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  1. S&W 76 extractors

    I'd take one please. Thanks RCMoles@Suddenlink.net
  2. Refinishing Sub Guns

    You might give John Andrewski a call. He is a C2 manufacturer that lives in NH and awesome to deal with.
  3. WTS: Post Sample Factory UZI $800ea

    I PM'd you both my email address and Chris'. If you'll provide your email address to us we'll send you Chris's FFL/SOT/PD Letter for the Uzi. Thanks Roger
  4. WTS: Post Sample Factory UZI $800ea

    I have a friend that is a FFL/SOT with a PD Letter. He'll take one too. If you'll provide your contact info the docs can be sent to you. Thanks
  5. For sale is a factory HK light bipod. It is installed on a forearm that fits an HK33. It is in excellent condition. I no longer have a 33 so it has been in storage for over 10 years just sitting there. You can have it for $350 plus $20 shipping. If you want it insured just add $5. Thanks RCM Limited

    Thanks Buddy. Rog

    Darwin, send me your address please. It is yours. RCMoles@suddenlink.net I will send you a few pics to make sure you know what you're getting. Thanks Rog

    Buddy, Thanks for the pics that helps. Got Uzi - the HK33 bipod is built into the forearm that attaches to the machine gun. It is really good shape. I don't use it and it has been in storage for 10 years. If you want it make me a reasonable offer and its yours. I can send you a pic if you like. Thanks Rog

    Darwin, not sure what bi-pod you seek. I have one that fits a HK33. Is that what you seek? Roger
  10. Does anyone know where I can purchase a few of the clips that hold the cleaning rod inside the looped butt stock on a Sten MK2? Thanks
  11. I have a friend that is giving up his SOT and he has a couple post samples. Never done this before and unsure how to proceed. I know importers/manufacturers are not required to have a Law Letter in this circumstance. My question - how does one inform the ATF when submitting the form 3 for such a transfer? TIA RCM LImited
  12. Darwin, can you call me please? 304.965.zero,229 Thanks
  13. I'd like to see a few pics of the scope please. You can send them to RCMoles@suddenlink.net Thanks
  14. Can you send me a pic of the scope to my email address please? RCMoles@suddenlink.net Thank You Roger
  15. Trying to find a slide that will fit a Beretta model 71 semi auto 22 Long Rifle handgun. A slide from a 70,72, 74, or Jaguar will work as long as it is a 22 lr caliber. TIA Roger