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  1. Can I ask for your phone number? raymond7santiago@yahoo.com Thanks Aren
  2. is the maadi ak still up for sale? email me at raymond7santiago@yahoo.com
  3. Hello GSC, I'm interested in the flash hider particularly the traditional standard type one. I would like to know would it work for my barrel. I have a 1/2x28 thread pitch on mine. Please advice. Thanks Raymond
  4. Hello Kunc, this is the first post where I could find your name. Are you still looking for the hkp7m8? it is a Sterling Va, and without the slide marking. Let me know if you are. My email is raymond7santiago@yahoo.com
  5. WTB: Fn Fnc Sear

    Coolhand, I bought the sear from a former dealer in connecticut, who decided to give up his license altogether. He had three of these sear at one point for investment purposes. After discussing my situation, he was very considerate enough to sell me one at his own initiative. He also told me that he had sold the other one to his old customer. The last thing he told me was that he was going to keep the last one for a future build. I don't want you to get an impression that I don't want to share this dealer with you, but having said I think it would be best just to leave everything as it is and not take that path. At least I have shared with everyone a price that I thought was reasonable for this item. I don't mean to rain down on anyone's party on what they should sell their sear, but for me, I feel very fortunate I found a decent person who didn't take advantage of the situation. Enough said, good luck to you and also to those who are in the market for these sears .
  6. WTB: Fn Fnc Sear

    I received some replies from some of you just to name a few I think one from 0750 turbo(Craig), Kunc(Nick), and Tallpine. I appreciated all your responses, but like I said I am on my way into acquiring one and are extremely glad after a long time looking for any responses out there. A dealer offered me one for 8K. After talking to him, I decided to go ahead and make a deal with him thinking this could be my last chance to ever get it at this price. He had three at one point, but decide to sell two of them, and I think he will keep the last one for a build in the future. For me, 8k is a very reasonable price to pay for one. By the way, Nick I still have the HK p7m8 for sale. It is Sterling VA without markings on slide. Let me know if you want me to hold it for you $2,500 shipped. Good luck on your treasure hunt. Thanks, Raymond
  7. WTB: Fn Fnc Sear

    After a while I am finally dealing with a realistic offer from a very reasonable person. I am on my way in acquiring one. Thanks for the offer Djs firearms.
  8. WTS: Colt 733 commando 11.5" upper SOLD

    Hello Hoverflt, I don't think I can let go of the fnc. I prefer to keep it because it is in such a good shape, I would just like to convert it to a mg. Thanks Raymond
  9. WTB: Fn Fnc Sear

    Could you share your email address or cell no. with me, so we could communicate better.
  10. WTB: Fn Fnc Sear

    Ok, Can I get your email? Thanks
  11. Hi Chuck, Thanks for the offer. Raymond
  12. WTB: Fn Fnc Sear

    I'll trade you a full size IMI uzi for it.
  13. UralPilot. Will $2k be doable for the rifle and find it a good home? Raymond
  14. WTB: Fn Fnc Sear

    Guys, Anyone with an Fn Fnc Sear out there please let me know if you want to get rid of it. I would be interested on one. Let me know the price you are asking. Please no scammers as I had two tried to pull one on me. Email me at raymond7santiago@yahoo.com Thanks
  15. FN FNC Fixed stock model SPF

    jason, Did you receive my reply?