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  1. S&W 629 44mag Trail Boss 3” barrel, Unfluted Cylinder Original N Rubber grips, plus SW X Grips. Really helps tame recoil. Box, lock paper work. Original owner less than 500 rounds Pristine condition. Asking $1100 Will ship to FFL $45
  2. Dan Wesson 44VH (Monson MA) Hunter Pistol Pak. 3-barrels 8' vented & Non-vented + 6”. The shrouds are all Heavy Vented. 2 grips (Zebra Target & Combat) Case, sight tool, shim, extra sight blades and Safariland 1001 Lg Rev shoulder holster. Bluing is pristine. Lock up is tight. Shot everything from 44spl to Buffalo Bore 300gr hard cast. Asking $1600 will ship to FFL $45
  3. Garand en block 8-round clips AEC manufacture Appear never Used..............LISTING IS FOR 100 CLIPS $140 INCLUDES USPS PRIORITY MAIL TO 48 STATES WERE LEGAL KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS
  4. Bennelli Field ribbed barrel 26" 12ga ...M1/M2.Includes five choke tubes+wrench....From 1991 New retail price is over $500 Near new condition very few rounds passed down the barrel. $300 +UPS Ground shipping.
  5. Sold my reloading equipment and now i am clearing out the remainder. 158 7.62X51 (LC& Win) brass resized ready to load......... 2000 Large Rifle Primers Win & Federal........................50 163gr Black tip AP............ 50 143gr Red tracer bullets. As a Lot $160 + Shipping if required
  6. Garand en block 8 round clips 100 count AEC manufacture, never used. $120 plus $18 shipping with tracking number.
  7. Israeli 7.62X51 147gr Ball 760 rounds in 20rd boxes Most are in sealed boxes, some boxes open but are complete 20 rounds. Mix of 70 & 80"s head stamps Boxer primed. Brass clean. I have fired these though several rifles including a two HK91 and M1A. They all went bang. Per the head stamps this came from an Israeli Military armory. $360 for the lot. (.47cents a rd)+ Ground Shipping
  8. 30 cal 163 grain AP Black Tip bullets 168Gr. Total of 400 bullets selling in 50rnd PAKS.......Price is $60 per 50 rounds Currently have 400 Bullets available............Black tipped AP bullets were pulled from U.S. Government ammo. Most of the paint is intact. ....They are becoming harder to find every day. .....Shipping is additional $8 per pak with tracking number.
  9. Benelli (H&K) M1 Super 90 12 gauge. Pistol Grip, 20" cylinder choke barrel, 7+1 mag tube, rifle sites, GGG oversized charging handle Inertia Driven action, makes recoil a Non-issue. Minor scratches on receiver. Blueing 95% bore and receiver clean. This is an Inertia Driven action, makes recoil a Non-issue. ............................................. One owner since 1991. I have put everything from Federal & Remington trap loads, high brass, 00 Buck to Remington and Brenneke Slugs. This gun feed every type shell for me with out any issues. . $1200 + cost of UPS Ground and Insurance
  10. Bulgarian Arsenal SA-93. (7.62x39) One of the BEST AK’s ever produced. Milled receiver NOT a parts gun. Purchased in 1994 very few rounds though this gun. Excellent condition. Has a Choate stock and weaver rail installed. Included are pins to return to original condition as well as the 5rd mag and manual Also include China 90rd Drum Mag All Pre Owned Firearms Should Be Inspected By A Certified Gunsmith Prior To Loading Or Firing. No Sales To CA, MA, CT,NJ, NY, Cook county IL Not For Sale Where Prohibited. Check Local Laws . $1100 + shipping to your FFL