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  1. Heckler & Koch Cleaning Stand kit MP5K 9mm HK53 .223 HK 91 .308 $29

    $29.00 is a shipped price!
  2. WTS: 3 Consecutive S/N HK MP5-A3 Pre May Keepers Picto!

  3. WTS: HK MP5-A3 Pre May Dealer Sample $13,995 pics

  4. I was able to contact JJ Werner by email

    That is some pretty cool news, we will wait and see, but absolutely hoping for the best. Here is a thought, the title for this forum is "general firearm discussion" . Every once in a while I think about posting a subject that is not related to a firearm, so I simply do not post that way I am sticking to the guidelines for posting. What about a new title for this forum to something like "General Discussion" or "General Community Discussion" so that if we do want to post up about current events, night vision or how bat shit Crazy the left has become! or whatever? Hopefully someone will read this and post up their thoughts.
  5. WTS: Ruger AC556F 13” Blued Folder L-NIB AC556

  6. WTS: American 180 M2 Pre86 Dlr Sample Big Package $9k

  7. WTS: New HK53 SBR Clubfoot Sear Ready H&K $6250

  8. WTS: HK51 A3 SBR Sear Ready by Vollmer $4900

  9. WTS: HK MP5 HK53 Surefire tri-rail Handguards

  10. WTS: Ruger 77/22 Int. Suppressed, All Weather $799

  11. Our HK Cleaning Stand will accommodate Heckler & Koch and most HK Clone receivers for performing cleaning and gunsmithing projects. The base and towers are CNC machined out of extremely durable HDPE with H.D stainless steel pins in the towers for easy configurability. Each HK Cleaning Stand will accommodate approximately 8 different HK models: H&K SP89/ MP5K – HK 94/MP5 – HK 53 – HK 93/33/33K Due to the properties of HDPE, superficial scratches are visible and expected; however, does not in any way affect the stand. No treatment is recommended but one could use a Scotch Brite pad to remove the naturally gloss finish of the HK Cleaning Stand base. With either finish, your receiver will be better protected from accidental damage of an unsecured receiver during cleaning. What is included: One pre-drilled Base, One front tower, One rear tower and shipping. Payment can be made thru PayPal to https://www.paypal.me/HKstand/29 including Visa/Master card, we also accept checks or money orders.
  12. I was able to contact JJ Werner by email

    I for one used to read most all of his posts (on the other board, back in the day) and I even saved some of his "in depth" look at some N.V products. His knowledge is priceless and what was even better, he shared his knowledge, he took the time to respond to others on the boards who asked questions. As for me, JJW is welcome here!
  13. WTS: HK MP5-K by Vollmer w/Transferable Qualified Sear Pics!

  14. WTS: HK MP5-A3 Pre May Dealer Sample $13,995 pics