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  1. I started buying and selling Machine Guns well over 20 years ago. I am now ready to let go of my Entire Inventory of Post-Samples, Pre-Samples, Transferables and Title I Guns (Rifles and Handguns). I am looking to do this efficiently by selling to one or even as many as three FFL-SOTs (manufacturers or importers) that would purchase the entire lot and pick them all up as I do Not want to risk loss or damage in shipping this many guns. Here is an opportunity to acquire an instant inventory of, meticulously cared for, difficult to obtain, Factory Excellent, Post-Sample Machine Guns with only Three Conversions. The Three Conversions are clearly indicated in the list. All other Guns are absolutely Factory Original. There are NO Re-Welds and NO Re-Wats. Many of these guns have never even been fired since leaving the factory. You receive the benefit of not spending years of your life searching for these guns and then trying to get LE Demo Request Letters for them all. The prices of the HK guns have risen almost exponentially in just the past few years and will continue to climb. Buy them and shoot them and in less than ten years you'd be able to drop your SOT and double your investment. They'd be great guns for formal Gov, LE & Military training. Or you could rent them if you have a range. I've listed the Post-Samples below. I have some very nice Pre-Samples and Transferables that are included as well as: Three Benelli SBS; HK GLM; Sniper Rifles; HK 416 10.4" Upper Complete; Four New HK Ambidextrous Pictogram Trigger Groups and Several New HK A3 Stocks; Complete HK 21E Parts Kit with Many extra parts including Two 21E Complete Feed Mechanisms; Brand New Low-Serial Number Early Auto Mags; Mauser 66S Rifles; several Modern and Vintage HK Handguns (P7M8, P7M13, USP Tactical .45; Three Mark 23); other Unique Collectible Handguns (Custom made Freedom Arms .454, Dan Wesson .445SuperMag, Wildey .475Mag, IAI .45Mag); MGN and SAR Magazine Collection; Lots of Operator and Armorer Manuals; TONS of Magazines, MG Parts; Thompson and SIG Parts Kits; Loaders; Tripods; Accessories; High-Quality Factory New Ammo; Reloading Equipment; Powder; Primers; and Projectiles; etc... Best contact is my email: The Price is Negotiable... You get All of my Title I and Title II Guns and Everything else that is related to or used in or with a Gun, for $675,000 or Best Acceptable Offer. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ NO LETTER POST-SAMPLE MACHINE GUNS BMP Conversion of CZ Scorpion EVO 9mm BMP Conversion of SIG MPX 9mm Colt M16A2 5.56mm E & L Mfg (Val Cooper) American 180 .22LR FN M240B 7.62mm FN M249 5.56mm New FN M249 5.56mm New FN MK46 MOD1 5.56mm FN P90 5.7x28mm New FN SCAR16 5.56mm New FN SCAR17 7.62mm Glock 18 9mm Glock 18 9mm Glock 18 9mm Glock 18C 9mm Glock 18C 9mm Glock Select-Fire Auto Sear (Quickly and easily converts any caliber Factory Glock into a Machine Pistol) HK 416 14.5" 5.56mm New HK 416 10.4" 5.56mm HK G36C 5.56mm HK G36K Dual Optics 5.56mm HK MG36 Dual Optics & Bipod 5.56mm HK MP5A2 9mm HK MP5A2 9mm New HK MP5FA3 9mm HK MP5K-PDW 9mm HK MP5SD3 9mm HK MP5A2 10mm New HK MP5A3 10mm Consecutive Serial Numbers New HK MP5A3 10mm Consecutive Serial Numbers New HK MP5A3 .40S&W HK MP5A3 .40S&W New HK MP7A1 4.6x30mm New HK UMP40 .40S&W HK UMP45 .45ACP HK Trigger Pack Conversion HK Trigger Pack Conversion HK Trigger Pack Conversion HK Trigger Pack Conversion Hungarian Factory PKM 7.62x54R IMI Galil AR 5.56mm IMI Galil SAR 5.56mm New IMI Galil MAR (Micro) 5.56mm New IMI Galil ARM 5.56mm IMI Galil AR 7.62mm IMI MAG58 7.62mm JSS Conversion of Glock 17C 9mm (Nice Conversion to Glock 18C style Machine Pistol) KRISS Super V Vector SMG .45ACP New KRISS Super V Vector SMG .45ACP New LWRC M6A2 5.56mm New LWRC M6A3 5.56mm LWRC PSD 5.56mm PTM DIAS (Converts AR15 to Full Auto) Royal Typewriter BAR .30-06 (7.62x63mm) SIG 551 5.56mm SIG 552 5.56mm New SIG 552 5.56mm Consecutive Low 3-digit Serial Numbers New SIG 552 5.56mm Consecutive Low 3-digit Serial Numbers New Steyr MG74 7.62mm New Steyr MG74 7.62mm _____________________________________________________________
  2. I need New / Valid Contact Info for SS Firearms FFL-SOT (Sam Scaief) in McQueeney, TX. I have been unable to reach Sam at his usual email and phone numbers for a few weeks now. I am hoping that everything is OK and that he just changed his number and email. Any information and/or help contacting him would be greatly appreciated! Please IM here or email:

