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  1. WTS: 1917 / 1917a1 Water Cooled Barrels NIW - Pics

    5 month BTT... still have a good amount of these. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  2. WTS: PKM Parts Kit - $4,500

    6 month BTT... have one kit left Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  3. WTS: USGI M60 Channels - Pics

    6 month BTT.... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  4. WTS: M60 Rail Sets and Trunions - Saco & RIA - Pics

    BTT.... have one trunion left, 5 sets of rails, several oprod tubes. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  5. WTS: M60 Standard Parts Kits - PICS

    BTT... still have kits in stock. Also have Reciever parts available for manufacturers who want to build a post sample. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com video courtesy of XRay Guns
  6. Gentlemen, I have a good amount of New old stock FN M240L short barrels. There are two types, one has vortex flash hider and one has AAC flash hider for mounting suppressors. These barrels really improve the looks and maneuverability of this weapon. $850 each Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com

    @mike todd , no problem Mike. Good luck. When you get he matter resolved please shoot us an update should we ever find ourselves in this situation. - Aaron

    Sorry to hear about your situation. Of course I’m not an attorney but I’d say the item was misrepresented and you have grounds to make a case. Joshua Prince (Prince Law Offices) is an excellent attorney when it comes to NFA stuff. He is out of Pennsylvania. Link to his website with contact info below. https://www.princelaw.com/attorneys/joshua-g-prince/ Aaron - Mohnton, Pa
  9. Gentlemen, I have a very nice M2hb .50 cal kit for sale. Most parts appear to be NOS. Pictures speak for themselves. It includes everything to build an M2hb except: - Right Side Plate - Nut for breech lock cam - Adjustable trigger stop screw, nut, and spring - Two front screws that hold on rear sight - The three screws for the retracting slide group EXTRAS INCLUDED WITH KIT: - Cleaning rod set with bore brush - NIW Headspace and timing gauge with instruction card - Flash hider - Carry Handle - Bearing Wrench - Ruptured case Extractor - Barrel Bag $7,000 plus shipping Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  10. I’ll take it... email coming - Aaron In Mohnton, Pa
  11. WTS: M60 Bolt Disassembly Tools - $75 - Pics

    Three month BTT... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  12. WTS: 1919 Headspace / Timing Gauges - $35 - Pics

    4 month BTT ... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  13. WTB: UH-1h Huey Door gun mount - PICS

    BTT... still looking
  14. WTS: M60 Rail Sets and Trunions - Saco & RIA - Pics

    One Month BTT.... a bunch of items sold...still have more... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com