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  1. Cleaning out the garage Everything ships USPS Priority mail $7+ depending on size USPS mo or discreet PP +3.5% only MP5 and Mp5K parts and accessories: 4 position 9mm Mp5 lower 0-1-3-F needs the pictos refreshed $550 4 position 9mm Mp5 lower 0-1-3-F needs the pictos refreshed $550 7x FBI 0-1 9mm Mp5 lowers $350 each +$25 for hand picked one 1x Navy 0-1-F picto lower $400 1x Navy 0-1-F Picto lower with extended selector $450 1x Navy 0-1-F picto lower housing (plastic only) $45 6x NEW Navy 0-1-F Picto housing (plastic only) $65 ea Surefire full sized mp5 railed grip $100 Surefire mp5K Used railed grip $55 Surefire Mp5k Used railed grip $85 Surefire suppresser offset Like new $350 New in the white 9mm Mp5 cocking tube $70 9mm Mp5 Full-sized bolt assembly; F carrier and spring, action 3 bolt head $675 RCM 110deg PDW 9mm Locking piece $25 Used German 9mm Mp5 barrel$225 Used MKE contract 16” 9mm Mp5 barrel $125 Mp5 Suppressor flashlight offset refurbished $225 HK USP/ Mark 23 Pistol: 3x PREBAN USP .45 / Mark 23 12rd mags BRAND NEW $125 each
  2. Price drop asking $3k OBO
  3. Looking to sell a Penn Arms PGL65 40mm Multi shot launcher. It has the combo rail and a fixed stock. It is a DD and will transfer as such. It is in great condition it is out of a police department. These are VERY hard to find on the civilian market. Asking $3k OBO + shipping
  4. Anybody order from this company before, I just found the site today? They have an HK marked Benelli kit I want to order.
  5. Bump open to reasonable offers on items
  6. Bump sold items removed and new items listed
  7. Listing these for a friend they are all in GREAT condition some unfired some very lightly fired. Lots of pictures are included but if you need something specific let me know. All prices are OBO, not looking for lowball offers but seller is motivated. There are some more but I do not have photos of them yet but they are listed below: #1. Professional Ordnance Inc carbon 15 pistol .223 $550 #2. Professional Ordnance Inc carbon 15 pistol .233 $550 #3. BARRETT 82A1 BLACK .50BMG $8500 VERY lightly used maybe 20-30 rounds down the gun Includes: 2x 10rd mags, Swarovski Habicht 10x42 Barrett .50 scope with rings, carry handle, and Pelican case (not pictured but is included) #4. COLT MATCH TARGET HBAR 2 BLACK with SSK 300 Whisper upper $1450 Looks brand new Included: 1x Magazine #5. STEYR AUG USR 223 $2450 Included: 1x Magazine, and original owners manual Listed but no pictures: 4x COLT LIGHT WEIGHT SPORTER 223 $1650 each 3x COLT MATCH TARGET HBAR II 223 $650 each 1x ARMALITE M15-A4 Target model LOW SERIAL # 223 $1350