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  1. Is this the one? And they are available, if it is the correct one.... https://americanweaponscomponents.com/product/effin-a-compensator
  2. May you all have a nice Thanksgiving Day

    Thanks Robert, you and your family do the same. That is a darn good meal you posted above and the sweet potato's are a MUST! One last jab at the Left, then we can all enjoy a good ol' American Meal, the American way - with family and a Big MAGA sign in the front yard!
  3. WTS: HK51 A3 SBR Sear Ready by Vollmer $4900

  4. WTS: HK MP5-F French Model Pre-86 Sample F3 free STURM Shirt

  5. WTS: RARE Pre Sample MK5k MG Exec Condition

    Midwest Distributors: "The MP5K pre guns did not start with a C. Not all were marked T&E." My MP5-K Pre-86 Dealer Sample did start with a "C" and was a 6 digit S/N, C316059. So maybe not all K guns were the same? The T&E marking was on my K gun, but as I mentioned above, Mark at MGE had 2 of these available and only one was marked T&E.
  6. WTS: RARE Pre Sample MK5k MG Exec Condition

    I had a Pre86 dealer sample Factory MP5-K Navy and it was marked: "HK T&E ONLY" The dealer I got it from had 2 "K" guns and I believe he said the other one was not marked T&E, so OMG LLC may be correct, some were, some were not marked. The BIGGER question is, the S/N does not start with a "C" like the MP5 S/Ns start with, and like the MP5SD , they all start with an "S" in the S/N. Also, look at the "K" in the above picture, does not look correct and/or added later? All of my sample HK's (and I have had a lot) the factory stamping was always uniform. Call me crazy, but could this be a transferable one and the NFA branch accidently red stamped it as a Sales Sample? NOW that would be cool and a big bonus to OMG LLC! We all know how paperwork can get messed up, stamped wrong, never received, gone missing and every other conceivable thing that can and sometimes happens with our GOVT. Not trying to stir the pot, but I've had HK pre samples from 1974 and they started with a "C" and never a 4 digit S/N, especially since the K gun was introduced 8 years earlier, that is a lot of years being produced to have a 4 digit S/N. OMG LLC, triple check with NFA Branch, you might just have something there!
  7. WTS: HK51 A3 SBR Sear Ready by Vollmer $4900

  8. WTS: HK MP5-F French Model Pre-86 Sample F3 free STURM Shirt

  9. In stock, on a Form 3, pretty cool set up! LMT 40mm Grenade Launcher, 12” rifled barrel, gently used. Pistol stock (unknown mfg) with top rails, comfortable hogue grip, QD Sight. There is a threaded hole for what looks like a Threaded Stock could be added. We eFile for quickest approval times. $1550 is a shipped price with tracking # provided.
  10. transferable m16

    And still no Update from AK47VT regarding David's comments/suggestions to his post. Seems a little to odd, especially at that price.....
  11. I believe Trump will win the next election, that is unless the Crazy Left gets lucky and takes him down prior to the election. They know at this point, they don't have anybody that can beat Trump, so are trying every other means to do so. Once he wins, then we will get the additional Republicans needed to control and take over the House. Then America (we the people) will continue WINNING!