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  1. Norrell 10/22 trigger pack price?

    Wow, I'm shocked that the listing lasted nearly an hour, but it was early morning, 6 AM for Pacific Time. Congratulations on a lucrative flip!
  2. WTS: New Colt LE6933 Commando $999+ Shipping

    *next in line* If Chester doesn't follow thru or changes mind then I'll buy it.
  3. You read my mind, next on the menu is indeed a dedicated gun safe. Thanks for your suggestion, that TL30x6 is clearly at the top for intrusion resistance, but I'm leaning towards something from Browning. I like how everything is rubberized and floor/ceiling/walls are carpeted. From what I'm seeing, Browning's interior protection ranks among the top for pampering a gun collection, and that's a top priority of mine in regards to gun protection. It doesn't need to be a 2 ton+ safe with ballistic armor, because I also have a watch dog, security system (windows/doors/motion), security cameras at our cove's entrance, a tall brick wall surrounding/enclosing our well lit cove, and the subdivision we are within includes a paid security patrol. I'm more concerned about when the unsustainable entitlement programs end and Memphis (Detroit #2) becomes a ground zero, will wish this house had bullet proof glass w/ The Purge style reinforcements. Anywho, this won't be the heaviest or thickest, and far from the most expensive, but it seems like the the perfect solution internally for a gun collection: However, since their Black Label Tactical Mark IV safe was released over 3 years ago (and they have been releasing new models in 3 year intervals), I'm going to wait to see what their next generation (Mark V?) is like. Plenty of time to decide on a safe, at least 6 more months before any form 4 approvals. Runner ups: And something I ran across that was cool as hell in carbon fiber, but totally impractical and not a consideration:
  4. PayPal payment sent on June 20, 2016. Dealer submitted form 3 to BATFE on June 20, 2016. Dealer shipped the M4 Commando Enhanced by FedEx on August, 19th, 2016, see tracking. I notice that another form 3 cleared a day faster, was from Frank Goepfert of Midwest Tactical for a Norrell 10/22 trigger pack. Dealer submitted form 3 to BATFE on May 15th, 2016. Dealer shipped July 13th, 2016, see tracking. From what I've read, form 4s take just as long from individual to individual as it does for individual to dealer, and those are averaging 6+ months now. I'm in the same boat as you with NFA items that are transferring by form 4s to my dealer and likely have another month or two remaining before approval. One of which was submitted early March and just received a correction request letter from the ATF this week (so approximately 30 days remaining on that one), so right at 6 months.
  5. I can vouch for Trey (caf82313) being a legitimate collector/seller. He sold an HK sear manufactured by S&H last year on gunbroker, while I wasn't the buyer for that trigger pack we did do business for LEO marked mags that went thru smoothly/flawlessly (as recorded in our past HKpro feedback). I've also spoken to him on the phone and by email countless times as he's guided/mentored me thru the ropes in learning this machine gun hobby. He's even hosted a machine gun shoot for fellow HKPro members; this thread says it all:
  6. The M4 Commando Enhanced cleared transfer by form 3, was NOT reclassified as a post-sample, and arrived this week! The seller triple boxed, and yet my dealer was surprised that it wasn't wrapped in a quilt, lol. No live fire videos to provide at this time, but here's some pics taken today while visiting my local SOT.
  7. Photos of the machine guns were printed on photo paper at Walgreen's. CD that I included has the original resolution digital files, though I highly doubt that the NFA branch can access the CD since their puters are likely still using Win 3.1 w/ 5.25" floppy drives. Though I do welcome any delay my efforts bring, since there are still forms that haven't cleared to my local SOT yet. Hoping the ATF doesn't start processing my forms that were submitted on July 12th until half a year from now, by then everything would have cleared to my local SOT you see. @Marshal: That's an interesting solution, creating new trusts for each NFA purchase under 41F for the intent of selling a trustee slot or sole trustee rights. I like that. Would be a tad complicated as I'd have to remember which items go with which trust, but its an option to consider. Plenty of time to decide since any purchases would require months before a form cleared to my SOT, and I'll no longer require my SOT to file prematurely since there's not that impending 41F deadline to meet anymore. Ironically, transferring to a newly created post-41F gun trust was the ONLY poll option that no one voted for on my thread over at HKpro (though this is a private thread hidden in the premium content, so the sample pool is heavily restricted). As seen here: I visited my local SOT today since much has cleared by now. The primo toy, the controversial transferable M4 Commando Enhanced, cleared transfer by form 3, was NOT reclassified as a post-sample, and arrived this week!
