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  1. Yar, no regrets on the M4 Enhanced I suppose, for the M4 Commando Enhanced is more desirable IMO. About that untouched/unfired NIB XM4 proto, it may have been an inside hook & crook job by the former Colt employee, but at least it had the pedigree to pass off as legit. 1983-1986: US Property marked M16A2 & US Property marked XM4 prototypes Colt's Model 720. -source:
  2. No longer looking for just a Billistics RDIAS, any steel RDIAS will do. A scammer contacted me thru subguns from the email of (Cook shell, poorly posing as Steven Gilbert. Scammer didn't even bother to register a more plausible email, couldn't provide any forum account, eBay, GB account references, and dodged the phone. I asked for a pic of the RDIAS with its serial facing the camera, lying next his his driver license, with all resting on top of the matching form 3, and he sends me this today: Notice how the shadow of the RDIAS does not cast over the corner of the floating, lower resolution, and obviously cropped DL picture. This attempt reminds me of something as silly as this official NASA video of the moon floating past the Earth: Official NASA video, “This animation features actual satellite images of the far side of the moon, illuminated by the sun, as it crosses between the DSCOVR spacecraft's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) and telescope, and the Earth - one million miles away.” Naturally, NASA must disable comments for the video. But how can anyone think this is real? That’s a time lapse yet the weather/clouds never change, moon doesn’t rotate to continue facing earth. All surfaces are fully illuminated. Wouldn’t the moon cast a massive shadow on the Earth? Stars anyone?
  3. The seller, targetmaster, said, "This is 100% original Colt factory gun. The serial # was registered prior to making this gun so that is how it is transferable with the modern receiver." 12 hours ago I offered to buy both his M4 Enhanced + XM4 but wanted more proof on the M4 Enhanced such as form 3. The seller just informed me that they have both sold for his full asking price of $99,990.00 ($49,995.00 each). The form 3 was never revealed to me.
  4. @secondofangle: You joined 6 minutes ago, I assume to be a whistle blower on this stash of new exotic and unheard of transferables. Are you implying that this 4-pos M4 Enhanced is less than legitimate in the eyes of the ATF and is more along the lines of a franken-postie? Please elaborate.
  5. I get the strong impression that the Colt AR15/M16 is the the most common transferable machine gun platform there is, as in there is obviously more supply than there are collectors since there's such a silly-fat glut of these out there, but this particular variant (the M4 Enhanced 4-position as a factory original build) just caught my eye a day ago, and that's where my shopping/research experience begins for Colts. So, considering how ultra-common the transferable Colt AR15/M16s are, I'm shocked to learn that there may only be one or two M4 Enhanced units listed for sale on the market right now. That would make these on par with HK trigger frame rarity, which are basically of uncommon scarcity. Not bad! However, I'm not finding a transferable 'M4 Commando Enhanced' (see subject title and my sig below for reference) listed for sale at the moment. I sent targetmaster an email yesterday asking about his M4 Commando Enhanced, but no response yet. How often do those pop up and what do they usually sell for? Are they as uncommon as the M4 Enhanced? I'd like to buy one within the next week; last minute shopping before 41F sunrise. Payment in full upfront, preferably same day.
  6. The floodgate broke on the transferable M16 platform with perhaps 100+ of these models/variants listed for sale publicly at the moment spread across GB, sturm, subguns, autoweapons, etc., so I'm looking for alternative sources. Just as with my WTB ad for the Norrell 10/22, I was looking for alternatives outside of Frank of Midwest Firearms, but ultimately ended up buying his GB listing anyways: Let the offers roll in. I'm shopping for a steel RDIAS too btw:
  7. Geez man, 20% less than his full asking, $24k just this past month (with a host gun) for that $30k Billistics listing. And yet you also agree with the seller, that my opening offer of $30k was too darn low. Ya, no rhyme or reason at all here. To keep everyone in high spirits, my stubbornly consistent buying stratagem has been "I'll take it", but when no price is offered, all I have to go on is the last known full asking price that I was aware of. Btw, your purchase price of $24k is on target, $25k would be median: Knowing what I do now, no way I'd pay $35k+ (no clue what the seller wants, $30k wasn't worth his time to counter after all) for a loose RDIAS without a host just because a month ticked by. Regarding Frank's listing at $34k, and this is Frank we're talking about (he commands premiums), he probably sold for whatever his reserve was, which is basically what I did for his Norrell 10/22. His said he would accept $16k and so that is what I paid. I certainly didn't try to talk him any lower. Using the ratio of $16k actual purchase price versus $19k buy-it-now of Frank's Norrell 10/22, that places his $34k Billistics RDIAS buy-it-now at a possible and probable $28k sold price. You know, I gave this some thought. What really makes sense is that this TN seller that claims to have just sold a Norrell 10/22 on sturm for $13.5k but balks at a $30k initial offer for a bare RDIAS and tells a motivated buyer to take a hike, really doesn't have chit for sale. The logical thing to do would be to 'shut up and take my money', if he actually had anything to sell. Am I right?!
