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  1. WTS: Registered HK sear by Qualified MFG, F3

  2. WTS: HK51 A3 SBR Sear Ready by Vollmer $5995

  3. WTS: HK Magwell Vise Blocks 33/53/93 models $24.95

    We still have a couple of these Vise Blocks available. Due to time and material cost, we will not be producing any more, get one while you can!
  4. Our Vise Block will accommodate Heckler & Koch and most all HK Clone receivers for performing all of your cleaning and gunsmith projects. These are CNC machined out of the extremely durable material called Delrin and have a 7 degree forward tilt so any cleaning fluid can naturally run out the muzzle of the barrel. Also incorporated is the magazine catch slot so the receiver locks into the vise block with the magazine lock. Each HK Vise Block accommodates these HK models: H&K SP89/MP5K SP5K– HK 94/MP-5/MP5SD We accept PayPal (Visa/M.C) to: www.paypal.me/hkstand/26 $20.95 + $5.05 Priority Mail shipping
  5. WTS: Registered HK sear by Qualified MFG, F3

    WTS: Registered HK sear by Qualified MFG, in stock and ready to transfer. Currently set up in a clipped & pinned, contoured SEF pack with a 9mm ejector. Nice clean pack that Fleming originally set up. We use eForms for the quickest transfer approval times. Price $33,500.00 includes Priority shipping.
  6. WTS: MINI UZI Pre-86 D.Sample $8900

    We have in stock, ready for transfer, a nice little Pre 86 dealer sample, IMI Mini UZI. This comes with one magazine, front folding grip and rail. Good shape and the internals are very Clean. Available to SOT holders only. We do eFile for quickest approval times. $8,900 and Priority Shipping W/tracking number is INCLUDED.
  7. WTS: HK51 A3 SBR Sear Ready by Vollmer $5995

    This HK51 was built by FJ Vollmer on a FMP receiver, it is sear ready with a factory full auto carrier, “N” marked bolt head. Flapper mag release, clipped & pinned Navy SEF lower, correct 53 handguard and flash hider. Comes with one magazine. External condition is good, shows wear around ejection port and on the A3 leg. Internals look really good, nice and clean, there is some residue on the bottom of the flash hider. In stock on a F3, we use eForms for quickest approval times and keep the customer informed every step of the way. Form 3 shows this as a Model 51 and the S/N V239.
  8. ProMag Saiga 12 Drum 20 rnd NIB Black Pmag $60

    2 are still available! PayPal accepted.
  9. WTS: (6) STEN mags for Mac 11/9 Conv. guns $45

  10. WTS: STREET SWEEPER 12ga New in Orig Box $1465

  11. WTS: UZI pre-may D.S sample, nice!

  12. WTS: New HK53 SBR Clubfoot H&K $6250

  13. WTS: HK MP5-A3 Pre May Dealer Sample c-pics