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  1. People Are Not Buying Guns

    Trump’s election removed a sense of urgency that people who were worried about changes to gun rights were feeling. At this point, I would totally agree that there is NO mad dash to buy up guns, even with the most recent shootings (which I hate to see). Last night in NH, President Trump specifically mentioned, our 2nd amendment will be protected. There may be a "red flag" added, but we will still have our rights. as far as the red flag stuff, I agree and disagree with it. It boils down to How will it would be enforced, that is the million dollar question? It seems like a red flag person would be guilty before presumed innocent, all because a person made a call to the Po Po? I would hope not!
  2. PSA: POS Cuomo

    LOL, now that is Awesome and that POS deserves every bit of Bad Karma coming his way! Thanks for posting that up!
  3. BOI - old subguns

    As of this morning, you now need a user name and password to even look at the boards. That pretty much sucks..... Guess I will stick with Sturm and the new Snugbus. Question for the crew, with Frank having separated MGC/gun spot (for sale items) and the old message boards, why would he keep the boards? The message boards do not generate any money and I suspect is not free to keep up and going, so why keep it? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading most of the posts and will miss some of the really good ones and there were some good ones!
  4. That is totally correct, if you do not 100% believe every word they speak, You are a Traitor to their party. This whole "new green deal" is not about carbon emissions, it is about them controlling the economy and Not for the good of the people (the tax payers). It is only good for Dems who want to control pretty much every aspect of your lives and they will take all they can get. Watching Jay Inslee from WA state is a JOKE, that guy should not even be on that stage, let alone running anything GVT involved.
  5. Capital One C.C. scamming has begun...

    As always, we appreciate the Heads Up on stuff like this. Scammers suck and I hope some Bad Karma is headed their way! Or maybe they are already living the Bad Karma Dream, I really hope so, they deserve it.....
  6. Is the subguns boards down

    Thanks Toad!
  7. WTS: HK51 A3 SBR Sear Ready by Vollmer $4900

  8. I got this from Mark McWillis back in the day when he was still making these. Fits the Mac 11 9mm and worked great with my MP5 suppressor. Shows some wear at the lugs and the threads where the roll pin goes thru, otherwise low round count and the bore is super clean! 5 1/2" OAL PayPal accepted (gift) or I can email you an invoice from PayPal to pay by C.C $85 + $8 USPS priority Mail w/tracking # provided
  9. WTS: HK MP5-F French Model Pre-86 Sample F3 free STURM Shirt

  10. I believe most of us here on the boards, believe the same thing is coming. Especially when we are warned, as they are doing for the 4th. of July. Be ready, because when one is NOT ready, bad things tend to happen. Here is one way to be prepared if you must draw your weapon:
  11. Free health care for illegal "dirt" people...

    I wish it was as easy as simply "educating" the voters as to their ploy: The Dems are all on the same page, pushing their "extreme agenda" to the point of where it is already at. As you mention, "FREE SHIT FOR EVERYONE!!! " This way they can pull back a little and they will not look So Extreme. Ask for 10 LBS of tax payer flesh and when they get 6 LBS worth, they have won, it's that simple. Because next time (and there will be a next go around) they will ask for 15 LBS + the Green Deal. They will not stop and the Republicans don't seem to be organized enough to do anything about it. I live in Portland, Oregon and while my wife and I were down in Eugene for the Garth Brooks concert this weekend, downtown Portland was being ran by ANTIFA and the Cops were "ordered" to stand down. We were watching the news when we got back to see what happened, no surprise, Portland made the BIG news - again.... and for all the wrong reasons. The Mayor sides with the left and the taxpayers are left out in the cold. Stay out of downtown, we are having protests! Just look at what O'Dork was spewing in Mexico this weekend, America is to blame for all that is wrong in the world, including Global Warming, what a Dork. The major problem with this shit is, once it is out there on the news, it is listened to and people start to believe this shit. keep it out of the news..... Rant off
  12. WTS: HK MP5-F French Model Pre-86 Sample F3 free STURM Shirt

  13. Do you buy pre86 dealer samples?

    1. Dscheid NFA Investments

      Dscheid NFA Investments

      We do, mainly HK's and UZI's for the pre samples.

      Feel free to drop me an email of what you have and a price?

      Dennis @ NFA Investments, email me at:  escheid@comcast.net 

    2. Browne Mercer

      Browne Mercer

      I have a HK 21E pre86, I've been told that it's the only one in the US. Do you know? HK would not tell me. I have been told it's worth $75K.

  14. WTS: HK51 A3 SBR Sear Ready by Vollmer $4900

  15. WTS: Pre 86 Dealer Sample MP5A2 Heckler & Koch