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  1. Marc, I sent you and Jason a copy of the form that needs to be completed and submitted.
  2. I believe you need to fill out a doc answering a few questions before the ATF will permit you to do this. I think I have the form somewhere. Send me an email to RCMoles@Suddenlink.net and I will send it to you, assuming I can find it. Once you complete the form and submit it, you can fax or email form 3's. I have seen nothing changing this process and have done if for years. Roger (H) 304.965.0229 if you want to talk.
  3. Kudos to Andy Blaschik / KGB Armament

    Andy built a Sterling MK5 on a DLO tube for my son. Awesome work. Love the smg. Thanks again Andy. Rog
  4. Correct Post-86 “Law Letter” verbiage?

    Contact me at RCMoles@suddenlink.net and I'll send you one of our letters. Roger
  5. Selling a new never used reproduction Thompson SMG display case for $500 plus S&H. I have two to sell. Selling these for a friend that is reducing his inventory. Thanks Roger RCMolesatSuddenlink.net
  6. Auto ordnance tommy guns full auto

    I've sold two 1928 West Hurley's Thompson's' within the past 6 months. One went for $16K and the second one for $16.5K. Both were in really good shape. No drums just stick mags and no Thompson Display Case. Just sold a Colt 1921 a few weeks ago which was on the board for 4 hours, sold for $37.5K. Had two folks offer me the asking price, it came with a drum, display case, and stick mags.
  7. Toad, I'll take all the stick mags. Please send me your address and the total on the mags plus S&H and I'll send you a cashiers check. Thanks and I hope all is well. Roger w/ RCM Ltd. rcmoles@suddenlink.net
  8. Selling a Colt 1921 Thompson smg in 45 caliber w/ many extras (i.e. Reproduction case, stick mags, Thompson drum, cleaning parts,). The gun was test fired when purchase with two stick mags ran through the gun, cleaned, and has been stored ever since. The gun ran with no issues. No rounds were ran through the Thompson drum. The gun is listed at $37,500 for everything you see in the photos. I have more pics but due to due to space requirements I cannot download them. Additional pics can be provided upon request. Thanks for looking.
  9. Smith 76 Magazines

    Jon, do you have any left? If so, how many? Thanks
  10. WTK - Indentify Two Mags

    I'd like to THANK you guys for responding. I was at a complete loss. Your responses have helped. Much appreciated. Roger
  11. WTK - Indentify Two Mags

    I was going through a box of mags I received from a friend and ran across two that I could not identify. Would anyone happen to know what these are for? I am comparing it to an Uzi mag so you can see the difference. Thank You.
  12. WTS - Demro Tac-1 SMG - Excellent Condition $9K

    It is a factory gun. Dean, Thanks for the info I did not know that. Much appreciated. Roger
  13. WTS - Demro Tac-1 SMG - Excellent Condition $9K

    I have the combination and it works. The "S" on the gun equals SAFE and the "F" on the gun equals FIRE. I cocked the gun put it on S and it would not fire, when I moved the selector to F and pulled the trigger the bolt closed as it should. Thanks.
  14. Selling a Cobray M11 with a Lage 9mm upper in Excellent condition w/ extras. The smg was purchased then test fired (i.e. a couple mags), cleaned, and stored. The lage upper makes all the difference in the world for this gun. It comes with a fake can all the original parts, four mags (two steel ones and two polymer ones), and a nice wood stock. The gun has not been shot much at all. Mainly stored. Thanks RCMoles@Suddenlink.net or 304.965.0229
  15. WTS - Demro Tac-1 SMG - Excellent Condition $9K

    I am responding to all PM's right now. I've had a number of responses to the post. Thanks for the interest.