  8. Thanks for the support, where there's a will there's a way, that and the stars and planets align just right. Already had a seller in TN contact me within an hour of my ad posting offering a Billistics RDIAS on form 4, but he said my $30k offer wasn't even ballpark, so this may not be happening. Then I asked to see his proclaimed list of 30+ transferable MGs that he wasn't attached to in case there was something else we could come to terms on, but was told, "based on what you think a Billistics RDIAS is currently worth, it would be a waste of my time". This feller has a talent for sniffing out tire kickers eh? coolhand, didn't you just buy that $30k Billistics RDIAS from subguns this last month that was listed on Apr 18, 2016? As in the seller's full asking was $30k, not sure what you actually paid, could have been a bit less, often is. I mean, the last known full asking price was indeed $30k, and that was the only recent/valid price I had to go on. This seller who approaches me is the same guy who just sold a Norrell 10/22 thru sturm for $13.5k (which is thousands below what I just paid for one), so I figured an opening offer by price matching the most recent known full asking price of the exact same item was very much "ballbark" and not low-ball. I wasn't even given the opportunity to accept his counter offer since none was ever provided, instead I was given the finality of a 'Good luck." Alas, I'm new to this hobby, still learning the ropes and apparently pricing doesn't always follow any conventional rules or logic (its a seller's market they say!). I'd say live and learn, but I'm not even sure where I fumbled. Ha! I know you (coolhand) just bought a DLO pack for a fair price. I tried to find the post about the RDIAS on HKpro but it probably got deleted, I'm thinking the RDIAS mention was in that DLO pack thread. I thought that item was just AR15 stuff until I just learned, as in yesterday, that you can use a RDIAS in an HK416! Now that would be a must have in a 10.5" barrel. Something to bridge the gap between MP5 and M4 but with HK reliability. I wish I knew this stuff months ago, about out of time here unless I find a motivated seller in TN, but thought I'd give it a try. I even missed out on a Norrell 10/22 pack that sold for $13.5k (John Norrell told me this week that this was an average sale price for a pack with S&H sear) last month on here/sturm that was on a form 4 in TENNESSEE!!! (from the Billistics RDIAS seller), because I didn't realize it was a must have until recently. So, I just capitulated and overnighted a bank check to the highly revered Frank for his GB listing: He only asked for 50/50 but I made payment for 100% since he agreed to start the form 3 to my local SOT pronto. I'm offering the same courtesy for Billistics RDIAS btw, 100% upfront. I even checked with, and here’s what they said, “Last Norrell pack we had was around 7 or 8 years ago. Of the 16,000 plus NFA items that have come and gone over the years if we had a dime for every email about a Norrel pack we can stop selling NFA and live off the dimes. Don’t have a clue where they all went.” Crazy, because they have like a dozen+ M16s and a score of HK machine gun transferable listed, which supported my decision to buyeth from Frank. Anyways, I think this Billistics RDIAS will be the last big item on my WTB list now, then all will be right in the world before 41F. If I break down and buy after 41F, should I put on individual form 4 to myself and keep separate from trust in order to keep my gun trust more incognito? Or would that still make everything on my existing trust transparent since I'm the responsible person on the trust and also the same person collecting NFA stamps post 41F? Update: As I suspected, the last Billistics RDIAS sold for < $30k off subguns. Click this link for proof of this past but deleted listing. Me: Curious. Was yours on form 3 or form 4? If form 4, at least I can tell myself it wasn’t a viable purchase anyway since I’m trying to get this in before 41F. Also, what was final sale price? Your asking of $30k, or a bit less? Seller: Yeah F4, just under 30... Source being Steve Nugent for these other goodies currenlty listed from his collection on subguns: Conclusion: My opening offer of $30k was > a recent confirmed sold price that occurred within the past 30 days. Hardly grounds for such premature reproach.
