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  1. Using a Texas exchange now 325-603-0310, feel free to ring the number off the hook and let them know how we feel about stinky azz indians trying to scam elderly Americans....bastards! R.L.
  2. on 11/12/2019 In a robbery attempt So WTF would this crime NOT be considered a "hate crime"? If this was a black couple shot by a white perp, the fake news networks would be in overdrive about racist this racist that, blah, blah blah.The inconvenient truth is white people are under attack in a major way almost everywhere. It's not just big cities. It's not "white supremacist" talk, it's fact!! And these crimes get reclassified as something else in an attempt to deflect the true nature of the crime. The news media plays down every black on white attack or murder. He had a "troubled youth", his mother was a prostitute, and on and on. Like all that absolves the poor little low IQ din du for what they did. The "ONLY" thing that's going to stop this bullshit is for white victims to shoot these bastards to kill if possible. Be ready, be aware, head shots, no mercy.....kill em' dead. They ARE predators, just like Hillary Clinton said. Dead perps can't repeat their crimes. R.L.
  3. I'll take the kit and the mags. PM sent
  4. Is the other kit still available. I'll PM. Bob Leyshion, Jr. AKA R.L.
  5. I hope ur right Dennis, if not this country is headed for open warfare.It will start with weaponization of ATF to confiscate firearms. And to the naysayers that say that will never happen in this country. Are you willing to bet your country and rights on that assumption? They said the same about Trump getting elected and against all odds he did. Once he's gone it's the beginning of the end for gun owners. The can of worms exposing the deep state will never go away now. It's out in the open for all to see, if you so chose anyway. It can and WILL happen if these anti-fag types come to power. Vote Trump in 2020 if you value your Constitutional rights. FWIW. R.L.
  6. To keep them from committing new crimes after being released on bond and probation. WTF...did I just get teleported into the 5th dimension??? Who the hell supports this kind of crazy sxit? Oh right..forgot, yea, the batsxit crazy democrats, thats who. Guys the liberals are attempting to take this country down one stupid law and enforcement action at a time. We need to keep these liberal loons out of the White House in 2020. R.L.
  7. Thanks for the info Mike. Hope all is well. I'll send you a PM tonight. Cheers, Bob
  8. The REALLY disgusting thing is the way they treat veterans. My dad was a decorated Navy Commander, and he loved this company. If he were alive today, he'd be so disappointed. Google some of the skulduggery these sxitheads pull on our vets. It's an absolute outrage!! R.L.
  9. Agreed. Ya know the guys at Classic at one time had some nice surplus at reasonable prices. I bought a few things from them years ago that were pretty nice. Good price, good condition. I don't know what happened to them, but they must have caught the disease. Their prices for surplus have become just stupid high. They are selling junk for prices I would never have thought possible. Snake oil salesmen. Lets not forget without the idiot buyers, too anxious to beat out all other buyers to the punch, without them they could not charge such absurd prices. Unfortunately the surplus market has become way to fashionable to find any more bargains, and that extends to tents, generators, cots and the like. Another good thing from the past...gone. R.L.
  10. Just got an e flyer from J&G for 7.62x54R ammo...440rnd tins of com bloc ammo $.43 a rnd plus shipping !! I can reload it cheaper than that. Glad I bought a bunch of premium Bulgarian circle 10 7.62x54R from Dan's, when it was only $.12 a rnd, like 40K rnds worth....hee hee. Still have most of it too. J&G also has Mosin Nagant 91/30's round rec for $300 in "their" VG condition(which is a joke) rating.!!! If you really wanna laugh, pull up Classic Arms and check out their surplus prices, but don't fall outta your chair laughing.These people are smoking something pretty good I guess.When prices for surplus reach prices of newer more modern firearms, I quit buying. The good ol' days really are gone due to some greedy re-sellers. Too bad. R.L.
  11. From Azerbaijan to head up his new super pac.....can you believe this shit? WTF does an Azerbaijani national know about American politics?? Ask Joe Biden, or better yet Hunter Biden. These people are beyond corrupt, they are Democrats. R.L.
  12. Screwed over by the Navy again. WTF has happened to our Special Forces command structure? I'm a a loss to understand this latest example of chichen shit, vindictive bitch behavior by some pussy Navy admiral. The Navy trains these exceptional warriors to kill, let's make no mistake what their function in this elite force is. It is to KILL WITH IMPUNITY, as fast and efficiently as possible. This isn't about winning the hearts of the population of whatever nation they are operating in. It's about eliminating threats by terrorists and terminating this terrorist islamic trash. It's about killing islamic terrorist pussies who torture, maim and plan terrorist attacks on non believers all over the world. So a distinguished decorated war fighter pisses on an islamic POS enemy combatant, and you ruin his career??? WTF is up with this?? Dead is dead, maybe this behavior was in poor taste, but certainly not an act that should require a court marshall and punitive action, against a hero? US Navy ur a fxcking disgrace. How dare you attack one of your best, to please who?? Some Adam Shit type pussy boy in Congress? WTF is wrong with with the Navy today, this is a Goddamn disgrace!!! R.L.
  13. OK guys time to start unloading some larger items I'm not taking to Maine. I have an old belt drive 12" swing South Bend Lathe, power feed was taken off years ago. One of those projects I never finished. I still have all the parts to put it back together, but that's a project for whoever buys it. I have lots of tooling that goes with it too, including a nice 4 jaw chuck. One money takes it all. $250. Yea just $250, I want it gone. Now the caveat, you need to be close to where I live to pick it up or willing to drive here to pick it up. I can help you load it. I'm not shipping this monster out of state. It currently runs, has been stored in my shop for 30+ years. I made lots of small gun parts and drilling gear with it over the years. email me if ur interested. fullauto1919@hotmail.com Thanks, R.L.
  14. Well that might prove to be a little difficult to campaign from a jail cell. Lock the bitch up!! After a short trial of course, and tried by a judge President Trump appointed!! Quid pro and eat shit you stinkin hoe!! R.L.
  15. Ammoseek.com Ammograb.com I agree Target sports is a great place to buy ammo, but there are also other places that have good sales too. I like being able to search by caliber, by price per round or case. Both of these sites are set up to search this way. FWIW, R.L.