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  1. PM sent to Firearms Enthusiast
  2. Randy Weaver dead at 74

    I met him at Knob Creek in October 2000. Purchased and had him autograph his book "The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge" written by him and his daughter Sara. My business partner (Bob Burns) had his picture taken with Randy at that show. May they both rest in peace.
  3. I've had the same thing happen to me with that site. Anymore, if there is something I want, I call them direct. Most have a phone number listed. If they don't answer or return a call, their lost sale.
  4. We have an S&W Model 41 with a 7 3/8” barrel. The pistol is in the original box and appears to be unfired. Pistol was manufactured between 1973 and 1974. $1050.00 shipped (SOLD PENDING FUNDS) from FFL to FFL. Sorry, no sales to California or any other state that requires special FFL transfer. We also have a Ruger New Model Single Six (22LR and 22 Mag cylinders)(model 00623) new in box. According to Ruger online info, pistol was shipped in 2000. $635.00 shipped from FFL to FFL. Sorry, no sales to California or any other state that requires special FFL transfer. We are handling the sale of these firearms for an estate. Payment by check or USPS money order only. Item(s) will be shipped after payment clears.
  5. We have 5 Rounds of MK211 Raufoss 50BMG and 10 Rounds of Twin City Arsenal .50 M2 A.P.I.T for sale. The MK211 are head stamped WCC 94 and the APIT are "Ammo Lot 18126" and are head stamped "TW 52" The "TW 52" may or may not be corrosive. It falls right in the time period of corrosive to non-corrosive. $425.00 Shipped UPS Ground SOLD PENDING FUNDS We will not ship to any state, county, or city where ammo can not be purchased on line and/or tracer ammo is prohibited. Thank you
  6. We have 3 new in wrapper Barrett M82A1 50 BMG magazines available. All 3 for $300.00 shipped. SOLD Pending Funds Check or USPS Money Order
  7. We have a M82A1 vehicle / tripod mount for sale. $275.00 shipped UPS ground (lower 48 states) SPF Check or USPS Money Order.
  8. Knight's Armament SR-15 Match Rifle

    Final price reduction
  9. Knight's Armament SR-15 Match Rifle

    Price Drop
  10. We have for sale a Knight's Armament (Vero Beach) Stoner SR-15 match rifle. Knight's Armament made only 73 SR-15 match rifles in 5.56 in 2001/2002, and of those, only 18 were marked “M-4 Sniper R.A.S.” (PN: 99167) on the hand guard. This marking was given to those with the rare rail adapter system installed that was actually part of the M4 sniper program's military contract. Only a handful of these rails were left from a military contract and were used for this batch of Stoner SR-15s. The rifle also features a KAC FF free floated RAS rail, a Kreiger hand lapped 20' SS barrel (1-7 twist), low pro gas block, KAC National Match two stage trigger, KAC chrome bolt and bolt carrier group, KAC front and rear sights, KAC rail covers, A2 grip and stock and Harris bipod with KAC bipod adapter. These were sold at the time as guaranteed to shooter better than 1 MOA. The rifle is excellent condition and has a very low round count (please see pictures). $5400.00 Plus shipping
  11. MP40 magazine

    The only 3 letter code beginning with a "g" and ending in a "m" I could find was "gum". A German ordinance code assigned to Bergisch-Markische Eisenwerke , Velbert, Rheinland, Germany. The waffenamt inspector's mark looks like "WaA 140" is from the Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre, Herstal, Belgium
  12. This is a G3 (or clone) 922R compliance parts kit. It includes 8 U.S. made parts (please see photo) that will count toward your compliance requirements. This is a NOS kit from the late 1990s era. $65.00 shipped
  13. Sad news indeed. He was a medical officer (O-4) in the Army and I believe his wife was a RN. We are losing a lot of the older generation of our NFA friends. Thank you for your service. Rest in Peace