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  1. Is there really only 179,000 or so transferable’s

    Here are the numbers and this is from BATFE: So the count is pretty close at 175,977 transferrable. The following information corresponds to your request for an exact count of transferrable pre 86 machineguns, post May 86 machineguns, and sale sample machineguns, registered in the National Firearms Registration Transfer Record System (NFRTR). Restricted 922(o) 297,667 Sales Samples 17,020 Pre 86 175,977
  2. R.L, you asked a valid question: "Since when is the truth racist.?" Answer: The left will let you know when to speak and what to say. If you are not fully on board with their agenda, then you the enemy, plain and simple. Remember the other night when Pres. Trump had a speech at the Target Center, a Great speech I might add! Well, first the police were attacked and as Trump supporters were leaving the event, they had to deal with protesters (who the Dems call peaceful, Not) and the media brushed it over as "don't be a conservative, this is what happens and you brought it on". They have gone Bat Shit Crazy and if they don't settle down, I'm pretty sure "they will get what's coming to them" because until now, we have been very restrained and level headed. I suspect this next election will get very ugly, I hope not, however they will not get over the fact that Trump was elected, fair and square. Hope all is well, Dennis
  3. WTS: HK MP5-F French Model Pre-86 Sample F3 free STURM Shirt

  4. Older board members, beware Indian scum scammers..

    I think we would all like to get our hands on any of these scammers. So I guess all we can do is what you mentioned, play with them on our terms and keep fighting the good fight! All the emails and spoof phone calls, I am so tired of it.
  5. Adam ShXt....dimwit loon

    I agree, they have lost their damn minds and Adam Shit gives me the creeps. The never ending Which Hunt at our expense.... Not sure if this would really work, but it might be worth the effort on Pres. Trumps part: At every speech the President gives, he should really spell it out (hammer it home) how the DemoCrapic party has done absolutely NOTHING in over 3 years. Nothing to help our economy, Nothing to help their constituents, let alone any Americans, Nothing at all! They spend all of their time and our tax dollars on Which Hunts. Then go on to say how he, The President of the United States, will continue to fight for Every American, so we all have the chance to Win! Here is how Sad the divide has become. We live in Portland, OR and if I were to have a MAGA sticker on my car or wear a MAGA hat, I would be attacked, plain and simple. The worst part of that is, I would not be the victim, the local Po Po would say I encouraged it. Since I am always armed, that would just be another thing I would need to lawyer up for, they would spin it as I came "prepared" or whatever they would come up with. So I stay away from the protesting events and other rallies. 2 sets of rules we need to play by, theirs and theirs, or so it seems.
  6. WTS: HK MP5-F French Model Pre-86 Sample F3 free STURM Shirt

  7. Offered for sale is a Like New, test fired only, H&K MP5-F, this is a Pre-86 Dealer Sample for FFL/SOT holders and you can keep this if you give up your license. Built by TSC Machine from a beautiful factory MP5 and a de-milled Post Sample French model MP5A3. This has all of the French upgrades and also comes with 2 German mags. $16,150 is a delivered price via USPS Priority Mail w/tracking # included. Externally the differences are: the new buttstock that has a two inch thick rubber butt pad, an additional sling loop on the right side of the stock for left handed shooters and a one inch increase in length of the forks. To complement the ambidextrous sling loop on the new MP5F fork is the dual front sling bolts and a 3 Lug HK Flash Hider. Internal changes to the MP5F include the following: Improvement of the locking roller holder even beyond the newer wire roller holder. Another internal modification is to the firing pin spring, another part that was prone to breakage, albeit after several thousand rounds. The new spring is of multi-strand wire and thicker. In another move toward strengthening the MP5F for the high power French +P+ loads, the cocking handle was redesigned to help it stay forward during firing. The MP5F is proof that when you thought the MP5 could not be improved upon, the engineers at Heckler Koch never fail to take it one step further. This information on the MP5F came from Small Arms Review, the leading publication for the reporting on innovation and cutting edge firearms design. In stock and ready to eFile this to a new owner, So, you could have this pretty Quickly. BONUS: I have a New, never worn, vintage Sturmgewehr t-shirt, size "L" that will be included, if I remember these were the first ones! see pics
  8. WTS: Pre 86 Dealer Sample MP5A2 Heckler & Koch

  9. People Are Not Buying Guns

    Trump’s election removed a sense of urgency that people who were worried about changes to gun rights were feeling. At this point, I would totally agree that there is NO mad dash to buy up guns, even with the most recent shootings (which I hate to see). Last night in NH, President Trump specifically mentioned, our 2nd amendment will be protected. There may be a "red flag" added, but we will still have our rights. as far as the red flag stuff, I agree and disagree with it. It boils down to How will it would be enforced, that is the million dollar question? It seems like a red flag person would be guilty before presumed innocent, all because a person made a call to the Po Po? I would hope not!
  10. PSA: POS Cuomo

    LOL, now that is Awesome and that POS deserves every bit of Bad Karma coming his way! Thanks for posting that up!
  11. BOI - old subguns

    As of this morning, you now need a user name and password to even look at the boards. That pretty much sucks..... Guess I will stick with Sturm and the new Snugbus. Question for the crew, with Frank having separated MGC/gun spot (for sale items) and the old message boards, why would he keep the boards? The message boards do not generate any money and I suspect is not free to keep up and going, so why keep it? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading most of the posts and will miss some of the really good ones and there were some good ones!
  12. That is totally correct, if you do not 100% believe every word they speak, You are a Traitor to their party. This whole "new green deal" is not about carbon emissions, it is about them controlling the economy and Not for the good of the people (the tax payers). It is only good for Dems who want to control pretty much every aspect of your lives and they will take all they can get. Watching Jay Inslee from WA state is a JOKE, that guy should not even be on that stage, let alone running anything GVT involved.
  13. Capital One C.C. scamming has begun...

    As always, we appreciate the Heads Up on stuff like this. Scammers suck and I hope some Bad Karma is headed their way! Or maybe they are already living the Bad Karma Dream, I really hope so, they deserve it.....
  14. Is the subguns boards down

    Thanks Toad!