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  1. We have a really cool side folding stock that came off of a M11/9 some years ago. We don't have a Mac in stock for me to show you this "on a M11" but it worked very well. This stock was CNC'd from aluminum, it locks up nice and tight, it is light and Very well built. Specs are: 12" in length when open, 9.5" in length from point of rotating open, push button to open/close, rotates to Left side of the receiver, opposite from ejection port so you can fire when not deployed open. I took it by my buddies CNC shop to see about the cost to make more, it was over $500 ea. so that was a No Go. He also thought it was very well made. Unknown MFG? $275 is a USPS Priority Mail delivered price w/tracking number included, PayPal (gift) or a bank check will do. My contact info is below these pictures, bottom of this page.
  2. Wtb m10/9 mags

    I have 4 double stack mags I am not using. 2 are 36 round (same mfg) the other 2 are slightly shorter and are not the same mfg. let me know if you are interested? My email and cell # is listed below
  3. SIG 552 machine gun parts kit

    Here are some parts, what else are you looking for ? Click on the "WTS" link
  4. WTS: HK MP5A3 F Pre-86 Dealer Sample as new

  5. SIG 550 mags. NOS, PRE-BAN

    I would have to say, You did Well, collecting all of those back then. That is AWESOME!
  6. One of my for sale ads closed?

    I would say post up a new ad, as easy as "copy and paste" from the old ad, or start a new ad!
  7. WTS: German MP5 A2 stocks Good Condition! Cheap

  8. We have several A2 stocks available, different date codes avail. if looking for a certain one. We can accept PayPal as a gift, or mail us a check. $48.00 each is a Priority Mailed price w/tracking number
  9. WTS: Intratec TEC-9, TEC-DC9, KG-99 **FULL AUTO** bolt

    Thanks Rob, we appreciate the business.