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  1. WTS: .30 Cal Shadow Op’s Weaponry Suppressor monocore design 5/8x24

    Lowered the price!
  2. wtb 40mm

    Jon, if you update your title to let folks know you are looking for ammo, that should draw more attention to your WTB ad. Also add in if you are looking for a particular type of round. 40mm Rocks!
  3. WTB German MP5K Navy PIcto grip/housing

    Ross, take a look at HK Parts and Gatewood Supply. Then you can see all of the ones offered: 0-1-F / 0-1-2-F / 0-1-3-F you did not specify which one you are looking for. Also, double push pin or Clipped and Pinned is critical as to what will fit your project. Hope this helps and if you are unsure of something, just post up up a question. We have a great group of knowledgeable people here and Most questions get answered.
  4. Here is a full auto lower, marked 0-1-3-20 and the matching F/A bolt carrier group. Gray receiver with Black furniture. What is pictured is what you will receive, $1,200 + 15 priority shipping w/tracking number. PMT can be by Check or Gift (family friends) via PayPal. Our info is just below the pictures.
  5. We have a NIB .30 cal suppressor by Shadow Op’s Weaponry, these were designed for the 300 Blackout rifles they were producing. Comes apart for easy cleaning, threads are standard 30 cal 5/8x24 RH and measures 8.5” x 1.5” and is hard coat anodized aluminum. $395 is a shipped price with tracking number provided, we eFile for quick approvals! Our contact info is just below the pics.
  6. WTB: New Style - Ruger 77/22 S.S barrel threaded for suppressor

    OK, so after no luck finding a threaded barrel for the New style (thread-in Ruger barrels) I went ahead and removed the barrel and threaded it. Lost the front site doing this, but will be using a small scope anyway. Kept the same length and did not have to re-crown.
  7. We have a post 2009 Ruger 77/22 that the barrel threads into the receiver, not the old V-Block design (darn it). Threads for the suppressor end need to be 1/2x28tpi Any help on where these are available or if you have one available would be appreciated.
  8. WTB Premay UZI

    WTS: Pre-86 Dlr. Sample UZI, full size New in box Never Fired! - NFA Market Board - Sturmgewehr.com Forums If you want to make a reasonable offer, we will consider it. Dennis @ NFA Investments
  9. We have a GG&G QD mount available, excellent condition. (these are $196 + shipping elsewhere) We will accept a Check or PayPal (gift only) for this item< $125 is a Shipped price, Priority w/tracking number included. GG&G QUICK DETACH SCOPE MOUNT SPECIFICATIONS: Patented Accucam Quick Detach Scope Mount is repeatable to ½ MOA. The GG&G QD FLT Scope Mount is designed for Special Purpose Rifles (SPR) or Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) Easily adapts for proper eye relief. Dual recoil cross bolt design. (Not recommended for 50 BMG calibers). Fits 30mm tubes. (One-inch ring reducers are available separatelyas an option).
  10. WTB: Colt XM177 Stock

    Check this one out here: CAR-15 Buttstock - Aluminum / XM177/ Commando/ AR-15 SP1 Sporter - Retro Rifles
  11. We have 2 of these available, as pictured and in excellent condition! PMT can be a Check or via a PayPal Gift only with no mention of what the pmt is for. $125 each and if you take both and we will include Priority Shipping w/tracking number at no charge. Buy one mag, add $6 for shipping.
  12. This is a lightly used Gemtech Tri Lug mount with 1 3/16 x 24 tpi threads and a solvent trap D-Cell adapter that is 1.4375 x 20 tpi Which will screw right into what they call a Maglite D-Cell body. So if you have a project like this going on, or in the future, here is your mount! Will ship 3 day delivery w/tracking number $105.00 and will accept a check or P.Pal as a Gift only.