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  1. WTS: Transferrable Ruger AC556F $10,000.

    Still available!
  2. We are offering for sale a like new Ruger AC556F transferable machine gun. This is a 191 Prefix series and offers semi – 3 round burst – full auto fire selections. This weapon came to us from the estate of a retired law enforcement officer. This weapon is on a Form 3 and can be E-formed to dealer. Weapon comes with 2 20rd mags and 2 30rd mags (Factory). Price is $10,000.00 and payment by check only (we do not accept credit cards). Please note that shipment will be held until check clears our bank (our E-Form transfers are very quick these days). Shipping and insurance will be $100.00 paid by buyer. If you have any questions, please PM.
  3. WTS: ACU Nutsacks 100 and 200 round

    I'll take them. PM sent
  4. Looking for recommendations for an engraving machine for a small Class 2 shop. Will be used for suppressor tubes and SBR(s). I know "you get" what you pay for, but they only manufacture and engrave 20 to 30 items a year. Thanks in advance.
  5. Price dropped to $80.00 Shipped!
  6. Price dropped to $80.00 shipped.
  7. Franklin Armory HK-C1 Binary trigger new in box. $500.00 shipped. Sold Pending Funds Note: Please know the laws in you state and /or county for purchasing this trigger. No sales in CA, CT, DC, FL, HI, IA, MD, NJ, NY, RI, and WA. Payment by USPS MO
  8. MP5K shoulder holster made by Bianchi International in the early 1990s. I purchased the holster new and worn it several times many years ago. It is in excellent condition and has the magazine carrier for 3 30rd mags. $80.00 shipped SPF I accept USPS Money Order or Discreet Pay Pal Gift (Friends and Family).
  9. Offered for sale is a Sten MkII de-milled parts kit in excellent condition. The kit is basically ready for you to build a semi auto Sten build or an SOT/07 post sample machine gun. This set is complete and includes 2 Sten Mags and STENPARTS.COM spring set. $300.00 shipped to you SOLD As always, all NFA rules and regulations will be followed as well as state laws on magazine capability restrictions.
  10. WTS: M27 / 5.56MM Links in 5,000 piece Lots

    PM sent. Thank you
  11. WTS : Chinese .308 Sealed Crate $ 350.00 delivered to KCMGS

    What's the price?
  12. Welcome to the New Forums!

    This is great!! Thank you!