  9. WTS Knight's H&K KAC Navy 9mm used $1000

    Your pictures aren't loading.
  10. Updated with pictures. Can provide more pics or even 1080p to 4K videos upon request. 0% interest payment plans over several months are acceptable. Order ships when balance is paid.
  11. Looking for a transferable 10/22 trigger pack from John Norrell with or without a host gun(s). A minimum of 2 such packs have sold through sturm over the past month, but I didn't know that I was interested until recently. I'm aware of Frank. I'm looking for alternatives. You can email me at *5/17/2016 update: Bought 1 from Frank since his is on form 3 from dealer. Will buy another if yours is also on form 3 from dealer outside of TN or on form 4 in TN. Trying to squeeze last minute purchases in before 41F.
  12. SACO M60, UNFIRED, $50,000

    I was just admiring it, and I do covet it, even watched videos of this gun in action before. Its too bad that I live on a zero lot that's very much dead center of Memphis, TN, so it should go to a better home. Like someone with a hummer, land, and a balcony or flat roof for setting up their turret defense. This would be almost as practical as picking up a 50 caliber or a minigun, but def at the top of the dream gun list. I suspect that such WMDs would be perma banned from any of my local ranges anyways. Interesting to learn that this was already a pricey gun back in '86, thanks for sharing, good luck with sale.
  13. SACO M60, UNFIRED, $50,000

    Purchased January of '87 eh? Oh my. Historical acquisition here. What was your purchase price like back just months after the ban?
  14. Actual pics of bundle shown. Purchased new at full retail. 1 owner, brand new, never fired. All accessories, ammunition, everything is new, never used. Bundle includes: Factory complete and new Glock 19, Gen3, with UPC 764503195020. 50 rounds of FMJ 115 grain Winchester ammunition. 5 cartridges of 12 gauge shotgun buckshot. 2 factory sealed/new gun safety locks. PayPal gift (friends and family) is accepted, no fees, or will accept payment by check or money order. Also listed on GB with no reserve and a buy now option:
  15. I'd take $550 shipped outside of GB.
  16. The search is over. Deal was finalized for the 3rd and final HK LaFrance trigger pack, and my gunsmith confirmed that the recent two acquisitions can indeed be converted from SEF to ambi. As with all of my machine gun purchases, each pact was sealed by a completed (signed & dated by both parties) 2-page contract. So this is a done deal. Full bank wire payment (no 50/50) to be transferred after the seller provides his full T/T info, and the banks reopen for business. The scammers seem to prey almost exclusively on us HK buyers, so I'd recommend matching the form 3 or 4 with the seller's driver's licence, a phone call or two to get a feel for the seller, verifying the phone #'s area code and email IP with his geographical location, checking tax assessor records for a match of his home address, and finally but most importantly, protecting both you and the seller with an ironclad contract. After these past 2 weeks of searching, I can tell you that there are at least 16 self-proclaimed HK LaFrance pack owners over on HKPro, and I came across a few outside of HKpro as well, but I'm only buying this final pack. Thanks for everyone's correspondences and consideration with this project.
  17. I wish to purchase a title II NFA transferable class III HK (Heckler & Koch) trigger pack manufactured and registered by Tim LaFrance of LS (LaFrance Specialties). Thanks for your consideration. You can email me directly with pics of your pack & your form 3 or 4 to: shawn at neo-geo dot com or call 901.292.0880 *Offering $300 finder's fee for a lead that results in a deal closing. My references: My eBay feedback, member since 1998. My HKpro feedback, joined 2-21-2010. and my Gunbroker feedback. Other ads for this hunt: subguns ad HKpro ad
  18. WTS:MP5A3 Fleming $32,000

    Under the old sturm board, they must have had the entire Comcast domain banned because I never could post on here without using a proxy service even with my dynamic IP and router reboots. Glad they didn't carry over those IP bans to the new site as using a proxy service was a hassle. I agree, this seller smells fishy. These foreign scammers seem to prey exclusively on us HK buyers. Why that is? To protect one's self, I'd recommend matching the form 3 or 4 with the seller's driver's licence, a phone call or two to get a feel for the seller, verifying the phone #'s area code and email IP with his geographical location, checking tax assessor records for a match of his home address, and finally but most importantly, protecting both you and the seller with an ironclad contract.
