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  1. It is a VERY clean tube only one small black dot, and a couple of VERY small dots That is a wood door and part of a wall in the photo. Seth
  2. I will post a photo tomorrow. I would estimate less than 100 hr on the unit. Dual battery setup. Yes, it has a couple small spot, photo to follow tomorrow. Detailed specs of the B model: Model # and Grade F6015B Photosensitivity (min) 1,000 uA/lm System Resolution (min) 0.95 cy/m Tube Resolution (min) 45 LP/mm System Gain (min) 3,000 fl/fl Signal-to-noise Ratio 16.2:1 All models Field of View 40° Diopter Adj. +2 to -4 Eye relief 25 mm Magnification 1:1 Focus Range 25 cm to infinity Weight 680 gm
  3. I will break up the kits if you want a kit minus a suppressor I am asking $1950 OBO
  4. I am selling 14x NIB hk93, Mp5, hk94, etc. Choate adjustable folding stocks NIB $99.95 +$12.95 s&h via usps mo or pp +fee If you take 5x or more of them I can do them for $84.95 each +s&h If you take 10x or more of them I can do them for $74.95 each +s&h
  5. I am selling an ITT PVS-14 in excellent condition. It is an F6015 B monocular that can we mounted onto a weapon, used stand alone or even mounted to a helmet mount. It includes the ITT bag, covers for both ends and an eye that can be put on for weapon mounting. Asking $2000 Links to pictures Shipping will be $12.95 on each item or I can combine shipping for a couple of more dollars. Payment via USPS mo or discreet pp + fee
  6. Price drop, and now accepting offers
  7. This factory Colt 9mm 10.5” SMG has been reworked by none other than Tim LaFrance of LaFrance Specialties of San Diego Ca. Tim is renown for his work for US Military and Law Enforcement agencies enhancing and creating weapon systems of the highest caliber, and innovation far in advance of what others were doing at the time he was active. This 9mm Colt SMG has been customized by Tim from top to bottom and was built to run smooth suppressed or unsuppressed. This kit includes the original LaFrance Specialties 9mm Suppressor Built custom for these Colt SMG’s, included as well is Tim’s muzzle device for unsuppressed fire. This kit was reworked from front to back, end to end to work reliably and controllably in full auto fire. This is a unique and rare chance to own one of LaFrance Specialties built 9mm Colt SMG parts kits. Asking $2250 obo with the suppressor Images below:
  8. Everything is marked with the details on it. Prices are Each. Shipping will run $10-20 depending on what you get. USPS mo or discreet PP +3.5% Mp5 mags are PD turn-ins 2x JC date coded MP5 9mm Mags $45 ea Light rust 2x JA date coded MP5 9mm Mags $45 ea Light rust 12x Made in Germany white lettering MP5 9mm Mags $50 ea 8x Made in Germany white lettering MP5 9mm Mags $30 bad condition 9x Current production Small engraved Made in Germany MP5 9mm Mags $55 ea 3x Current production Small engraved Made in Germany MP5 9mm Mags $45 bad condition 5x Mp5 .40cal/10mm gray mags $60 ea 3x Mp5 .40cal/10mm mag clamps $55ea NEW IN WAPPER MAGS 2x Lancer m4 300 black out mags $15 ea 2x Pmag 20rd colt spec .308 mags $18.50 ea
  9. Bump Sold the SP89 still have the kit for sale
  10. Bump and price drop
  11. Still available
  12. I have another one of these available if anybody is looking for one.
  13. Like new MP5k N-PDW demilled kit with LSC k Flat (not pictured but included). This is from my private collection I was going to convert an SP89 to and mp5 K and then build up the sp89 parts on the LSC flat but have decided to pursue a different project instead. As you can see from the pictures this MP5k -N PDW kit is in amazing shape. It is a VERY late import kit that has been shot very little it includes the updated tapperd bolt carrier and date code is NP. It has the K grip, HK marked folding stock and a 4 position ambi 0-1-3-F lower and this set up also included the rarest item which is a GERMAN HK threaded three lug barrel in EXCELLENT condition. Everything in the pictures is included and a LSC Mp5k Flat and weld kit Specifications and Features: Asking $5775 Shipping: $25.00 ALL BATFE RULES APPLY USPS Mo or PP +fee