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  1. WTS Bushmaster CAR lower $300 + shipping

    New unfired Bushmaster CAR lower receiver, all internals and M4 stock. Never fired. No photos because new means new so why bother. Price is $300 plus $20 shipping. Locals can buy face to face but will pay local sales tax. e-mail to or call (253)632-5643
  2. Interested in all things Beretta 93R

    Seeking all things Beretta 93R. Parts, boxes, literature, operators manuals, armorers manuals or tools, magazines, holsters, de-milled guns. Partswise, what I can really use are some springs or maybe a stripped receiver that doesn't need a LEO letter, maybe grips? What I would really love to find is an exploded diagram with all the parts listed on it in English or maybe Italian if I can find a firearms engineer who speaks Italian to translate them.
  3. WTS Sterling SMG parts kit $225 shipped

    Kit has been sold. thanks
  4. WTB HK factory MP5 SD suppressor

    Looking for an HK MP5 factory SD suppressor. Can be used, slightly worn, but must be fully functional. E-mail me with what you have and how much you want for it.
  5. WTB Beat up burned out M249 parts

    Looking for some standard issue configuration SAW parts. Simply need to be mostly functional. Ugliness is totally acceptable. I need: 1 Barrel, standard length, shot out is just dandy. Straight is a plus. All parts on it please. 1 set of both top and bottom hand gaurds, can be worn, dog eared but must carry the basic aesthetic and be functional. 1 bi pod assembly. I can't imagine this being something cheap as I need it also functional. Worn finish is fine. 1 Buttstock - any condition. Let me know what you have, what you want, trading is an option as is cash if need be. Tom Liemohn (253)632-5643 or
  6. Missing barrel and no magazines. all other parts intact - bolt, FCG, pistol grip, stock etc.. Some remnants of the torch cut receiver included. No sales to Washington residents without an FFL or to regions where it's illegal. understanding local ordinances is up to the buyer, know the law!! Price is $225 shipped. Contact me at or (253)632-5643
  7. Dillon 650 5.7x28 reloading experiment

    I started an experiment close to 15 years ago in getting a caliber conversion for the Dillon 650 reloading press. I went to production with some of the non critical parts where some of the more critical parts that may still need some tweaking were only done as one offs. I am not sure if reloading gear is right for this page, but I will post what I have. If the mods need to whack the post, it will be understood. That and perhaps I could be directed towards a place where reloading gear sales are tolerated. So I have the starting of a full caliber conversion kit for a Dillon 650 that either I, or friends custom machined for me. Anyone who is interested in taking over the project, or just wants to fool around with it, let me know. I have put close to $3000 in to it and will take pennies on the dollar for what I have. But you must take the whole lot. If you pitch it, that is on you. I hate waste and would love to see someone take up this project and bring it to fruition. 1 shell plate 300 shell locator buttons 100 case feeder tube adapter parts 3000 empty cases RCBS die set E-mail me and make an offer. (253)632-5643
  8. WTS New take off stripped flat top upper - Item is sold

    Item has been sold. Thanks.
  9. Condition is new, take off from factory build. Bushy test fires their uppers as might be witnessed by oil, but no brass marks on the deflector and has not been shot by a customer. This one fit tight. . e-mail me at or call . I will accept checks, pay pal, money orders, cash, CC payments over the phone. ITEM IS SOLD THANKS
  10. Seeking MP5 SD suppressor options

    Is TPM selling suppressors just by themselves? What about Silencerco, I understand they make them as well. Supposedly a bit shorter and they claim better suppression than factory.
  11. Seeking MP5 SD suppressor options

    Looking for options in an MP5 SD build. Factory HK is possible since I am an SOT. Used in good shape, preferred. quality copies also considered. Inform me!
  12. Glock 17 SBR

    Up for sale, is a Glock 17 SBR with a threaded muzzle, raised night sights and a detachable buttstock. Weapon is held on a form 4 in Washington state. Washington residents or any class 3 dealer/MFG will take transfer with one $200 tax which is not included in the purchase price. Optional Gemtech Multimount suppressor with compatible booster for $400 if you buy the gun at the same time. It is in my dealer inventory and on a form 3. Both are used but in excellent shape. The gun is $600 shipped. I have not taken photos yet, but I will soon. Inquiries may be made via e-mail at or by calling (253)632-5643
  13. Celebrate our nations birthday! ( Cider not included) I have in stock and ready to ship the following optics at discounted prices!Tijicon Accupower - 30mm tube, 50MM objective lens, red illuminated mil dot reticle, 4-16X50mm - MSRP $999 SALE PRICE $875 shipped! Leupold Mark AR- Model 1 6-18x40, adjustable objective lense, matte finish, mil dot reticle. Great optic - MSRP $540, Sale price $475 shipped Leupold VX 2 4-12x40. Adjustable objective lens, fine duplex reticle, matte black finish. MSRP $520, sale price $325 shipped!! Great deal. Leupold VX 1 3-9x40MM, duplex reticle , great starter scope. This is the best basic scope available. MSRP $260 sale price $200 shipped!All prices good until July 5th. Limited to stock on hand. No sales outside the United States.
  14. WTS 4x power scope $25 shipped

    Fixed 4 power, 1" tube, 47MM objective lense, take off scope by Kassnar (?) Optics are clear, not a perfect condition scope, has some scratches on the outside of the tube, but a great starter scope for a .22 or similar build. $25 face to face or shipped. E-mail me at or call (253)632-5643
  15. WTT Links for brass

    I have a supply of 5.56 links (est 5000pcs), some 50 BMG (est 100 pcs)and some 7.62 links (est 1000 pcs)as well. Looking to trade for 9mm brass. I am looking for 9mm brass and as much as I can get. This could be an ongoing thing if it works out. Condition of links is VG + with dust on them and all have been sorted and hi-graded by hand to remove any rusty or damaged links. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but it is hand loading/ammo related I thought, so I posted here. If you are interested, please contact me at