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  1. Colt LE6991 Factory 9mm Short Barrel Rifle

    PM Sent. Click on the link for full specifications and price.
  2. I) Excellent Condition/Like-new HK Light Bi-Pod with Plastic Feet, $90.00 Plus $10 Shipping SPF 2) Excellent Condition/Like-new HK-53 A2 Shoulder Stock (2IB), $135.00 Plus $12.00 Shipping 3) Excellent Condition/Like-new HK93/33/33K Hand Guard with Added Sling Attachment, $60.00 Plus $12.00 Shipping
  3. HK33K, HK93,HK33 Parts

  4. GLOCK (G19) Gen 3, 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol with NiB-One “Battleworn” Nickel Boron Finish on a Custom Relief Slide and Barrel by Tactical Solutions,LLC, in USA. Includes (3)15rd Magazines, Mag Loader, Bore Brush, Cable Lock, Manual and Factory Plastic Case. New In Box - $659.00 Plus $35.00 2nd Day Air NiB-X™: The secret formula for reliability. The way we figure it, your trigger finger’s gonna wear out long before your NiB-X components! In addition to adding a distinctive (and amazingly hard) finish to metal surfaces,NiB-X also provides: Xtreme resistance to corrosion and pitting, Xtreme lubricity, for an incredibly smooth action, and Xtreme reliability in all environments. You’ll also find that powder residue and fingerprints wipe right off of surfaces coated with NiB-X. So you can spend less time cleaning, and more time shooting
  5. Excellent Condition HK53A3 Pre-May Sample