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  1. We have Semi Auto 1919A4 semi auto receiver's and partial internal set's what you see is what you get. Semi auto trigger's and sear's included. These are the left overs from the last run of 50 we built for Sarco. Thanks Nathan JnC Manufacturing jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com 503-556-5080 ________________________________________ Top one pictured $1500 ****SOLD PF ***** Bottom $1425 ***** SOLD PF *****
  2. EveryGunPart.com Reviews?

    I received my order. everything was there. That's all I can say about it.
  3. EveryGunPart.com Reviews?

    I just made an order so we will see.
  4. Nothing new on Subguns

    machineguncentral.com Never heard of her.
  5. FAL Unfired Package $2950

    Okay i'll bite FN,DSA,Century,PAC ????
  6. DSHK Ammo for sale

    We have 12.7 x 108mm Primed case's.From Military pull down's 800 to a drum.$1700 per drum + shipping Can be loaded with a standard 50BMG Projo. Thanks Nathan JnC Manufacturing jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com 1-503-556-5080
  7. ******** STURM ONLY, NOT ON WEBSITE, Must Email or Call to order ******** M240L Stock's with Hydro buffer's $325 each shipped. These will fit any MAG58 or M240 variant. JnC Manufacturing 503-556-5080 jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com http://www.jncmanufacturing.com
  8. MK5 or M21a1 barrel cant see from pic's?
  9. WTS: Disintegrating links for Mg42,MG34,FN Mag

    Send a email to: jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com I'll get the shipping for you. Thanks
  10. $7.50 each + shipping M1A1 links ( AKA South African Vickers .308 links) Brand new from former Yugoslavia. (1) 250 round 7.62 ammo can with 400-500 BRAND NEW -M1A1 Links in each, Guaranteed min of 400 per can. These were made for the MAG-58 but they will work in the MG-42 and the MG-34 !!! Thanks Nathan JnC Manufacturing jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com 503-556-5080
  11. Post Sample M2HB's. + ammo

    Twin M2HB's with Mk-95 MOD 0 mount. $24,500 shipped. ( Post 86 gun's ) ****** Guns fire at same time with single trigger either right or left ****** M33 Ball ammo Linked in GI ammo can's 10,000 round pallet $17,500 + shipping 5,000 round pallet's $9,250 +shipping Or you can be like The Gregg and we can set them up as Aircraft gun's. Thanks Nathan JnC Manufacturing jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com 503-556-5080
  12. WTS: M10A1 $4500 +shipping

    As new M10A1 9mm with 1 mag. $4500 +shipping. I can't say it's un-fired but it doesn't look like it ever has been. Email: jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com Or call Tues-Friday 9am-7pm 503-556-5080 Thanks Nathan
  13. Big Sandy Spring Shoot .50 BMG sale price's

    Down in the 9th ward we just set up wherever between 98 and 120. Look for three set's of twin 50's and you will find us !!!!
  14. WTS: M240B $8950, Platt swing mounts $1400

  15. WTS: M2HB --100% new USGI $9000+ shipping

    3 still not spoken for . BTT