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  1. selling

    Looks like you both have accounts, so it is a simple process. Go to NFA Page, "start a new topic", add a descriptive Title, then add all of the info you have into the body along with your contact info - what form the item is on and then add your pictures. Pictures Do Not need to be hosted (photobucket, Imgur) anymore, simply click "choose files" and pull them from your photo's. Hope this helps and I am sure I missed something, but it is easy. Happy Selling!
  2. WTS: Frankford Arsenal XM-177 M16

  3. Scammer Alert “Ivan” SecondAmendmentLLC@techie.com

    OK, if anyone would like to have some fun with scammer Ivan, his cell # is 702-213-5675 and shows he is in NV. Feeling bored at 2 or 3 in the morning, hey, call Ivan. he is always up, trying to scam his next victim.
  4. WTS: Frankford Arsenal XM-177 M16

  5. WTS: Ruger AC556F 13” Blued Folder L-NIB AC556

  6. Scammer Alert “Ivan” SecondAmendmentLLC@techie.com Posting up NFA items at low prices and claiming to be a dealer out of NV and PA. He is using a current FFL/SOT from a reputable dealer located in PA, I know the dealer and contacted him right away. David had emailed his info (he thought to another dealer) for a deal on a Mac 11, then the deal went south. The scammer used the low price M11 to get a copy of a valid FFL/SOT. Then the scammer posted up a AC556 at a good price, also had a lot of pics, but this was all a SCAM! Don’t get scammed, ask for a copy of the F3 showing the weapon and always do a FFL Ezcheck!
  7. WTS: Frankford Arsenal XM-177 M16

  8. HK Magwell Vise Block MP5 9mm models and Clones

  9. WTS: HK MP5 HK53 Surefire tri-rail Handguards

    One more is still available, Last One!!!
  10. WTS: Ruger AC556F 13” Blued Folder L-NIB AC556

  11. It's do or die tomorrow guys..

    Living in Oregon, we have pretty much seen the last of Republicans in power. We all thought the caravans of Kali's moving here was because they Hated their state and Oregon would be better for them. They pulled the wool over our eyes, they came here to infect our state with their Demo-crapic views and vote in LibTards, so now we are screwed. CA, OR and WA states are infected, in a way that may never be reversed. AZ is now in the same boat unless they get their act together. NV is still salvageable, I hope. Montana seems a great state, I never thought it too would see the likes of Tester, Bullock, Cooney and Smith. Maybe Bullock has a little common sense, or maybe not... There was NO blue wave, NO migrant caravan showing up from Mexico. I hope our party will get out and out vote their B.S agenda! MAGA
  12. It's do or die tomorrow guys..

    Robert is correct in many ways about this, they are sneaky and being very quiet about their 2nd A. agenda. Please get out there and Vote - Rep. The only statement I don't agree with is "confiscate your firearms". I know it has been done in other countries and now those countries are paying the price. However here in America, we have folks like "You and I" who would put up a battle. That and how would they pay for my M.G inventory? It is a business, pay me fair market value and I will sell it all to them! they would still never get ANY personal items, sorry, ain't gonna happen, not now, not ever. Did I mention I sold all personal items when I heard this was happening, LOL. But really, vote R and save all of us the thought of having to deal with their B.S Thanks for posting that up Robert, we need more discussion about How to save our constitutional rights.
  13. WTS: Frankford Arsenal XM-177 M16

    We have in stock and ready to transfer out on a F3 via eFile. Frankford Arsenal XM-177, flat top upper with removable carry handle, dual front sling point attachment, Magpul CTR stock, M4 handguards. Nice clean M16 and runs great. 2 mags included, F3 shows this with a 10” barrel as pictured. Price includes shipping, we use the eFile system for quick approval times. $20,500