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  1. Price drop asking $3k OBO
  2. Looking to sell a Penn Arms PGL65 40mm Multi shot launcher. It has the combo rail and a fixed stock. It is a DD and will transfer as such. It is in great condition it is out of a police department. These are VERY hard to find on the civilian market. Asking $3k OBO + shipping
  3. Anybody order from this company before, I just found the site today? They have an HK marked Benelli kit I want to order.
  4. Bump open to reasonable offers on items
  5. Bump sold items removed and new items listed
  6. Listing these for a friend they are all in GREAT condition some unfired some very lightly fired. Lots of pictures are included but if you need something specific let me know. All prices are OBO, not looking for lowball offers but seller is motivated. There are some more but I do not have photos of them yet but they are listed below: #1. Professional Ordnance Inc carbon 15 pistol .223 $550 #2. Professional Ordnance Inc carbon 15 pistol .233 $550 #3. BARRETT 82A1 BLACK .50BMG $8500 VERY lightly used maybe 20-30 rounds down the gun Includes: 2x 10rd mags, Swarovski Habicht 10x42 Barrett .50 scope with rings, carry handle, and Pelican case (not pictured but is included) #4. COLT MATCH TARGET HBAR 2 BLACK with SSK 300 Whisper upper $1450 Looks brand new Included: 1x Magazine #5. STEYR AUG USR 223 $2450 Included: 1x Magazine, and original owners manual Listed but no pictures: 4x COLT LIGHT WEIGHT SPORTER 223 $1650 each 3x COLT MATCH TARGET HBAR II 223 $650 each 1x ARMALITE M15-A4 Target model LOW SERIAL # 223 $1350
  7. All Ammo is new old stock and it is in the factory box. Shipping will depend on weight. Payment via usps mo or discreet PP +3.5% Free pick up if you are local Rifle Ammo by Full Box: 1x Federal Premium Safari 20rds 338 Win Mag 225gr Trophy Bonded P338T1 $55 1x Winchester Black Talon 20rds 338 Win Mag 230gr FST S338XA $130 1x Remington 20rds 338 Win Mag 250gr PDT Soft Pt R338W2 $50 1x Weatherby 20rds .340 Weatherby Mag 250gr Nosler UNA1824/ 18604 $80 Shot Gun Ammo by Full Box: 4x Winchester double X mag 5rds super buck 10ga 3½ $15ea 1x Federal mag Hi-Shok slug 5rds 10ga F103-RS 3½ $15 Pistol Ammo by Full Box: 1x Speer Gold Dot 20rds 50AE 325gr UHP 3977 $45 2x Corbon 20rds 454 Casull 360gr PN $80ea 3x Corbon 20rds 454 Casull 285gr bonded core $55ea 2x Corbon 20rds 45 Colt +p 300gr jacketed soft Pt $30ea 1x Corbon 20rds 44 Mag 305gr PN $50ea Partial Boxes are in the manufacture boxes but they are not complete: Pistol- 1x Winchester super X .45 win mag 260gr HSP 12rds X45WMA $15 1x Corbon 10rds 44 Mag 305gr PN $27 1x Corbon 10rds 44 Mag 280gr BC $20 1x Federal Premium 357 sig JHP 19rds P357S1 $19 Rifle- 1x Remington Premier 7mm rem ultra mag 140gr core-lc PTD soft Pt. 16rds PR7UM1 $25 1x Winchester Black Talon 338 Win Mag 230gr FST s338XA 7rds $45 1x Federal Premium 300 Win Mag 200gr Boat-Tail Soft point P300WC 11rds $25 1x Weatherby .300 Weatherby Mag 180gr PT-EX THA1727/ 17665 9rds $36