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  1. Seeking a post '86 Colt 9mm SMG

    Factory SMG
  2. WTS SilencerCo Hybrid 46 NIB

    New unfired SilencerCo Hybrid 46, desert tan finish. This was a silencer that was part of a relatives estate, He took transfer only weeks before he died. He never shot it. The back cap is threaded 5/8"x24 and can be swapped out for whatever you want. It's privately owned so if you live outside Washington it would take two stamps unless you are an FFL, then it would take one stamp. The money is going to his widow ( a close relative of mine) so I am asking MSRP as this is new. I don't have photos yet, but I will work on that. If you want to know what they look like, in the meantime go to SiCo's website. Contact me if you're interested.
  3. Seeking a post '86 Colt 9mm SMG

    Looking for a post '86 Colt SMG lower, but perhaps an entire gun. Contact me if you have one you are wanting to sell.
  4. M14/M1A maglula

    Excellent condition, close to new, M14 308 maglula magazine loading assist. These are great. E-mail me directly. $20 plus shipping
  5. Beretta M9, new in box with 2 ten round MAGAzines, $550 plus sales tax. Additional High cap mags in stock if you want or need them. I will ship this to your FFL if you’re out of state. e-mail me at or call (253)632-5643. We accept credit cards. checks, money orders and cash. Sales to non FFL's will incur a 10% state sales tax, no exceptions. Shipping is free to your FFL.
  6. Interested in all things Beretta 93R

    Still interested in all this stuff. Got any parts left? It's been almost 20 years since anything new was imported and even longer since the guns ceased production. I'd like a complete parts set as spares with the intent of copying them.
  7. Daewoo DR200 $1000

    Rifle has been sold. Thanks.
  8. Colt 901 barrel wrench $40 shipped

    Item has been sold. Thanks for your responses.
  9. Interested in all things Beretta 93R

  10. Beretta 93R parts

    Are you still seeking parts for this unicorn? I am seeking a full set of spares and dimensioned drawings for all the parts. I am a machinist, I have some spares already. e-mail me
  11. Daewoo DR200 $1000

    On consignment with my shop. Excellent Daewoo DR-200 rifle. 1/12 twist barrel, uses M16 magazines, gas piston operated, fires .223 ammo. This one was imported by Kimber back when they were located in Clackamas Oregon ( and still made decent quality stuff). Available for local purchase if you pay sales tax. I will ship to your FFL as well for an additional $75. Price is $1000. I am having difficulty posting photos right now. I will try later. Or e-mail me at or call (253)632-5643. I can accept credit cards with a 3% processing fee.
  12. Colt 901 barrel wrench $40 shipped

    I have one used, but very far from abused Colt 901 (MARC) barrel wrench. A tool that is exclusive to that rifles 7.62 barrel and not all too commonly available. I paid well over $125 for this, if you have a gun and want to have the tool for the job, e-mail me. Cost is $40 INCLUDING shipping anywhere in the US. Manufactured by Arrington Accuracy Works. All sales are final as this isn't a tool library. e-mail me at
  13. New Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 3-9x40 Fire dot - tiny green illuminated dot at center of crosshairs. Full retail $540. On sale for $375 plus tax if applicable or $10 shipping. intersted parties should contact me via e-mail at or call (253)632-5643. We accept credit cards.
  14. Trijicon Accupower $475 SOLD PF

    I'm sorry, but someone beat you to it via e-mail.
  15. Trijicon Accupower $475 SOLD PF

    New unused Trijicon Rifle Scope. AccuPower 4-16x50mm 30mm tube. MSRP is $1000. This is being sold at barely over HALF of wholesale! My loss. Price is $475 shipped. Only one in stock. Sales tax required for Washington state residents. E-mail me at (253)632-5643. $$$ ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD$$$$