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  1. STURM Special !! WW2 repro marking's on all guns except the CQB's... M2HB's $15,000 Plus shipping ANM2's $15,000 M2 CQB $19,000 + shipping All guns come with: headspace gauge FM23-65 Lifetime warranty Thanks JnC World Wide LLC ( JnC Mfg) 503-369-9646 Semi Auto 50 | United States | JnC Manufacturing
  2. .50 BMG SLAP-T for sale

    Only 2 cans left. ________________________________________ Please do not post " I'll Take it" just email or call. ________________________________________ Thanks JnC jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com 503-369-9646
  3. WTS 50BMG @ Big Sandy MG and Cannon shoot

    Comes : 100 rounds linked in a GI ammo can. Price per round API $2.35 Tracer $2.35 Ball $2.45 Thanks JnC 503-369-9646
  4. I'll take all the fin's you have left. Thanks JnC 503-369-9646 jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com
  5. .50 BMG SLAP-T for sale

    100 rounds linked SLAP-T for sale. $1850 shipped in conus. Thanks JnC WW LLC ________________________________________ Please do not post " I'll Take it" just email or call. ________________________________________ Thanks jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com 503-369-9646 Video of ammunition being fired. 50 cal SLAP-T - YouTube
  6. 7500 links each M1 .30cal links new in the box $375 per box plus shipping. Thanks JnC jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com Order on line @ 1919a4 ( M1 .30cal Link ) | jnc-manufacturing1 (jncmanufacturing.com)
  7. my life is OVER!

    Rollins phone number is 1-541-515-5413. I doubt he " Cheated" anyone he is slow turning stuff out since the move. And just slow in general. I would think if somebody sent 5k that they would get a phone number first ?
  8. LRRP's don't YouTube....
  9. WTS: STG-44 transferable

    Going, Going,Gone, Sold.....!!
  10. WTS: STG-44 transferable

    $34,500. ( OBO ) ---- delivered Vet bring back ,1945 MFG, STG-44. Comes with1 MKB-42 marked mag. *** On ATF form ( 5320.3 ) I.E./ Form 3 *** Thanks JnC MFG 503-556-5080 jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com
  11. WTS: No letter postie's

    Did you email about something, message or call ? Still have M16 lowers left..
  12. WTS: No letter postie's

    Send, check and ffl/sot and its yours+$15 shipping..
  13. WTS: No letter postie's

    $750 + shipping Kirk ...
  14. WTS: No letter postie's

    List is updated. Anyone who said ill take it and didn't send payment is SOL.... They are back up for sale.
  15. 12.7x108 mm (API) for sale

    Have about 1000 round's of API left. Small quantity of Romanian APIT maybe 50-60 also available. Good sure fire ammo, not junk............. Sold the DSHK and have ammo left over. $2.95 per round ,100 round min to ship. LOOSE not Linked........... Shipping not included Thanks JnC jncmanufcaturing@yahoo.com