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  1. Will send pics of AR10 in .308 with nice optic tomorrow.
  2. Mike, thank you so much for the help and the lead. It is doubtful I will make it to SAR, however, I definitely want to reach out and connect with the SOT you mentioned. If you can dorect me to him I would be even more grateful to you than I am even now! Thank you, sir! Stephen
  3. My two cents here are worth basically two cents, but yeah, that looks MF awesome!
  4. Got my Knob Creek flyer yesterday...

    By the way, even my wife loves it there. I don’t know how you guys pulled that one off, but you did.
  5. Got my Knob Creek flyer yesterday...

    I definitely wish I would have been around at Knob Creek back in its prime. I can certainly understand what everyone is saying. I am in my mid-40’s, and only now am I able to afford to go and of the mind to seek out gatherings like KC. I went for my first time three years ago, and other than missing it twice (because of family) I would never miss it! To be around all of you fine gentlemen and ladies, the best of what our country has ever had to offer, and to be around the tools and instruments you've wielded and still wield. It’s something I feel blessed to experience each time and also regret that more of my generation (and those after it... I don’t know where this world is headed, but it doesn’t look pretty) have not, do not, or choose not to, or simply are ignorant of the ability we have to witness and hopefully partake of everything that goes on there. As a civilian, its true that I have not yet owned a machine gun. I hope to change that one day. I do buy pieces, one piece by one piece. It’s all I can afford. Plus, I dont have the knowledge yet to put them together in any useful manner anyway. But thats okay. I get caught up in the history that might be infused into each of those pieces. Maybe they will make something whole one day. I also dont ever see the other side thar you mention, being that I dont exhibit on the line nor am I a vendor. I certainly feel the pain of the price hikes on what’s for sale, but I always leave broke and I still leave without a thousand things that I wanted to get. I wish it was still like you’ve said it was back in the 80’s and 90’s. I wish there wasn't this NFA crap, so that a 1919 or an MG34 were a thousand bucks instead of $20,000.00 apiece (or MORE... making them basically not obtainable to own for most of us), but those changes were all etched in stone long before me or before I had a word to say about it. Regardless, I just want to thank all of you for still showing up and showing me (and every new friend I bring each time) what it’s about each MGS, what the big guns are really like, and for serving our country (those of you who have served... and still do), even this late in the K C game. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you men and what you bring there. It’s one of the greatest experiences of my life and I look forward to going there every single time. EVERY TIME. So, thank you. I do pray that the dwindling numbers turn around and that the experience for you shooters does too. I also pray that it stops raining there when I go, but I’m not complaining. I hope some of you “old professors” make it down again, as even now in my 40’s, I am more apt and eager to hear whatever knowledge from you guys that you care to share. God bless the USA!
  6. Looking for help in the form of parts, info, or leads.
  7. John I definitely need the barrel, if its in good shape. I’ve got a lock frame, two bolts (unless you have a Colt MG40 bolt), and feed pawl parts. I really need a trunion. What are the other parts that you have? Stephen
  8. Last call before Knob Creek. Any Browning MK I, II, or II* or FN-30 fellas or ladies going down there?
  9. Research is your friend. FOUND. Thanks.
  10. Damn it! The Hannibal special! Wish you had a payment plan.
  11. WTB Sterling MK7 pistol barrel and stock

    I believe I have a new barrel. I will check and PM you.
  12. WTB 50003 FN 3 Point Sling for P90/PS90

  13. Kommando parts kit anyone? I read there used to be hundreds. No one has one?
  14. WTB Factory Original HK91 Bipod (1983 era)

    Looking. Going to Knob Creek.