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  1. Can anyone identify these recoil springs?

    Disregard all... I have been told these are recoil springs for a BAR
  2. Can anyone identify these recoil springs?

    Got a bunch of these recoil springs in. All NIW with 1950s 1960s production date. No idea what they are to. They are 17 1/4 inches long. Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa
  3. WTS: 1917 / 1917a1 Water Cooled Barrels NIW - Pics

    Three month BTT... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  4. Info on Various Mounting Systems for the M2hb

    This isn’t a .50 cal but this guy clearly knows what he is doing. I wonder what the life expectancy is of a shopping cart gunner
  5. Info on Various Mounting Systems for the M2hb

    @Buddy H WOW!!! That is unbelievable! What an awesome set up. The ingenuity of some of these guys is just unreal. If anyone else has any pictures of custom set ups that they run please share them. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa
  6. Just wanted to share some information for those of you with M2hbs. Lots of guys out there will shoot them from the tripod thinking that is the only option. There is nothing wrong with that, but me personally, I like to shoot from the standing position. The mount that I use is the Mk16 Mod 9 pedestal mount. It has three legs on it which provide great support for the M2hbs heavy recoil. This pedestal also uses an over the top heavy duty large pintle socket. Which is important given the heavy recoil of the .50 (I have heard stories of cast pintle sockets cracking or breaking during firing). I typically run a Mk93 soft mount in the set up which also assists with the recoil. These pedestals were made to bolt to the deck of a ship. In order to use this with a .50, I fabricated a large base to bolt it to using angel iron. I also have to use sand bags to keep it in place when firing. The complete set up when bolted together isn't to terribly heavy and can be moved around pretty easily. It also fits nicely in the bed of a truck. Some people also prefer to bolt these pedestals to a trailer to take to shoots. I know guys have been running different set ups and coming up with new ideas on how to mount this gun for a very long time and shooting from the standing etc is not a new concept, just wanted to share what type of set up I run. Some pictures and videos below Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com - Just some photos of the set up for reference (some bolts in at the legs are missing because I still need to tap and thread holes) - Here is a video of a Combat Vet ( Marines ) / Purple Heart Recipient (Iraq) running our .50 at this years 1st Bn 2nd Marines reunion that I supply guns for. - Below is a video from my YouTube Channel which better explains the different mounting options for the M2hb
  7. WTS: M60 Bolt Disassembly Tools - $75 - Pics

    Two month BTT... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  8. Gentlemen, For sale I have a 100% ready to go NOS Saco Defense M60 Trunion. This Trunion was never issued and as you can see there has never been a serial number engraved on it. It is new as it came from Saco Defense's plant and has never been on a gun. This is not a transferable Trunion and is offered as a spare part for a transferable M60 or a Trunion for a new post sample machine gun. Perhaps the most critical and unobtainable spare part for the serious M60 Collector. This Trunion looks like it's been in a time capsule Price - $2,500 Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  9. WTS: M60 D Conversion Kit NOS- $2,000 - Pics

    1 year BTT.... have one NOS kit in stock. Updated photos above. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  10. Three month BTT ... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  11. WTS: HK Bolt Assembly Tools - Pics

    One month BTT... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  12. Gentlemen, I have several standard M60 Parts Kits available. These include every part to assemble a stripped M60 reciever. Most parts are NOS Saco Defense. Parts that are used are excellent condition. The barrels are all NOS. $3,500 Aaron - Mohnton, pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  13. WTS: M60 "Hollywood Style" Blank Firing Adapters - Pics

    Three week BTT.... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  14. WTS: 1919 Headspace / Timing Gauges - $35 - Pics

    @mactactical , PM on the way... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  15. WTS: M60D Magazine Brackets NOS - Pics

    One month BTT... Still have a few of these Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com