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  1. As the title states and specific to the 12" Assaulter configuration. Looking for two. Thanks for thre help. Jim
  2. WTB MP5k Sear Host Clone (Shooters and SBRs Welcomed!)

    Yes! be more specific in your title, especially a first time poster. I didn't realize you were clone buyer. Perhaps state that in your ad and we'll know what you're looking for. Good luck in your hunt!
  3. WTB MP5k Sear Host Clone (Shooters and SBRs Welcomed!)

    Do some research before you decide one thing or another. The availability and configurations are endless. Try googling you request, so you dont waste a bunch of peoples time. Learn before you post one timer. Put some time in before you ask for others time!
  4. Hey Dennis, 

    I'm sorry for the delay it getting back with you but I did send over the PP F&F payment a moment ago.

    Please ship to SIDE ARM SAMS, PO BOX 668938, Pompano Beach, FL., 33066.

    Thank you,


  5. WTS: New Saiga 12 Pro Mag 20 round 12ga. Drum - Black

    Dennis, I'll take it with large box shipping option. Paypal on the way. Jim
  6. WTS: NIB Gemtech Viper 9mm SPF

    PM sent
  7. WTS: HK 1200 Meter sight- New $300

    PM sent
  8. 2 NIB Saiga 12's for sale

    Bob, PM sent. I’ll take both. Jim
  9. WTB: Authentic HK MP5 mags (Restricted/LEO)

    PM sent. Jim
  10. WTS: Beta-C 100 rnd Mag HK MP5 black w/pouch HK94

    I'll take it.
  11. WTS: Vollmer MP5 Sear Gun - Jim S. TN

    Email sent.
  12. NIB Beretta ARX100 Factory 10" SBR, Black

    everything gone now. Thanks.
  13. What Gun Control Measures Might be Coming ?

    That’s what are Congress critters are for...but we know how that goes. Any group or assembly of gun owners resisting will definitely be considered a militia and again, we know how that will end. Put the pressure we’re it counts on your Congress critters or lay down and comply My 2-cents
  14. HK Site Alternative

    I registered but I’m getting an error message on the email confirmation. Oops something went wrong. I’m on my iPad instead of my desk top because I’m out of town but I don’t think that should matter. I will attempt again on Saturday when I get back home. Jim Update: not sure what I did but email confirmation complete. It’s great having an alternative to HKPro. After 20-years I’m still treated like a red headed step child from mods & management.