    "ALONDRA" is an Asshole Scammer that has been posting WTS Ads on the WTB Board and just Hi-Jacked an Ad on the NFA Board with his own supposed item for less. He will harvest your Images and Ads and try to Scam people by selling these items to them. Hopefully, Admin will Shit-Can this POS very soon. Another scammer to watch out for is "Confettiman" - not as obvious but definitely out to steal.
  4. Wts MK ARMS 760 9mm smg 5000.00

    Hey Guys. Now this Asshole Scammer "ALONDRA" has Hi-Jacked an Ad from Frank Morris. Don't give this POS "ALONDRA" any $$$
  5. Still trading Suppressors for Guns, Gun Parts, Accessories, etc… Email: and make an offer.
  6. All Suppressors are In-Stock and ready to transfer on Form 3s to your FFL-SOT. We have traded several Suppressors and will continue Trading for Guns, Gun Parts, Accessories, etc... Email at: and make an offer. We Accept Checks and USPS MOs as well, however, almost everyone so far has preferred to trade. AAC RANGER-2 .223/5.56 Threaded NIB DELTA P BREVIS .223/5.56 Threaded New No Box GEMTECH M4-96D .223/5.56 Including Bi-Lock QD Mount for M16/AR15 NIB GEMTECH M4-96D .223/5.56 Including Bi-Lock QD Metric-Mount for HK NIB HUNTERTOWN ARMS B22 .22LR Threaded NIB HUNTERTOWN ARMS GUARDIAN .22LR (Stainless Steel) Threaded NIB SILENCERCO OSPREY .40/10mm CAM-LOCK NIB TACTICAL INNOVATIONS TAC-65 .22LR Threaded NIB (Have multiples of several models of Suppressors) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Images of SILENCERCO OSPREY .40/10mm
  7. The Mentally-Retarded individual has already placed Two for Sale Ads on the WTB Board that, hopefully, stand out to most people as Obvious Scams. I marked them with replies in order to save the over-eager people from being taken. Ads will probably be pulled by Admin pretty soon… Anyway, watch out - Scammers are Always trying to Steal your $$$.
  9. Thank you for the kind words! I believe that if the people of the world were more like the 99% of Us here on Sturm, we would have very few real problems. Good old USA would be one hell of a great country again, guiding other lands, by example, to freedom and prosperity. The hope for future generations burns brighter now that we have Trump. Thanks to you and everyone else that made that dream a reality!
  10. Excellent - I understand what you meant now... I always want to kick the shit out of all the supposed, conservative, "gun people" that won't vote yet constantly bitch and moan for years after an Obama bin Laden or Klinton gets elected. I remind them that they have no right to complain since they pretty much voted For those Assholes by Not opposing them and actually voting for the better choice. So tragic. It absolutely amazes me that it remains so difficult to motivate many people to do something so important, painless and simple. They refuse despite the reality that the future of our world hinges on the outcome.
  11. Post all of her info here. You have a moral obligation to report this Piece of Monkey Shit to any and all appropriate authorities that may or may not exact legal remedies on your behalf. Don't let these Fuck-Tards get away with anything - just promotes more of the same in the future.
  12. Removed Sold Items...
  13. Tom: Just sent PM
  14. Re-up Ad...
  15. Final Price Reduction: $850 Shipped in CONUS. Also Open to Trades…
  16. Brand New, Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T, Variable Power Scope with Illuminated Circle Dot Reticle. This was purchased for a gun that I sold before I received the scope so it was never even mounted on a gun. Only taken out of Box for inspection and images. It comes with everything from Leupold: Factory Box; Paperwork; Decal; Flip-Open Lens Covers; and Factory Mount for Picatinny Rails. Final Price Reduction: $850 Shipped in CONUS. Also Open to Trades… Direct Email:
  17. Lowered Price Again: $905 Shipped in CONUS. Also Open to Trades...
  18. Re-up Ad...
  19. Continuing to Trade for Guns, Gun Parts, Accessories, etc… Email: and make an offer.
  20. WTS HK Fleming Auto Sear $30,000

    Funny to see Scammers Feign Indignation… How dare we demand proof that the Sear actually exists before wiring $30,000 to some wonderful Prince in Nigeria?! Anyway, "Williams" why don't you prove everyone wrong by posting large, clear images of your Sear sitting on a piece of paper that reads: "Sturm is Great" Handwritten in Blue Ink? None of us will hold our breath waiting for you to comply with such a simple task because we already know that you cannot. So why not drop the act? Your song and dance routine don't play here...