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  1. I’ll take mp5 9mm clamp
  2. I’ll take the PKM Barrel in the plastic bag
  3. I’ll take 5 of them. Message sent
  4. Found!WTB M249 heat shields complete

    I’ll take all 3
  5. Looking for excellent condition, need at least 3 if possible
  6. Would be interested as a complete post sample gun if not sold as a parts kit
  7. Have you talked to Jonathan Babb from Sienna armory in Texas? I know he was selling AA12 stuff for a while
  8. (Found one)Looking for one made with a factory HK94 receiver. Send me price, details and pictures via PM
  9. WTS: Linking Press

    I’ll take the m27 links
  10. Benelli M4

    PM sent
  11. Suppressors , Brigadier slides/parts +more

    Email sent
  12. Still a good looking gun!