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  1. Machine Gun Price Guide updated thru February

    Thank you for posting that up and we will check out Adam Kraut!
  2. WTS: New never fired H&K P9S 9mm in box $1495

    MAZZ, here you go in case you missed it in the ad. That was a joke, call or email me about this item. Dennis @ NFA Investments and www.investmentguns.com FFL/SOT Class III (63) Dealer in Portland, OR. Since 2005 Cell #’s 503-720-2280 or escheid@comcast.net Heckler & Koch weapons, Colt M16’s and Pre 86 Dealer Sample weapons. All items posted for sale, are in inventory and NFA items are on Form 3’s ready for transfer.
  3. Very sad times, at least for us that actually have our heads screwed on correctly. The left is so Wacked out at this point, who knows what will be the final outcome, I hope it is not as bad as we think it will be?
  4. Texas town >> Teachers with firearms .... since 2007

    That school gets it and most likely any whack job that wants to go on a shooting spree will AVOID that school and any other school that has armed teachers. The kids and the parents all fee safer, what is the left not getting about how to secure a building? Armed teachers or armed security are the biggest deterrents. Locked doors, metal detectors and some other methods are small deterrents, they are still gun free zones which is what whack jobs are looking for, easy targets. Buddy, thanks for posting that up, makes me believe there is still hope for our blind society of anti 2nd Amendment haters.
  5. Transferable Micro & Mini IMI UZI Package BG Bolt

    Trades: we are looking for Pre-86 Dealer Sample AKM (AK47) and a Mini UZI
  6. WTS: HK 15 round 9mm SP89 MP5K mags German Date Code

    1 magazine is still available, non LE marked.
  7. Suppressed Ruger 77/22 Rifle

    Thanks Jonathan, looks like a nice 77/22 set up!
  8. HK heavy bipod WTK

    Robert, I have recently done 2 quick searches on G. Broker and evil bay. What I found is pricing is all over the place ($70 - $300) Pull some up and look at what you have compared to what others are offering, most differences are in the feet of the bipod. Not sure how to tell a U.S made one from POF and even HK made? They have no date code or stamp, so I am not really sure how to tell other than the different feet. If someone does know how to tell the diff. Please post it up!
  9. Transferable Micro & Mini IMI UZI Package BG Bolt

    Up for sale is a very cool and rare Closed Bolt set of IMI MINI and MICRO UZI SBR/MACHINE gun combo. Conversions were done by MGE and RDTS. The mini receiver is an original carbine with original finish, has a threaded barrel. The micro is a 100% commando conversion. Including the proper trigger housing, front sling loop, bayonet lug, closed bolt user manual and correctly attached folding stock. Both guns are registered SBR's and the registered bolt is a B G micro/mini Closed bolt that fits both guns. This is a 3 stamp set. $28,995 In stock on F3s and we use eForms for quickest transfer approvals. Price includes shipping and a tracking #.
  10. WTS: MINI UZI Pre-86 Dealer Sample $8750

    In stock, on a F3, nice clean Mini, especially the internals. Comes with one magazine. We use eForms for the quickest transfers and keep the customer informed every step of the process. Price includes Priority Mail shipping with a Tracking #
  11. WTS: New never fired H&K P9S 9mm in box $1495

  12. WTS: HK 15 round 9mm SP89 MP5K mags German Date Code

    3 Date coded magazines are left!
  13. WTS: Ruger AC556F 13” Blued Folder LNIB AC556

  14. WTS: HK 15 round 9mm SP89 MP5K mags German Date Code

    You got it, LEO magazine is SOLD!!
  15. We have 4 available @ $55 each with date codes IC, ID, IF & IR, these are used but in very nice condition! Then we have 1 that is marked “restricted Law Enforcement” with IK code @ $70 Will ship priority mail w/tracking # for $6 each package, PayPal accepted (Visa/MC = OK).