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  1. Morphys auction pre 68 transferables.

    You see golf clubs and gun clubs close area here. There are a lot of both so if you don’t keep active members your time is limited.
  2. Morphys auction pre 68 transferables.

    @Got Uzi What is the end result after all the young guys are gone? Prices drop or the stuff stays in collections forever? I always here about gun clubs closing based no young guys and so many cases they didn’t want new members. Just curious on MG future thoughts.
  3. Morphys auction pre 68 transferables.

    I saw that too. I do not know of any transferable but never know learn something new all the time.
  4. For Sale: Mossberg 590A1 SBS Shotguns (Multiple)

    PM sent with contact info
  5. WTS: M249 rails

    Email sent on the used bolt. Second on the slide if the deal falls through.
  6. shipping

    +1 USPS register mail and fully insured
  7. Sear Gun Transfer - Take Host Home

    I personally want customers, and ask them to take everything but the registered part. It takes up less space and is less for me to manage.
  8. Morphy's Auction Today

    The crazy part is add 20% buyer premium plus your states sales tax. Here in PA that’s 6% Take that $82.5k Thompson and now is a $104k gun out the door!
  9. I will take the barrel. PM to follow
  10. WTB 50 round Grease Gun stick Magazine

    Check over on uzitalk there is a guy there that was and is the one who builds them. He does them in batches from the way it sounds. I will PM you the link
  11. HK MP5 Magazine

    I will take them PM to follow
  12. Swedish K M45 parts kit

    I will take. PM to follow. Previously sold — disregard
  13. NFA dealer Inventory

    Agree on what Ryo said! When you are in the eform system you just click the “form 3” sheet as if you are going to complete them. After you pull up your transferor info you can skip the transferee page and go to the item page. When go to “add an item”. You will see a list of the item in your inventory. As a FYI when something is missing and you try and correct it.. You make more head way bang your head against the wall. I had a missing pre- may gun that can in on a eform form. When I talked to the ATF on the phone they said it was in my inventory but no one could add it to my inventory. Eventually had to file a paper form 3 to transfer. Hope this helps!
  14. Next Subgun

    Depends on your budget. You are looking at double the price for a sterling over a sten. Both are great Subgun but their respective prices make them not particularly comparable.
  15. Swedish K front sight retaining-lock spring

    Thanks for sharing! I sadly broke a bunch of spring on barrel shroud a couple years ago. Not sure I ever figured it out and maybe sitting on one of my shelves still.