  19. WTS: German HK MP5K $29,900

    Another broken English scammer here that hasn't figured how use punctuation and capitalization. Best not to proceed at all.
  20. The stamped/serialized component is the frame. They have the LS logo and the consistent 6 alpha numeric serial in the same location on each pack that I've come across (including other owners' packs I've compared with). Neither of mine should have components within the frame that are serialized, but I've heard of LS packs having internals that are marked. What also matters is how its registered on the form 3 or 4. My 1st LaFrance pack looks like a full auto frame that has a tiny shelf cut to fit on a a semi-auto shelf. This pack was modified by Terry Dryer to be ambidextrous 4-position with 2-round burst. My 2nd LaFrance pack looks like a regular DLO SEF frame, only because the shelf cut is so deep that I can no longer tell if it started out as a full-auto frame. It's currently in SEF configuration and will need to be converted to either ambi Navy or ambi 4-pos w/ 3-rnd burst. Regardless, any SEF frame that started as semi-auto can be converted to any 3 or 4 position ambi configuration by those are are willing to perform the modification: RDTS, Michael's Machines, Terry Dryer, or TSC Machine. But that's assuming that your frame is a candidate for said conversion, i.e., markings/logos/serials aren't in an area that are at risk of being obfuscated/truncated by the new holes and enlarged selector hole post modification. The primary incentive/benefit for this procedure (having a serialized frame instead of a sear) is that you can swap out your pack's original SEF internals with all new factory internals, so no more re-timed hammer & friction sear, for everything runs at factory spec using modern rolling sear. You can even have a qualified gunsmith convert an ambi frame back to SEF by welding on metal, though I can't imagine why you'd want to.
  21. I'm passing on the information in case anyone else would like to order these while they are available and before the 41F sunrise. I submitted my order for the SRC HK MP5 suppressor. It has size and should compete nicely with Gemtech's MK-9K. Looking forward to hearing its tone. Please keep me in mind if you come across one of Tim LaFrance's trigger packs as I'm still searching. Suited for 25k rounds, lifetime guarantee & fully serviceable by the manufacturer. $600 each, and would be the quietest you've heard. For the MP5 suppressor, he has 8 or 9 units in stock. For the M4/M16A2 cans, he has 9 or 10 units in stock. --> For ordering, contact Tim LaFrance directly (see biz card below). Click the thumbnails to view full size: For more info, visit this thread.
  22. Keep in mind that this 175 # was probably just his guesstimate. When I first asked him he said he’d have to check his records, but when I asked him again during the same call (doubt he had time to dig through those old records), he gave me the 175 quantity. From the LaFrance pack owners I've spoken to, the highest confirmed owned # is 100, and that someone says he knows someone with # 101. I'd really like to secure all 3 within 30 days, sooner the better because chances are it will be a form 3 from out of state. I suppose I have another month to find the next one before I'm getting dangerously close to the 41F sunrise. Good luck with your hunt for a FNC folder.
  23. Per the suggestion of coolhand, I just tracked down Tim LaFrance to see if he had anything set aside. Spoke with him minutes ago, he's still sharp and involved in the machine gun biz. Regarding rarity, Tim LaFrance checked his records and the last/final HK trigger pack that he registered was # 138. He also said, "There may be a few more but they would have been post sample by that time. He doesn't have any packs left or any finished machine guns for that matter, as he sold off everything years ago. He mentioned a SRC MP5 3-lug silencer that he recently finished a batch of. I requested material on them by mail (he doesn't do email). He said they were suited for 25k rounds, $600 each, and would be the quietest you've heard.
  24. Thanks for your concern. I suppose I'm both a LaFrance collector who also likes his work, but the primary reason for the specificity in brand is because I've already secured 2 HK LaFrance packs from 2 different sources. 1st one was with form 3 filed last month, and 2nd from last week. Now I seek the third. Would have been fine with DLO to begin with, but not at this point, prefer to keep all 3 same brand now. My plan is to have LaFrance pack x3 secured before 41F, with each to ultimately be modified from SEF to ambi in the following configurations (this plan is 2/3 complete):