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  1. Got the two confused .............Thanks
  2. Are the 7 stick mags coffen mags? Thanks
  3. Looking for new/used Spectre 9mm 30rd magazines. Send pic's, price along with referances to ddouble123@aol.com Thank you,
  4. Looking for a original Folding Wire Stock for large body MAC Ingram M10 SMG. Send pic's, price and condition ............to > ddouble123@aol.com Thanks, Ed
  5. Looking for Spectre 9mm 30rd and 50rd magazines, FIE red cardboard box, American arms styro box, sling and loader and folding stock. Send pic's along with price..........Thank you ed@oskartusa.com
  6. RARE NIB .45 acp Spectre HC pistol magazine $185 shipped priority mail w/tracking Payment, "discreet" PayPal +3% or postal money order. Payment due within 5 days or goes to next one in line.
  7. Just a few questions: 1] Let me get this right, the bbl is pinned in the trunnion AND just slid into the receiver NOT riveted in correct? 2] What is the barreled trunnion from, new/used? 3] Did you buy the Saiga Carbine riffle NEW....have the box? Thanks,