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  1. Inexpensive .22 cans

    I have two 22 cans that I have not shot that much. One is a Guardian and the other was made by NFA Inv. Both work fine with no baffle strikes at all. If you'd like to see a pic just send me an email. RCMoles@suddenlink.net You can have both cans for $100 a piece or $200 total. Plus S&H.
  2. can you email me with your phone #? Roger w/ RCM Limited RCMoles@Suddenlink.net
  3. WTB - Glock Sears for demo

    eMGunslinger can you send me an email please? RCMoles@Suddenlink.net Thanks!
  4. WTB - Glock Sears for demo

    No they need everything but the Glock 17. Once they know what the exact verbiage is the PD Letter can be obtained. Thanks. I will help them install the sear once the ATF approves the transfer.
  5. WTB - Glock Sears for demo

    Have two friends with PD Letters to do a demo involving converted Glock 17's to Full Auto. Can you put me in touch with a CII manufacturer to acquire them please? Thanks RCMoles@Suddenlink.net
  6. Need help with MP43

    John Andrewski would be hard to beat. FWIW
  7. Fixed stock for Sterling pistol

    Call Andy at KGB Armament in FL, he has done this.
  8. R.L. send me an email. RCMoles@Suddenlink.net Roger
  9. Sterling L2A3

    If I understand your question correctly, I assume you want to create a Sterling MK5 from your MK4. Andy at KGB Armament in FL does a super job on these particular builds. I have two guns from Andy where he did this. IMHO Andy's suppressor bbls are much better then the UK originals. This will not be cheap but it will work. Note: You'll be able to shoot super sonic ammo through you modified MK4 (now a MK5) because the bbl has ports drilled into it (it converts the ammo to subsonic before leaving the end of the bbl upon firing), but you might not want to shoot sub-sonic ammo in it due to creating a potentially unsafe condition with the gun due to the ports. If all you want to do is thread your existing bbl on the MK4 to accept a can, Greg (aka Toad) had this done I believe on his Sterling Mk4. I thought I recall Greg saying the set up works OK but it looks a little weird. Hope this helps.
  10. First Machine Gun advice, opinions please.

    MP5's are hard to beat, they run like sewing machines and parts are not hard to find. However, I would start with an Uzi, they are tanks and run and run and run. Parts are easy to find as well. Sterlings are really sweet too though. FWIW
  11. NFA / Full Auto Gunsmith Needed

    You might want to look at John Andrewski. Great guy many of the posters here will echo my opinion, "John is one of the best." Roger w/ RCM Limited
  12. Value of Post-Sample MP-5's?

    Depends on how fast you want to move it. If you want to move it really quick list is around $1600. There have been some on GB for weeks listed over $5K and they are still there. An price somewhere in the middle should move in a few weeks or so. Best of luck.
  13. Does anyone have any idea when a factory FA Sig MPX might become available? Would love to do a demo and include one of them. TIA RCM Limited
  14. I have a friend that is an FFL/SOT with a current PD Letter and he would like to procure a HK 33 or 53 for his demo. Just send me any email. Thank You! RCMoles@suddenlink.net
  15. Looking for a black crinkle finish UK built Sterling MK 4 post sample. Any pics would be helpful and asking price please? Please email me at RCMoles@suddenlink.net TIA