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  1. Hard to find item... I have a new old stock FN M240 Feed Pawl Assembly. It is complete and ready to go. What you see is what you get. $225 Plus Shipping Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  2. Yugo 8mm ammunition

    Received my ammo . Fast shipping and great ammo. Thanks again! Aaron - Mohnton, Pa
  3. I have two XM-21 Ammunition cans I am putting up for sale. These cans are as rare as hens teeth... They hold 400 Rounds of linked 7.62x51 ammo. You can hook the two cans together for an 800 round ammo load. They do not have lids. They have not been demilled or damaged at all. Will include new decals for each These cans were used on Uh-1B / C / M Model gunships and fed twin M60's or an M134 Mini gun. Some grunts also strapped these to an alice pack frame during the Vietnam War to feed M60s. Feed Chute is NOT included in the sale. $750 Each or $700 per if you buy both (plus shipping) Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  4. WTS: Stripped NOS M249 Barrels

    BTT.... Found one more Para barrel (pictured above in top post) and still have long barrel .... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  5. 10 Month BTT.... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  6. I have some nice USGI surplus m122 Tripods available. The M122 would be the correct tripod for the M60 / M240 / M249. Dates on the tripods are 1970s and one Watertown Arsenal unit made in the 1960s. $675 Plus Shipping Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  7. Yugo 8mm ammunition

    @sherman3 I just sent you a private message
  8. Heavy Metal... WWII Twin 50's

    Both sets of triggers fire the guns. But when you have the guns elevated vertically to engage air targets it’s very difficult to use the bottom triggers. So the top triggers are on a different angle and allow you to fire the guns and more proficiently aim them. That is also why the mount has the curved handle bars. Those are huey helicopter XM-23 door Gun mount boxes , chutes, and bending brackets in the background.
  9. Yugo 8mm ammunition

    @sherman3 I’m also interested in a crate of this if you have more then one available Aaron - Mohnton, Pa
  10. Heavy Metal... WWII Twin 50's

    @Ryo thanks man ... @gftivthey both fire at same time. Synced together.... can not fire one gun at a time in this set up .... two sets of triggers... one set for when the guns are elevated up engaging aircraft and one set for when guns are level engaging ships or ground targets
  11. WTS: M249 Rear Sights - NIW 1984 Surplus

    Two month BTT... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  12. WTS: M240 / M249 Armored Vehicle Cradle Mounts

    Two months BTT .... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  13. Heavy Metal... WWII Twin 50's

    Finally done with these ......I named this rig “Deuces Wild” .. To keep with this set ups WWII heritage, I had an artist who paints WWII art on bombers out west paint this for me....I came up with the painting idea from scratch .... it also acts as a case and link deflector since links and casings come out the bottom...... but also personalizes this gun rig ....
  14. Missing my old friend Mike Todd

    @Ryo thanks man
  15. Missing my old friend Mike Todd

    @R.L. .... speaking of smooth deals.... I got a Navy Mk26 mount from you maybe 5-6 years ago...... After scouring the earth, I finally found a correct matching Naval deck mount that was made for this cradle.... Have the complete system now as found on our US War ships