  8. My gun trust is from Silencer Shop: I have no trustees on my gun trust yet, so at least I wouldn't have to trouble anyone yet. So I didn't buy everything I wanted before 41F and I have the itch to buy again. However, everything I have is under my gun trust and all items were secured before 41F. What happens if I transfer a new NFA item to my existing pre-41F trust? Does that negate any advantages I had of skipping the photos and fingerprints? Would it be as if all of my pre-41F items are now subjugated under the new 41F regulations, and the ATF will attach my prints and photos to my file/trust? If so, would there be any benefits to transferring items to myself as an individual instead of to my existing pre-41F gun trust? Perhaps filing new items as an individual would keep the two records separate (my trust and myself) and only having 41F records (photos + fingerprints) on myself for post 41F items? My understanding is that CLEO notifications are mandatory under both paths. And what's with this 2 year thing. Do we have to send in new photos and fingerprints every 2 year to the ATF indefinitely, or only when we are buying new NFA items? Anything else that I may be forgetting?
  9. I don't have any on hand and won't until perhaps Feb/March of 2017 when the form 4s clear to my trust. My 1st LaFrance pack was already converted from SEF to ambi 4-pos w/ 2-rnd burst by Terry Dyer, so technically those before and after pics are already on hand. However, I'd rather make my own pics than share what the seller's have provided so that I can hide serials with some painter's tape, as some people are uncanny with Photoshop and can undo censoring, and I'd just rather not risk that. I can't find any signs of welding, but I'm no gunsmith. Honestly, my ambi LS frame may have started as a F/A frame instead of semi for all I can tell, but it was reparkerized to look new, so perhaps that's the results we are to expect after this conversion. My end game is to have each of the following ambi configurations built on LS frames, & perhaps this project could be finished before the stamps are approved: Here are some gunsmith options for this mod, as in smiths who have performed and will perform this HK frame/webbing conversion from SEF to ambi: TSC Machine @ $2.5k Michael's Machines @ $500 Terry Dyer TPM Outfitters RDTS outsources to Don Quinnell, Fort Myers, FL Good luck with your purchase Mit, you're choosing wisely. With DLO frames you have to worry about the random positioning of the marking/serials, as not all DLO frames are a candidate for this modification. With the LS frames, the markings are always in the same/safe corner, with the same font size and style. That and DLO frames are too common for my tastes, I like exclusivity. Regarding rarity, Tim La France checked his records and the last/final HK pack that he registered was # 138. He also said, "There may be a few more but they would have been post sample by that time."
  10. I haven't heard of any La France packs having serialized internal components. Trigger frame/webbing is serialized, and all components within are free of any serials, as far as I'm aware. This involves raking the internet for months for info, talking to current owners, and to Tim La France of La France Specialties himself.
