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  1. MAC/RPB M11-.380 SMG

  2. MAC/RPB M10/9mm SMG

  3. NIB M10A1A - 9mm SMG

  4. Reference Check Gordon Specialty Arms

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  5. NEW IN BOX, Spikes Tactical "Havoc" 37mm Launchers and Spikes Tactical "Kaos" AR Style Collapsible Stock with a Full Top Rail for Optics. 9" Launcher is a Side Opener and 12" is a Rear Loader. 9" Launcher Only $379 Plus $15 S&I 12" Launcher Only $329.00 Plus $15 S&I 9" Stand Alone $609.00 Plus $20 S&I 12" Stand Alone $559.00 Plus $20 S&I NO FFL REQUIRED.
  6. Up for-sale is a German Receiver HK-53 Short Barrel Rifle "Receiver Only - Project Gun" Registered & Converted by Tim's Guns, Winter Haven, Florida. Has a German Barrel (Not sure if it's a cut-down 93 barrel), Flapper Mag Release, Rear Drum Sight, Soft Rubber Cocking knob and needs to be remarked HK-53 and has no markings from manufacturer. Paperwork list Mfg. as Tim's Guns Winter Haven, FL.This was acquired in a multi-gun purchase, so our knowledge is limited. Previous owner says he shot it but hand some minor binding issues and never tended to it. He did own this gun since 2000. We did dry run a bolt carrier back and forth in the receiver with no binding but with-out a load. Take a good look at the pictures, in and out. THIS IS BEING SOLD AS PROJECT GUN AND AS-IS Form 3 in-stock ready for transfer - $2,750.00 Shipped 954-960-2596