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  1. Delay in mailing out approved forms?

    Exactly as you saw Frank. Form 4 approved 3/4, received 5/27.... that is 12 weeks just in "the mail" so to speak.
  2. WTS: RARE Pre Sample MK5k MG Exec Condition

    A 1984 hk94 would be a 4 digit / no alpha SN, but I can't see how that host could become a premay K gun.
  3. MG-34 .308 conversion experiance?

    The 308 conversion in the mg34 can be finicky, but when done right they just run. I've been doing 308/x51 conversions for a while with great results, long and short, and my personal short 34 (mg34s look) runs perfect at 950RPM. Doesn't sound like you have a belt issue by your description, but the MG3 belts are greatly preferred for feeding 308/x51.
  4. John U is an outstanding human being even though you say "I don't think he is a thief". You can't just say that he isn't a thief and his own guns are missing.... It should be obvious to anyone who reads this that there is a lot more to the story. I know a fair bit of the story and none involves John stealing his own guns.
  5. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    NOS sights are available at Sarco for $175 if need be, I just finished a 60mm build recently and it is quite a hoot.
  6. WTS: Colt SMG 9mm Parts Kit $750

    Doesn't appear to be a 9mm upper and certainly isn't a 9mm bolt. Do you have a full 9mm parts set available ?
  7. WTB 1919

    Looking for a 1919, complete gun, sideplate only, or gun and accessories. Let me know what you have, thanks.
  8. WTB: 1919 Transferable side plate

    Phil if Gaujo isn't interested PM me details on the 1919 please, looking to buy one.