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  1. Deals, a dealer, dishonesty and a short story...

    R.L, what a friendly reminder of how people can actually be and it is pretty SAD. (reminds me of Dana) We, as a community, are still bombarded by email scams that seem to come in waves. Then there are the scammers that post up ad's, we generally catch those pretty quickly, however there are some folks that see a Great Price and get sucked in and their money is gone... These scammers are all Worthless Humans as R.L mentions. Here is some simple advise for those that read this, unless you know the dealer, do an FFL EZcheck, it is Free and Fast to check. I have had a few Bogus FFL's emailed to me and without doing the FFL EZcheck, I might have been scammed.
  2. AK47 Pre May Dealer Sample AKM Type 56 underfolder

  3. WTS: HK51 A3 SBR Sear Ready by Vollmer $4900

  4. WTS: Frankford Arsenal XM-177 M16A1 F3

  5. New: IMI MICRO UZI Pistol B&G registered Bolt, correctly built Pics F3

    Trades, I am Looking for a Colt M16A1 or Model 614, if you have one on a F3 please let me know!
  6. New address to mail Forms 1, 4, 7 & 8 Portland, OR

    Hey Mike, Thanks for the kind words, however I must say: it is also good people like you (and many others) that make Sturm such a GREAT place to hang out!
  7. As of Feb. 1st 2019 there is a new address to mail these forms to, if mailed to Atlanta, they will forward them. However only until April 30th. Here is the ATF link: https://www.atf.gov/resource-center/new-mailing-addresses-many-atf-registration-forms
  8. WTS: HK51 A3 SBR Sear Ready by Vollmer $4900

  9. WTS: American 180 M2 Pre86 Dealer Sample Big Package

  10. AK47 Pre May Dealer Sample AKM Type 56 underfolder

  11. WTS: Frankford Arsenal XM-177 M16A1 F3

  12. WTS: HK MP5-K by Vollmer w/Transferable Qualified Sear see Pics!

    The sear is SOLD, however the MP5-K is still available. The stock and K grip will be removed as this is an 01 pistol. $5k and is sear ready!
  13. We have a transferable IMI Israel Micro UZI pistol MachineGun, BG Machine registered Bolt. This was sent to RDTS for a full spec build and refinish: folding stock (correctly welded on, not like most of the ones you see for sale), bayonet lug, micro sights, sling loop, ARS lower, correct cocking knob, ported barrel and correctly remarked MICRO UZI (incorrect ones will still say "Pistol"). This is as close as you can get to a real MICRO UZI, it is on a form 3 for fast a transfer, we use E-Forms, , $20,500.00 OBO, reasonable offers considered, plus $125 for USPS insured shipping