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  1. WTB Post Samples, Signed Demo/Law Letter in Hand

    I have a post sample Sig MPX in 9mm for sale. $3.5K includes S&H! Insurance extra.
  2. NFA Law Letter

    Shoot me an email. RCMoles@Suddenlink.net
  3. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to find the wires that fasten the mag well to the frame for Port Said Swedish K's? Thanks for the help. RCM Limited
  4. Would you happen to have any left? Thanks RCM Limited
  5. WTB - Soumi Drum and Coffin Mags

    Getting a Swedish K and would like to purchase a Soumi Drum, a few Coffin Mags, plus a Coffin Mag Loader that are in good working condition. You can email me at RCMoles@Suddenlink.net Appreciate the help. Thank You Roger
  6. Selling a Ruger AC-556F in VG condition with two mags for $11,000.00. The gun was test fired by the current owner and stored in his safe. The gun ran with no issues when tested. You can tell by the pics, the gun has not been abused but taken care of. The gun will transfer on a form 3. I am selling the gun for the owner that is a friend since he is not a FFL/SOT. Buyer pays S&H plus Insurance. Thanks!
  7. Recent demo letter for Post '86 transfer

    DaveC & n308 send me an email and I'll send you a copy of the letter I use. RCMoles@suddenlink.net
  8. Sterling MK4 Semi Builders

    I'd contact either John Andrewski in NH or Andy with KGB Armament in FL to do this. Roger
  9. WTS - 1928 WH Thompson in VG Condition

    Rodney, I am not sure how to contact you. Sort of new at this. Would you please email me? RCMoles@Suddenlink.net I will attempt to get you answers to your questions Thanks Roger
  10. For sale is one really nice 1928 WH Thompson in 45acp. The gun was test fired when purchased, then cleaned and stored in a climate controlled safe. The gun ran with no issues. Comes with one mag. The gun has been taken care of and not abused. The asking price is $17500. Includes S&H but insurance is extra.
  11. WTS - KAC 556F Excellent Condition - Sale Pending

    No problem, I can meet you half way if you like. Send me an email at RCMoles@SUddenlink.net
  12. I have for sale on a form 3 a 45 acp 1928 Thompson in Very Good condition w/ two mags for $16500. The gun was test fired when purchased and ran perfectly. The firearm was cleaned and stored after the initial test firing. No additional rounds were ran thru the gun by this owner.
  13. Have for sale one Stainless Ruger KAC 556 for $13000.00. The current owner ran one mag thru the gun to make sure it worked when purchased, cleaned the weapon, and placed it in the safe. The gun is very clean.
  14. WTS -Factory Ruger AC-556F - Price Reduced

    Had a few questions about the guns. The WH 1928 Thompson is a dedicated receiver and was never a 45 acp 1928 converted to a 22 LR. I serial no. 218TF on the gun is consisted with the 22's manufactured by WH back in the day. The ac 556 parts kit will not be separated from the AC 556F. As for the price on the guns, as of now the prices are firm. I am not trying to get top dollar, but seek a fair price. Both guns were test fired when purchased, cleaned, and stored. They were not fired again after being stored and I have not fired them. Not sure about the total round count on the guns but they had one magazine shot through the gun by the current owner when purchased. Not sure how to about checking the bore. Rodney had a question, assuming I understood it correctly about "Why sell?" Like most things in life priorities change. 22 Thompson SOLD
  15. WTS -Factory Ruger AC-556F - Price Reduced

    Rodney can you send me an email so I can address your questions? Thanks RCMoles@suddenlink.net