  11. Any last day/hour/minute 41F submissions to share?I had 39 minutes left to meet the 41F deadline tonight. Was paranoid about getting a flat tire or stuck in traffic from another BLM protest. Prepaid postage label was dated for July 12th, and the postal clerk obliged with decorating the package with red inked July 12th postmarks. An incredible amount of prep work went to submitting to the ATF before 41F. It really shouldn't be this complicated for new folk, but I suppose that's how they want it, convoluted and complicated. Invested weeks working on the form 4s, and a form 1, perfecting/polishing with periodic calls to the NFA branch for guidance. I was fortunate that my new SOT allowed me to prepare all of the form 4s on my end, and to submit before the form 3s have cleared. He only had 5 items out of my 24 transfers on hand, the rest are pending.Everything was printed and dated for today, as in all forms, including their duplicates, were signed by both my SOT and myself this afternoon. Also, a new trust bought from silencershop, its notary stamps, and of course the postage/postmark all dated for July 12th too. Shipped the BATFE the following: Total of 106 pages printed on 32 lb premium paper, including color copies of the 9 page trust. I installed fresh OEM HP toner to be sure all was laser crisp. 8" x 10" photographs for the firearms, printed July 12th with time-stamps. 1st printed at FedEx, they were crap. Went with Walgreen's pharmacy next, much better, allowed end-user to crop and add notes & time-stamps. CD with high resolution files of the photographs, made July 12th. Memo to the examiner, signed and dated July 12th. Check for $4,605.00 dated July 12th for the $200 x23 + $5 AOW. I would have taken a pic to share, was one crazy thick stack for the examiner because of the 32 lb paper used. Sorry, just now thought of that. All shipped by USPS Priority Mail at the final hour. Final hour as in the postal branch in Memphis is their airport location that closes at 10 PM. Fingers crossed, hoping that nothing gets kicked back, as that was the reason for penta checking everything to perfection. Now the wait begins.
  12. Neo is out of time for project 41F, nothing else can be added. Someone else gets this one. Interesting looking pack and I like the serial #. I've seen some other LaFrance packs with housing and one even had barrel and some other part (bolt?) that were marked.
  13. WTS HK Fleming Auto Sear $30,000

    I suppose the scammer wanted to go for the $30k prize instead of the Starbucks gift card, but he sure is being dumb and lazy about it, just as they all seem to be. Scammer's best effort:
  14. I live on a zero lot that's very much dead center of Memphis, TN (1.3 million MSA pop), so the belt feds, miniguns, and tanks should go to a better home. Like someone with a hummer, land, and a balcony or flat roof for setting up their turret defense. I suspect that such WMDs would be perma banned from paper shredding at any of the local ranges anyways. I'm still newish to this hobby so I'm sure there's a ton more out there that I'm not even aware of, but time is up for project 41F. Taking all 24 form 4s to my SOT to be signed and dated tomorrow. Then its off to printing gun photographs, writing memos to the examiner, arranging everything for the packet, and mailing to ATF on July 12th.
  15. Out of the 24 forms that I'm submitting to the ATF, all purchases were made out of state, and most transfers haven't cleared to my local SOT yet. The more time that passes before the ATF processes my forms, the greater the probability that all will have successfully transferred to my local SOT. What i don't want is for the ATF to process a form 4 for an item that still hasn't cleared the form 3 transfers to my SOT yet. That could get my SOT in trouble, and result in the form 4 being kicked back. I spoke to the ATF NFA branch several times last week, and I was told that form 4s submitted right before 41F will require at least 2 more months than the current processing time because of the record amount of submissions they have and will be receiving. Current processing time is averaging 5 months, so we can expect 7 months for the forms postmarked on July 12th. That would probably allow enough time for a form 3 to be declined, resubmitted, and successfully transfer before the ATF gets around to processing my batch of form 4s. I’m penta checking these forms tonight and tomorrow before meeting with my SOT for signing and dating. Then its off to printing gun photographs, writing memos to the examiner, arranging everything for the packet, and mailing to ATF. Its my 1st time submitting to the ATF, and I'm the one filling out all 24 forms. My gun dealer just got his SOT and I'm their first NFA customer, so its like the blind leading the blind, hence the calls to the ATF and this thread. I decided it best that I complete the forms and invested much time to be sure that everything is as perfect as possible before submitting. Even formed a new trust name last week, purchased from Silencershop, since my previous trust name was too long, trust was generic from a local dealer, and the form 4s weren't submitted exactly how I wanted them.