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  1. Looking for the original Robar / Glockkraft DAT complete trigger assembly with the hexagonal pattern on the trigger. Thank you for your time and consideration. SAMMY!
  2. 1966 HK41 with plastic furniture had a painted finish whereas the 1966 HK41 with wood furniture is parkerized. This 1966 HK41 has a near-flawless parkerized finish on the entire firearm. Hope this helps. SAMMY!
  3. HK41 – Manufactured in May 1966 by Heckler and Koch in Germany and imported by the Santa Fe Division of Golden State Arms, Pasadena, California. Semiautomatic 7.62x51mm predecessor to the HK91 with a pushpin receiver grandfathered under the Gun Control Act of 1968. All matching parts with exception to buttstock and magazine with the receiver’s 785 suffix on the bolt-carrier, bolt-head, locking-piece, and grip-frame. Stock trunnion has a 680 suffix. Magazine is late production steel. Overall condition is 98% with near perfect parkerizing and very good condition wood furniture. Fired very few rounds, rifling is sharp, bore is bright, internals are clean, and zero scope-mount or ejection marks. Outside of the earliest 1962 examples which sell for over $20K, this is the earliest example of the semiautomatic Heckler and Koch G3 with the correct pushpin placement, paddle magazine release, and the original grenade-ring. Doesn’t get much better than this for a 51 year old rifle. $8K. Thanx. SAMMY!
  4. Still waiting for a followup from my message with photos and more information on your P210. Thanx. SAMMY!
  5. Email sent. Request more information. Thanx. SAMMY!
  6. ... on top of the fact the A prefix serial number didn't come out until the 1990's. Translate, I call bullshit. SAMMY!
  7. The Colt M16A2/M4 Enhanced with the four-position selector didn't come out until 1998. US Patent 5,760,328 And only in 1990 did the manufacturer rollmark change from Colt's Firearms Division to Colt's Mfg. Co. Inc. No way this is transferable.
  8. Free bump to say "ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!"