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  1. Hey Dennis, 

    I'm sorry for the delay it getting back with you but I did send over the PP F&F payment a moment ago.

    Please ship to SIDE ARM SAMS, PO BOX 668938, Pompano Beach, FL., 33066.

    Thank you,


  2. Last one we have, as pictured, New. $65 + the shipping you choose below. Priority Mail Shipping options and you will get a tracking number: Med box, the mag alone will fit and can include the Pro Mag literature ADD $15 Large box, the mag will fit as pictured with the top of the plastic case folded over to fit ADD $21 We accept PayPal (family & friends Gift) or mail us a check. Our contact info is below the pics.
  3. Looks like this will go thru and Colt will have a New owner, one that does not Despise the American Citizen. CZ seems to be way better at customer service than Colt, maybe this will help. American Rifleman | CZ Group To Acquire Colt
  4. WTS: Intratec Tec-DC-9 Tec 9 with extras excellent condition

    Thanks Jack, I also responded to your earlier IM. Look forward to the call. 503-720-2280
  5. Generally we only deal in Class III items, however this little beauty was fun to have. Now it's been sitting in one of the safes for years, time for it to go! The lower receiver (black plastic) is in excellent condition, no wear, scratching, cracking, it is like new. The upper receiver was Cerakoted in a silver (marine) color and looks amazing. The internals are very clean and it needs nothing. Included is a Vented Barrel Extension, 2 hi cap mags and a spare upper that does not have the barrel shroud (shorter version). Great little set up for $750 (OBRO) which includes Priority Shipping w/tracking number. Looking at these on G.Broker this is a solid price.
  6. Are NFA ADS Searchable

    Hey Joel, yes they are. The screen it pulls up after you hit search, is sometimes hard to notice if there were any results, but scroll down and you should see the results. One thing to NOTE: if you see an item you are interested in, the search screen will NOT show you if the item is SOLD with the green "sold" banner. Dennis
  7. WTB: Sig SAN 550 / 551 Series Magazines

    We have a couple available, 30 round, new! Let me know what your willing to spend and for how many? (keep in mind these sell for $85 ea and are Sold out) Dennis @ NFA Investments
  8. WTS: HK MP5-N A3 sbr by TPM Outfitters, sear ready, as New, Pics!

  9. WTS: .30 Cal Shadow Op’s Weaponry Suppressor monocore design 5/8x24

    Lowered the price!
  10. wtb 40mm

    Jon, if you update your title to let folks know you are looking for ammo, that should draw more attention to your WTB ad. Also add in if you are looking for a particular type of round. 40mm Rocks!
  11. WTB German MP5K Navy PIcto grip/housing

    Ross, take a look at HK Parts and Gatewood Supply. Then you can see all of the ones offered: 0-1-F / 0-1-2-F / 0-1-3-F you did not specify which one you are looking for. Also, double push pin or Clipped and Pinned is critical as to what will fit your project. Hope this helps and if you are unsure of something, just post up up a question. We have a great group of knowledgeable people here and Most questions get answered.
  12. WTS: HK MP5-N A3 sbr by TPM Outfitters, sear ready, as New, Pics!