immersed in the culture first hand. Ate in cafes with known shitxlamic terrorists eating just tables away. A surreal experience, and a dangerous one for American. They like kidnapping Westerners in Beirut for $$. Luckily my fiance's' family provided security for me since most of her male family members were officers or soldiers in the Maronite Army. Whether Christian or an islamic POS, Eastern culture is NOT like Western culture, not even close, never will be and most Americans have no clue about this vast divide in culture , moors and customs. We are Not all alike as these liberal bozos would like you to believe. Eastern culture is TOTALLY INCONGRUENT with Western culture..period. There will NEVER be assimilation by these terrorist bastards or their converts here in the US. Quite to the contrary, it is written in their toilet paper rag, that they will be rewarded for killing infidels. This is NOT a random or radical offshoot or idea of their cult, this IS the mission of the cult by all who practice the cult of the pedophile prophet. No such thing as moderate shitzlam, that's a news media myth. In the heart of every shizlamic pervert beats the heart of a terrorist. Until all American wake up to this reality, people will die unnecessarily in the USA. and around the world. FWIW, R.L.
  8. So yet another shooting by a minority shooter, with absolutely NO reference to his race or the race of those he killed. Any bets the race of those he killed? Now if this had been a "white, racist, alt right gun owning Trump voter" this shit would have been in very paper in the world. But when blacks pull this shit...crickets. Troubled youth, mother was a crack addict, father was nowhere to be found(big surprise) and the excuses for his crime continue ad nauseum. Total bullshit. Pay attention millennials, this is your future to deal with. And yet no reference as to who DeWayne is. Further proof how skewed and biased the alleged "news(propaganda) outlets are. But we knew that for years. R.L.
  9. Today has special significance for me, but actually should be just as important to all American Patriots. I salute all who have paid the ultimate price and especially their families, those that have been wounded in defense of liberty and those who were lucky enough to serve and come home unharmed. Thank you. My stepdad Commander A.E. Church Jr.was a decorated Navy Commander, who served very honorably in Viet Nam, blazed engineering and building trails in Antarctica. He was a guiding star in my life and the only father I ever knew. I can never repay him for what he did for me while in life. I still the reap the benefits of his knowledge,wisdom and service years after his passing. The best I can do is remember and honor him on days like today since he is no longer with us. Think of a veteran when you do ANYTHING you enjoy in this great country. If it was not for them you might be speaking German, Russian , working in a concentration camp or worse. God and country. I'm proud to be an American, and you should be too!! Thank you again brave members of our Armed Forces. R.L.
  10. UHH, at no time was it my intention to become involved in an effort to become an arbiter/mediator in this purse fight. Did I say I was trying to mediate this sale, no where did I say or imply that. I think I made the intent pretty obvious in my posts. Supporting a friend. My sole purpose of responding to the original post denigrating Matt's reputation was to support my friend, who I know well, against attacks from a veritable nobody who decided to post 1 month after the deal ended about a frigging sling. The facts are known to few, certainly nobody here, only the seller and buyer know the "real" truth. I choose to stand by a friend. I don't know this buyer from schmatz but I do know Matt and I believe his side of the story. Certainly you can believe whoever you choose, that's your right, as it it mine to support a friend. Commenting about past deals and experiences with a friend in no way obligates my involvement in attempting to resolve this matter. To quote another railroad friend...the more you stir shit the more it stinks, so at this point it's between the buyer and seller for a resolution. Time to let them either resolve it or walk away and stop acting like a 5 yo who can't get his way. What really stinks is the way this story was told, the lack of inclusiveness of "all" the facts and the time frame involved in it's telling. That in of itself is very suspicious. Why wait a month to tell your story? In case it went by you ... my last post was an obtuse way of responding to a counterpost made against me when focus was lost from the deal to me supporting a friend. That post was not in defense of Matt. So let's keep the stories, the intent, the players and the statements straight. Forget "all" the facts, they were lost from the first post on. R.L.
  11. So good to hear someone in your age bracket with such sound thinking. Makes me want to believe there is some hope for the future in this country. If and when you have children, teach them right and it will return for generations. The current youth today are just so f-ed in the head, it's a National tragedy. Prepared for nothing, most cannot even take care of themselves, let alone bring another generation into the world. It's good a majority don't want children, as they would just be damning that generation to an existence just like their own. Worthless turds sucking up good air, and returning nothing. Goobers lost in space, with no marketable skills, no survival skills, and no clue how to create a life for themselves by "working" for it. They are brainwashed into believing someone else is responsible for their well being and that everything should be paid for by those "bad" corporations and rich folk. WTF?? Keep up what you're doing young man, you will go far. R.L.
