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  1. NFA / Full Auto Gunsmith Needed

    Congrats! What is your first MG? In the machine world, most gunsmith have their speciality. Some work on a few different ones but people will be able to give you a better idea based on your gun.
  2. WTK: Sideplate Vickers price?

    Very cool photo! Dolf is such an awesome resource! Thanks for sharing!
  3. WTK: Sideplate Vickers price?

    Based on the last 6 month multiple Vickers side plates have gone for $13k - $14k with tripods At RIA in August a Wilson went for $13.1 with the buyer premium included. At Creek there was a C&R balloon gun for $14k On gunbroker these are two were no reserve auctions. One needed built ($12k) the other is a complete gun ($13.1k) Best of luck, there is little demand for ww1 style machine guns. Folks want modern machine gun currently.
  4. PM regarding vertical grips I will take both vertical grips
  5. Money Saving USPO Mailing Info

    Thanks!! I knew about the regional boxes but never thought to use a padded envelope. Does anyone know if there are any restriction on the width of the padded envelope?
  6. WTS HK Fleming Auto Sear $30,000

    You actually annoyed a scammer! Win!
  7. Colt is going retro

    Anyone know if the Colt lowers on these guns will accept a DIAS?
  8. Scammers are out in full effect

    Thanks for posting! Knowing scammer will be called out helps everyone on the board.
  9. PA MG Shoot April 30/May 1

    Looks like perfect weather for the weekend. Who else is coming out?

    @Machineguntony I like that you are calling ushardcore and serious! Haha I now feel special!
  11. I will take the mags per out discussion. Stand up seller. Buy with confidence!
  12. Think I got Scammed

    Sucks!! Sorry to hear this!
  13. Brand new never mounted SWR Trident 9 fixed mount. This mount is threaded 5/8x24 and is ideal for mounting the Trident 9 onto a 300 blackout barrel. SPF $110 Shipped --USPS MO or Discreet Paypal Gift Item will be shippedPriority Mail
  14. SAR pics

    Thanks for sharing the photos. We're the photos taken on Saturday? Looks a lot fuller then Friday.