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  1. Im looking to pick up a Mauser C96 Broomhandle Slide/Barrel (and various other parts) for my C96 frame. I'd prefer 9mm but am not going to be too choosy. Please let me know what you have and for how much. Thanks.
  2. Sorry to respond to this again so late (my last message must not have made it). I'm looking for 500 +/- depending on price. As for spares, I'm looking for good condition barrels, jackets, booster/fh's, and trunnions, Vickers single or double cradle... Also, if you might have an MG40 bolt possibly? Stephen Morgan
  3. I'm looking for spares and links for a Vickers Browning MKII* in .303. Also looking for Semi-Auto build parts, like an MG40 Bolt. Could be interested in a full Browning .303 Kit. Please let me know what you have and your price.
  4. Still looking
  5. I'm going to KC. Do you happen to have any MG40 bolts, or .303 Browning parts/links as well?
  6. I am still looking, thank you. Message sent to you.
  7. Hello. Looking for all parts for an MG81-Z, especially a Feed Tray and Chute Coupler as well as New(er) Recoil Springs. I am looking for good quality, working parts; relics do me no good. Please PM me and let me know what you have and your asking price. Your time and help are greatly, greatly appreciated. Stephen
  8. Bump for LINKS and other parts
  9. Also looking for links or belt.
  10. Ptrs-14.5 and Johnd.bush: Messages sent. Thanks. Stephen
  11. Trying to get myself a few Christmas gifts here.... you may as well get yourself some too. Let me know what you've got, guys! And Merry Christmas!
  12. Come on fellers, I was down at Knob Creek and no one was shooting Brownings in .303, so I know you guys aren't using your parts anymore;) Also, no used HK bending jigs out there?
  13. Still looking for all these and possibly also needing a used HK91 bending jig.