  12. Thanks Mike. You are truly a gentleman and scholar. Thanks for your post. You gotta laugh sometimes at this stuff. Reminds me of a story from my railroad days. As a 24 yo that just graduated from Airco Tech, in Baltimore, with AAR and AWS & ASME certification for unlimited thickness in plate and pressure vessels, i found a job offering at the railroad in the WAPO. I applied at the yard located on Colvin St in Alexandria, off Duke St and was hired. I took a job at Fruit Growers Express. Being familiar with the area, I know you know where this facility used to be off Telegraph Rd. 21 acres of railroad manufacturing and repair. Anyway in 1977 they were hiring and here I was a 24 yo smartass hotshot weldor with an AAR & AWS & ASME unlimited thickness certification, in plate and pressure vessels. They hired me as a junior carman and told me I couldn't weld for 4 more years after my apprenticeship was complete. I wasn't too happy about that, but I was married with 2 girls so I took the job. Unlike most 24 y.o. snowflakes today. They would have been fired in a day, no doubt. This was men's work, no Starbucks breaks. Within 2 weeks, the latest Gov.car program for regular box cars required an AAR certification for every weldor that worked on the new cars. I was the "only" certified weldor at the facility. They "told" me I was the new welding instructor to teach men who had been Master Carmen for decades , and that I had to teach them what they needed to know to pass the AAR plate test with 6011 and fast! Pretty heady stuff for a young man. I taught a number of guys, 30+ years older than me to weld and pass their test, but the hostility towards me by these Southwest Virginians was verbal every day. So as a smartass 24 y.o. that thought I knew everything, liked screwing with them, thinking I was so f-ing smart. Being a weldor is nothing near being a master carman. I found that out as I too became a master carman in the future. Anywho...there was a guy in the blacksmith's shop, who I taught, Red was his nickname. He was about 5'0 tall, but one of the most racaus, feisty bastards on the yard. He taunted me constantly, even though I was teaching him how to pass his test. He was an accomplished blacksmith AND carman. I was merely an apprentice at that time, learning, but no even close in skill set to this guy and most of the other men. He would say to me "boy, you ain't shit. You're 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag, which of course pissed me off. I thought , that little fxxker has got a lot of nerve saying that about me. Red passed his test in time, I spent the next 2 years finishing my apprenticeship early, and now I was an accomplished Master Carman. I could take an R.B hopper, or gondola or caboose apart, from the trucks to the sliding door to the airbrake system and repair them. I thought I knew so much as a smart ass 24 y.o. walking into that yard the first day.. after all I was a certified weldor. Years later, as Master Carman , Master Steamfitter and Master Driller I understand just what ol' Red meant. When you're young, inexperienced, and FOS you let your mouth overload your brain and try to show just how smart you are, when really you're not too smart at all and really you're just 10 lb's of sxit in a 5 lb bag, fooling nobody. FWIW, R.L.
  13. Maybe it was the greasy chicken that stupid bastard was eating a few weeks ago, trying to humiliate AG Barr. The miserable little prick as taken to hospital. We can only hope this miserable POS dies slowly, but positively, and soon. Too bad he can't take ol' sandbag boobs Pelosi , Mud Face wack a doodle Waters, and Cory "I'm not gay" Booker with him!! R.L.
  14. Unfortunately, I agree. The radical libtards that want to commit violence like the Bolsheviks did against conservative Americans, and American values. I say give em what they "think' they want and get it over with. No mercy, head shots and toss em in a trench in an unmarked grave. They deserve no better. Traitors were shot during WW2, I say let's bring that penalty back, no pleas. This mentality or the lack thereof is NOT gonna go away, and it's just a matter of time before some wanna b fag-wad commie with a weapon starts it, or possibly the deep state starts it with another false flag operation. God knows they've tried a number of times already unsuccessfully. Las Vegas was supposed to be the one. Glad it failed. Once the popular consensus of decent, Patriotic, armed, trained, conservative Americans crosses that line, and takes up arms against these communist traitors, it's over for these Trotsky turds! I only hope I live long enough to see things turn around. R.L.
  15. Now who could possibly question such sage and qualified wisdom, all from a member with a 1-neutral community rating since 2016?? Cheers, R.L>