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  1. There are AMT mags on the parts board see below
  2. Unfortunately post samples will have to be sold to other manufacturers/importers when you drop your FFL/SOT. Whether you buy them or built them it doesn’t matter. Or they can be cut up into parts kits but the value on “no law letter” guns is pretty insane right now so I wouldn’t cut up anything.
  3. Order placed. See you on Friday at creek
  4. Thank u sir I’ll check that out! Appreciate it.
  5. Does anyone know where to get 40mm chalk round (components) anymore? Looking to make 25-50 at least.
  6. Disregard any further
  7. I’ll take 200
  8. I’ll take them all
  9. I’ll take mp5 9mm clamp
  10. I’ll take the PKM Barrel in the plastic bag
  11. I’ll take 5 of them. Message sent
  12. Found!WTB M249 heat shields complete

    I’ll take all 3