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  1. The Knob Creek Shoot and Show for October 2020 has been cancelled. Please see below: While we are essential...large events in KY have not been cleared. Large events are still being canceled or being viewed virtually, such as sports, Thunder Over Louisville and the KY Derby. We wanted to give spectators, vendors, and shooters enough time to rearrange plans and ensure everyone’s health is our top priority. We don’t have the ability to abide by all of the CDC and the state of Kentucky health guidelines to host our event with enough spacing, hand sanitizer, and other disinfectants to maintain such a large crowd. We don’t want to invest a ton of money, time and energy (we begin prep work in July) only to be forced to cancel at the last minute leaving our vendors and travelers to attempt to cancel their plans (like we had to do for the April shoot). We hope all can understand! We appreciate your support and can’t wait to see in April!
  2. All 5 Volumes of “The Browning Machine Gun” in New Condition. This excellent set of reference books were written by Dolf L. Goldsmith and published in hardback by Collector Grade Publications. SOLD PRICE REDUCED TO $260.00 shipped via USPS Large Priority Box mail. Payment by check or money order. Will ship when payment clears my bank (Wells Fargo). Thank You
  3. Looking for recommendations for an engraving machine for a small Class 2 shop. Will be used for suppressor tubes and SBR(s). I know "you get" what you pay for, but they only manufacture and engrave 20 to 30 items a year. Thanks in advance.
  4. Transfer question

    Form 4 (with $200 transfer fee).
  5. SOT dealer moved during transfer

    I'm sure your SOT used a forwarding mail request with the USPS. My last approve Form 4 (5 days ago) states the following on the front of the envelope: Forwarding Service Requested Report any address changes to NFA Division at (304) 616-4500 Good Luck
  6. HK MP5 30rd magazine “5 pack”. These mags are marked: 9mmx19 JC $525.00 Shipped via USPS Priority Mail Sold Pending Funds
  7. HK PSG-1 Trigger Assembly Group. Original German manufacture. $1150. Shipped ( SPF ) HK 93 Woodland Mag. Marked 5.56x45 IE $100. Shipped (SPF to IG720) HK 93 Three Mags. 2 5.56x45 HJ / 1 5.56x45 IC All 3 mags $200. Shipped (SPF to IG720) .
  8. Transferable underfolder AK47 (SWD Conversion) on a Poly Tech stamped receiver (Keng Import). The weapon is in 7.62x39 caliber. This weapon is like new and we believe it has not been fired since the conversion’s test firing. The weapon is on a Form 3 and ready for E-Form transfer. Weapon will come with 1 30 round magazine. $25,000.00 Shipped REDUCED TO $23,000 SHIPPED The AK will be for sale / display at the Knob Creek show this week on Table C-18. As always, all NFA rules apply.
  9. M-1 Carbine mag pouches, Vintage FS

    I'll take them. PM to follow.
  10. Transfer from Estate to Named Beneficiary

    The use of a Form 5 allows the tax free transfer as a named beneficiary (heir or heiress) in a will. The Form 4 (with $200.00 transfer tax) would be used if the transferee is not named in the will or the weapon is purchased from the estate. NOUN beneficiary (noun) · beneficiaries (plural noun) a person who derives advantage from something, especially a trust, will, or life insurance policy
  11. Transfer from Estate to Named Beneficiary

    I had 3 NFA items transfer to me on a Form 5 as a named beneficiary 13 months ago and FP cards and photos were required.
  12. AK47 Underfolder on Form 3 Price Drop $23,000.

  13. AK47 Underfolder on Form 3 Price Drop $23,000.

    Still available!! On Form 3, ready to transfer!!
  14. Has anyone heard if the April Show / Shoot is still on? Thanks
  15. I'll take the 93 Hand guards if available.


    1. Dscheid NFA Investments

      Dscheid NFA Investments

      Both or one set @ $98 ea.?



    2. AirCav73



      Please let me know where to forward payment.


      Rod Bowman

  16. WTS: Model of M1917A1 SOLD

    I am offering for sale an unfired Model of 1917A1 (30-06) build by Bob Landies of Ohio Ordnance Works in 2005. This was built with a pristine 1928 Colt kit on a registered transferable 1917 side plate (this is NOT a C&R weapon). As stated this weapon has not been fired since leaving OOW. This sale includes the following items: Colt Automatic Machine Gun Tripod 1918 Cloth Belt Loader with Case 4-Wooden Ammo Boxes 8-100rd Belts 5-200rd Belts 3-250rd Belts Anti-aircraft Sights Condensation Can and Hose Various Manuals Price is $18,000. + shipping cost
  17. WTS: Model of M1917A1 SOLD

    Sure! Send me a PM with an email address and let me know what "close-ups" you need. Thanks
  18. This is a 1960s-70s Travel / Operator’s case for the U S Navy Mark 22 Mod.0 pistol (Hush-Puppy Model 39 used by the SEALS). This case is solid wood (very heavy) and was professionally made the pistol. As the photos show, there are separate “compartments” for the silencer inserts, special ammo block, cap plug, chamber and other items. I have had this case for over 30 years with the plans of building or purchasing a Hush-Puppy pistol. Too many other projects never allowed me the opportunity to move forward. The S&W Model 39 is NOT included in the sale. Price is $450.00 plus shipping. Any questions, please pm me.
  19. Sold Pending Funds Thanks
  20. M60 parts for sale as ONE group. Includes the follow items: New barrel assembly (marked 93412-7269028- 2-66-N3311712 P M) Butt stock assembly – Handguard Assembly – Trigger Assembly 2 Op-rods - 2 Bolt Assemblies – 2 Buffers Triggers – Firing Pins – Recoil Spring Guides – ETC – ETC Everything in the pictures $2000.00 shipped UPS ground Check or USPS Money Orders All State and Federal laws followed
  21. WTS: Model of M1917A1 SOLD