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  1. Magnum Research Desert Eagle

    Magnum Research, Desert Eagle in .50AE. Recently professionally refinished ( by myself) looks completely brand new. Single owner gun, has been left on consignment. Owner has only fired 300 rounds and kept every piece of brass he ever fired. Comes with 300 spent casings and 20 live rounds, one magazine included. Washington state residents will pay state sales tax. Interested parties can contact the shop. Ask for Tom Price is $1200 OBO
  2. I have the following Rifle optics for sale: Used Eotech in excellent condition. Price is $300. Red laser reticle. Photos do not accurately represent the reticle. Face to face the cross hairs are crisp and clear. I could not get a good photo. NIB Leupold VX-2 4-14x40mm AO Excellent rifle scope. Adjustable objective lense for a clear image of your target. 4-14 power, 40mm tube and a fine duplex reticle. Price is $520 NIB Trijicon Accupower 4-16x50mm Mil square crosshair, Red LED illuminated. Price is $1000 Interested parties should contact me at (253)632-5643
  3. Faithful reproduction of the original 607 moderators used on the Colt CAR15’s used by SEAL’s, rangers and other SF people in the mid 60’s in Vietnam and other hot spots. For those who aren’t aware, the 607, called by a number of names (GX-5857/07/CAR15) was the very first attempt at an M16 carbine. This is a reproduction of basically a prototype. The next iteration included bird cage type flash holes and is commonly referred to as a 177 type as it was first used on the next evolution of the M16 carbine, the XM 177E1. Since the Retro craze has caught on again, we figured we’d get back into it. As some may know Liemohn Manufacturing has its roots deep in the now defunct company, Total Silence who were well known for reproducing early M16 development parts that had been off the market for 50 years. Price is $50 and includes shipping to anywhere in the US. Interested parties should contact Tom at or Chris at (253)561-5550 We also have NFA versions too! Inquire about those or look on the NFA for sale page. Specs- OAL 3.5" finish: Manganese Phosphate Parkerize Material: 4140 carbon steel Thread pattern: 1/2x28, Caliber/Bore size: 5.56/.22LR Dates used:1964-1966 approximately Tom Liemohn Liemohn Manufacturing LLC (253)632-5643
  4. Magazines for sale I have the following magazines for sale. All prices are final. Condition is listed, either new or used. 10/22 Hot Lips/Butler creek 25 round magazines. 2 in stock. Price is $25 each. Condition is new in wrapper Beretta M9 15 round checkmate magazines. Used. 2 in stock $25 each. Beretta M9 15 round factory M9 magazines. New condition $45 each Glock 17 LE restricted markings from AW ban era! New condition. Collectable $30 each Magpul 30rd Gen 2 magazines, 17 in stock, $15 each Colt 32rd 9mm M16 magazines 4 in stock. Used in excellent condition $50 each Interested parties should contact Tom at (253)632-5643, or Chris at (253)561-5550 We accept credit cards! Washington residents will need to pay 10% sales tax.
  5. WTS Silencers

    I have the following new silencers for sale. All are on form 3’s in Washington state. We will handle transfers for in state parties that need a form 4 transfer. Suppressors are all in new in box, unfired condition. Prices include shipping to your dealer. Washington residents will need to pay 10% sales tax. Gemtech – Trek V1.0 5.56MM/.223 $450 1 in stock Ruger – Silent SR – handles .22LR through 5.7x28. Very well made! Titanium tube and stainless baffles that can be disassembled for cleaning. $450 1 in stock Silencerco - Sparrow – Built like a tank. Can be disassembled for cleaning, handles all rimfire calibers, even 5.7x28! On sale! Was $540, on sale for $450 2 in stock. Liemohn Manufacturing LLC – NEW RELEASE! Accurate reproductions of the XM177/XM607 silencers used on the iconic M16 carbines. These look great! $275. Add $25 for a grenade launcher adapter ring for an accurate XM177E2 replica Limited quantities in stock. Dead Air – Wolf 9SD – 9mm suppressor that can be taken in half for compact use. Can be used on pistols or SMG’s. $965 . Add a 3 lug adapter for $175 Peel washers are also available for mounting suppressors, flash hiders or mounting devices $8. Avaialble in ½” or 5/8” Barrel threading services also available for those who need modifications to their guns. Base price is $125 including return shipping. Interested parties should contact Tom at (253)632-5643, or Chris at (253)561-5550 We accept credit cards!
  6. Colt 37mm M203 $2750

    So, you've always said, I want an M203. But I don't want to have to register it as an NFA device. I have the solution in stock. A REAL COLT M203 with a 37mm bore. It transfers as a title one signalling device ( flares only) like a rifle or pistol. And while government M203's are 40mm, and this one is still marked 40mm, it's bore is 37mm. As such, ATF does not treat 37mm M203's as a destructive device. No 10 month wait, no $200 tax. Same day pickup, real colt product that is in every way (except the barrel) the same as government issued M203's. I only have one, contact me if you want this. $2750. Colt collectors should be jumping at this one!
  7. I have one new uninstalled Aero Precision stripped flat top upper receiver. Cost is $60 shipped. Contact me via e-mail. No photo, new is new. Shipping is free. Needs forward assist and port cover.
  8. XM607 CAR15 handgaurds $20 shipped

    I have 9 sets of CAR15 handguards left over from a batch I did 10 years back. Since they have some damage they are sold AS IS with no returns. Cost is $20 with shipping. I think they could be used, but they are not perfect at all. Interested parties should contact me via
  9. I acquired in trade some M16 A1 handgaurds. Varying in condition from poor yet serviceable to new in wrap. Limited to stock on hand. Prices need to add shipping and handling. Condition and pricing as follows: Poor: cracked, but serviceable. $20 per set Good: worn finish, shiny with some scuff marks.$50 Very Good: some shine on the finish. No scuff marks or cracks. $75 Excellent: Have been installed but no noteworthy wear. $150 As new: No longer has a wrapper, but is new condition. $175 New in wrap: As stated. Please note, I only have one of new in wrap, one side only, paired with a mating as new opposite side. $200
  10. WTS A2 rear peep sights ( bulk)

    I recently came into 75 A2 rear peep sights marked 0-2. Condition is new, never installed. I have 75 on hand, would like to sell them all to one person/company. I am asking $8 each or $575 shipped.
  11. I bought this for a job I had a couple years ago. It's done, I now no longer need it. It still looks nice and works 100%. Retail from Brownells is about $120 plus shipping. I'll sell mine for $75 shipped. E-mail me at
  12. Fire control parts, springs, a box, literature, grip scales, what do you have and how much do you want?
  13. WTS Bushmaster CAR lower $300 + shipping

    New unfired Bushmaster CAR lower receiver, all internals and M4 stock. Never fired. No photos because new means new so why bother. Price is $300 plus $20 shipping. Locals can buy face to face but will pay local sales tax. e-mail to or call (253)632-5643
  14. Interested in all things Beretta 93R

    Seeking all things Beretta 93R. Parts, boxes, literature, operators manuals, armorers manuals or tools, magazines, holsters, de-milled guns. Partswise, what I can really use are some springs or maybe a stripped receiver that doesn't need a LEO letter, maybe grips? What I would really love to find is an exploded diagram with all the parts listed on it in English or maybe Italian if I can find a firearms engineer who speaks Italian to translate them.
  15. WTS Sterling SMG parts kit $225 shipped

    Kit has been sold. thanks