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  1. MWT are a fine group of people to do business with. I have done several deals with them and have always been completely satisfied. Deal with confidence.
  2. Transferables & New Pricing on Pre86DSs

    May I take an opportunity to let any new folks know. Ivan is 100% reliable and is someone you want to do business with. Do your deal, send your money and rest assured you will be completely satisfied in the end.
  3. Thomas Stewart is first class. I have done business with Mr. Stewart and was completely satisfied.
  4. I had a flawless and stellar experience buying a Steyr Aug from Mr. Thomas Stewart. Every part of the deal was smooth and effortless. I can absolutely recommend Thomas to everyone. Send your money and relax knowing you will be completely satisfied and some when the deal is done. Thank you again Thomas for making me happy. Jim Ferebee dba J&E Firearms in NC.
  5. First Machine Gun advice, opinions please.

    I suggest a MP5 sear gun or even better a push pin registered receiver. There are tons of parts kits for sale for spare parts. Don’t wait the prices will go up quickly.
  6. 40MM Grenade Launcher ammo

    I bought some awhile back from UN Ammo. They have adapters to shoot 26.5 ammunition also.
  7. Not a problem. The serial number must be correct is what really matters. I hope some other dealers on here will chime in to confirm.
  8. I would submit the form 4 exactly as the approved form 3 is written. My form 3's have occasionally been sent back or noted to leave as originally written. I tried to correct errors. The NFA branch wants them as originally created.
  9. I said a prayer for you and your family.
  10. Congratulations on the purchase. You will have a ball. Provide updates and pictures if you can.
  11. WTK M16A1 Pricing - Mesa AZ

    A lot of variables to consider but 18-21k if you do all the paper work and don't have to ship and insure etc. She should appreciate your help and price accordingly. I hope you get it and share pictures and the rest of the story.
  12. First time MG recommendations

    The Uzi is the way to go. Parts are available to keep it running forever.
  13. I would recommend a Uzi. Parts are available and they are dependable. Good luck.
  14. Congratulations that looks fantastic. Share any range pictures you think we would enjoy.
  15. Where are the transferables??

    Political timing may play a part for some C3 sales.