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  1. WTS: PMC 9mm Bronze 115gr FMJ

    PMC Bronze Premium 115gr 9mm Brass Case Full Metal Jacket. 1,00rd/cs. $309.00 Plus $20 Shipping - NO CREDIT CARD FEES or 954-960-2596 Check us out at:
  2. WTS: Excellent MP5A3 Presample

  3. WTS: Transferable MP5K, S&H Sear, SEF Trigger Pack

    Take a look at the magwell. It’s a DJ Getz Gun. He built good guns but it’s a clone. FWIW. Jim
  4. Its just too bad they want gold for them. I guess the Kitchen Table FFL's are running scared. Price them like you want to sell them because they're not gold and you just may end up owning them for life. Gotta love it...