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  1. Package is SPF. I will upgrade it to Sold once I receive payment!
  2. PACKAGE IS SOLD PENDING FUNDS **PURCHASE BEFORE 41F…WEDNESDAY JULY 13TH IF YOU LIVE IN VA. MY DEALER WILL START YOUR FORM 4 IMMEDIATELY UPON MY PAYMENT. SINCE THIS IS ON THE LINE IF YOU ARE IN VA $1000 STARTS F4 WITH REMAINDER DUE WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS Up for sale is a 1985 production SWD M11-NINE (9mm) currently on a Form 3 in Virginia. The MG was recently sent to Sam at Practical Solutions for a look over, bullet proofing (complete welds vs SWD’s tack welds which were known to split and or crack...Ready to be shot until you're too sore) and refinish. I can provide a copy of the invoice if interested. The SMG has remained in my dealers safe without being fired since Sams work/refinish. I also have a Bowers Group CAC9 that will go with the SMG along with various spare parts and accessories listed below. Asking $7799 OBO(READ TRADES BELOW) Shipped and insured for the entire package. What’s included with the M11-NINE: (1) SWD M11-NINE Transferable MG serial number 85-00049XX (1) Bowers Group CAC9 Serial number S6XX with cover (1) Spare SWD M11-NINE barreled upper with thread on flash hider (used) (1) SWD marked original collapsable/folding stock (1) Synthetic fixed stock (2) Spare buffers (new) (1) Complete spring kit (new) (1) Faux Suppressor with foam cover (11) SWD marked Zytal 30rd mags (light use) (6) Metal 30rd mags (mix of new and like new) (1) Factory mag loader (1) Barrel Wrench (1) Original strap and hanger (1) Original factory manual (1) Cobray/SWD M11 bag with pouches for suppressor and spare parts/magazines (1) Cobray/SWD M11 range bag Price,Shipping,Payment Price: $7799 OBO shipped and insured to your dealer or you can pick up the MG and suppressor if you live in VA once your forms clear. I am only interested in the following items as partial or complete trade with additional funds on my side if needed. Rare or unusual HK and KAC items(rifles,pistols, accessories,literature). Other transferable machine guns, transferable Colt 607 with original two position stock, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot etc watches. Large US Currency($500,$1000,$5000,$10000 notes) Try me, all I can say is no thanks or let’s do this. BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS (2) $200 STAMPS IF PURCHASING IN STATE ON A FORM 4. Shipping: SWD M11-NINE and Bowers CAC9 will ship via USPS registered mail once Form 3 clears or you may pick them up at various gun shows across VA if you live in VA or in person at his store if you prefer and you are a Virginia resident. Payment: I will only accept payment via the aforementioned partial or complete trades, Certified bank checks, wire transfers, cash if you live in VA or decide to view the Mac in person. I can also accept credit cards with an additional charge of 3.5%. Finally, Feel free to PM,email me if you have any questions, require addition photos etc. I can provide references at your request. Thanks for your interest, Justin
  3. Testing image

  4. WTB: Transferable Colt 607

    You have mail
  5. WTB: Transferable Colt 607

    The 607 had the first collapsable stock produced by Colt. A chopped A1 stock modified to 2 positions with a latch in the rear and a shortened triangular hand guard. Below are 3 of Knights 607s.
  6. WTB: Suppressors in NC

    Searching for the following cans in stock in NC before 41F. Surefire SOCOM Mini 2 7.62 in FDE Rugged Surge 7.62 Cash in hand. Suppressors must be on a Form 3 and form 4 capable of being submitted prior to the 13th of July.
  7. WTB: Transferable Colt 607

    Searching for a transferable Colt 607. Must have the factory furniture to include the early two position collapsable stock and factory upper. PM with what you have. Cash in hand, ready to buy ASAP Form 3 or 4 doesn't matter.
  8. WTS: German Leopard 1 Main Battle Tanks (3) - SOLD - Pics

    Happen to know if these are road legal in the US or can be made road legal?
  9. Looking to purchase the following items Colt XX blank or patent marked mags Colt 1921 Nickel oiler Colt 21 furniture Rusco stamped/manufactured L drum bag and spare parts bag
  10. Should We Add an HK Specific Market Board?

    Yes, I think we need one. I am an unrepentant HK lover, along with Shattered and AGG. Tony glad to see you keep your font and type the same across Pro and here.