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  1. Selling off stuff from my collection. Shipping will be between $10-$30 Payment via USPS mo, Zelle or discreet PP +fee All Prices are OBO 2x Deftech 37mm launcher Used $350 ea Package of scopes used $150 Package of Byonets used $100 Garmin 62Stc $200 AK Furniture $75 Ruger MkII .22 auto Hogue Grips Coco Bolo wood $45 Smith and Wesson M4006 Mags NIB $35 each HK Mp5k K grip with mount used $ 55 HK MP5 Surefire forearm with laser and light used SPF Remington 870 Folding metal stock NIB $SPF Accuracy international rail $75 M11 upper SPF Uzi Bolt $100 Remington 1100 Shorty Barrel $75
  2. Selling off part of my collection. Not interested in trades at this time. Here is what is available, all prices are OBO: NEW Vector .45 cal Uzi pistol Unfired (group industries marked) includes 1 mag $1750 Shipping to your FFL will be between $20-45 +insurance if you want it USPS, Zelle or CC add 3.5%
  3. I have an excellent condition HK SR 9 for sale. I'm the second owner and I have never fired it and I believe the original owner never fired it. It is missing the little strip on the front of the grip housing otherwise complete and ready for an HK enthusiast's collection. It had a CA bullet button on it but that was been removed and replaced with the original mag release. Payment via USPS or Discreet PP +fee Asking for $4950 OBO Shipping $50 with no insurance or $100 with
  4. Cleaning out the garage of HK Parts Everything is in PD trade-in condition unless otherwise noted. ALL GERMAN except where noted otherwise. $8-$18 shipping via USPS. Payment via USPS mo or discreet PP + Fee Stuff for the Mp5/ Hk94: 3x 9MM sim kits $100 ea 5x Wide forearms NEW $50 ea 4x Surefire switch blockers $5 ea 4x HK sub gun cleaning kits NIB $75 ea 1x HK sub gun cleaning kits new no box $65 3x Green slings 3 point $25 ea Stuff for the G3/Hk91 1x HK91 parts kit with a bipod and PSG1 like trigger group A2 stock $1100 4x G3 steel mags marked "Made in Germany" $60 ea 6x G3 Aluminum mags "g3" marked $15 ea 2x G3 mag clamp (unknown manufacturer) $45 ea
  5. Everything is in PD trade-in condition unless otherwise noted. ALL GERMAN except where noted otherwise. $8-$18 shipping via USPS. Payment via USPS mo or discreet PP + Fee 3x .40 cal parts kits with 0-1-2 lowers $1250 ea 6x .40 Cal Magazine $65 ea
  6. Everything listed is still available
  7. This factory Colt 9mm 10.5” SMG has been reworked by none other than Tim LaFrance of LaFrance Specialties of San Diego Ca. Tim is renown for his work for US Military and Law Enforcement agencies enhancing and creating weapon systems of the highest caliber, and innovation far in advance of what others were doing at the time he was active. This 9mm Colt SMG has been customized by Tim from top to bottom and was built to run smooth suppressed or unsuppressed. Built custom for these Colt SMG’s, included as well is Tim’s muzzle device for unsuppressed fire. This kit was reworked from front to back, end to end to work reliably and controllably in full auto fire. This is a unique and rare chance to own one of LaFrance Specialties built 9mm Colt SMG parts kits. All sold
  8. The last one, $1200 shipped for the kit now
  9. Still got 1 kit no suppressor left $1250 shipped
  10. Still have a couple left I also have a couple of extra cans left if somebody just wants a can, $299 each +s&h
  11. WTS: Vector Uzi $1750

    67ray just PM me your email and I can send you pictures of anything you would like.
  12. WTS: Vector Uzi $1750

    Price drops across the board
  13. Looking to trade (for transferable stuff) or sell my HK Mp5SD Pre86 dealer sample. Asking $25,000 OBO Can swap the lowers for a 4 pos if you prefer a picto and burst. It is in great condition and runs perfectly, suppressor comes off with no problem. THIS IS A PRE MAY DEALER SAMPLE MUST HAVE FFL/SOT TO PURCHASE.
  14. WTS: Vector Uzi $1750

    Hello Grease, It is pretty clear that the number on the title is $1300+ which means the pricing of stuff in the ad starts at $1300 and goes up from there. The Vector is $3500