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  1. ZB30 Czech Bolt

    Bump for the weekend?
  2. ZB30 Czech Bolt

    Looking for a ZB30 bolt. This is the Czech version not the Yugo or “J” version. Will take complete or stripped! Thanks!
  3. Knob Creek April 2020 Show / Shoot

    100% agree! See everyone in October
  4. WTS: Lancaster MagaIne

    I’ll take it PM to follow
  5. MecGar 40rd Uzi mags

    As the title states I am looking for 40rd MecGar made uzi mags. These mags have no number marking and no weld seam. PM me what you have and price. thanks!
  6. 7.62x54r 660rds

    Email sent ** I’ll take per our emails
  7. What did the value per round come out to be, out of curiosity as this stuff doesn’t come up for sale to often.
  8. Sneak peak at our MG42 7.62x39 conversions

    @mike todd Per the ad above: The conversion uses original MG42/M53/MG3 belts, it does like tighter belts as the rounds tend to fall out of looser belts. The belts are easily pinched to tighten them up as you load the ammo.
  9. Tips for upcoming Tulsa Show

    Is so few of machine guns normal for this show? How about machine gun parts?
  10. No that was a rumor that it would be part of the final ruling. You need to submit finger prints for each item and each responsible person must submit prints for said item.
  11. NFA / Full Auto Gunsmith Needed

    Congrats! What is your first MG? In the machine world, most gunsmith have their speciality. Some work on a few different ones but people will be able to give you a better idea based on your gun.
  12. WTK: Sideplate Vickers price?

    Very cool photo! Dolf is such an awesome resource! Thanks for sharing!
  13. WTK: Sideplate Vickers price?

    Based on the last 6 month multiple Vickers side plates have gone for $13k - $14k with tripods At RIA in August a Wilson went for $13.1 with the buyer premium included. At Creek there was a C&R balloon gun for $14k On gunbroker these are two were no reserve auctions. One needed built ($12k) the other is a complete gun ($13.1k) Best of luck, there is little demand for ww1 style machine guns. Folks want modern machine gun currently.
  14. PM regarding vertical grips I will take both vertical grips
  15. Money Saving USPO Mailing Info

    Thanks!! I knew about the regional boxes but never thought to use a padded envelope. Does anyone know if there are any restriction on the width of the padded envelope?