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  1. Beretta PM12s Post Sample $6500

    Seeing other Post Samples online for as high as $6995 etc so not seeing Post any cheaper please advise
  2. Beretta PM12s Post Sample $6500

    NIce gun anyone??
  3. SWD M11/9mm SMG Form 3 Transferable $7500

    Nevada and form 3 to your dealer Price is firm
  4. Beretta PM12s Post Sample $6500

    Posting for my friend whom is a class 3 dealer. Post 86 DS (requires LE "demo letter", transfer only to Class 3 Dealer). This is a trade-in from a medium size Sheriffs Dept, and has very small LE agency markings "MCSO" scratched onto it. Overall VG+ condition, will come with one mag. $6500 plus shipping and insurance Form 3 Payment gets you prompt copy of form 3
  5. Selling for my friend who is a Class 3 dealer Transferable, PD trade-in gun, very small block lettered PD markings, overall VG+, likely not shot very much by the PD. Been in safe since 1990, test fired by me a few times over the years, but I haven't shot it much either. The white markings are just "white out", will come right off. Will come with one mag. $7500 plus shipping and insurance *Payment gets you promptly copy of transfer.
  6. Hk MP5 A3 German Original Pre 86 Dealer Sample (Keeper) $12,500

    Thanks Ron, sent you my info and Thank you SOLD
  7. Hk MP5 A3 German Original Pre 86 Dealer Sample (Keeper) $12,500

    If you are looking for a keeper REAL German k MP5, this one is it. $12,500 plus shipping and insurance
  8. Hk MP5 A3 German Original Pre 86 Dealer Sample (Keeper) $12,500

    Will take 50% down and $50% when it ships once approved.
  9. Hk MP5 A3 German Original Pre 86 Dealer Sample (Keeper) $12,500

    Ok $12,500 is a STEAL plu shipping and insurance!
  10. Hk MP5 A3 German Original Pre 86 Dealer Sample (Keeper) $12,500

    This is a great deal, and hard to believe it has not been snatched up. If you want a keeper here it is!!!
  11. Factory German HK MP5 A3 Pre 86 Dealer Sample, Factory NEW German Navy Lower, pre 1986 dealer sample. These guns do not come available a lot, and this gun came out of a medium size PD of about 100,000, and has been sitting, unfired, in a safe for 23 years. It will come with one 30 rd mag. Will show carry wear, but I doubt it was shot much (based on the size of the PD); probably shot just for training. Ready to transfer on a form 3. If you are looking for a Pre-86 original German HK MP5, gun don't let this get by. Serious buyers only please, paperwork will be done swiftly and you will get a copy of the form 3 transfer. The gun is used but will come with a NEW original German mfg 3 round burst trigger group (0,1,3,Full) on it ......unless you would prefer the used 0,1,2 (no full auto) trigger group that came with the gun! HK MP5A3 SN# C317XXX Original Factory German Gun Will be shipped Priority Mail INSURED Only *Buyer pays shipping and insurance please THIS PRE 86 ORIGINAL GUN IS A KEEPER ONCE YOU GIVE UP YOUR SOT *Must be a SOT/NFA dealer to buy and own. Payment must be promptly sent once you buy. Buyer gets a copy of the form once you make payment. Please reach out to me with any questions. $12,500 plus shipping & insurance
  13. This is a great price!! $12,995 plus shipping and insurance REDUCED TO SELL !!!
  14. HK MP5-SD Pre 86 Dealer Sample $17,300 "REDUCED"

    Reduced 17,500 plus shipping and insurance